Saturday, December 26, 2015

December 26.... A Christmas Spanking!!!!  Readers of the last episode will recall I was spanked on Dec. 23 and the dice roll was put off to Christmas Day.  Well, I now know why.  One of my gifts was new hair brush.  As you know, my head is completely shaved, so the gift was for a different part of my body.  The brush is wood backed and has a very small footprint.  Wood back and handle is about 1/2 inch thick with short stiff bristles.    It is built to sting for sure, but has enough weight to cause extended soreness as well.  The small size makes it necessary to strike many many times to cover both cheeks, sit spot and upper thighs.  It is only 1 1/4 inch wide so it spanks the anus and balls easily when legs are spread.  After dinner, I was ushered into the dungeon and placed over the extra high hip support.  Bare hand started the maintenance spanking, but the new brush took over soon.  Several medium strokes with hard ones interspersed covered my entire ass and reddened it quite nicely.  Next her bare hand delivered a traditional very hard spanking.  Switching off again to the brush with no pause was giving me a good going over.  Using her alternating technique, one hand bare and one with the implement, she spanked long and hard.  Never knowing where the strike was landing or what implement, made it ever more erotic.  Just to make this a true maintenance session, the old standby big wood paddle came out.  Using the same scenario of many strokes, some with hand and some with paddle in varying intensity, kept me off guard.  Several times during this section of the spanking, the wood paddle was used for a string of 10 to 15 very hard strokes.  This went on for some time and when she finally eased off, I thought it was over.  Not so!!!!  The newcomer implement made an encore.  Spreading my legs, the hair brush was tested on my ass hole and balls.  Let me tell you..... it is a keeper.  Several more strokes and more hand spanking finished off the maintenance.

A dice roll came up with a six, so adding one means next Friday, New Years Day is the next spanking.  A great way to begin the new year.

Thanks for reading and as usual, all questions or comments will be answered.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hello readers, it is Wednesday, Dec 23.  Christmas came early for me as my maintenance spanking was shortened a bit.  The code word for this session was 'STING'.  I had just finished my after dinner chores and removed my nipple clamps.  The have been on very often lately as I have had extra chores due to the holiday season which has left my nipples very sore.  Summoned to the dungeon, I obeyed and found the extra high pillow placed near the edge of the bed.  This puts my ass higher and makes it a very easy target.  The warm up duties fell to the leather slapper.  A great stinging device, it did a wonderful job of warming up the cheeks and making them pink.  Now the slaps came harder and faster and were joined with the bare hand to provide a thorough sting to my unprotected and displayed ass.  After numerous strokes which covered everything from the top of my butt crack to my upper thighs and sit spot.  Next came the rubber spanker which resembles a kitchen spatula.  Slow, medium to fast and hard strokes were delivered as I responded to each smack with a yelp.  Tears had not appeared as yet, but the stinging spanking was far from over.  Many landed with her deadly accuracy as the sting increased with each landing of the rubber.  A return of the leather slapper along with the bare hand now took sting to the enth degree.  Slapper on one cheek with the hand on the opposite cheek in rapid fire time.  Then the switch... hand  and slapper changed cheeks and the spanking continued.  The sting sensation was raised to new levels and I knew the flesh was very red and tender.  Just to make it an offical spanking, the big wood paddle made an appearance.   No build up as the first stroke landed squarely on both cheeks.  My ass was set ablaze.  Along with the sting, I now would experience the deep tissue, long lasting soreness.  Again and again the paddle landed and bit into my tenderized flesh.  I would guess 20 - 30 strokes finished off a short maintenance spanking.  The dice roll was put off until Christmas morning as a gift, but days will be counted from today.  I wonder if a Christmas Day spanking will precede the dice roll.  Time will tell. 

Thanks for reading and wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday, December, 18.......Maintenance Day.  The dice had randomly scheduled this day for me to receive a bare ass spanking at the hands of my Dominant Mistress.  Maintenance spankings have the purpose of reminding me of who is in charge in our relationship and my role as a submissive.  Also, the spankings are a constant reminder of the discipline administered as the consequence for failure to adhere to the covenants agreed to, or non completion of my assigned duties and chores, or breaking any of the rules, or any improper behavior in my total submission to her in our 24/7 Domestic Discipline lifestyle.

Today, the spanking is without any restraints, use of any submission furniture or positions or disciplinary implements.  I would be placed, totally nude over her lap and unceremoniously spanked with bare hand and simple wood backed hairbrush until she felt a proper maintenance spanking was accomplished.  The hand began softly, but soon increased in tempo and intensity.  Pink ass cheeks had appeared before the hair brush was brought into service.  There was no fooling around with the brush.  Solid smacks landed on alternating cheeks for many minutes as the color became darker and the pain increased.  Now the hand and hair brush were used as a team in covering both cheeks with many strokes.  Varying in tempo, and harshness the strokes continued and landed several hundred strokes.  Tears flowed and yelps could be heard echoing off the walls of the home dungeon.  A pause fooled me into thinking it was over.  The first hard stroke of the brush dispelled that thought rather quickly.  The second insured the spanking would continue.  Hard strokes on alternating cheeks at the rate of one per every five seconds went on and on.  I was kicking and yelling when she paused only to raise one knee and grasp my hips to further present my ass for the finale.  The hard strokes went on but now in rapid fire fashion.  After about 50 or so, I was in full cry mode and tears soaked my face.  She finally determined I had been fully maintained and stopped.  Soothing lotion helped a bit as I handed her the dice to roll.  It came up a number I could live with.  Next Wednesday, just before Christmas, I will be spanked again.

