Friday, September 8, 2017

Thursday, Sept 7, Maintenance Day.  Early in the morning she told me I would be spanked tonight during the ball game.  This would make the third time we have used the ball game to determine the implements and number of strokes.  Like last time, there would be a twist.  She would chose the toys and I would roll the dice at the end of each inning.  I would receive 5 times the number of strokes as shown on the dice.  She picked the three implements just before game time.  The purse paddle, riding bat and narrow hair brush would be delivering my maintenance spanking.  I entered the TV room totally nude as always and noticed the three toys laid out.  "Did you bring the dice"? she asked.  I responded of course and we settled in for the game.  She had picked 3 toys so each would get used 3 times during the 9 inning game.  She said the purse paddle would be leading off the evening.  For those of you unfamiliar with that toy, it is a short handle, small, ping pong paddle shaped implement designed to fit into a purse for impromptu spankings away from home. It is made of cherry and nearly 1/2 inch thick.  It stings like hell, but can leave deep tissue bruising if swung hard.   My attire is planned for a quick paddling.  I am either going commando or wearing what we call spankers.  They are like a thong, but with no center strap, so the dropping of whatever pants I wear, immediately exposes my bare ass.  The purse paddle has been used for quick correctional spankings in some interesting places.  Anyway, on with the game.  The end of the first inning saw me throw the dice and a 6 turned up.  She quickly had the paddle in hand as I stood, turned and presented my ass for the 30 strokes to begin the night.  She alternated cheeks with the first 20 and the last 10 were delivered squarely in the center and quite hard.  I returned to my chair after the paddling.  What a way to begin with 30 right away.  The second inning was no kinder to me as I rolled a 5.  I took my position as she gave me 25 hard strokes with the riding bat.  Now both sore and stinging, I returned to the chair for the third inning.  The narrow hair brush would be used next.  I caught somewhat of a break and tossed a 2.  The first 6 strokes were on alternating cheeks, then she paused and said "spread'em".  I obeyed and took the next 6 on the inner cheeks and anus.  For the rest of the game, I never rolled anything lower than a 3, so each implement took its toll on me with high numbers of strokes.  By games end, I was quite red and quite sore.  Just before bed, I rolled to schedule the next spanking and got a 3.  Adding '1' as customary, puts Monday as maintenance day.

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