Monday, December 25, 2017

Sunday, December 24, Christmas Eve, Spanked for Maintenance.   Around 9 pm, I was called and when I reported to the bedroom, she was seated on the bed against the headboard with two paddles at the ready.  Her only words were "over my lap".   Already nude I climbed into position and presented my ass.  A brief bare hand warm up preceded the leather paddle smacking both cheeks with a hard stroke.  I yelped and winced in response, but a second rapidly followed and a third and so on.  The leather paddle continued relentlessly and was delivering a sound paddling.  Yelping after each stroke while my eyes were tearing up.  The paddle finally rested, but her bare hand was happy to continue the  OTK Christmas Eve maintenance spanking.  Minute after minute passed with no slow down in the tempo.  A sound hand spanking stung my cheeks and painted them a bright red.  I caught my breath during a very brief pause while picked up the purse paddle.  The small but solid cherry wood paddle is custom made to paddle single cheeks.  Living up to its design, it landed strokes on alternating cheeks with an occasional very hard stroke causing a loud yelp.   This went on for a few minutes.  Then, without warning, she began a rapid fire hard stroke assault on one cheek.  My howling never stopped as she switch to soundly paddle the other cheek.  No rest as she gave each cheek another hard rapid fire session.  When the paddling rested, I felt a brief reprieve before the leather paddle took its turn with hard strokes covering both cheeks for another several minutes.  Another segment of bare hand bad boy spanking finished up the maintenance.  I tossed the dice after regaining my feet and rolled a 5.  Next Friday is maintenance day.  We both realized we would be away after Wednesday, staying in an RV which makes spanking difficult.  She said we'll have to come up with something, so an exact date is up in the air.  Quite possibly it will wait until we return.

Meanwhile, thank you all for reading and your comments or questions will be answered.   

Friday, December 22, 2017

Friday, December 22......Maintenance Day.  After a long week since the last maintenance spanking, my Dominant said to prepare to be spanked at 8pm.  Holiday time is busy for everyone including us and the day was filled with chores and preparations for the holiday.  Eight o'clock found me stripped and in position along with a blindfold, two thin oak paddles, the purse paddle, riding bat, doubled belt and flexible leather paddle.  The blindfold went over my eyes and my ass presented itself for the impending spanking.  She began with a sensual rub down of both cheeks and surrounding areas.  The double belt began to tickle my ass with soft light warm up strokes.  In between, I began to feel the thin oak paddle begin increased intensity.  The belt too was increasing in speed and force.  The warm up was over.  More solid belt strokes landed and every ten strokes or so the thin oak paddle lit up both cheeks with a cane like sting except a much wider area.  The belt subsided and oak paddle was now employed as a solo implement.  My entire ass was being covered with hard strokes which turned my flesh bright red.  Several minutes later it rested and another bare hand rub down began.  Short lived the rub down ended with her hand being thrust between my thighs and cupping my balls.  My legs opened as she pulled my balls back as if they were in a humbler.  With legs opened wide, the riding bat came on, picking up where the bare hand had left off.   Strokes were landing on both cheeks, inner thighs, balls, anus and guiche piercing.  My entire crotch and ass were being peppered with the riding bats stinging blows.  Again, blending another implement into the spanking went seamless.  The purse paddle was now delivering hard spanks to both cheeks.  This sound paddling lasted another several minutes.  Calling a short break, she removed my blindfold and took up a position on the bed against the headboard.  Directing me across her lap resulted in an OTK like position, legs and chest down, ass up and vulnerable.  Her bare hand, riding bat and purse paddle soundly spanked my cheeks to a crimson red.  Many minutes later she directed another position change.  Recalling last weeks final position, a modified wheelbarrow, left my ass not only high and immobile, but spread as well.   Both bare hands and the flexible leather paddle spanked me while my eyes filled with tears.  Both sides of the paddle, the furry and smooth leather sides covered my cheeks and well as her bare hands.  Spanked for several more minutes, before she finally called it over.  She tossed a dice for me and the worst thought became fact.  A 'ONE' appeared meaning on Sunday, Christmas Eve, my ass will again accept a maintenance spanking. 

Thank you all for reading and as always your questions or comments will be answered.  Taking this opportunity to extend to you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy new year.     

Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday, Dec. 15.  Maintenance Day.  Originally scheduled for yesterday, the spanking was moved to today as life happens.  Early in the day, we determined to meet at 8 pm to administer the maintenance spanking.  Time passed, dinner came and went, 8 o'clock arrived and I reported to receive my maintenance.  Laid out was the narrow hair brush, hickory wood paddle, flexible leather paddle and big wood paddle.  She sat, like a queen at the head of the bed.  I draped myself over her lap in a modified OTK position. This resulted in my bare ass immobile and vulnerable for spanking.   She began with a hand spanking for warm up.  Strokes became harder after a few minutes.  A steady slow pace of hard hand spanks continued for over 10 minutes.  When the hickory paddle began the blows were medium and the length of the paddle easily covered both cheeks.  About every 10 strokes were quite hard producing a yelp from me.  The hickory was unyielding as it paddled my ass soundly for several minutes.  Following the hickory the flexible leather was employed.  Beginning with the furry side, solid strokes landed squarely on both cheeks with a thudding sound.  Flipping over to the leather side the paddle began to sting my flesh like killer bees.  Alternating cheeks, she continued paddling for many minutes.   The end was a long way off and my ass grew redder and more sore.  The hairbrush was now ready to have its say.  The narrow wood handle crashed against my lower cheeks and I yelped.  Continuing on, my entire ass was peppered with hair brush strokes, yelping was nearly constant and tears were welling up in both eyes from the hairbrush.  A pause just long enough to switch from the brush to the big wood paddle.  The area paddled was now much larger than the narrow brush handle.  The big wood paddle easily covers both cheeks with every stroke.  I was nearly howling and tears were flowing constantly as the paddle strokes went on and on.  Finally she rested as did I.  A few minutes went by and I asked If the spanking was over.   A quick 'no' shot from her lips and she then directed me to change positions.  I was to adopt to a modified wheelbarrow position for more spanking.  This not only kept my ass immobile and vulnerable but spread open as well.  A long hard hand spanking greeted my new position.  Still shedding tears, the hickory paddle was brought in again.  Paddled for several more minutes with the hickory turned my red and sore cheeks deep red and sore to the deep tissue of my cheeks.  I knew this would be sore for days after.  Still not finished the flexible leather paddle found its way to her hand.  She started a paddling I thought I could not take.  Rapid fire on alternating cheeks with 5 or 6 strokes on each side before going to the other.  I screamed as she continued and my ass was immobile and had to accept this onslaught.  Many minutes passed before the spanking finally ended.  She said, 'now you have been well spanked'.

We cuddled for awhile before tossing the dice.  A 6 appeared meaning next Friday I will again be turned ass up and soundly spanked for maintenance.

Thanking all you loyal readers is my way of showing my appreciation for your continued support.  As always, I will answer all questions and comments on this blog.  Again, thank you very much.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tuesday, Dec. 12. Maintenance Day.  Holiday busy and life in general put this spanking off until today.  Nude and blindfolded, I waited in position for the spanking to begin.  There were no toys laid out when I put the blindfold in place.  I heard her enter, I heard the toys being taken out, I heard her walk behind me, then I felt the first blow.  A soft warm up strike with the flexible leather paddle.  The leather side slapped each cheek alternatively for several strokes.  Then the furry side landed square across both cheeks.  Still light warm up strokes were repeated over the next several minutes.  All at once a very hard stroke struck both cheeks with a stinging loud slapping sound.  The spanking had begun.  Another hard slap, then another and another on both cheeks.  Several more before alternating strokes stung one cheek at a time.  Very hard strokes landed over and over again.  Next I felt a different stroke landing.  Intertwined with the flexible leather was the braided leather paddle.  It slowly took over the spanking as the flexible leather was retired.  Uppercut strokes soundly landed on my lower cheeks producing yelps after each strike.  Next came a wood paddle and my ass took a solid paddling.  She backed me up a bit and continued with the heavy wood paddle for several more minutes.  A slight break ended with her hands spreading my legs.  A hand spanking ensued with several strokes landing on my balls.  The hand spanking went on as her left hand slid up my chest to torment my nipples.  I stood slightly to relieve the assault on my balls only to have her begin cock spanking.  Bending over to protect my cock resulted her resuming ball spanking.  This exchange occurred a few times before a new toy was brought out.  The narrow hairbrush struck inner cheeks and thighs.  A few on my anus actually caused my legs open a bit further.  The brush took advantage of this and dragged its coarse bristles over my hanging balls.  Nipple torment and CBT took their toll before the wood paddle came on for an encore to soundly paddle my ass.  She paused, sat on the bed and directed me to lie across her lap.  The finish was a long hard hand spanking as I lie immobile in acceptance.   At the conclusion she removed my blindfold and tossed the dice.  A 'ONE' appeared making Thursday the next day I will submit to a maintenance spanking.

I am in appreciation of all readers and their continued support.  I apologize for the times spankings are late or when I am late in reporting.  Questions and comments will always be answered as soon as possible.         

