Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Wednesday, Dec. 6, Maintenance spanking administered.  At 8 o'clock tonight I waddled nude into the bedroom to prepare for my maintenance spanking.  I found the doubled belt, riding bat, narrow hair brush, and braided leather paddle.  I put on the blindfold, bent over the wedge pillow and presented my bare ass to be spanked.  She entered a few minutes and began a massage on nearly my entire body.   Then the narrow hair brush was ready to begin the warm up.  Tapping both cheeks with increasing force the warm up faded into a hairbrush spanking.  The bare hand gradually replaced the brush in continuing the spanking.  Both hands found my inner cheeks and forced my legs open a bit more.  Tormenting my balls with one hand while the narrow brush spanked both cheeks went on for  a few more minutes.  Next the hairbrush found the inner cheeks and thighs while her free hand moved upward to torment my nipples.  Pinching, twisting and pulling each one alternatively while the coarse bristles of the brush scoured my balls and asshole.  A nice massage followed that segment before I felt the belt smack against my ass.  After several minutes, I was treated to an example of her expertise as she used both hands.  One hand swung the long handle of the doubled belt while the other hand paddled with the short braided leather paddle.  Two very different feelings were being applied to both cheeks, belted and paddled at the same time.  Several minutes later the riding bat was peppering my well reddened skin.  Stinging blows landed over and over again.  Legs spread, ass open invited swats to land on my inner cheeks and anus.  A good riding bat spanking tapered off and a long bare hand traditional spanking finished off the maintenance session.  Another body massage felt great as we both wound down to cuddling.  A bit over 30 minutes of what I will call a rough sensual maintenance spanking came to an end.  She tossed the dice and turned up a 3 meaning on Sunday I will submit to another maintenance spanking.

Thank you all for reading and if questions or comments are left, they will be answered. 


  1. That was an interesting maintenance session, cowboy. All those sensations!

  2. Yes, it was quite different. She really is an accomplished spanker. At the finish I felt spanked, tormented nipples, CBT and sensual massage. I love my Dominant Mistress and I love my lifestyle.