Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wednesday, May 30, Spanked for Maintenance.   "A spanking is due, she said, and will take place during the game.  Go bring me two implements".  I obeyed immediately and brought her one light and one heavy implement, the riding bat and the big wood paddle.  To be honest with all readers, my ass was still a bit sore from Monday's spanking which was determined by another baseball game, and included a 75 stroke bonus.   Getting started with a quick top of the first inning.  The Yankees however scored and I was due 25 strokes right away.  The paddle spanked both cheeks soundly with no warm up.  Red and sore and it is only the first inning.  Pitchers ruled for the next few innings and I earned only 5 strokes in the third and 5 more in the fourth.  The fifth was rough on me.  The Astros scored 2 runs in their half and the riding bat swished thru the air and stung my cheeks 40 times.  Burning pain had not settled much when the Yanks scored 2 runs with 3 singles in the bottom of the fifth.  I closed my eyes, presented my ass and waited for 55 solid strikes with the big wood paddle.  She swung with authority and accuracy, the paddled landed soundly and I yelped 55 times.   A slight break as the Astros went quietly in the sixth managing 1 single and earning me 5 strokes.  The Yankees were not finish yet.  They put together 2 doubles and a single while scoring 2 more runs.  My red and sore cheeks were called upon to accept 65 more swats with the stinging riding bat.   Tears were present when that segment ended.  The seventh and eighth went better and I took 5 strokes in each inning.  Ninth inning, nearly over, I can handle this.  Uh oh, a single, oh no! a double and a run scores. Game over now, but not the spanking.  35 strokes due to finish it out.  Knowing it was the last segment, she wanted it to last.  20 very hard strikes with the bat and then 15 very hard strokes with the wood paddle.  Crimson cheeks, tear tracks and yelps completed the maintenance spanking.  My turn to roll the dice, but I did only a bit better than she and tossed a 2.  Saturday is not far off, but my ass must prepare to be spanked again for maintenance.

Thanks to all readers, keep the questions and comments coming in and tune in again for the next episode.       

Monday, May 28, 2018

Monday, May 28, Memorial Day and Maintenance Day.  Yesterday, originally scheduled day, featured a late day turn of events which caused the spanking to be put off one day.  Just after mid-day, when a Yankee ball game was about to air, we decided to use the game to determine the spanking for my maintenance session.  An all leather theme evolved as the doubled belt and leather leather paddle made their appearance.  The game began slowly and nothing occurred in the first inning which would result in any spanking.  In the second, however, The Astros reached on an error and then received a walk.  The next batter connected on a 3 run homer, followed by another single before the inning ended.  Assuming the position, I waited for the first of the 65 strokes due for me.  Forget warm up as the doubled belt lashed across both cheeks with a loud slap.  I held still with ass protruded and accepted the rest of the strokes.  In their half for the inning, the Yanks managed a single awarding me another 5 strokes, this time with the leather paddle.  The third inning gave me a break as no swats were earned.  The Astros scrambled a few hits and pushed home another run in the fourth.  The belt swung, the leather slapped and my ass accepted the force of 30 more sound swats.  The Yankees put together 2 singles in the fifth, but did not score, so the leather paddle stung my helpless cheeks 10 times.  Moments later, Houston did likewise, 2 hits but no runs.  10 more stinging swats.  Nothing is the last of the sixth and top of the seventh innings.  The Yanks scored in the seventh with a solo home run, followed by a single and I paid dearly for it.  25 hard lashes from the belt, 10 on alternating cheeks and then 15 across both cheeks.  Sore was an understatement as I sat to watch the top of the eighth.  A repeat performance from the Astros.  A solo home run and a single netted me another 25 strokes.  This time the leather paddle did the work.  Smacking my ass hard for 25 swats, the last 10 coming in rapid fire mode.  Bright red cheeks resulted.  One hit in the bottom of the inning from the Yanks, got me swatted 5 times with the belt.  The last chance in the ninth saw a single and that was it.  Five more strokes to endure.  After the last one landed she directed me to stay in position.  Just a few extra she said as I gritted my teeth and presented my ass.  She swatted and swatted until I absorbed the punishment of 75 strokes from the belt.  A total of 180 from the game plus the bonus of 75 strokes had completed my maintenance for today.  She did the honors of the dice and on Wednesday my ass will again be in the air and accept the next maintenance spanking.