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Wednesday, Dec. 6, Maintenance spanking administered.  At 8 o'clock tonight I waddled nude into the bedroom to prepare for my maintenance spanking.  I found the doubled belt, riding bat, narrow hair brush, and braided leather paddle.  I put on the blindfold, bent over the wedge pillow and presented my bare ass to be spanked.  She entered a few minutes and began a massage on nearly my entire body.   Then the narrow hair brush was ready to begin the warm up.  Tapping both cheeks with increasing force the warm up faded into a hairbrush spanking.  The bare hand gradually replaced the brush in continuing the spanking.  Both hands found my inner cheeks and forced my legs open a bit more.  Tormenting my balls with one hand while the narrow brush spanked both cheeks went on for  a few more minutes.  Next the hairbrush found the inner cheeks and thighs while her free hand moved upward to torment my nipples.  Pinching, twisting and pulling each one alternatively while the coarse bristles of the brush scoured my balls and asshole.  A nice massage followed that segment before I felt the belt smack against my ass.  After several minutes, I was treated to an example of her expertise as she used both hands.  One hand swung the long handle of the doubled belt while the other hand paddled with the short braided leather paddle.  Two very different feelings were being applied to both cheeks, belted and paddled at the same time.  Several minutes later the riding bat was peppering my well reddened skin.  Stinging blows landed over and over again.  Legs spread, ass open invited swats to land on my inner cheeks and anus.  A good riding bat spanking tapered off and a long bare hand traditional spanking finished off the maintenance session.  Another body massage felt great as we both wound down to cuddling.  A bit over 30 minutes of what I will call a rough sensual maintenance spanking came to an end.  She tossed the dice and turned up a 3 meaning on Sunday I will submit to another maintenance spanking.

Thank you all for reading and if questions or comments are left, they will be answered. 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Sunday, Dec 3, Maintenance Day.  Ah, life had reared its ever present head again and postponed the spanking from Thursday to Sunday.  We were away for the weekend and the opportunity for a spanking did not present itself.  Saturday night, however, after all others had left, she said enough time had passed.  With not toys about, she stripped me and pulled me across her lap.  A traditional OTK, bare hand, bare ass, bad boy spanking took place.  With no warm up, my ass took 150 hard strokes and became quite red as the result.  She said you will get the rest of your maintenance, tomorrow when we get home.  On Sunday, after dinner, I noticed, she had laid out 3 toys.  Around 7:30 she informed me it was time.  I took  my position, presented my ass and waited.  When she arrived, she swatted me a few times barehanded.  Serving as a warm up, she then took up the doubled belt and began to administer the maintenance.  The belt found its target, reddening both cheeks with many strokes.  Some were nearly vertical, spanking one cheek from upper to lower.  Alternating cheeks, this belting went on for several minutes.  Other strokes were horizontal covering both cheeks with a loud slap only a doubled belt can produce.  A long hard belt segment tapered off and the riding bat was now held in her hand.  An immediate spreading of my legs left me no doubt as to where the target for the bat was to be.  Inner cheeks and thighs were treated to the wide leather tip if the riding bat.  Several hard strokes on the outer cheeks made a well rounded spanking session.  Bright red by now, my ass was given a slight break as the bat found its way to tapping my cock and her other hand was kept busy spanking my balls with uppercut swings.  This CBT portion of the maintenance went on for several minutes.  Audible yelps and tears were also produced as the ball and cock slapping continued.  Still in the spread position, the bat rested and the purse paddle delivered several hard strokes on alternating cheeks.  Soon, she directed me up on the bed on my back.  Quickly she lifted my legs with an arm under my knees into the diaper position.    While my crimson ass was now in a vulnerable and immobile position, the riding bat spanked without mercy.   Following that episode, still in diaper position, the purse paddle came on for the finale.  My ass was paddled into complete submission before she lowered my legs and called the maintenance over .  A toss of the dice turned up a 2 and thus scheduled the next spanking for Wednesday.

A big thank you to all readers and thank for being patient as life sometimes dictates changes in our schedule.  Your comments and questions we be answered as always. 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Tuesday, Nov, 28, Spanked for Maintenance!!!  We had returned from our Florida trip for the Thanksgiving holiday on Monday night, but after we reopened the house, turning on the water, heat, etc, we were both quite tired so decided to administer the maintenance spanking on Tuesday.  Still some unpacking and returning to normal, nearly filled the day as she ran errands.  Prior to dinner she decided I was to be spanked at 8 o'clock.  I waddled my bare body into the room at the designated time and before donning the blindfold, saw the tools she had laid out.  Seven implements were to be used to deliver the maintenance which was now overdue.  Three paddles, big wood, purse, and flexible leather were joined by the doubled belt and narrow hairbrush.   Just  for kicks, those were augmented by a riding bat and riding crop.  The addition of her bare hand assured me of a thorough maintenance spanking.  The blindfold had been in place and I in position only moments before she entered.   She rubbed both cheeks and backed me up a bit and spread my legs exposing my package.  The riding bat was her choice for a warm up and it was landing rapid fire light strokes over both cheeks and upper thighs.  A few strokes on my inner thighs and balls preceded the increase in intensity.  The light strokes were now replaced with bee sting like landings that peppered my bare ass to a bright pink color.  The narrow hair brush came on next and spanked as only it can.  Covering both cheeks and reaching areas which would be untouched by a larger implement.  Inner thighs, inner cheeks, anus all got strokes before the brush was flipped allowing the coarse bristles to be dragged across my balls.  I was correct in assuming a bit of nipple torment and CBT would be included in this spanking.  She plugged in the vibrator, stood me up to work over both nipples as she squeezed my swinging package.  Pushing me back down on the bed, the doubled belt now cracked over both cheeks.  It meant business as it landed from several different angles to leave not an inch of cheek flesh unspanked.  Following a good belting, the vibrator fired up again.  Placing it on nipples and cock head soon had both of us rather aroused.  The spanking soon fell into activities we do not discuss here. 

What was planned for a lengthy spanking quickly turned into a short 30 spanking and long intimate session.  Not to be concerned however, a toss of the dice resulting in a ONE meaning on Thursday, I will be due for another maintenance spanking.  Thank you all for being loyal readers and as usual, your questions or comments will be answered.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Monday, Nov. 20, Maintenance Day.  Since we are leaving for a vanilla trip very early tomorrow, I had thought today's spanking would be a bit longer and harder that normal.   Following breakfast, while cleaning the stove, she approached from behind and said, 'stick your ass out', I obeyed and received 25 fairly hard strokes from the hairbrush.  Thinking it must be for discipline, I asked what that was for.  She merely responded, you're getting several of these today.  I wondered if that was how my maintenance was to be delivered during the day.  About an hour and a half later, while I was doing computer work in the office, she came in holding the flexible leather paddle and said 'stand up and present'.  Again obeying, she delivered 50 strokes without the hint of a warm up.  I am assuming this will be continued all day long.  We each left to do several errands.  Surprisingly, we both arrived back home about 2 pm.  After entering the house and settling a few items, she abruptly said 'strip and present'.  Again I obeyed instantly and she used the doubled belt for about 50 strokes.  Following that she said return here at 4 pm for your main spanking.  I was getting more later?  Not wishing to be late, I found myself in the bedroom, nude and in position when she entered.  I saw the tools as she placed them next to me.  Flexible leather paddle, purse paddle, riding crop and doubled belt.  A warm up ensued with a bare hand spanking.  A few minutes of warm up yielded to the leather paddle.  Many hard strokes landed squarely across both cheeks.  First the furry side then the leather side over and over again.  I don't know how she did it but all of a sudden she had the doubled belt in her other hand.  Without pause, belt strokes were blended in with the paddle strokes.  Slowly overtaking the paddle, the belt became the main implement and eventually the paddle strokes were phased out.  Now the belt was the headline attraction.  Swinging back and forth, each cheek felt the sting of the leather.  Many more minutes passed as the belt strokes landed with conviction.  Again, without pause, the crop began landing strokes between the belt strokes.  Like before, slowly the crop phased out the belt.  The crop was stinging my ass with quick, cane like strokes.  Biting into my now tenderized flesh the crop was performing at its finest.  After several more minutes of the crop, there was a pause.  I took a long breath before the purse paddle began its portion of this spanking.   Soundly paddling both cheeks alternatively for several minutes really teared up my eyes.  I held position during the onslaught of the purse paddle.   Finally it ended with her words to stand and grasp the door frame.  The finale came with a long hard bare hand spanking.  She had decided, as we are leaving very early tomorrow for Florida, not to toss the dice.  The day we return from our trip will become the next maintenance day,

Thanks readers and if possible while away, I will answer your questions and comments, perhaps a bit late, but will be answered.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Friday, November 17, spanked for maintenance.  We had left early morning for our loft apartment at the railroad property.  I had thought because of this weekend trip that maintenance would be put off until our return on Sunday.  SHE, however had other thoughts.  Unknown to me she had packed the purse paddle.  Stripping for bed on Friday night, I was surprised to see her standing with the paddle in hand and saying bend over.  Instantly I obeyed and within seconds the paddle made its first contact with my presented ass.  After a few, very few, warm up strokes, the paddling was in full effect.  Both cheeks were being struck, one after the other in increasing tempo and force.  Several minutes elapsed before she paused.  I saw the paddle being laid on the bed but knew better than to turn around.  I could hear my leather belt being slipped from the loops of my discarded jeans.  I froze in place, bent over, hands on the bed, ass protruding and waiting for the first strike with the belt.  I had not to wait long as the leather slapped across both already reddened cheeks.  A yelp snuck out of clenched teeth.  Repeated strokes caused repeated yelps for several more minutes.  Finally she directed me to stand and grasp the overhead steel beam in the loft.  Picking up the paddle again, she began to paddle me again.  Several more minutes of paddling ensued with yelps between each strike.  After a bit, she sat on the end of the bed and motioned me over her lap.  Obeying, found me accepting the final phase of my maintenance.  Resting in OTK position, with her bare hand bad boy spanked  for 20 minutes signaling the end of a short maintenance session.   Tossing the dice for me, she rolled a two, which scheduled the next spanking for Monday.  We will be back at home for that spanking which most likely will be more traditional, but more lengthy as we leave for Florida on Tuesday for the Thanksgiving holiday.  We will be with vanillas so there will be no opportunity for another spanking until we return.