Thanks for reading and your questions or comments will be addressed.  

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Today is Tuesday,  Dec. 15, but the scheduled maintenance spanking did occur on Monday.  Late in reporting due to many reasons which I will not go into now.  As you recall, We created a dungeon/guest room and it was into this room I was called for the maintenance spanking.  She had propped up a higher support for my hips raising my ass higher and making it even more vulnerable.  The spanking turned out to be more like a discipline spanking, short in duration, but quite harsh.  Assuming the position, I was not blindfolded, again like a punishment.  Hardly any warm up and the bare hand and WAV hair brush worked in tandem.  Employing medium to hard strokes quickly reddened and tenderized my cheeks.  The bare hand smacks almost felt soothing compared to those delivered by the hair brush.  I was yelping and squirming with each stroke.  Now, even the bare hand strokes were becoming very hard.  The higher support made squirming a bit more difficult which resulted to my ass just accepting whatever she dished out.  A slight pause resulted in her bringing some lotion into play.  Yes it felt good, but I know it would increase the sting factor of any implement.  Following the lotion the big wood paddle made its debut.  Without warning, the big wood paddle delivered a very very hard blow.  It lifted both feet off the floor and produced a scream from me.  About a 10 second pause and another extremely hard smack landed, another scream while the lotion increased the sting and the weight of the paddle would create deep tissue soreness which would last for days.  My ass was now literally on fire with searing pain.  Ten second pauses interrupted several more very hard strokes from the paddle.  Maybe as many as 30 landed as my screaming continued while tears flowed.  Now a soft hand caress on my cheeks, anus and balls, led me to believe the worst was over.  Not so, as she now swung the paddle in hard strokes in rapid fire time.  Perhaps another 20 to 25 spanks with less than one second between them.  I could hardly hold position.  My old friend the hair brush was to finish the spanking.  Ten very hard slow strokes led off but was soon followed by another rapid fire servo.  Like before, 20 - 25 spanks landed as I howled.  She finished and helped me to my feet and turned me so I could see the mirror image.  Flame red cheeks highlighted my vision while the sting and soreness set in.  The entire spanking probably lasted no more the 15 minutes, but I felt I was spanked harder than most any other maintenance session.

The dice roll scheduled Friday for the next time my bare ass will be soundly spanked for maintenance.  Thanks for reading.  As always, comments and questions will be answered.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday, December 11, 2015....SPANKED for maintenance!!!  Hello readers, end or a long day at the end of a long week.  Wednesday I was greeted with the news we were completely changing our home around.  The guest room was to become our new bedroom, our bedroom was becoming the guest room and the office was to lose its bed and become an office/craft room.  We had 3 rooms of furniture all piled in the living room as we settled each one in succession.  Not to bore you with this, the good news is that our old bedroom was becoming the guest room with an important twist.  It is also the dungeon and will be set up for play/discipline and used occasionally for guests.  Toys are displayed along with my written pledge to her and our list of infractions with prescribed punishments.  It was into this room I was called mid-morning today for my maintenance.  Already nude, I assumed position over a different bed with my ass high and helpless.  The hand warm up was assisted by the rubber spatula.  I was unaware this was the first segment of a triple segment maintenance spanking.  The bare hand and rubber spatula worked in unison with medium and hard strokes until both cheeks were not only warm, but quite hot and pink.  Sometimes separately, sometimes together, they combined with medium and hard, fast and slow tempo stinging blows.  Next, the bare hand again teamed up with another implement.  The first stroke with the hair brush kissed my cheeks with a stinging blow that meant business.  The brush landed again and again and again with medium and very hard blows thoroughly deep tissue bruising along with the bare hand sting.  Now tears were now welling up and beginning to flow.  Rapid medium strokes interspersed with hard ones completely covered both ass cheeks and sit spot.  After several hundred strokes she let up and told me to check the mirror.  Through my tears I could see two cheeks and upper thighs colored a deep red.  After a brief inspection of my backside, she directed me back into position for the third segment.  The final segment tandem was to be the bare hand with the wood purse paddle.  More deep tissue soreness along with more sting  awaited my already tender ass.  Back in position, the paddle wasted no time in landing a very hard smack on each cheek.  White lightening pain seared my ass.  Over and over again the paddle landed on alternating cheeks resulting in yelps after each one.  After many minutes of not stop paddling, the bare hand came in to keep the sting alive and reignite the fire in the upper thighs and sit spot.  After a bit of squirming, she held my hips in place and increased the intensity and tempo.  The rapid fire hard strokes of the paddle caused the yelps to blend together into a nearly constant muffled scream.  Finally after over 40 minutes of nearly constant abuse, my ass was granted a reprieve.  After assisting me to my feet, a quick look in the mirror revealed a purple color from the top of my ass crack to my upper thighs and tears running down my face.  A very long and solid maintenance spanking was at an end.  The dice roll was not in my favor, scheduling another spanking on Monday.

