Sunday, September 27, 2015

Saturday, Sept. 26.  Just like last weeks spanking, this was to be administered during a spanking/BDSM party.  I was unhappy to learn, there was only 3 female Dominants in attendance.  One was my Dominant, another a switch close friend of mine and the hostess of the event.  I knew the hostess would be far too busy to handle individual sessions.  After arriving and completion of meeting friends and other guests, we went upstairs to the larger play area.  Several other female submissives were naked and in various positions being duly spanked and otherwise dominated.  I was told to strip and place myself in leather collar, wrist and ankle cuffs.    Having done so, she brought me to one of the ceiling mounted suspension straps.  Using double 'D' rings she attached my wrists together and then to the suspension strap.  After spreading my legs and blindfolded, the suspension strap was raised until my wrists were high above my head.  Now completely vulnerable, nude, spread, blindfolded and stretched even though all my weight was still on the floor.  She circled me as I could hear the spiked heels echoing on the hardwood flooring.  The scene began with her grasping both nipples and with a solid pinch and twist, I knew it was to be a BDSM session.  Her gloved hands soon started squeezing my balls and tormenting my cock.  Being helpless, I endured the torment she delivered to the sensitive areas of my naked body.  She walked behind me and the spanking began.  A leather glove spanked both cheeks repeatedly.  Next came a thin wood paddle and it really stung.  Now two thin wood paddles, one in each hand worked all over my body....ass, nipples, cock head, underside of my balls.  Over and over with no determinable pattern.  I had no idea where I was to be struck next.  Many minutes passed before the heavy latigo leather flogger struck my shoulders.  Over the top strokes on my back, side to side swats landed on my ass and an occasional uppercut stroke bit into my balls and cock.  Top, side and uppercut strokes continued for several minutes, again with no discernible pattern.  I knew my body was going limp as the weight increased on my wrist cuffs.  Her raised knee slammed into my crotch which threw my ass backward.  Seconds later the feel of a wood paddle on my ass told me a hard paddling was on the way.  After about 15 strokes, a second pair of hands was tormenting my nipples and groin area as the paddling continued.  No doubt a second Dominant had joined the scene and both women were dominating my helpless nude submissive body.  After what seemed like forever, I felt a kiss and fingers were removing my blindfold.  There stood my Dominant and I thanked her for a wonderful scene.  Released from the bindings, I recouped on the sofa and watched other activity including a full suspension session.  After refreshments and watching my Dominant for three other scenes, she came over to me and said it was time for my maintenance spanking.  Still in my collar and cuff set, she led me to the large bed and had a seat.  She motioned me over her lap and I obeyed without hesitation.  She had a wood handle hair brush and began a slow tempo hair brush spanking that would last nearly half an hour.  Spank after spank landed squarely and systematically reddened and tenderized my ass.  It was a simple, but very effective, bare ass, long, hard, hair brush spanking.  Following that it was nearly 1 am, so I removed my leather, dressed, packed up the toy bag, we said our goodbye to everyone and drove home.  A roll of the dice turned up a 3.  Adding one as is the procedure, means on Wednesday, I will be turned bare ass up and spanked for maintenance.