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Wednesday, May 23, Maintenance Day.  Finally no life happenings to interfere with our schedule.  She had picked out two implement at game time and said this ball game will determine your maintenance.  The doubled belt and the riding bat were ready as the game started.  Strokes will be awarded in the following manner:  5 for a single, 10 for a double, 15 for a triple and 20 for each run scored, and will be delivered after each half inning.  The Yankees batted first and wasted no time in getting started, scoring 3 runs in their half of the first inning.  Putting myself in the position of bending over the sofa, I waited with my ass presented to accept the onslaught of 75 strokes.  Forget about warm up as the belt slapped across both cheeks.  74 more followed and I sat gingerly back down to watch the bottom of the first, totally unaware that 75 was to be a mere taste of what was in store.  No hits for Texas in the first and the Yanks managed only a single in the second.  The riding whipped my ass landing 5 strokes on still reddened flesh.  No hits again for the Rangers in their half of the second and a solo run for the Yankees in the third netted me another 20 strokes with the belt.  Tears began during this segment as both cheeks became red again.  Nothing for Texas in the third and the Yanks got a double in their half of the fourth. The riding bat stung my red and sore cheeks with 10 solid strokes.  The bottom of the fourth began the slugfest.  Texas scored 5 runs, and I assumed the position and took 105 strokes while shedding tears and uttering yelps.  I could barely sit, which didn't last long as the Yankees exploded in the 5th with a 6 run outburst.  Too soon I found myself back in position looking at 150 strokes.  She did spread the target out, striking inner and outer thighs along with covering both cheeks.  Tears flowed and yelps echoed the slaps of the riding bat as she administered the strokes.  In the bottom of the fifth the Rangers responded with two runs of their own earning me 70 more with the belt doing its duty.   With a firey red ass I sat back down carefully while wiping away tear tracks.  The yanks got only a single in the 6th but the five strokes from the riding bat felt like 50.  Not long after, the Rangers broke loose for another 4 runs in the bottom of the sixth.  I was apprehensive presenting my nearly raw ass for another 100 strokes.  The belt slapped, the yelps escaped, the tears flowed as she expertly delivered 100 strokes with the heavy belt.  I stood to watch the 7th inning and fortunately for me neither team even got a hit.  Nothing for the Yanks in their half of the 8th, but Texas scored a run on a walk, stolen base and single.  Oh boy, 25 strokes coming my way.  Figuring it may be the final segment, she decided to use both implements.  15 hard strikes with the riding preceded 10 with the belt.  I howled and teared my way thru it.  The Yankees went quietly in the ninth ending my maintenance with a total of 575 strokes.  A toss of the dice scheduled Sunday as the day I will be spanked for maintenance.

A big thank you to all readers.  Your questions or comments are always welcome and will be individually answered. 

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Saturday, May 19, Maintenance Day.  Life threw another curveball on Friday causing a postponement until today.  We decided to use a baseball game to direct the spanking.  Hits and runs have a specific number of strokes AND that number is multiplied by the inning number.  With a final 8-3 score, both teams racked up 23 hits.  Getting spanked after each half inning and using both the big wood paddle and the doubled belt for implements insured a solid spanking.  The first half inning netted me 9 swats and she did not give a warm up.  Sound strokes with the doubled belt landed and stung my cheeks.  Little did I know how many more would follow.  The Yanks scored again in the top of the second, giving me 14 swats with the big wood paddle....all hard.  In the bottom of the third, the home team scored 2 to tie the game and treat my ass to 43 swats.   Only the Yankees scored in the 4 inning and I got another 64 lashes with the belt.  Even with breaks in between, my cheeks were quite red and getting sore and the game not half over yet.  Both teams hit in the 5 inning and the total for both teams came to 50 more strokes.  I was getting well spanked.  Both got hits again in the sixth inning and I presented my ass for 24 strokes.  The seventh inning was the worst.  The Yankees total was 56 strokes while the Royals chipped in with another 14 strokes.  My ass was crimson.  Fortunately, neither team got a hit in the eighth inning, so a reprieve for soundly spanked cheeks.  Any runs scored earn 5 strokes multiplied by the inning number.  The Yankees hit 2 home runs in the ninth inning and each was worth 45 swats.  Right.... 90 strokes were delivered on a bright red and sore ass.  Game over, The total was 364 strokes, then I tossed the dice.  A 3 appeared so on Wednesday, I will present my ass and submit to another maintenance spanking.

Thanks to all readers, now and former alike.  I do appreciate you.  Questions and comments will be answered right here.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday, May 11, a morning maintenance spanking.  We returned very late last night and put off my maintenance session for a few hours.  Following normal morning chores, I was cleaning up the kitchen from breakfast, still wearing only nipple clamps as is customary while doing chores.  She took the connecting chain and began walking to the bedroom.  I was hurrying along behind her to relieve the pull on my nipples.  She had laid out toys and I put myself in position to be spanked.  A bare hand warm lasted about two minutes she she picked up the doubled belt.  It to began with moderate strokes.  Within no time it was lashing both cheeks soundly with hard strokes.  Many strokes later she rested the belt and reached for the narrow hair brush.  This implement is usually for spanking the inner cheeks and anus and the scrubbing of cock and balls with its short coarse bristles.  However, this time it spanked my already reddened cheeks with its narrow wood handle.  Yelping occurred after every stroke.  Tears escaped from my eyes and the hair brushing continued.  Squirming between strokes and repositioning before the next, the spanking went on and on.  Finally she took up the purse paddle and connected with a very hard stroke to one cheek.  I howled only to feel the left cheek accept a similar hard stroke.  The short cherry wood paddle is very solid and was meeting my ass with sound strokes on alternating cheeks over and over again.   A howl and movement followed each stroke accompanied with tears.  After recoiling and howling it is very difficult to present my ass knowing within a split second it will receive another hard paddle stroke.  That scenario was to repeated many more times for this spanking.  She finally rested and said my cheeks were dark red and had a slight purple outline of the purse paddle on each cheek.  Short in time but long in pain, she said I took one hundred strokes using the 3 toys.

