Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday, June 27, reporting on maintenance Day of June 25.  As many readers will recall, the last few maintenance spankings were not scheduled by the roll of the dice, but were carried out at dungeon visits or spanking parties.  Saturday night we attended a spanking party with a new group in a neighboring state.  We arrived early and met the hosts to be cleared for membership in their group.  All went well and as other members arrived, finger snacks were served and everyone was introduced.  When the hostess called for the party to begin, the first protocol was enforced.  Their attire for parties is always CFNM.  For those unaware, that stands for Clothed Female Nude Male.  Females may wear any attire they wish but the men must be fully nude and stay that way for the entire evening.  Including us there were 3 couples and one single female, a small turnout for their group.  The evening began with a round robin spanking in which the men were rotated over the lap of each female in succession for an OTK spanking.  Not only being stripped in front of total strangers, I was now spanked by 3 females I have never met.  Next a game ensued where the females tossed balls into a net from a short distance.  When one of each color landed in the net, they were collected and read aloud.  The red balls directed the implement, while the white ball had the number of strokes.  In my four turns, I was spanked with a wood paddle, leather belt, leather paddle and hairbrush with varying number of strokes.  At the close of that game I now had received 8 spankings at the hands of different ladies.  A brief pause for more refreshments was next.  The final scenario had the ladies rotating as the men were placed in a position.  One on a table, one on a spanking bench and I standing spread eagle with wrists attached to the ceiling rings.  The ladies then circled about and each had several periods of spanking each man.  This lasted about an hour and 45 minutes and each man received hundreds of strokes from different ladies and different implements.  Bright red asses glowed and the ladies carried out their spankings without hesitation.  We were released from our positions and conversations were lively about the party.  We were invited back to their next function in July where there are 13 people scheduled to attend.  I can only imagine how much spanking my ass will receive during that affair.

Upon returning home, we rolled the dice and I will receive my next maintenance spanking on Thursday. Thank you all for reading and until the next report, be well.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thursday, June 23.  Hello readers.  Just returned from 3 days at the lake with no internet.  To catch everyone up, the maintenance spanking at the dungeon took place on Monday night as planned.  It occurred early in the evening so most folks had not yet left the main room to begin their own scenes.  So in front of nearly everyone, I was stripped and placed on a St. Andrews Cross facing the onlookers.  She began with a bare hand spanking with little to no warm up.  Loud slaps could be heard through the dungeon which left no doubt a hard spanking was going on.  No blindfold allowed me to see the reaction on the faces of the dungeon attendees.  The leather paddle was used next and it was even louder than the hand.  About ten minutes of continuous hard spanks rang out.  I was wincing with every stroke, but stood spread eagle and accepted my due maintenance spanking.  A flogger was used striking from between the shoulder blades to the backs of my knees.  Uppercut strokes stung like hell against my balls and cock as they hung helplessly for all to see.  More hand spanks, more paddle strokes rained down really setting my ass on fire.  Now the riding crop came to play.  Again from shoulders to knees it struck me.  Special attention to my ass cheeks had me yelping with each smack.  Again, uppercut strokes landed directly on the bottom of the hanging balls increasing my yelps.  Forty five minutes had elapsed since the first hand spank landed.  She helped me down from the cross as I collapsed in a chair to recoup.  She again reminded me that no dice roll would happen and the next spanking will be at a spanking party in a neighboring state on Saturday. 