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday, Sept, 20.  Maintenance day was yesterday as it was put off from Friday due to the recent visit to a foreign country.  Also, we attended a spanking/BDSM party and decided to use the party for the maintenance spanking.  I will describe the party rather than the details about each spanking.  We arrived and muddled through the normal small talk and food until the host declared it to be party time.  Not wasting any time, my Dominant directed me to retrieve the toy bag and prepare for a session.  This meant for me to find a play station, place the bag for easy access and get myself ready.  I chose the black leather collar and cuff set.  A neck collar, wrist and ankle cuffs all with padlocks to secure them.  After stripping and donning the leather, I later learned they would be the only thing I would wear for the next 6 hours.   Nude, I presented myself to her and she fastened the collar to the vertical rope of the whipping post, drew it up and tied it off.  My wrists were fastened together around the mid section of the post, blindfolded and I was in place.  A whipping post is a 6 inch diameter wood post anchored to a base or the floor with a pulley on the top with a rope through it and a tie off on the back side.  Mostly used for fastening the wrists together, then pulled as high as possible.  This gives the submissive limited movement, but still restrained during a whipping scene.  My use was for spanking.  She used several implements including, flogger, doubled belt, wood paddles, leather paddles and cane.  The scene lasted nearly 45 minutes and left my ass a fine red color with cane welts.  After releasing me, I was told to stay nearby and nude while she conducted a session with another sub.  I supplied her with water during the next two sessions.  I watched several other scenes going on during that time before being called for my next one.  Two whip scenes were taking place on other equipment and a suspension scene as well.  She directed me to a large table for my next spanking and I was placed prone, face down and looking toward the wall.  After spreading my legs and fastening the cuffs to the corners of the table, I was immobile with my ass up and anus open and visible to the entire room.  This was to be a spanking scene and lying on the table provides no give to absorb the strokes.  Again, many implements were used and my package was pressed into the table with each blow.  An hour of this and my already sore ass was now crimson with more cane welts.  When she finished, she released my ankle cuffs and directed me to turn over in place.  I obeyed and she reattached the cuffs, and covered my head and face with a silk scarf, and said she would return is a short while.  Off she went to do another session and I lay face up, legs spread, and sore ass pressed against the table.  While being able to see nothing, everyone else had a great view of my entire body, nipples, cock, balls and asshole.  Following what seemed like an eternity, she returned and commenced a long CBT scene.  Being unable to move, my nipples, cock and balls took the brunt of pinching, slapping, flogging, and spanking.  With leather ties around my cock and balls she could pull in many directions with one hand while tormenting my nipples with the other.  This treatment continued for about half an hour when she stopped and released my ankles.  With no energy to move anyway, she lifted my legs and spank my ass hard in the diaper position.   I lay motionless in exhaustion for several minutes until she returned.  She warned me to expect four hands having their way with my body as she brought another female Domme to assist with the remainder of the scene.  Together, they tormented all of me, nipples, cock, balls and asshole to their delight as I had no power to resist.  Several times they lifted my legs to spank in the diaper position, narrow implements struck my anus, cock and balls.  Nipples were slapped, pulled, twisted, pinched and bitten.  My erect cock, still in leather ties made a favorite target of theirs with many implements.  The finale was each lifted one leg high and spread as wide as possible.  This placed my entire crotch area on display and EVERYTHING was spanked at length.  I was left to recover as they left for sessions with other subs.  After quite awhile of recovery time, I began to move about.  Soon I heard my Dominant say, you are not to get dressed.  So still totally nude with only leather cuffs and collar, I went for refreshments.  We left the party about 2:30 am and drove home where she rolled the dice for me.  Yes, there is a God I thought as a number 6 turned up.  By next Saturday, I should be ready for another maintenance spanking.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September 16, 2015.  Friends and readers, often I have begun with an apology for being late with a report or a reschedule of a spanking to a later date.  Tonight is much different as I am informing you of an earlier spanking.  Maintenance day was scheduled for Thursday as you know from reading my last post.  However, she rescheduled the spanking to today as tomorrow we will be out of the country.  At breakfast we discussed the next few days and she felt it would be wise to move the spanking up one day.  The discussion ended with her saying.... 'so later today you will be spanked', and spanked I was.  During the mid-morning hours, she called as said please come upstairs.  I immediately obeyed and joined her in the bedroom.  She handed me the blindfold and said put this on now.  Again I obeyed, but before the lights went out, I saw nearly 7 implements on the bed.  I took the position and for a change there was no hand spanking warm up.  That role went to the doubled belt.  Several light to medium strokes was followed by an impact designed to inform my ass the spanking has begun.  Many hard strokes followed in an even tempo.  Both cheeks recoiled from the blows and the skin took on a red glow.  Next came an exotic wood paddle and I think it was Wenge, a very dark colored, beautiful close grain wood with unforgiving texture.  The paddle landed on both cheeks or one cheek from different angles.  Midway through its assignment, she paused and had me spread my legs much wider.  After the wood paddle completed its turn, the flogger was employed.  A few smacks on my back between my shoulders told me it was the Latigo leather flogger.  The blows lowered until my ass was taking the brunt of the 40 falls of the thick leather.  Side to side for several strokes and then an uppercut stroke which stung my swinging balls and cock.  The procedure repeated over and over again... side to side then uppercut.  Nothing was being left unspanked.  Another implement took over, then another, and another when the big wood paddle made its entrance.  Covering both cheeks with one swat, the paddle was spanking me very soundly.  An interlude occurred here for some great sex which of course we will not discuss here.   After the intermission, the big wood paddle and the exotic wood paddle continued their assault on my presented ass.  The final implement was the riding crop.  Instead or a slow deliberate tempo, this was being used rapid fire.  Medium/hard strokes were covering both cheeks with an occasional shot to the back of my balls, and directly on my asshole.  The onslaught lasted several minutes with a stroke landing every half second, there must have been nearly 400 stinging swats.  She finally called it over and I did not have the energy to roll the dice.  She did the honors and  my heart sank as the number one appeared.  The day we return from our trip, Friday, I will be spanked for maintenance. 