Thank you all for reading and your comments or questions will be answered.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Tuesday, November 14, Maintenance Day.  Ah.... isn't life grand, except when it interrupts your 24/7 Domestic Discipline lifestyle.  Well, that's what occurred here over the last 2 days and a scheduled maintenance spanking had to be put off.  Today, Tuesday, it was to be delayed no longer as she told me I was to be spanked at 8 pm, so at the time I strolled nude into the bedroom and presented my ass and waited for her.  She entered and began to put out the implements to administer my overdue spanking.  It began with the flexible leather paddle as the fur side of the paddle warmed my cheeks.  Slowly, the strikes got more firm and the leather side began to land harder.  Soon, hard to very hard strokes were paddling both sides of my ass and yelps were heard.  I raised slightly to ease the force of the paddle but it was not to be.  She pushed on my shoulders, down went my torso, out stuck my ass and smack went the leather paddle.   Over and over again the paddle stung the skin and turned it bright red.  I felt the thumper land next and it continued to land hard strokes covering both cheeks and the full length of my thighs.  This toy involves the tissue beneath the skin level but does little to sting or turn the skin red.  The next implement was the doubled belt and it took over where the thumper left off.  No more medium strokes were in store for me as the belt spanked both cheeks for several minutes.   My ass was now on fire and yelps continued as did the belt strikes until she switched to the purse paddle.  This was reminiscent of my recent punishment spanking using the same implement.  Friday morning I received a punishment spanking for neglecting my household chores.  The purse paddle was used and delivered a very effective punishment.  Its surface is the perfect size to deliver a sound paddle stroke to one cheek.  I have tried to attach a photo of the purse paddle.  I placed a dollar bill in the pic so you could relate to its size.   Hard strokes were landing on alternating cheeks producing yelps after each one.  Now increasing the tempo, she was paddling me soundly and I tried to stand a little but she placed her hand on the small of my back and held me down.  Now near rapid fire speed, the paddle alternated cheeks with hard strokes keeping my ass ablaze and I was howling.  Finally the paddle rested and she allowed me to stand.  She sat on the bed and directed me to take the modified wheelbarrow position.  My ass is now squarely in her lap, spread and immobile.  She then administered a long hard bare hand spanking to complete my maintenance session.  Given my recent bad luck in tossing the dice,I asked her to roll for me.  The dice turned up a 2, scheduling my next spanking for Friday

Thank you for reading and asking questions or leaving comments.  They will all be answered.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Friday, Nov. 10, Maintenance Day.  It came late in the evening as we were out with vanillas later than we anticipated.  Soon after arriving home, I entered the bedroom and she had already laid out some implements of ass destruction.  On  the bed were the doubled belt, big wood paddle, narrow hair brush, flexible leather paddle and riding crop.  I was standing motionless in surprise as she said "Spanking time, STRIP".  I removed all my clothing as she watched and stood totally nude before her.  She pushed me down on the bed exposing my ass and began.  The spanking started with the flexible leather paddle.  The fur covered side served as the warm up with a few minutes of strokes.  Suddenly the paddle was flipped in her hand and the leather side began to sting my cheeks.  Strokes increased in tempo and intensity as the leather met my skin over and over again.  Several minutes of sound paddling told me the maintenance spanking was in full swing.   The narrow hair brush picked up the tempo and continued to cover both cheeks with solid strikes.  A shorter session and the doubled belt was up next.  The method was to be shorter sessions but each implement used more than once.  The belt was slapping both cheeks as she stood me up enough to make my upper torso vulnerable.  The non verbal sign to spread my legs was given by the belt being pushed between my thighs.  As I obeyed, the narrow hair brush was in her other hand and began tapping its bristles on my nipples.  The belt was being swung between my legs in an uppercut manner striking its two inch wide leather against my hanging balls.  She scrubbed my nipples until pink while my balls and ass was being belted.  That slowed to a stop and the big wood paddle delivered several hard strokes completely covering both cheeks.  Next, she pushed my back down on the bed protruding my ass nicely for the crop which started almost immediately.  Sets of a few medium strikes were separated with a swish through the air and a solid stroke.  Repeated for several minutes, this really stung my cheeks and left red stripes.  Each toy was used again for short sessions and my yelps continued louder and closer.  My spanking ended with the wood paddle and ten very hard strokes.

Unbelievably, I tossed another ONE with the dice.  On Sunday, another maintenance spanking will be delivered.  Thank you all for reading and do not hesitate to leave a question or comment.  All will be answered. 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Wednesday, Nov 8, Spanked for Maintenance.  Originally the spanking was scheduled for Tuesday as many of you remember.  However, I had some dental work that morning and spent over three hours in the chair.  She did not feel I was up to being spanked that night, so it was put off until Wednesday.  It was determined the spanking would take place at 8 pm.   I placed myself in position, nude, bent over the bed, ass high and presented.  She entered a brief time later and began to get implements out.  I saw her place the thumper, doubled belt and two hair brushes next to me.  She started with a sensual rub and hand spanking for the warm up.  Soon she grasped my hips and pulled me back a bit further from the edge of the bed.  This allowed my balls and cock to hang freely and soon I understood they would become a major part of this maintenance session.  The hand spank continued getting harder as it progressed.   Next she chose the thumper to redden my cheeks further.  Several swats on my ass and then it was placed between my thighs and I knew that meant to spread my legs.  I did so and the thumper continued to tap my inner thighs.   I spread even more and more until my ass was open wide and cock and balls were an easy target.  Well, it did not miss as several well placed strokes landed on my balls, cock, inner thighs, inner cheeks and directly on my asshole.  It went on and on, not neglecting my cheeks while turning everything red.  When the thumper finished the doubled belt took over.  Swing sideways, she expertly belted every inch of my entire ass.  Now bright red and quite well stung, my cheeks were treated to 25 hard, level swats covering both cheeks and producing yelps after each.  A brief pause only long enough for her to place a hair brush is each had.  The narrow back in one hand and the wide back in the other.  Both brushes were used together to pummel both cheeks with rapid fire strikes.  The narrow did it specialty on inner cheeks, anus and upper thighs while the wide brush spanked both cheeks with conviction.  The narrow brush scrubbed my ball sack and cock base while the wide one delivered slow hard spanks to my upper cheeks.  I suppose if the wide brush had had a mind it would have thought 2 can play this game.   She placed bristles from both brushes, one on each side of my balls and  alternately pulled back and forth, scouring my balls between the brushes.  Following that, my cock was treated to the same double scouring from the brushes from the base to the tip. Can you say howling??!!!  That ended the CBT portion of my maintenance, but she pulled out the big wood paddle and delivered 25 good hard swats to finish me off and let my ass know it had not been forgotten.

Adding insult to injury, I tossed a ONE with the dice.  I will be turned ass up and spanked on Friday for maintenance.  Thank you all for reading and all your comments or questions will be answered.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Wednesday, Nov. 1, Maintenance Day.  Once again, our scheduled spanking for Monday was put off by unavoidable occurrences.   I thought it may happed today, as we had a dinner engagement.   Returning home at about 8:35, the instant the door was closed and locked, she stated "Get those clothes off and prepare, you're getting spanked at 9 o'clock".  I obeyed, stripping and getting ready for my overdue maintenance spanking.  The stroke of 9, found me totally nude, in position with my ass presented as she desires, and waiting.  She let me wait like that for nearly 15 minutes.  She entered, said "very nice" and began laying tonight's spanking implements on the bed next to me.  I saw the short doubled belt, the thumper, braided leather paddle, and hairbrush.  She stroked my bare cheeks softly prior to me feeling the short belt begin my warm up.  It slapped my ass with sideward strokes on alternating cheeks.  Slowly I felt the increased heat as I'm sure my skin was turning pink.  While keeping my toes close to the bed frame, she grasped my hips and drew them back away from the edge of the mattress and spread my legs fairly wide.   This protruded my ass further and allowed my package to swing freely.  The warm up was over as the short belt began to slap with much more authority.  The sideward strokes continued while vertical and uppercut strokes were added, all with increased intensity.  The uppercut strokes allowed her to spank the under side of my cheeks and upper thighs while a few strokes guested it.... on my balls.  Next came the braded leather paddle.  This is made of stranded leather rolled into a cord like shape then braded to make something like a cloverleaf paddle.  It is quite heavy and delivers a sound spank.  She landed two strokes on each cheek then one directly on my crack, over and over again.  Hard smacks produced yelps and she continued to paddle with the braided leather.  By the soreness building in my ass, I knew my cheeks were now quite red as the paddle rested and the thumper took over.  This is a massage implement, looking like a cooking spatula handle of metal which allows it to flex a bit when it strikes.  The head is rubber and about the size of a tennis ball with short rubber fingers.   She pummeled my cheeks with the thumper which would not have been to intense unless I had not been so sore from the paddling.  The thumping went on several minutes along with yelps and moistening of my eyes.  On came the hair brush and the first smack stung like did the next and each succeeding one.  She skillfully landed the hair brush strokes on ever inch of my cheeks, inner cheeks, thighs, inner thighs and balls.  Both sides of the brush tormented my balls, strikes with the back and scouring with the short course bristles.   Now with every part of my crotch red and sore, each implement was used for an encore session.  After the hair brush was used for a second time, a good hard bare hand spanking ensued.  She spanked and spanked and when she finally paused, I thought it was over.  But I heard the drawer open and almost immediately felt the unmistakable strike of the long wide doubled belt.  About 30 solid lashes, covering both cheeks at once, were administered as the final touch to a 30 minute spanking.

