Monday, July 23, 2018

Sunday, July 22, Birthday Spanking.  I held off writing hoping things would change here.  She suffered a setback in the recovery process on Thursday and was not up to spanking on Saturday, the scheduled day.  Sunday, she was still down and maintenance is again suspended for the time being.  She did, however manage to administer my receiving her birthday spanking.  She did open the gift I had for her, a matching rubber strap and paddle.  Now a good submissive will never reveal their Dominants age, but suffice it to say, more that a few swats were delivered to my presented ass without warm up.  Having never been spanked with rubber before, I had no idea what to expect.  She mixed up the implements well, but I could readily identify the strikes delivered with the new rubber implements.  The rubber paddle was used for the finale and it left my cheeks deeply reddened, soundly spanked and very sore.

Thanks again to readers and I hope to get back to periodic reports as soon as the maintenance spankings are resumed.  Still questions and comments will be addressed right here. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tuesday, July 17, Maintenance Day.  A long wait was nearly over when she called me into the bedroom.  She directed me to fetch one short handle implement and then lie prone on the beside her.  She had placed a pillow next to her for my hips while I brought the flexible leather paddle.  I took position to accept what I felt was going to be a token spanking, given her condition and our positions.  My head went down as my ass went up over the pillow.  A nice bare hand spanking covering both cheeks served as a warm up.  Then the flexible leather began to sting my flesh as she increased both speed and force.  Varying tempo from rapid fire to quite slow and deliberate strokes began to warm even the deep tissue of my ass.  Lying prone over a pillow rendered me immobile and my cheeks provided a stationary target for the stinging blows of the leather which went on for several minutes.  A pause and I felt her adjusting her position......wait she was also retrieving more implements.... with my head down I could not see what was transpiring.  I felt her return to the bed, but had no Idea what to expect next.  She must have found a comfortable position and I did not have to wait long.  The big wood paddle delivered a swat that echoed off the walls.  Covering both cheeks that were already tenderized from the leather, the blow caused a slight yelp to escape from my lips.  The paddle struck again, even harder and a more audible yelp was released.  The third stroke caused moisture in my eyes and a louder yelp.  After a few more strokes full tears were forming and yelps were full volume.  From my position I could not move or see to even know if another stroke was coming.  It did, and another and another as the big paddle delivered perhaps 25 or so solid swats causing more tears and loud yelps.  A brief pause as she spread open my legs a bit wider.  The telltale feeling of a wood backed hair brush meeting a bare cheek turned the yelp to a howl.  Alternating cheeks were kissed with the hairbrush.  I arched my back a bit to raise my crimson ass a little higher to willfully accept the blows of the hairbrush.  I had waited a long time to be spanked and my cheeks were hungry for the attention.  Ms Mirage obliged, continuing with the hair brush for many minutes.  Screams were muffled by the pillow as she used the short coarse bristles of the hair brush to scour the tender inner cheeks, anus and balls.  More bare hand spanking, another session with the leather paddle preceded the encore of 25 more strokes from the big wood paddle.  The hair brush returned to finish me off as both cheeks took another solid hair brush spanking.  She actually kissed both cheeks before telling me to relax, it was over.  I rose to kiss her and thank her for a very fine maintenance spanking.

I tossed the dice and a 3 turned up.  Four days means Saturday is the next spanking.  Checking the calendar, revealed that Saturday is her birthday.  She said good, after the maintenance, you can accept my birthday spanking.  My heart sank as I then realized I was presenting her with the gift of a matched set of rubber implements a friend dared me to let her use on me.  A short paddle and strap were already gift wrapped and ready for Saturday.   Would she use the new rubber toys for the full amount of the birthday spanking strokes?   I will find out then and you will know soon after. 

Thanks to all for staying through the delay caused by her surgery recovery.  As usual, you may ask any questions or leave any comments you wish.  I will answer each one right here.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Just an update......the minor surgery on Ms Mirage went OK and she is home in recovery mode.  No inkling yet as to when spankings will be taking place.  Thanks for the concern of everyone. 


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Tuesday, July 3, Maintenance Day.  A major life happening postponed the spanking for 4 days, but at 8 pm tonight, she determined it was spanking time.  Leading me to the bedroom, I was ready for positioning while she pulled out toys.  First item was the blindfold, then purse paddle, big wood paddle, leather slapper, narrow handle hairbrush, riding bat and I knew this was to be a solid spanking.  I put on the blindfold, bent into position and presented my ass to accept this overdue maintenance session.  It began with the leather slapper for a warm up which slowly increased into meaningful swats that colored both cheeks nicely.  Her bare hand followed and spanked me soundly for many minutes.  No pause at all as the purse paddle was on a no nonsense mission solidly paddling both cheeks as yelps filled the room.  Ass was crimson now during a brief pause while she forced my legs wide open wide with both hands.  Grasping my package, with one hand while the other swung the narrow hairbrush.  Perfectly aimed strokes hit outer cheeks, inner cheeks, anus and balls as I howled after each stroke.   No pause again as the big wood paddle took its turn delivering 10 very hard strokes covering both cheeks while sending bruising deep into the tissue of my butt.  A brief pause as she tossed two wedge pillows on the floor and guided me into position.  The high pillows supported my chest and erect thighs made my ass stretched even more and red cheeks were now nearly immobile.  She positioned herself with one leg in front of my kees and the other locking my legs in place.  Totally immobile, my bright red cheeks could do nothing but absorb the final segment on this spanking.  Tears moistened the blindfold as she bare hand spanked hard for many minutes in the somewhat modified OTK position.  Next the purse paddle made an encore and  soundly paddled both cheeks as I screamed into the pillow.  The paddling went on for what seemed like forever, alternating cheeks on an immobile ass while tears flowed.  She finished me off with another traditional, long, bare hand, bare ass, OTK spanking.  She removed the blindfold and helped me to an upright position.  I hugged and thanked her while my bright red cheeks burned.   We did not roll the dice, knowing the next part of the major life happening was occuring on Thursday.  Until we know the outcome, we are suspending maintenance scheduling.

Thanks readers for waiting for this episode.  Keep watching for the next posting which I hope will not be too far away.  Questions and comments are always welcome and will be answered.