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Sept, 11.  So much time has passed since I last posted, but so much has happened.  To begin with, the Monday maintenance spanking was cancelled as life dealt a reality blow.  Tuesday was not much better.  I did get a nice firm spanking on Wednesday morning.  Nearly a mirror image of the last maintenance spanking.  Over the lap with 3 implements.  The riding crop, the exotic wood paddle and the big wood paddle.  A quite nice red ass resulted and I had thought another maintenance spanking was in the books.  I asked if I should get the dice to schedule the next one and she said no, that was not your maintenance.  You will get you maintenance tomorrow (Thursday) and you will be spanked with your friend.  You will both be spanked together.  It was a working day for me and when I returned home along with my friend, she had a wonderful chicken dinner ready for us.  Soon after we ate and I finished up the dishes and kitchen work, she called us into the living room.  Get out of those clothes, she said, you are both getting spanked.  While she watched and waited, we stripped and stood before her.  Now this is not new to either of us.  His Dominant has spanked me nude several times as has he been spanked often by my Dominant.  He went first as I watched her bend him over and spank him very firmly with several implements.  He than sat and watched as my turn came around.  I had to kneel in the seat of the easy chair and lay my chest against the chair back.  This presented my ass nicely and she wasted no time in delivering a spanking leaving a red ass in the air.  She then turned him around in his easy chair and blindfolded him.  My blindfold was next and we wound up in easy chairs facing away from each other, blindfolded with both our asses presented to her.  I heard several loud swats and wondered what implements he was receiving.  Not long after and my ass felt the swift sting of the riding crop.  Over and over again covering me with stinging strikes.  A brief pause and I heard him receiving several spanks.  Again, I could determine the device, but knew soon I would receive my share.  It amazed both of us how swiftly and silently she could move between us, grab a device and deliver spanks that had us both reporting each blow with yelps or grunts.  Alternating not only implements but two subs in position for her pleasure.  Several sets passed and I could not believe the speed and accuracy of her delivery.  Not knowing when or what implement would strike was erotic.  After nearly two hours, she removed our blindfolds and suggested we each get a drink to refresh ourselves.  We each got a drink, collapsed nude in our chairs and we all discussed the recent spanking.   Quite awhile afterwards, I was all in and said I was ready to turn in.  She countered by saying you are not ready to sleep yet.  Get back in your chair... I'm going to refresh the redness of your ass.  I climbed back into position and presented to her.  She patted my bare cheeks with her hand and then I took 20 strokes from the steel reinforced leather paddle and 20 more from the big wood paddle.  All 40 strokes were very hard and each produced an involuntary yelp from me.  With a cherry red ass I made my way up the stairs to bed.  She followed and said, roll the dice.  I obeyed and tossed a 6.  Next spanking would be next Thursday.  She slapped my ass hard with her hand and said, I have a feeling you will be spanked before get into bed.  Again, I obeyed and the cool sheets felt great on my burning cheeks as I fell asleep.

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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Wednesday Sept. 2, 2015.  I awoke on Wednesday after a drive to the lake on Tuesday.  Frequently, while at the lake, spankings tend to slip as we are out of our normal surroundings.  I rose and performed my normal coffee making and serving her in bed.  We finished our morning coffee and my next normal daily task is brushing her hair.  Completing that, I assumed we would be up and on to our scheduled workload.  We had planned to do some much needed upgrading to the cabin prior to the Labor Day Weekend.  She moved to the center of the bed and directed me to open the lower drawer.  She had brought and placed 3 great toys in the drawer.  She told me to lie over her lap and present my ass to be spanked.  That position, as you would imagine, provides little to no give when the smacks land.  A nice bare hand warm up began and had me warm and pink in no time.  On to the riding crop and more serious strokes.  The crop swished through the air and the head landed squarely on one cheek.  Then the other, and back again.  Alternating cheeks with fast, hard strokes had me squirming quickly, but no where to go.  The over the lap position with her hand in the middle of my back rendered my nearly immobile, so my ass just had to take it.  The big wood paddle was next and it was clear from the first stroke, there would be no light or medium ones.  Over and over again, the slow, steady tempo of her delivery colored my ass to a deep red and quite sore.  Finally, the big wood paddle was laid down in favor of an exotic wood paddle.  This one was Brazilian Cherry, quite hard and solid.  A bit smaller in size than the big wood paddle, she again alternated cheeks with solid strokes.  Many rained down covering an already red ass with firey stinging and deep tissue soreness.  A short but solid spanking was nearly over, but she decided each toy would get a encore.  Starting again with the crop, she delivered ten additional very hard strokes.  The big wood paddle was next and covered both cheeks with one blow, however the Cherry paddle got 10 strokes on each cheek.  Now over, it was clear to me that breakfast and beginning the days chores would be performed nude and while sporting a very red and sore ass.  Again, no dice there, so the playing cards were again placed face down and I choose one.  Monday, the holiday, I will be spanked again for maintenance.

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