I was able to toss the dice for myself and got a slight reprieve.  A '5' appeared scheduling my next spanking for Tuesday.   Tune in again for the recount of my next maintenance spanking.    

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Saturday, Oct. 28, Maintenance Day.  Recurring readers will note that maintenance day was scheduled for Thursday, but as happens, life postponed it twice.  Earlier today she told me it is not being put off again and at 2 pm I will be getting spanked.  I reported a few minutes early and took position.  We have our new bed in place and it is like the one in our northern residence, much higher than our old one.  No more arms extended to reach the proper position for spanking.  Now my torso rests on the mattress with legs straight to the floor, ass presented and waiting for her.  Shortly she enters and begins setting out spanking implements.  I see 3 paddles, 2 hairbrushes and a doubled belt.  The paddles are the flexible leather, the purse and the big wood paddle.  Both hairbrushes are wood backed and one is the narrow one.  She chose the doubled belt to begin and the first strikes were mild.  After she was satisfied the warm up was complete, the belt was swung with more conviction.  Forehand and backhand strokes slapped my bare cheeks with a loud report.  Several minutes of belting turned my skin pink, then red.  Next she picked up the narrow backed hair brush.  It started stinging with the first smack.  Covering both cheeks with rapid fire strokes it continued to my upper thighs.  Placing it between my thighs was the signal to spread my legs.  I obeyed allowing my package to swing freely.  The brush spanked my inner cheeks and asshole and a few strikes on my balls.  Then she flipped the brush over and used the short course bristles to scrub the tender areas of my crotch.  Anus, balls and cock were targeted for a good scouring.  When that ceased I heard something different.  A toy was being slid from the cane case.  Not a cane, but the long riding crop.  Much different that the riding bat as the tip is narrow and the shaft much longer.  The tip is normally used like a whip, but this time the shaft was being used like a cane.  It struck my ass after the swish through the air and produced a loud yelp from me.  Not stopping or even slowing down she continued to cane me with the crop.  Yelps became howls and I stood slightly to reduce the pain.  She continued and I stood even more.  A slight pause as she looked at my face.  "No tears yet", she said and continued the whipping.  She said I had not had a good ass whipping lately and today was the day.   More caning with the crop and I was in agony.   She checked again and tears were now visible.  Pleased, I got several more strokes before she moved me back and sat on the edge of the bed with me standing before her.  The other hair brush now scrubbed my nipples and cock head.  I became hard, she pinched my nipples and slapped my cock more.  I got harder.  This soon led to things we don't discuss here.  Afterward, she covered me with a blanket as my ass was still in pain.  Although the 3 paddles never saw any action, I was very well spanked today.  She tossed a dice for me and turned up a ONE.  Another maintenance spanking was now due on Monday.

Thanks to all readers and you comments or questions will be answered.   

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Tuesday, October 24, Maintenance Day.  Yes, I know it is a day early.  She realized tomorrow was not going to be available, so she said I'm spanking you today.  After dinner she directed me to our room and told me to prepare.  I leaned over the bed and presented my bare ass.  She handed me the blindfold and the last view I had was her holding the doubled belt.  A few light swats began the spanking, but in no time at all the swats increased in tempo and intensity.  Side to side strokes, forehand and backhand, the belt lashed both cheeks for several minutes.  I was unable to see what implements came next, but it stung like fire.  She was lighting up my ass with rapid fire spanks.  Not much a pause before a strike I did recognize crashed into both cheeks very hard.  I had not expected it, but 39 more followed at a slow pace.  The hard paddling with the big wood paddle took its toll and yelping echoed after each swat.  Another implement followed and I still am unsure of what it was.  It struck both cheeks time after time with a solid thud.  Red on the outside and bruised deep tissue, my ass was being pummeled.   Next came another toy I recall.  The riding bat began to spank me very hard and very fast.  Yelping was replaced by howling and after several minutes the bat was replaced with the purse paddle.  The strokes remained the same, fast and hard and lasted until I felt I could take no more.  Finally she paused and the blindfold was wet with tears as I was breathing hard.   A bare hand spanking ensued and lasted until both cheeks were stinging again.  Finally a soothing rub down enveloped most of my body.  She reached and removed my blindfold and we kissed for a long time.  A very fast 20 minute spanking ended.

I rolled the dice and was in disbelief as a ONE appeared.  Wednesday may have been unavailable, but I was spanked on Tuesday and will be again on Thursday.   Thanks again for reading and your comments and questions will be answered.     

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Saturday, October, 21, Maintenance Day.  Several days got away from us due to relocating in the south for the Winter.  Spanking slipped by more than once.  Early this morning I was directed to bend over.  I thought I was being disciplined as I took 6 very hard strokes without ceremony.  "There", she said, " I didn't forget and you will be spanked right after dinner".  The day went by normally we had dinner and I showered.  Upon leaving the shower, I noticed her standing with the doubled belt.  She bent me over the bed in position.  The bed here is somewhat lower than in our summer home.   I was semi standing with outstretched arms resting on the bed.  She began to belt me with a few light strokes that served as a warm up.  Soon the belt was landing increasingly harder strokes until full force swats were slapping my cheeks.  A full 5 minutes of belting colored my ass a bright red.  Next the big wood paddle was brought in.  A sound paddling was causing yelps with each stroke.  She placed her left hand on the small of my back to hold me still for the remaining 20 strokes.  A small plastic paddle now stung the cheeks already sore from the deep tissue bruising caused by the wood paddle.  The riding crop made an appearance.  She placed it between my thighs and slapped it from side to side, a sign for me to open my legs.  I guess I was not quick enough as I heard the command "spread 'em wide".  The crop went to work, spanking me rapidly and landing strikes everywhere.  Both cheeks were covered, lower cheeks, inner cheeks, upper things, anus, and uppercut strikes to my balls with my responding with howling.  The purse paddle, not seen since this mornings taste, came on and paddled me but good.  Several minutes of this had me in tears.  Following that, a long bare hand spanking completed the maintenance spanking.  It was a short but solid 25 minutes of assault on my bare ass.  A very effective maintenance spanking.  A toss of the dice scheduled me to be spanked again on Wednesday.

Again, I have to apologize for the delay in updating the blog.  You regular readers are very much appreciated and new readers are always welcome.  Your questions or comments will be answered in a timely manner.   

Friday, October 13, 2017

Maintenance Day....Friday the 13th.  A tough week as maintenance was put off twice due to life getting in the way.  At about 10 this morning, she gave me a directive to be showered, nude, blindfolded and on the massage table with legs spread at 3 pm for a long maintenance spanking.  She ran her errands and I completed my chores and obeyed to the letter.  The spanking began on time when the first smack from the paddle met my cheeks.  It was the light weight plastic paddle which stings but carries little weight.  The paddling went on for a few minutes before the flexible leather paddle came into play.  She expertly covered my immobile ass with strokes from every angle.  Fast and hard the paddle rained down strokes until both cheeks were quite red.   Now a bare hand spanking took over with several well placed hits on the inner cheeks, thighs and anus.  She fondled my balls and ass hole before the narrow hair brush began its assault.  Raising my hips did little except exposing more surface to spank.  And spank the anus and upper thighs it did.  She reached under my raised hips and tormented my balls and cock while the hair brush kept on an even tempo of well placed spanks.  A brief pause before I felt the cool substance being dribbled in my ass crack.  She lubed up my hole and I knew the inevitable ass fucking would follow.  The dildo was inserted while her other hand massaged my cock.  I thought I would explode, but the massage stopped and that hand began to spank both cheeks while the dildo was being plunged deep inside me.  This went on for several minutes.  When the spanking ceased and the dildo removed, I thought my ass would get a break.  Not so as the flexible paddle began spanking me again.  Stinging strokes lasted several more minutes as I was yelping after each strike.  Finally it stopped and I heard the command to turn over.  I obeyed only to find myself being struck on my cock, balls and nipples with a small prickly plastic paddle.  This CBT and nipple torment had me vocally responding to each strike.  Then without warning, she raised both legs and held them high while the leather paddle did its best spanking with me in the diaper position.  Both cheeks were now crimson and burning with pain.  At last she lowered my legs and the spanking was over.  The blindfold was removed and I notice the clock.  An hour and five minutes has passed and I lay there like a wet rag, completely spent.  A bit of after care ensued and believe me it felt wonderful.  A short time later, she rolled the dice and turned up a 3.  You all know what that means..... Tuesday I am to be spanked again.  She winked and said 'unless I feel like spanking you before that'.   I settled down into recoup mode before dinner.  