The dice were friendly to me as a 6 was rolled.  Next Friday, my bare ass will again be spanked for maintenance.

Thank you all for reading and if questions or comments are left here, they will be answered.     

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Saturday, May 5, Maintenance Day.  The spanking was in question as we are spending the weekend in our loft at the railroad.  Frequently there are vanilla folks about which makes spanking nearly impossible.  Saturday after dinner and a chat with some folks, we returned to our loft and settled in for the night.  She said, "Now is as good as time as any.  Strip and present your ass, you're getting spanked".  This was to be our first spanking at this venue, so we both were ready to adapt to anything.  I stripped and bent over placing both hands on the bed ready to accept my maintenance spanking.  Meanwhile she was lining up 4 implements to be used, the leather slapper, riding bat, hair brush and big wood paddle.  She began with the slapper which provided an ample warm up.  Soon, I winced as the warm up ended with a hard strike across both cheeks.  Unknown to me this was to be followed by 49 more of the same.  This turned my previously warm cheeks to very hot and red ones.  Not much of a pause before the hair brush took over with no fooling around.  Hard strokes on alternating cheeks until one covering both landed creating a loud yelp.  A pattern was developing as the brush struck hard for its share of the maintenance spanking delivering its 50 strikes.  I wiggled a bit as she picked up the next implement, the riding bat.  She placed her hand on my lower back both to stop my movement and help direct her aim.  The bat swished thru the air and met my flesh with a loud crack.  Over and over again my yelps followed the swish and crack as the bat whipped my ass.  I did not count but fully believed it, like its former devices, landed 50 strokes as my cheeks accepted this segment.  When the big wood paddle struck its first spank, I lurched forward from the force and uttered a howl.  You guessed it, another 49 would follow as I was soundly paddled.  Tear tracks down my face accompanied the paddle strokes and resulting howl.  ENCORE!!!  The riding bat returned for another 20 strokes, I took it with more tears and yelping.  Not to be left out, the big wood paddle returned for its 20 extra strikes.  The solid strokes landed squarely, both cheeks accepted the force, eyes shed additional tears and lips barked a howl as the paddle did its duty.   My ass had now received 220 hard strokes from the 4 different toys as the spanking ended with a hug, kiss and a thank you to her.

No dice on this trip so we resorted to using playing cards.  I chose one from the six on the table.  I will be turned over and spanked again on Thursday.

Thank you all for reading and any comment or question you leave here will be answered.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Tuesday, May 1, Maintenance Day.  We did have to postpone the spanking over the weekend as far too many vanilla folks were around.  Finally Tuesday became the day.  She called me into the bedroom and already had a few toys laid out.  The leather slapper, the doubled belt and the narrow hair brush.  We were both very tired from the weekend so she said it would be short, but quite effective.  The leather slapper began and warmed up my cheeks nicely.  Following the warm up, she continued to use the leather strap for another 6 full minutes.  Yelping and tearing I withstood the hard strapping and kept my ass presented for the next phase.  The doubled belt came next.  This is an 18 inch long, two inch wide, doubled belt attached to a cherry wood handle.  There were no medium or playful strokes as she wielded the belt for many minutes.  My cheeks accepted a long, back and forth belting of both sides over and over again.  Tears were flowing and yelps were unabated as the belt continued to spank my ass very solidly.  She dropped the belt and used both hands to spread my legs wide open.  Grasping my package, she delivered some CBT actions.  Picking up the narrow hair brush and using the coarse short bristles she scoured tender areas.  My anus was scrubbed until bright red skin was on fire.  Next my balls were held firm and completely scoured.  Piercings were scrubbed and became sore.  The brush continued to my cock.  Scrubbing both under and top sides of the shaft caused audible painful cries.  Holding my cock and exposing only the head, the bristles scoured the head until I was nearly screaming.  A hard hand spanking closed out the session.  Cheeks, inner and outer, anus, balls and cock all got a good bare hand spanking.

Finally ending the spanking, the dice were tossed and on Friday I will be spanked again for maintenance.  Thank you all for reading and all your questions or comments will be answered.