Saturday, November 18, 2017

Friday, November 17, spanked for maintenance.  We had left early morning for our loft apartment at the railroad property.  I had thought because of this weekend trip that maintenance would be put off until our return on Sunday.  SHE, however had other thoughts.  Unknown to me she had packed the purse paddle.  Stripping for bed on Friday night, I was surprised to see her standing with the paddle in hand and saying bend over.  Instantly I obeyed and within seconds the paddle made its first contact with my presented ass.  After a few, very few, warm up strokes, the paddling was in full effect.  Both cheeks were being struck, one after the other in increasing tempo and force.  Several minutes elapsed before she paused.  I saw the paddle being laid on the bed but knew better than to turn around.  I could hear my leather belt being slipped from the loops of my discarded jeans.  I froze in place, bent over, hands on the bed, ass protruding and waiting for the first strike with the belt.  I had not to wait long as the leather slapped across both already reddened cheeks.  A yelp snuck out of clenched teeth.  Repeated strokes caused repeated yelps for several more minutes.  Finally she directed me to stand and grasp the overhead steel beam in the loft.  Picking up the paddle again, she began to paddle me again.  Several more minutes of paddling ensued with yelps between each strike.  After a bit, she sat on the end of the bed and motioned me over her lap.  Obeying, found me accepting the final phase of my maintenance.  Resting in OTK position, with her bare hand bad boy spanked  for 20 minutes signaling the end of a short maintenance session.   Tossing the dice for me, she rolled a two, which scheduled the next spanking for Monday.  We will be back at home for that spanking which most likely will be more traditional, but more lengthy as we leave for Florida on Tuesday for the Thanksgiving holiday.  We will be with vanillas so there will be no opportunity for another spanking until we return.

Thank you all for reading and your comments or questions will be answered.

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