Thanks to all my readers, I do appreciate all of you.  Questions..... Comments, all are welcome and will be answered.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Thursday, Oct, 5......Maintenance Day...again.  The rolling of ONES keeps my butt well spanked and quite sore.  Anyway, we laid out the same 9 implements as on Tuesday and in the same order.  Once again, the big wood paddle led off.  WOW, I rolled a one and one very hard, solid stroke began my baseball game driven maintenance spanking.  We both snickered... all this set up for one stroke.  After the end of the second inning I rolled a 5.  Presenting my bare ass to her standing and holding the belt, I was set to accept the 10 strokes from the belt.  All the humor of the single stroke from the paddle was gone in a flash as the belt landed across both cheeks.  I gritted as another lashed my flesh.  Then another and another until the number 10 had been reached.  Sitting back down was not as playful as before.  The end of the third saw me toss a 6 and the patent leather paddle was delivering 18 hard strokes to my ass which recalled the pain from the belt lashing.  A bit of a break for the fourth inning as I rolled a 1.  The narrow hair brush stung well in its 4 strokes.  The fifth inning ended and the exotic wood paddle with holes stood ready to take its turn in spanking me for maintenance.  The dice gave me a 4 and 20 strokes from that paddle is no picnic.  20 yelps later, my cheeks were now crimson and hot as fire.  The sixth inning was my friend.  I rolled a 1 and did get 6 very hard swats with the steel reinforced leather paddle.  Cheeks not only red and hot, but now with deep tissue soreness.  The seventh finished, I tossed a 2, and my ass was stung with 14 strokes from the riding bat.  I checked the lineup and saw the big hair brush was the next hitter.  The dice came up with a 3 and my cheeks had to endure 24 hard strokes from the hair brush with me yelping all the way.  The ninth inning came and went quickly and I found myself once again, grasping the arms of the recliner and presenting my well spanked ass for the final portion of the maintenance spanking.  Having rolled a 4, meant 36 strokes from the flexible leather paddle.  She covered every inch of both cheeks with stinging blows which made a fitting end to the spanking.  She tossed the dice to schedule the next episode and a 3 means Monday night I submit to my next maintenance spanking.

Again, thank for reading and I will answer any and all questions or comments.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Tuesday, Oct 3, Maintenance Day.  We chose to use the wild card baseball game for the maintenance spanking because it may be the last game we will watch.  The format will again be a bit different.  We laid out 9 implements, one for each inning.  We also will use the dice again, but with a slightly different twist.  At the end of each inning, I will toss the dice and the number shown will be multiplied by the inning.  The order the implements laid out placed the big wood paddle first.  Followed in order by the doubled belt, the patent leather paddle, the narrow hair brush, an exotic wood paddle with holes, the steel reinforced paddle, the riding bat, big hair brush and finally the flexible leather paddle.  I rolled very well until the 6th inning.  Here is how my spankings went by inning.  Tossing a 4, the big wood paddle warmed both cheeks with 4 solid strokes.  Then a 2 and the belt lashed me 4 more times.  Another 2 saw the patent leather paddle kiss my ass 6 times.  Another 2 and the hair brush nailed me for 8 stinging strokes.  The 5th inning saw another 2 from the dice and the exotic wood paddle with holes spanked me with 10 hard strokes.  The the 6th inning ended, I tossed a dreaded 6 and 36 swats with the steel reinforced paddle were coming my way.  Each was hard and solid.  These 36 strokes produced yelps and a very red and sore ass.  I tossed another 2 in the 7th and got 14 from the riding bat.  This added more sting to my already red cheeks.  After the 8th I rolled a 3.  Even though it is a low number, multiplied by the inning earned me 24 with the big hair brush.  I finally rolled a 1 for the 9th and got 9 strokes from the flexible leather paddle to finish me off.  I let her toss for the scheduling the next spanking.  The dice must have been stuck on ONE because that is what she rolled.  Thursday will be my next spanking.

Thanks for reading and your comments or questions will all be answered.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

September 30, October 1, Maintenance Weekend.  Originally maintenance was scheduled for Thursday as was stated in my last posting.  This was changed due to a weekend guest.  A service sub was also invited to assist in the meal and other chores.  A good friend and female Dominant would be assisting in administering my maintenance spankings.  I got home just in time for a shower and dinner and was told to get comfortable and join the two ladies for dinner after my shower.  I knew what this meant, and immediately stripped before them and headed for the shower, remained nude for dinner and the balance of the evening.  The service sub and I cleared the dinner dishes and shortly we all headed to the dungeon.  My Dominant busied herself in dominating the service submissive while Lady A (not using her name) prepared to administer maintenance to me.  I was placed on the massage table and made comfortable.  She used every implement laid out and delivered a long and hard spanking.  The leather, steel reinforced paddle began.  Slow at first for a warm up and then increased in speed and intensity.  Lying on the table meant no give was available and my ass had to absorb the full impact of the strokes.  Wood paddles, crops, hair brushes, bare hands all were used several times in covering both cheeks, inner thighs and back.  She is very skilled in the use of the implements at her disposal.  Out of my sight, the service sub was also getting a good spanking along with other domination acts.  I could hear his yelps and other vocal signs of his accepting 'rewards' for his service during the day.  Lady A, paddled me soundly for nearly an hour and a half, while my Dominant was attending to the other sub.  Finally released from our compromising positions, both he and I remained nude and served refreshments to the ladies until bed time.  He had to leave early Sunday and I, while still nude donned nipple clamps to prepare and serve breakfast to the ladies.  As they chatted, I cleaned dishes and the kitchen.  Then I stripped beds and straightened the house in general.  I Thought I would be spanked again later on Sunday and this time by both Dominants.  That thought faded as our guest received a phone call and had to leave for home.  She slapped my bare ass hard and said there will be another time as she left the house.  Later that evening my Dominant told me to report to our room and position myself for the rest of my maintenance spanking.  I bent over the end of the bed and presented my ass.  She entered and blindfolded me.  Then I heard her assembling some toys and I knew the spanking would begin shortly but had no idea what implements would be used.  She came up behind me and slid her hands across my cheeks and spread my legs open, and then reached under my chest and tormented my nipples until I was moaning.  Then a few strokes from the purse paddle struck my cheeks.  The paddle was still in its soft padded sleeve.  It produced a thud with each strike.  The the sleeve was removed and the wood slapped against my bare skin.  Again and again it stung each cheek as she paddled for several minutes.  The next toy I recognized immediately.  The doubled belt was lashing my ass with side to side hard swings.  I began to yelp with each strike.  This did nothing to slow her tempo and the belting continued for another several minutes.  Involuntary movement on my part was not in her plans.  She grasped me around my hips and ordered me to stop moving.  I held as still as possible and accepted several more minutes of the belt.  I could hear her moving around and soon my next order was to assume the modified wheelbarrow position.  Difficult to do while blindfolded, but eventually I lay prone with legs spread around her hips.  She grasped my hips again pulling me back more toward her and spread my legs even further.  A long bare hand spanking began and did not end until I felt the narrow hair brush sting my wide open vulnerable ass.  She spanked both cheeks with the brush repeatedly for many minutes and followed with another old friend.  The big wood paddle crashed into my cheeks and produced a loud yelp from me.  She paddled long and hard, then spanked again with the hair brush, then resumed paddling.  The two implements shared another session each and when the final slap of the wood paddle faded, my eyes were tearing.  She finally eased me off her and said it was over.  Between Saturday and Sunday, I had been very well spanked by two very accomplished Dominant ladies.  I handed her the dice after removing my blindfold and to my disbelief, she rolled a ONE.  Tuesday, I will be turned ass up again and spanked for maintenance.

Thanks to all readers and as you know, questions or comments will be answered.  


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tuesday, Sept 26, Maintenance Day.  We arrived home just before noon on Tuesday and set about unloading and other normal chores.  We had dinner a bit early and settled in for a quiet night.  There are only 6 regular season games left so she decided a baseball game spanking was on tap.  The 3 toys to be used for the spanking tonight were the flexible leather paddle, the doubled belt and the big wood paddle.  We again wanted to use the dice for a multiplier at the end of each inning.  Being nude since before dinner, at the end of the first inning I only had to stand and assume the position.  I rolled a four meaning 20 strokes were on the way.  My bare ass was presented to her, the flexible leather paddle was in her hand and the spanking began.  Twenty hard strokes later, I sat back down with rather warm cheeks.  The second inning again saw a four appear on my roll and I stood, bent and presented.  She chose the doubled belt for that inning.  The belt was swung level and it covered both cheeks with one loud slapping sound. Nineteen more strokes found my rather warm ass now quite hot and very red.  Next the big wood paddle would be used and the third inning ended quickly.  Another four was rolled and the big wood paddle vs my ass was on with the paddle winning handily.  Back to the flexible leather for the fourth inning and just for a change, I did not roll a four.  I rolled a five.  Twenty five times the leather lashed my cheeks complete with my squirming and yelping.  The fifth inning came to a close and the leather belt was up to the task.  This time a six came up and I had to take 30 strokes with the belt.  Can you say red and sore with 4 innings left to play.  Finally, I tossed a one at the end of the sixth and the wood paddle landed five very hard strokes.  For the last three innings I rolled fairly well.  The flexible paddle spanked me ten times as I tossed a two.  The belt was used for fifteen strokes as the dice showed a three at the end of the eighth inning.  Three outs in the top of the ninth came quickly and I rolled another four.  My maintenance spanking ended with 20 strokes from the wood paddle.  Quite a sound spanking was absorbed by my ass and my heart sank as I rolled to schedule my next maintenance day.  A ONE appeared and I will be spanked again on Thursday.  Don't miss the blow by blow account of that maintenance spanking.

I really appreciate you loyal readers and hope you are enjoying these episodes.  Questions and comments are very welcome and will be answered.  
Sunday, Sept. 24, Maintenance Day.  We were scheduled to come home from the lake on Sunday morning but again life tossed us a curve ball.  We were now staying until Tuesday morning, but Sunday was my maintenance day.  We had no toys and as the evening approached, I thought a postponement was in store.  She had other ideas and told me to strip and present.  I obeyed and bent over the end of the bed with ass bared.  She started with her bare hand and spanked me until I was quite warm.  Next a familiar implement which just happened to be there.  The hair brush met the cheeks for several minutes of spanking.  I was moving around somewhat and she had had enough of that.  Leaving the room and returning very soon with an implement I knew meant a very red and sore ass was not far away.  A long handle wooden spoon can be a very effective spanking implement and tonight it meant business.  From the very first hard smack, I was yelping.  I could visualize the 3 inch bright red circular spot on my left cheek.  Almost instantly it had a mate on my right cheek.  The spoon landed hard blows covering both cheeks and upper thighs. A short but harsh spanking ended with her stating this was just a quickie.  You will be spanked again on Tuesday night.