Thanks to all of you for reading and I will answer each question or comment.  Stay tuned for the report on the next Maintenance Spanking.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday, Dec. 6-----Maintenance Day.  I know, you all thought is was yesterday.  Well you were correct, but it got put off until Sunday sometimes gets in the way.  Anyway, right after doing the breakfast dishes, I removed my nipple clamps and was directed to the bedroom.  Upon entering, I saw the blindfold, and implements laid out on the bed with a pillow to raise my hips.  Installing the blindfold and taking position I soon felt a difference.  Another different spanking scenario to report to you.  Instead of the usual bare hand warm up, the leather slapper took the place of the hand.  Several warm up slaps, but it took little time for the strokes to increase in intensity and tempo.  Soon I felt the skin on my ass cheeks warming and suspect deepening in color.  Without missing a stroke, I felt another implement sharing my ass with the slapper.  It was the flexible leather paddle.  Both kept time, but soon the slapper faded out and the paddle further stung and reddened my cheeks.  Many minutes later, and again without missing a beat I felt the belt slap across both cheeks.  Again as before the paddle soon yielded to the belt.  My ass was getting full force from the belt. I was receiving a solid spanking.  After many minutes of feeling the belt greet my tender red flesh, I heard a one word command, Spread!!.  I obeyed, opening my legs as the belt continued to do its duty.  Another one word command...Wider!!!  Again I obeyed spreading even further as I felt he pick up another toy.  With absolutely no hesitation between the final slap of the belt and the first encounter with the rubber spatula.  Knowing why she wanted me spread, the spatula was aimed at my exposed anus and balls.  With deadly accuracy, the spatula landed hard.  It soon covered my ass hole, balls and inner thighs with stinging, bright red flesh.  Yelping and tears were my only outlet as the spatula kept landing and landing and landing.  Again, after many minutes of the rapid tempo, I could feel her grasp another implement.  The only one left, the small wood purse paddle.  It struck soundly and continued with hard solid strokes on alternating cheeks.  This was to finish the spanking with nearly 10 minutes of strokes.  Finally she removed my blindfold.  Still bent over, I caught a glimpse of my self in the mirror.  Cherry red cheeks all the way into my anus and balls were visible along with a satisfied look from my Mistress.

The dice told me to present my bare ass again on Friday for another Maintenance spanking.  Thanks for reading and comments and questions are welcome.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tuesday, December 1.  Readers, I have much to report since our last episode.  Spending 7 plus days vacationing with no internet access left me unable to report as usual.  As you recall, a maintenance spanking was scheduled for Monday, Nov 23.  That spanking took place in a hotel room on the way to Florida.  It was, as always a bare ass spanking that was heard, I suspect by many.  A belt and wood paddle caressed my ass cheeks very often and very loudly.  It left me not only red and sore, but humiliated as management called our room due to complaints from neighbors.  The next morning, in the breakfast room, many guests could be heard mumbling and pointing in my direction.  I might as well have had my red ass on display.  The next spanking was delivered on Friday morning.  The big wood paddle was used exclusively and very effectively.  No one heard this one, but driving two hours while sitting on a very tender ass added to the maintenance.  No dice were rolled after this one and when we returned home on Monday, Nov. 30, she determined we would begin again today on the first.  So about 8:45 this evening she summoned me to the bedroom.  Already being nude, she directed me to put on the blindfold and get into position.  She had laid out several implements including the big wood paddle, exotic wood paddle with holes, the leather slapper, leather gloves and my old friend the WAV hairbrush.  She had placed two pillows on the edge of the bed.  Blindfolded, I took position.  The two pillows raised my ass high and vulnerable.  The warm up was bare hand, but I was soon to realize the bare hand would return often.   All the implements were used in a non-pattern manner and often two at the same time. The strokes were random as well with very hard ones interspersed with light and medium ones.  Implements were switched randomly as well creating an effect of random blows which I could not discern which toy was even being used.  Bare hand too was woven in with the toys in such a way I was completely unaware of the next toy or the intensity of the stroke.  I held position and 40 minutes later, my ass cheeks were flame red and very tender.  The dice was rolled and I will find myself again ass up for another maintenance spanking on Saturday.

Hope you all enjoyed a fine Thanksgiving holiday, thanks for reading and all questions or comments will be answered.