Saturday, May 27, 2017

Saturday, May 27 is maintenance day because life got in the way on the scheduled day yesterday.  About noon, I was told to meet her in the bedroom at 9 o'clock for my spanking.  The day passed, dinner came and went and the clock turned until 9 rolled around and I entered the room.  She was not there yet, but laid out were 4 implements, all leather.  A riding bat, flexible paddle, steel reinforced paddle and doubled belt on a cherry handle.  I could hear her approaching so I hurried into position.  The bed in this house is much higher so a hip support pillow is not necessary.  With torso flat on the bed, head buried in a pillow, legs spread a bit resulted in my ass being presented for her.  She caressed both cheeks, tugged gently on my cock and squeezed my balls and started the spanking.  No bare hand, the flexible paddle served the warm up.  Slow light strokes from the paddle began and I could feel the warmth building.  A bit of time passed as the strokes became increasingly harder.  The taps became slaps and the leather began to sting my cheeks.  The sting advanced to bites as the leather took its toll and my eyes began to moisten.  Now some very hard strokes coaxed a yelp after each meeting of the flesh.  The riding bat followed with its brand of punishment.  A bat is somewhat shorter than a crop and the tip is wider and doubled.  Too wide to strike the anus, but found its way to my hanging balls and spanked them.  She swung a few hard ones with the swish in the air followed by the leather biting into tender cheeks followed by a yelp.  On came the rapid fire with a stroke every second and the entire area of my ass and upper thighs were being peppered with strokes from the bat. When it was finally retired, the steel reinforced paddle replaced it.  No fooling around with this implement.  All hard strokes, the long, wide leather paddle covered both cheeks or both thighs depending on her target.  She paddled continually for over 5 minutes and my ass was crimson.  The last implement was the doubled belt and the well spanked cheeks were no match for the free swinging of the belt.  Over and over the leather met the flesh from different angles.  Side to side strokes, over the top strokes, uppercut strokes all landed producing more tears and yelps.  Finally finished, she dropped the belt and my flesh felt raw.  I could hear her open a plastic bottle and felt liquid being spurted on my skin.  I thought, good lotion as she began to rub it in.  Lotion...hell no it was warming oil.  She rubbed cheeks, crack, thighs, balls and cock as the temperature got hotter.  Soon I called out, "my ass is on fire"!!!  "No problem" she answered, "I'll put it out with the paddle".  She paddled and paddled and paddled some more.  Rapid tempo, slapping and stinging she continued on and on.  Several minutes later she quit.  I could feel the heat rising off my ass as she said " I think you are done".  I staggered to my feet and just as I turned around she handed me the dice.  I tossed and a TWO appeared.  Adding one means that Thursday is Maintenance Day and I will be spanked again.

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Saturday, May 20.....Maintenance at the Spanking Party.  The party was on time on Saturday, just this report is a bit late.  As you all know, we have arrived in the Northeast for the Summer months and attended a spanking party which was to serve as my maintenance spanking.  We arrived at about 5:45 and after socializing and a wonderful meal, all the males were stripped and over the lap of a female Dominant for the round robin portion of the party.  Like all of us, I took my spankings from each of the 7 Dominants in attendance.  The OTK spankings from 7 ladies provided more than an ample warm up and the party moved along to the next game.  Each female chose the name of a sub from a jar and that sub then draws a spanking scenario from another jar.  Off they go to perform the spanking while the next female draws.  I happen to be the last remaining sub and drew a ladies choice for my spanking.  We went to the lower level and she cuffed my wrists to the ceiling and widened my stance leaving me spread eagle.  She spanked with several different implements.  There were 3 other subs on that level in various forms of restraint so it was determined to leave us tied and just have a new set of Dominant ladies take over.  Before I was released, 4 of the seven had their session while other subs had similar fates.  Another Dominant took me back upstairs for a long paddling with 5 different paddles.  Following that, the hostess placed me prone on a table and delivered a solid spanking.  All the subs had been sporting bright red butts since the party began.  A short break for refreshments found everyone enjoying fine treats and good conversation.  Spankings continued until the wee hours and both my partner and I slept very well.  Following a great breakfast and an afternoon sightseeing tour, both ladies stripped us guys and spanked us for another hour and a half.  A warm, red, and sore ass stayed with me for the entire drive home.  A wonderful party and weekend was over.  I tossed the dice and on Friday, I will be turned ass up for another maintenance spanking.

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday, May14, Maintenance Day.  Happy Mother's Day to all Moms out there.  Did you Mom spank you?  Mine did, there was no "wait for your Father to get home" for her.  Anyway, we are back home from a weekend at the retreat and in the early evening she said, "how about 8:30 for your spanking"?  I agreed and when time came I entered our room and she was sitting on the bed waiting.  She directed me to the modified wheelbarrow position over her lap.  Starting as normal, she bare hand spanked me for a warm up.  In that position, there is no give to the smacks so my cheeks had to take all the impact.  I realized this as the warm up ended and the bare hand spanking continued on.....and on.  There is something about a traditional hand spanking on a bare ass as it gets warmer and redder.  I had not noticed any other implements when assuming the position so I thought I was just getting a long hard hand spanking.  After a while, I guess her hand tired because out of nowhere a wood backed hairbrush appeared.  Its first smack had authority as did the second, third and every stroke that followed.  They came in rapid fire strings and single extra hard blows.  The brush soon had me yelping, squirming and shedding tears.  Not much of pausing between sets and quickly I knew I was on the receiving end of a signature hairbrush spanking.  Raising my hips slightly did no good as she reached under and grasped my balls.  She lifted me higher and being spread in that position the brush found its way to landing smacks to inner cheeks and anus.  I was being thoroughly spanked with the hairbrush.  Many minutes later she finally laid the hairbrush down.   The spanking was over.  My red and sore ass had absorbed one of the hardest spankings in sometime.