Thanks for reading and I will answer all your questions or comments.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Thursday, September 21, Maintenance Day.  I know, it was scheduled for Friday, but life has thrown us another curve ball, so we moved the spanking up one day.  She had told me about the change in the morning and knew about my plans for the day.  Unfortunately, I had a task today which required me to be dressed and when I finally came in around 5:30, before she could say 'clothes off' I was ahead of her.  I was nude, showered, and ready for dinner in no time at all.  During our meal she told me to relax a bit and I would be spanked at 9 o'clock.  I reported at the the proper time and there were 5 weapons of ass destruction laid out.  I saw the doubled belt, patent leather paddle, purse paddle, narrow hairbrush and flexible leather paddle.  Adding her bare hand, the six implements would surely give me a solid maintenance spanking.  She entered as I was placing myself over the pillow and presenting my ass to be spanked.  She began with a bare hand warm up....a very nice beginning.  Next the flexible leather paddle was being swung from side to side striking alternating cheeks.  Slowly at first and then increasing in speed and force.  Soon both cheeks began to feel the sting and warmth which comes with the reddening of the skin.  Several minutes of this produced bright red, hot cheeks.  Patent leather usually feels good, but it stung like killer bees at it rapidly paddled my ass.  My stinging hide was treated to the sound slap of the doubled belt.  Covering both cheeks with level strokes, the sting was replaced with solid smacks, yelps and moist eyes.  She belted me for several minutes... a good old fashion strapping.  Some bare hand spanking followed and I was drifting into subspace. The bare hand spanks ceased after many minutes and then slid between my cheeks and found my balls.  A slight squeeze before they parted my thighs a bit exposing the unspanked inner cheeks and thighs.  The narrow hair brush made its entry and pummeled all of my ass.  Doing what it does best, it spanked the inner cheeks, inner thighs and anus.  Flipping it over, she used the short course bristles to scour my balls and ass hole.  I was now bright red and sore everywhere.  She moved up on the bed and directed me into the modified wheelbarrow position.  Putting the doubled belt aside, she had the 4 short handle toys plus her hand to continue the spanking.  The implements took turns raining hard swats to my vulnerable, red, spread open, immobile ass.  The purse paddle went first and really paddled me good.  All the devices were used more than once and the purse paddle had the last say and I wound up howling.  A long 50 minute spanking ended with ten hard smacks.  We tossed the dice and scheduled Sunday as the next maintenance spanking day.

Thanks again for being readers and any comments or questions will be answered.  

Monday, September 18, 2017

Sept. 15, 16, 17,  Maintenance Weekend.  We postponed our scheduled maintenance spanking on Wednesday as we were having a couple visit our home for the weekend.  They are part of the spanking group we occasionally travel to in a neighboring state.  We decided to hold my maintenance spanking until the weekend.  She said I would be spanked all weekend for maintenance and the female half of our guests would participate as well as the male half would be spanked along with me.  They arrived late Friday afternoon and we enjoyed a great dinner and good conversation together.  Shortly after dinner the ladies decided to begin the spankings during the baseball game.  We were directed to strip and join them in the TV room.  They were seated in the recliners with places for he and I to sit on the floor at their feet.  The same procedure would be followed, but with another addition.  Both ladies would spank both of us the number rolled on the dice times 5.   He was chosen to go first at the end of the first inning and he tossed a 5.  We would each receive 25 strokes from both ladies.  They picked out the purse paddle, the patent leather paddle, hair brush and the flexible leather paddle as the implements.  We took our 50 strokes each and settled in.  I rolled at the end of the second and tossed a 6.  A different implement and we each got 60 hard strokes.  A bad night for the boys.  He rolled after the odd innings and I after the even innings.  His five rolls turned up a 5 four times and a 2 once.  My rolls came up with 3 times a 6 and one time a 5.  Needles to say by the end of the game we each received 315 sound strokes from the ladies using the 4 implements.  Then we were brought to the dungeon and each spanked for about another hour.  Many toys, equipment and positions were employed as we both ended up very well spanked.  We turned in for the night and all ate a very good breakfast the next morning.

Prior to leaving for our planned activities, she decided I should be sporting a red bottom under my clothes.  She brought me into the TV room and using the same four toys, she spanked my ass to a crimson red.  Everyone chowed down on a great roast port dinner following a wonderful day outdoors.  Some good conversation and digesting preceded being stripped and brought to the dungeon around 8 o'clock.  My Mistress thought some BDSM play was in order.  I was wrist bound to the hanging cuffs and ankles bound in a spreader bar.  Standing spread eagle and helpless, she began.  Several steel rings placed around my cock, and I was blindfolded and gagged.  Several implements spanked my cheeks, uppercut swings from floggers or the riding bat landed stinging blows on my vulnerable balls and cock.  In addition, she tormented my nipples with clamps, pinching, twisting, slapping and biting.  Meanwhile on the massage table he was being thoroughly dominated and spanked to a bright red.  Finally being cut down, I was placed over her lap and soundly spanked and paddled.  A short break for refreshments was enjoyed before I was stood up against a column, flogged and caned.  We all played for over 3 hours before turning in for the night.

Breakfast time found everyone chipper and hungry.  We all ate well and walked a bit outside.  As customary when we visit their home, a Sunday morning spanking was in order.  Stripped and directed to the dungeon for another round, a change in partners was instituted.  I was placed on the massage table at the pleasure of our friend while my Mistress began with him for an OTK spanking.  She dominated and spanked me for about an hour and a half, opening my legs and concentrating on inner thighs and cheeks.  After rejoining our usual Dominants, for more spanking, I took a short break while they double teamed him.  Making sure he was quite uncomfortable for the long drive home, they reddened his ass very bright.  Seeing them drive off ended a great weekend of friendship and a very very long and effective maintenance spanking for me, or so I thought.  Later that night, I was again spanked in the TV room.  She used the doubled belt, patent leather paddle, purse paddle and bare hand to deliver the frosting on the cake of the longest maintenance spanking I ever accepted.  Rolling the dice gave me a bit of a break as my dice determined Friday for me to submit to the next maintenance spanking.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Monday, Sept. 11.  Batter up!!!  Another maintenance spanking dictated by a baseball game.  I feel she likes this system and perhaps any time there is a game on a scheduled maintenance day, she will employ this procedure.  Tonight she told me I had to chose the 3 implements and we again would use the dice and the result would be multiplied by 5.  I don't often get to pick my poison, but I tried to use logic.  I chose different toys to vary the impact.  One leather, one wood and the riding bat.  The leather I picked was the steel reinforced leather paddle.  The wood was an exotic wood paddle with holes.  The wood is Wenge and it has a rich looking, dark color and dense grain, and the holes would increase the sting.  Not that I would need more sting with the riding bat being the third implement.  The game began on time and soon the first inning came to a close.  All the strokes would be hard and no warm up.  I tossed the dice and a four came up.  Right away, 20 strokes with the exotic wood paddle.  This paddle is long enough to cover both cheeks with one swat.  I stood and presented.  She wasted no time and the first stroke met my ass with a loud slap.  Nineteen more followed and my cheeks turned red very quickly.  I returned to my chair and sat down slowly.  I knew the riding bat would be used next so more sting was on the way.  No runs scored and the inning went fast.  The dice were not friendly as I rolled a 6.  She was standing and ready to deliver 30 hard swats with the riding bat.  I took position and she began to spank.  The familiar swish through the air and the slap of the leather tip and we were on our way.  She used the bat on alternating cheeks in a steady tempo producing a hot, red bottom not conducive to sitting on.  Before I knew it the third inning was in the books and I had the dice in my hand as she had the leather paddle in hers.  I can't believe this, another 6.  She smiled and said bend over.  Even longer than the wood paddle the steel reinforced leather paddle covered both cheeks.  After 30 from this paddle, by ass was crimson and very sore.  I felt like watching the next inning while standing.  At least some runs were scored, so the inning took a bit longer.  When it finished I tossed and could not believe my eyes.  A 6 appeared again, the third straight 6.  Back to the Wenge wood and another 30 hard solid swats greeted my reddening skin and bruising the deep tissue on my ass.  Yelping after each, I was finally able to sit....very uncomfortably.  The final out of the fifth inning saw me get a break by rolling a 3.  The riding bat landed its 15 swats on alternating cheeks.  I think a few extra swats landed, but I was not sure.  The sixth and seventh innings were being kind to me and I rolled a 1 after each.  The leather paddled struck 5 swats on both cheeks and the exotic wood followed with 5 hard strokes after the next inning ended.  The eighth went fast and I tossed a 4.  The riding bat was singing through the air and slapping the alternating cheeks, 20 strokes, each stinging like hell.  I held on and watched the last inning.  Another 20 strokes was due as the dice came up with another 4.  Being the finale, she swung the leather paddle very hard and both cheeks felt the effect of the 20 strokes.  Even though the spanking was spread out over the whole game, I took 175 swats for my maintenance.  The next spanking will be on Wednesday as a ONE appeared on my final roll.

