Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thursday, July 20, Maintenance Day.  With the weekend upon us and the scheduled spanking party on Saturday, I believe she had planned on a short maintenance spanking.  She was already present when I reported in at 8 pm with the flexible leather paddle and the dice in her hands.  She explained she would roll the dice two times and multiply one number by the other.  I watched as her first roll turned up a 6.  As the second roll bounced and came up a 5 she smiled and said that's 30 with each implement.  Now get in position and present your ass.  I obeyed without seeing any implements laid out.  The sound of the closet door followed by the drawer had produced two more toys to go along with the leather paddle.  The flexible paddle did the warm up honors with a long string of light to medium strokes using the fur side of the leather. The first hard smack told me the warm up was over.  Twenty strokes, all hard, with the leather side of the paddle landed on alternating cheeks to redden the skin.  Next came ten hard level strokes covering both cheeks with stinging leather.  The braided leather quirt was next in line.  This has a braided rawhide handle about 12 inches long with a braided rawhide loop about 16 inches long.  She delivered about ten warm up strokes before sending 30 strokes against my quite pink ass.  The first stroke lashed across both cheeks and sent me into yelping mode.  I couldn't believe there were 29 more to follow.  The quirt is a devastating implement and each stroke found the rawhide braiding biting into my increasingly tenderized flesh.  All strokes landed on both cheeks and I had to hold my breath to keep position during this session.  Finally the quirt was retired, but no relief for my ass as the narrow hair brush delivered 30 hard strokes in nearly rapid fire tempo.  I endured the 30 strokes and was spared my worst thought of 30 scrubs of the bristles against my balls.  Instead, I heard the drawer again and knew what was to be the finish.  The big wood paddle was swung with conviction and solidly cracked against my bright red cheeks.  She chose a very slow rate with one stroke about every 6 seconds.  They were all to be level and hard with each feeling harder than the last.  It seemed like forever taking 30 strokes and believe me a sigh of relief escaped my body after number 30 struck.  She stood me up and said no dice roll as the party on Saturday would serve as my next maintenance.

Thanks for reading and all questions or comments will be answered.


  1. Oh my goodness!!!
    Okay, stupid question.. is a quiet a form of crop?

  2. There are no stupid questions.... Yes, a quirt is a short handle riding whip. Instead of rawhide lashes, ours has a loop. A crop or bat is a single rod with a leather tip. The tip is narrow on the crop and wide on the bat.