Sorry for the delay in reporting, my friends and be on the lookout for the next installment.  Thanks to all for reading and your questions or comments will be addressed.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Thursday, June 16, Maintenance Day.  We had a couple over for a lunch date today and things went well.  I was hoping to get the female to give me a belated birthday spanking, but it did not work out.  Later in the evening, after cleaning up the dinner dishes, my Dominant directed me to bring the OTK chair into the kitchen.  She had in her hand the leather slapper.  I knew I was getting an OTK spanking for maintenance.  Being spanked in the kitchen reminded me of being a child and my Mother, Grandmother or Aunt carrying out an OTK , bare ass spanking in front of anyone who just happened to be present.  Anyway, over her lap I went and she locked my legs down with one of hers which left my ass exposed, immobile and totally vulnerable to the spanking which followed.  She laid the slapper on my lower back and began with her bare hand.  About a twenty stroke warm up began.  Then the strokes were much more deliberate and harder.  A steady tempo of spanks landed and each filled the room with the echo of palm meeting cheek.  The spanking continued on and on until she said, 'that's fifty'.  A slight pause only long enough for me to feel her pick up the slapper off my lower back.  The report was a bit different but echoed in the room as the leather contacted the pink and tender skin of my stretched out ass cheeks.  Over and over it slapped my ass and I could not move or even squirm at all.  With the same tempo, the solid strokes continued and I felt the tears running down my cheeks and landing on the floor below.  In due time she again said 'that's fifty'.  My ass cheeks were stinging as I felt the slapped again being placed on my lower back and the bare hand took over.  I was getting it but good, tears dripping, ass absorbing spank after spank.  Being completely helpless, I was at her mercy as she continued until again I heard, 'that's fifty more'.  I then felt the slapper being grasped off my back and I knew what was to follow, and I was right as the slapper completed the spanking.  Not counting, but knowing another 50 were being delivered.  Finally the tempo slowed and the last ten were extremely hard strokes.  Two crimson cheeks glowed in the kitchen light and I could feel the heat for several hours afterwards.  No dice were rolled as it was determined that a visit to the public dungeon on Monday night would be my next maintenance spanking.  Stay tuned for that report probably on Tuesday.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday, June 12, a few day late, but life got in the way....familiar story.  Anyway, upon finishing making the bed, one of my daily chores, she pushed me face first over the edge of the bed.  Already nude as usual, my ass was now in perfect position to be spanked.  She took no pauses as I took 50 from a leather paddle, with the first ten being called a warm up.  Spreading my legs and grasping my balls with one hand, the other hand was after the two inch wide belt.  No more warm up as the 50 strokes from the belt colored my ass red and stung it intensely.  Now the leather gloved hand took over for another 50.  Every inch of the cheeks felt the spanking.  Off came the gloves and the bard hand continued for another 50.  She said I know you are overdue, but you're not done yet.  The dreaded discipline stick was suddenly in her hand.  Luckily, I only got ten from that, but they were all very hard and I wound up screaming.  The spanking ended with a kiss, but I have a feeling I will get more later today.  An occasional slave is coming for a visit and session around dinner time.  We may both get spanked together.

The dice roll produced a scheduled spanking for Thursday of next week.  Sorry for the short report, but life again is happening.  Comments and questions are always welcome.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Today is Sunday, June 5 and I am reporting on the spankings receives over the past two days.  As you may recall, Friday was my birthday and she had no intention of letting it pass by, even though regular maintenance day was Saturday.  That was special as well since we were attending a function at a local dungeon and my maintenance was to be delivered there.  But I get ahead of myself.  Friday started as every other day, upon waking I prepare and serve coffee to her in bed and brush her hair before we rise to begin the day.  Since Thursday after work hours I have been nude and that was not about to change.  After preparing, serving and cleaning up breakfast, I learned that not only was I being kept nude, but the day featured several added features of being a 24/7 submissive.  Several times a spank or two landed as I progressed through the day.  Periods of cock and ball bondage were also randomly occurring.  When the birthday spankings began in earnest, I was bound, blindfolded and placed into position.  Several implements were used and often during the events, sexual activity broke out.  As you know, we do not discuss that here, but suffice it to say, I was drained and she was well serviced.  The formal birthday spanking, 69 strokes came at the hands of an exotic wood mini paddle shaped like a heart.  The solid wood produced a small but firey hot spot, much like a wood spoon would leave with each stroke.  The full continuous 69 strokes left a hot, bruised and crimson red ass cheeks and me in tears.  Throughout the day, I was reminded it was my birthday and I served and serviced her endlessly.

Saturday we left for the dungeon and stopped off for dinner.  The program for the evening was a class on caning, so of course we brought ours.  Arriving and greeting old and friends and making new acquaintances led up to the seminar.  We learned a few new tricks, but knew most of the basic stuff.  Afterwards we went upstairs to play.  I enjoyed two sessions from her and she delivered sessions to two others during the evening.  My first session was in a prone position on a massage table.  Blindfolded with my head in a face cradle and wrists bound to the bench, my ass was an easy and immobile target for her.  Again, many implements were used including two different canes.  Red cheeks were aglow as the session progressed for nearly an hour.  I was kept nude, but placed aside after it ended while she worked over another victim.  When that finished, I brought refreshments and we took a break.  The second session found me standing, fully nude in view of all, wrists and forearms bound to a post, with legs spread.  This spanking featured several minutes of CBT and nipple torture.  Hard spanking, paddling, caning and flogging for the duration of the scene had me in tears and very red and sore.  The soreness included my cock, balls and nipples from the additional torment they were subjected to.  Finally over, she untied me but directed me to remain standing on display while she discussed a scene with another submissive.  When her last session began, she gave me a nod to clean up and get things ready to leave.  I packed the toys she was not using and got dressed.  A wonderful evening of semi-public maintenance wound down and we drove back home.  She nearly immediately rolled a dice to schedule my next spanking.  A four appeared, so adding one, the next spanking will be on Thursday night.

Thanks for reading and your questions or comments will all be individually answered.