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Friday, September 8, 2017

Thursday, Sept 7, Maintenance Day.  Early in the morning she told me I would be spanked tonight during the ball game.  This would make the third time we have used the ball game to determine the implements and number of strokes.  Like last time, there would be a twist.  She would chose the toys and I would roll the dice at the end of each inning.  I would receive 5 times the number of strokes as shown on the dice.  She picked the three implements just before game time.  The purse paddle, riding bat and narrow hair brush would be delivering my maintenance spanking.  I entered the TV room totally nude as always and noticed the three toys laid out.  "Did you bring the dice"? she asked.  I responded of course and we settled in for the game.  She had picked 3 toys so each would get used 3 times during the 9 inning game.  She said the purse paddle would be leading off the evening.  For those of you unfamiliar with that toy, it is a short handle, small, ping pong paddle shaped implement designed to fit into a purse for impromptu spankings away from home. It is made of cherry and nearly 1/2 inch thick.  It stings like hell, but can leave deep tissue bruising if swung hard.   My attire is planned for a quick paddling.  I am either going commando or wearing what we call spankers.  They are like a thong, but with no center strap, so the dropping of whatever pants I wear, immediately exposes my bare ass.  The purse paddle has been used for quick correctional spankings in some interesting places.  Anyway, on with the game.  The end of the first inning saw me throw the dice and a 6 turned up.  She quickly had the paddle in hand as I stood, turned and presented my ass for the 30 strokes to begin the night.  She alternated cheeks with the first 20 and the last 10 were delivered squarely in the center and quite hard.  I returned to my chair after the paddling.  What a way to begin with 30 right away.  The second inning was no kinder to me as I rolled a 5.  I took my position as she gave me 25 hard strokes with the riding bat.  Now both sore and stinging, I returned to the chair for the third inning.  The narrow hair brush would be used next.  I caught somewhat of a break and tossed a 2.  The first 6 strokes were on alternating cheeks, then she paused and said "spread'em".  I obeyed and took the next 6 on the inner cheeks and anus.  For the rest of the game, I never rolled anything lower than a 3, so each implement took its toll on me with high numbers of strokes.  By games end, I was quite red and quite sore.  Just before bed, I rolled to schedule the next spanking and got a 3.  Adding '1' as customary, puts Monday as maintenance day.

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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Friday, Sept 1, A day late, but not a stroke short as the spanking unfolded on Friday instead of Thursday. We decided to use the ball game again to deliver my maintenance day spanking.  However, she said, your getting double the amount, without warm up.  This meant at the end of each inning I was to receive 20 hard strokes.  Another change would be the use of four implements instead of one.  She chose the toys and laid them out in pairs.  Ten strokes each from one pair and the next inning she would use the other pair for ten strokes each.  The pair for the first inning and every other odd inning was the patent leather paddle and its partner was the steel reinforced leather paddle.  I stood, leaned over to place my hands on the arms of the chair and presented my bare ass.  Both paddles delivered 10 solid hard strokes with no warm up.  Both cheeks tingled as I sat back down.  At the end of inning two, I found myself in the same stance with ass protruding ready to accept its fate.  The pair for the second and every other even inning was the flexible leather paddle and the riding bat.  Both of these could sting with the best of them and my cheeks learned this from the first swat.  Loud slaps from the flexible leather followed by the swishing of the bat and its report upon striking flesh.  The game moved right along as each team managed only one run.  Innings ticked off quickly and my ass grew more red and more sore.  Soon it was the 7th and more spanks rained down. The 8th and finally 9th ended and I was soundly spanked receiving 180 hard strokes and believe me, she slipped in extra swats more than occasionally.  On Sunday we are attending a BBQ with play time afterwards, so we will toss the dice after that.  I apologize for you readers not knowing when the next spanking will be scheduled.  I may post an addendum on Monday to advise you of the day of my next maintenance spanking.

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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Saturday, August 26, Maintenance Day.  Still some deep tissue soreness from the last maintenance spanking, I was told I would be spanked this evening during the ball game.  Game time came around and I was told only one implement would be used and I was to receive ten hard strokes after a brief warm up at the end of each inning.  The toy chosen was the doubled belt .  This implement can be very effective as the 2 1/2 inch wide leather can sting the skin raw as the weight of the doubled leather swung with the handle can bruise the tissue deep beneath the hide.  The handle is cherry wood and 9 inches long.  It can accommodate a grip of both hands.  The leather is 28 inches long and doubled, then fastened to the cherry wood.  This gives a double 14 inch strap of heavy 2 1/2 inch wide leather.  The game played on at at the end of the first inning, I stood, bent over, grasped the arms of the chair, presented my bare ass and waited for the taste of the leather.  She delivered about 20 strokes for a warm up ranging from light to medium.  The first hard stroke landed perfectly.  The long leather easily covers both cheeks and nine more strokes followed the first producing a wide red stripe across my ass.  Sitting back down to watch the game was OK, but I knew I had been spanked.  The end of the second inning soon was upon us and again I stood, bent and presented.  Again the warm up preceded the leather kissing my bare skin ten more times.  By the end of the fifth inning my ass was flaming red and quite sore.  Warm ups were less and less but the hard strokes seemed worse every time.  I had now taken fifty hard strokes and probably close to a hundred warm up strokes.  I knew there still forty hard strokes to land.  At the end of the sixth, she jumped up first and held the belt.  I ambled into position and presented.  I doubt a warm up was necessary, but I got it anyway.  Now for the hard strokes she grasped the handle with both hands, like a player would grasp a Louisville Slugger.... and my ass was the ball!!!.  She swung with both hands and I yelped as the ten strokes bit into my cheeks reddening more with each one.  The seventh inning played a bit longer so I got a bit of a reprieve.  At its close, I again stood and presented my ass.  A short warm up and then ten more hard strokes crashed against my already deep red and tenderized cheeks.  The eighth was a repeat with a short warm up and ten two handed swats from the doubled leather belt.  Finally the end of the game, our team had won, but I still had to take the final ten hard strokes.  When the first struck, I yelped and said aloud ONE.  By the time I was able to say TEN, my butt was very well spanked.  She patted my ass and said good job.

We tossed the dice and a 4 appeared.  On Thursday, I will submit to and accept another maintenance spanking.  Thanks for reading and as always, questions or comments will be answered.
Wednesday, Aug 23, Maintenance Day.  The spanking was only a few hours late, but this report is very late and my apologies.  Tuesday night was not good for personal reasons, but Wednesday was not going to get past us.  Following our morning coffee I serve in bed, I always brush her hair.  Shortly after that, the hair brush changed hands and she directed me into the modified wheelbarrow position.  As she sat in bed I was placed prone with legs spread around her hips.  The spanking began with bare hands slapping the bare, immobile, spread wide cheeks before them.  Following a good warming and reddening, my ass was visited by the hairbrush.  Spanks rained down firmly and rapidly covering every inch of exposed flesh.  The brush reached all of the outer and inner cheeks and inner thighs.  From out of nowhere came the riding crop which stung with authority the back of my balls and anus along with the rest of my ass.  The swish through the air and the narrow leather tip spanked me for many minutes.  I had no idea where she was getting the toys, but somehow the flexible leather paddle was in her hand.  Its wide smooth leather surface covered my cheeks quickly but it continued long and hard as yelping followed each strike.  Each implement including bare hands took another turn in rounding out my maintenance spanking.  The final result was a very bright red, quite sore and well spanked ass.  Soon, given my position, her hands found their mark as some CBT began.  This led into things we do not discuss here as you know.  Quite some time later, we crawled out of bed and tossed the dice.  On Saturday, I will be treated to another round of maintenance as my Dominant Mistress will deliver the spanking I need.

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Saturday, August, 19....Maintenance Day at the Spanking Party.  Driving to a neighboring state to attend a spanking party was to serve as my maintenance spanking once again.  Other guests arrived shortly after us and dinner was enjoyed by all.  Soon the meat of the evening was at hand and like any CFNM event, all the male subs were stripped and seated next to their Dominant females.  As normal, the spanking began with a round robin where nude males were draped over the laps of the Dominant ladies and spanked.  At the directed time each moved one lap in clockwise motion and again spanked.  This was repeated until each male was spanked by each female.  Following this warm up activity, the board game started.  Moving our tokens around the board with the roll of the dice we land on squares which directs by whom, with what implement and the way we were to be spanked.  Interesting scenarios were played out as the ladies thoroughly spanked us until the game ends well over an hour later.  I recall a turn which called for me being spanked in the diaper position.  I lied on my back and pulled my legs up and back as far as I could but the gal hooked her left arm behind my heels and moved my legs further back.  She had chosen a wood hair brush and soundly spanked my vulnerable and immobile ass which was exposed to the ceiling.  The diaper position, aside from being one of the most humiliating positions, stretches the skin very tight and each spank is painful.  Somehow, it seemed the strap was used most often during the game and each of the men, including me, were strapped several times. A break for liquid refreshment and dessert was next in line.  The next game saw the men draw a ladies name and she in turn drew a spanking scenario from another jar.  After each male drew and the spanking carried out, the ladies then drew a mans name while he then drew the scenario from the jar.  We were all spanked by each lady several more times over the course of the game.  After some folks left, the remaining few again had some refreshments and good conversion.  Before bed, the male host and I were brought to the dungeon for our bedtime spankings.  Mine seemed to last just under an hour and I was put to bed with a well spanked bright red bottom.  I have no idea how long he was spanked, but the next morning we all enjoyed a visit to a restaurant specializing in omelettes.  What a treat.  We will be hosting the party next month.  After returning home Sunday, I tossed the dice and rolled a TWO.  On Tuesday, I will be spanked again for maintenance.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