We head north for the Summer this week and a scheduled spanking party on Saturday.  We decided to have the party serve as my next maintenance.  Thank you all for reading and as you know, comments and questions will all be answered.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Wednesday and Thursday...Maintenance days.  The dice roll called for Tuesday to be maintenance day, however activity at the retreat was hectic on Tuesday, so spanking was not possible.  Wednesday, early morning, after serving her coffee in bed, she grabbed the paddle, the only implement we had, and said, "now is a good time".  She placed me in position, fondled my ass for a moment and began the warm up.  No bare hand, just the wood paddle, gently tapped me about 20 times and my cheeks responded with a slight giggle.  Next came a very hard blow, smacking my ass, forcing a yelp and slightly standing.  She forced my head back down on the bed projecting my cheeks outward and upward for the next smack.  About 2 seconds later, it struck, then 2 seconds later another landed.  Again and again, very hard solid smacks paddled both cheeks and produced yelps, but I held position as my ass became redder and redder with each spank.  I wasn't counting, but it must have been about 20 or more.  Now a few light strokes followed by a rapid fire string of hard ones, lit up my cheeks and yelps filled the air.  Another slow string of hard ones then another rapid fire string had me jumping in place.  When she finished she said not counting the soft taps or the rapid fire strings, I took over 50 of the hard strokes.  She said we may be running out of time now, but you will get more later.  After a great day and some evening activities, we headed off to our loft for the night.  Thinking some folks may still be active she said in the morning we'll finish the paddling.  About 6:30 am we awoke and she said "it seems pretty quiet out there.... bend over"  I was still somewhat sore from yesterday's paddling, but I presented my ass and she wasted no time in beginning.  No warm up, she continued where we left off the preceeding morning.  Hard solid strokes met my tender flesh with a resounding smack.  Again, I did not count, but it lasted for awhile.  Then a rapid fire string landed and I yelped and slightly stood.  She walked a few paces so I thought it was over.  She immediately grasped my cock to hold me still and delivered many more slow hard strokes.  "There", she said, "that's another 50, now your done".  We left the retreat later that day and arrived home for a few days.  We rolled the dice and saw a '2' come up.  Adding one, means Sunday will be Maintenance Day and another spanking will be administered.

Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or questions, do not hesitate to post them as they will be answered.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sunday, May 7......Spanked for Maintenance.  No dice roll after the last spanking, so it was her decision to spank me today.  I knew about midday as she had placed the hip support and 7 implements on the bed.  The leather quirt, hairbrush, riding crop, rope coil, belt, steel reinforced paddle and big wood paddle.  Upon direction, I placed myself into position, bare ass presented and waited.  Several minutes she arrived and began the bare hand warm up.  Ah, yes, the bare hand, implement number 8.  Warmed up quickly, the hands continued of for a nice hand spanking.  With no break in the tempo the second implement took over.  As the hairbrush reddened my cheeks, the next implement was placed into service.  The steel reinforced leather paddle contacted my flesh over and over again.  Hard strokes had me yelping and squirming.  The hands came back, spanked and spread my legs wide open.  The narrow end of the riding crop began to sting my balls, cock and anus.  The ass cheeks got a break as the crop tormented all the private parts and upper thighs.  Every implement was used and the belt and coiled rope were swung with side to side strokes setting ablaze my cheeks.  The big wood paddle blistered my ass with a number of solid strokes.  The leather quirt finished the job with stinging blows leaving red raised welts for me to think about.

She rolled the dice and a "1" appeared, so Tuesday my battered ass will receive another maintenance spanking.  Thanks for reading and as always, questions and comments will be answered.  

Saturday, May 6, 2017

WOW, we are finally back home after an extended stay at our retreat.  Sometimes there is no internet and sometimes I don't even bother to look to see if it is working.  Wonderful time away, but the spanking did take place.  On one of our very few times alone, we decided a spanking was way overdue and would take place.  We only brought one implement, the big paddle so the spanking was limited.  When we got to our loft, she said 'Get out of those clothes and present your're getting spanked'.  I stripped quickly, stuck my bare ass out and waited.  Within no time, her hands found their way to my bare cheeks and began warming me up.  Having not been spanked in a while,  I warmed quickly, but the hands did not stop.  A good hand spanking ensued and the entire target got covered.  Outer and inner cheeks, anus, and thighs all felt the talented hands of my Dominant.  Next she picked up my jeans and slid the two inch wide leather belt from the loops, doubled it and continued the spanking.  The loud slapping of leather to leather and leather to skin filled the room along with my yelps.  The belting lasted quite some time and my ass was getting redder and hotter.  She picked up the paddle and with no hesitation, my cheeks felt the square, solid smack of the paddle.  A slow steady tempo with about a second or two and a yelp between each stroke.   Many minutes passed as these strokes added up to a great paddling.  A few strings of rapid fire hard strokes had me howling and shedding tears.   Another segment with the bare hands and then the belt before the paddle took over again.  Two rapid fire strings, howling and jumping out of position caused her to put down the paddle, grab my hips, straighten me, open my legs a bit and force my head back down while saying, 'Almost done'.  Picking up the paddle again, I was treated to several minutes of the slow steady pace.  Stroke after stroke of hard smacks left me no doubt that my cheeks were crimson and the deep tissue soreness would last awhile.  Finally over, she massaged lotion on my cheeks and I thanked her for the maintenance spanking.  We had no dice and now it is Saturday, we are home and I expect to be spanked either tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks for reading and I am sorry for the long delay between reports.  Questions?  Comments?  Sure, you ask and I'll answer.