August 15, FINALLY - Maintenance Day.  I find it hard to believe so much time has passed since my last episode.  However, valid or not, there is a reason.  A 17 day camping trip covering 3 states and surrounded with vanillas prevented even a thought of a spanking during that span.  Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee were visited and enjoyed.  Arriving back home late Saturday night, it was just too late to consider a spanking.  Sunday was spent with family and unpacking and unwinding so again my ass went to bed unspanked.  Monday looked good until evening when my Dominant was under par so we again cancelled it.  Tuesday morning she awoke with the words flowing from her mouth...."You're getting spanked today".  We made an appointment and began the day.  After dinner the appointed time came about and I reported to the bedroom.  Laid out were 8 implements and a blindfold.  When she entered, only two commands were issued...'put the blindfold on and present your ass'.  I obeyed and we started nearly immediately with a nice bare hand warm up.  The warm up ended as the spanks grew harder.  The flexible leather paddle stung my cheeks with a very hard and loud SMACK!!  The spanks came fast and hard as did the red color and burning pain.  Next she used an exotic wood paddle.  This one had no holes but was very solid, smooth and dense.  A close grain light colored wood led me to believe it was maple.  Regardless of the look or color, it paddled both cheeks to a deep red and most likely bruised the deep tissue.  A nearly seamless transition from the heavy thud of the maple to the fire like sting of the riding bat.  The swish through the air followed by the slap against flesh was very quick.  About 30 hard and fast smacks from the bat yielded to the shaft of the bat being placed between my thighs and tapped side to side.  You know as I do, this was the signal to spread my legs.  I complied, but the tapping continued, so I spread even further.  The bat changed from horizontal to vertical and spanked cock, balls and anus until I was yelping with each stroke.  Difficult for me to discern which came next or in what order but each implement had its turn.  The narrow wood hairbrush spanked everything and then scoured the tender areas with its short coarse bristles.  Something new came next.  She stood me up, placed the narrow hairbrush, bristles upward under my cock and lifted it slightly.  Then the riding bat slapped the top of my cock against the bristles of the brush.  This nearly had me in tears.  The leather tip of the bat then spanked both nipples until pink.  Bending me back over there was more paddling from the patent leather, big wood, exotic wood, and flexible leather paddles.  More hair brushing, more riding bat, and more bare hand spanking.  Finally she stood me up on wobbly knees and removed the blindfold.  I had endured a full hour of spanking with some nipple torment and CBT thrown in.  We did not toss the dice as Saturday we attend another spanking party.  The ladies in attendance will spank me and the other males as the games unfold.  Again, this will serve as my next Maintenance Spanking.

Sorry for the long time off, but the any questions or comments you may have, will be answered.  Thank you all for reading.    

Monday, July 24, 2017

Saturday, July 22, Maintenance Day at the Spanking Party.  Following a great BBQ dinner, the males found themselves stripped and ready to begin.  The 6 ladies turned the guys bare butts toward the ceiling and each spanked them all in round robin fashion to start the evening.  The game we played at the last party was enjoyed by all again this month.  To say the least, each male was soundly spanked by each lady several times over the next 2 1/2 hours of play.  I recall at one time drawing a card that awarded me a double OTK spanking.  Two ladies sat knee to knee as I was draped over both laps and received a spanking one could write home about.  Many varied and interesting scenarios played out in several positions and locations as we moved to the second game of the evening.  The ladies drew a males name and the male drew a card describing the upcoming spanking.  Many laughs and good times continued as the bottoms turned redder and redder until the party slowly ended.  Spending the night with the host couple, we enjoyed a late, but great breakfast on Sunday.  Filling out the day with a round of mini-golf, we all returned to the house where the ladies stripped us again.  The two of us were at their mercy in varied positions, with varied implements for another session of over an hour.  Well spanked and home again, the maintenance spanking was in the books. Leaving on Thursday morning for a two week trip, it was decided Wednesday night would be a good time for the next maintenance spanking.

Thanks for reading and any comments or questions will be answered before we leave on Thursday.  

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thursday, July 20, Maintenance Day.  With the weekend upon us and the scheduled spanking party on Saturday, I believe she had planned on a short maintenance spanking.  She was already present when I reported in at 8 pm with the flexible leather paddle and the dice in her hands.  She explained she would roll the dice two times and multiply one number by the other.  I watched as her first roll turned up a 6.  As the second roll bounced and came up a 5 she smiled and said that's 30 with each implement.  Now get in position and present your ass.  I obeyed without seeing any implements laid out.  The sound of the closet door followed by the drawer had produced two more toys to go along with the leather paddle.  The flexible paddle did the warm up honors with a long string of light to medium strokes using the fur side of the leather. The first hard smack told me the warm up was over.  Twenty strokes, all hard, with the leather side of the paddle landed on alternating cheeks to redden the skin.  Next came ten hard level strokes covering both cheeks with stinging leather.  The braided leather quirt was next in line.  This has a braided rawhide handle about 12 inches long with a braided rawhide loop about 16 inches long.  She delivered about ten warm up strokes before sending 30 strokes against my quite pink ass.  The first stroke lashed across both cheeks and sent me into yelping mode.  I couldn't believe there were 29 more to follow.  The quirt is a devastating implement and each stroke found the rawhide braiding biting into my increasingly tenderized flesh.  All strokes landed on both cheeks and I had to hold my breath to keep position during this session.  Finally the quirt was retired, but no relief for my ass as the narrow hair brush delivered 30 hard strokes in nearly rapid fire tempo.  I endured the 30 strokes and was spared my worst thought of 30 scrubs of the bristles against my balls.  Instead, I heard the drawer again and knew what was to be the finish.  The big wood paddle was swung with conviction and solidly cracked against my bright red cheeks.  She chose a very slow rate with one stroke about every 6 seconds.  They were all to be level and hard with each feeling harder than the last.  It seemed like forever taking 30 strokes and believe me a sigh of relief escaped my body after number 30 struck.  She stood me up and said no dice roll as the party on Saturday would serve as my next maintenance.

Thanks for reading and all questions or comments will be answered.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tuesday, July 18, Maintenance Day.  Early in the day, I was told to prepare to receive my maintenance spanking at 8 pm.  Entering the room I saw laid out 6 implements and a blindfold.  The flexible leather paddle, riding bat, rattan cane, coil of rope, narrow hairbrush and doubled belt on cherry wood handle assured me of a solid spanking.  I donned the blindfold, took position bent over the end of the bed with toes pointed inward and ass presented to be spanked.  About 4 minutes later I wondered what was keeping her. When she came in she immediately moved my legs a bit further apart.  I felt the rope being laid on my back and thought it would be the first implement.  A moment later she had a noose around my left wrist and drawing it to the left side of the bed.  The rope passed under the mattress and tied my right wrist near that edge of the bed.  Now with wrists bound and legs spread, I was immobile and vulnerable.  The flexible leather paddle began the warm up with a long series of medium strokes on alternating cheeks.  After several minutes a few uppercut swings really stung my upper thighs, lower cheeks and sit spot.  The riding bat followed with a short but firm session covering both cheeks with a number of swats.  That began a succession of short, firm bursts of strokes from several toys.  The rattan cane was second and gave my already very warm and quite pink ass a rapid fire caning.  The narrow hairbrush delivered a good spanking during its short session complete with spreading my legs even more.  The doubled belt soundly swatted both sides of my ass with many strokes.  Not knowing what was in store, I felt the flexible paddle again only this session was much harder.  Each implement was to have a second shot with harder strokes.  The bat could be heard swishing through the air just prior to an intense smack on my cheeks which were hot red and sore by this time.  With legs spread, the bat did a number on my balls, striking my piercings and stinging the tender flesh.  The bat peppered my entire ass and crotch area.  On came the rattan cane and the strikes produced a howl and a raised welt with each stroke.  With legs wide open and narrow hairbrush in her hand, you know what happened next.  She thoroughly spanked both cheeks and then went inside.  Inner thighs, inner cheeks, ass hole and balls were systematically covered with smacks.  I fought hard not to close my legs which is a natural impulse, but kept spread and submitted to the will of the hairbrush.  Before leaving, it was reversed and the bristles scrubbed cock, balls and anus for an encore.  There was a very brief pause and I could hear the drawer open and another toy enter the game.  The big wood paddle greeted my well spanked ass with several solid hard strokes.  Still immobile and spread, I was paddled for several more minutes.  The finale was to be the doubled belt.  It filled the bill with 50 well placed hard strokes.  Releasing my wrists and blindfold she stood me up and I thanked, hugged and kissed her.  She tossed the dice and to my astonishment, a 'ONE' appeared.  On Thursday, I will submit to another maintenance spanking.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Friday, July 14, Maintenance Day, one day in advance.  The spanking was scheduled for Saturday and that was in jeopardy as a vanilla couple was in for the weekend at the lake.  When they called saying they would be late and not arriving until Saturday, she moved the spanking up to Friday night.  Another problem, we brought no toys expecting it would be after the weekend before the spanking could take place.  We scrounged about and came up with a wooden spatula, and my belt.  Her hand would be the final implement.  So we have a short spanking in mind and now a short report.  She directed me over her lap and an OTK spanking began.  The spatula was not heavy but stung fairly well, the bare hand was formidable as usual, but my belt proved to be too long and flexible to be used effectively while over her lap.  She put the belt aside and knowing I was nearly immobile, she used the spatula and bare hand to bad boy spank me until my cheeks were cherry red.  Finishing that I was directed to assume the position of bending over the edge of the bed.  Now the belt was to be the implement to use.  It contacted my ass solidly and hard time after time.  Side to side strokes on alternating cheeks and level smacks covering both at once.  She landed over a hundred as I yelped after each one.  A make shift spanking finally ended with cheeks red, sore and very warm.  We had no dice either, but she said no need as I would be receiving a good maintenance spanking when we return home on Tuesday.

Thanks for following my exploits in our female-led, DD relationship.  Questions and comments will be answered.  Thanks again.