Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Tuesday, Dec. 27....Spanked for maintenance.  We had agreed on an appointment time of 9 pm.  When the time drew near, I went to the room and prepared a place.  Totally nude, I draped myself over the big pillow which presented my ass for the spanking and waited.  Not long after 9, she entered with a few toys.  Instead of a bare hand warm up, she used the thin oak paddle.  This is about 1 inch wide and thin in construction, but leaves a sting one would not believe from its appearance.  Mild warm up strokes began and she skillfully covered every inch of my cheeks with light stings.  The tempo remained constant but the force increased as time went on and I soon knew the warm up was over.  It ended with two very hard strokes, one for each cheek.  It felt like a welder had connected the slight stings with a bolt of lightening.  Next came the doubled over belt and it too began with moderate impact.  Like its predecessor, the strokes became harder and faster.  Swinging the belt from side to side, it's two inch width soon painted my ass red and increased the pain level.  Now... something different, a soothing touch.  She gently massaged both cheeks and legs and back with warm loving hands.  Spreading my legs a bit more open, the hands found inner thighs, inner cheeks, anus, balls and cock.  It was very nice and lasted for some time.  Next the soft hands began a loving spanking of my ass.  Rapid fire, but only medium strokes spanked and spanked.  I can't tell you where this led, but a very sensual maintenance spanking was over.

Dice were rolled and Monday is the next time I will submit to a maintenance spanking.  Thanks for reading and I will address each and every comment or question.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Thursday, Dec 22, spanked for maintenance.  In the morning she informed me she wished to use our old football spanking game to serve as a maintenance spanking.  I agreed and thought about how many strokes I took the last time we used a football game.  We both came up with the rules quite some time ago.  An implement is chosen for each team.  A stroke is earned for each point of a score added to the teams total score.  Example:  A team scores a field goal, I get 3 strokes.  Next the same team scores a touchdown, I get 9 strokes (3 + 6).  When the make the extra point, I get 10 strokes (3 + 6 + 1).  This agrees with their total score of 10.   Meanwhile the other team may have scored and I get the strokes with the other implement.

The game began at 8:30 so she said I would get a warm up at 8.  Time rolled around and the warm up started.  She had chosen leather gloves, a doubled leather belt, leather riding crop and bare hand.  The gloved hands led off and spanked for several minutes.  The belt was next and it really reddened my cheeks.  The double report echoed in the room on every stroke.  The riding crop was a flexible shaft with a leather loop at the tip.  She swung it like a whip in the air several times before it made contact.  It stung like fire when it hit and it hit often.  Leaving welts with each sting, the crop lasted several more minutes.  She finished the warm up with a solid bare hand spanking of about 100 strokes.  OK, she said, warm up complete, it's game time!

Keeping with the leather theme, the two implements she brought out for the game was a flexible leather paddle and a steel reinforced leather paddle.  It was decided the flexible paddle would be used for the Eagles scores and the steel reinforced paddle used for the Giants points.  The game started and within 8 minutes, the Eagles scored a touchdown.  She picked up the paddle, I stood, placed hands on knees, and presented my ass.  She said since I was already warmed up, all these strokes would be hard ones.  She was not kidding... the leather paddle landed solid and very hard.  Shortly after the sixth stroke landed, the Eagles kicked the point.  Another 7 strokes were coming my way.  After the 13 strokes, my ass was on fire.  The Giants got the ball and after two or three plays, the Eagles intercepted a pass and scored another touchdown.  I stood and presented my red ass again.  The 13 strokes made it even redder.  Of course they made the point and I took another 14 strokes.   The Giants then managed to kick a field goal and the steel reinforced paddle made the 3 strokes feel like 30.  The first quarter was not even over and I had received 43 very hard strokes.

The game went on and the spankings continued.  By the final gun I got spanked 105 strokes with the Eagles paddle and 69 strokes with the Giants paddle.  After the dice scheduled my next spanking for Tuesday, I crawled into bed with a very red ass.

Thanks for reading and I will answer any questions or comments.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Tuesday Dec, 20, Maintenance Day.  We finally returned home from the trip to New York on Sunday and began to get things back to normal.  Early morning, she said, "I want to spank you today for maintenance".  I said how about 9 pm?  She agreed and it was set.

At 9 sharp, I reported to the bedroom and placed myself in position.  She entered a few minutes later and immediately placed her legs between mine and opened them.  She began with a sensual massage and very light hand spanks.  Soon the spanks became more firm and meaningful.  Another quick massage and then very hard hand spanks warmed my ass.  Next I felt the sting of the 2 inch wide belt doubled over.  Early strokes were light, but soon the leather belt bit into my flesh.  For about 10 minutes the belt landed in many different ways from medium to very hard.  This segment finished with yet another message.  She then spread my legs even further.  Splayed wide open now, she began to hand spank again.  Hard slaps rained down of my cheeks, anus, back of my balls and underside of my cock until everything was pink and stinging.  Next the big wood paddle landed solid and centered on both cheeks.  About every 5 seconds a very hard stroke landed until I had taken about 50 or so.  A brief pause and I felt something new.  The sting of her single tail signal whip.  The fall and popper danced all over my back and ass.  She skillfully lashed me with only the tip and each contact was like a bee sting.  Lastly the purse paddle delivered a volley of rapid fire strokes.  Each cheek took several sessions from the purse paddle.  She ended with another sensual massage covering everything.

The dice were tossed and a ONE came up.  I will be spanked again on Thursday.  Questions, comments???  all are welcome and will be answered.  Thanks for reading.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sunday, Dec, 11.... Maintenance Day.  I did not think it was going to take place.  We had to travel to NY for the funeral of my Sister and we are staying with my Brother.  A very vanilla household, so we felt the spanking would have to wait.  Today they both went out for several hours so we figured it was our chance.  She called me into our bedroom where she had made a spanking location on the corner of the bed.  Following her direction, I totally stripped and placed myself in position.  At first a good bare hand warm up was in order.  Soon the spanks were more firm and closer together.  Several minutes passed and my cheeks were pink and quite warm.  The narrow wood backed hairbrush was employed next.  It made short work of turning my ass very red and hot.  Strokes from every angle and varying tempo plus hard and medium rained down causing yelps and moistening or the eyes.  The hairbrush continued for several more minutes and I was quite red and well spanked.  Over??? not by a long shot.  The bare hand returned for an encore and it meant business.  Very hard spanks landed with varying tempo, but all were deliberate.  My cheeks were covered with red and my eyes were streaming tears.  The second round of hand spanking was a traditional bare ass spanking.  Hard and fast with no pauses.  Time drew on as the spanking lasted several more minutes.  Next, the purse paddle was unsheathed from its cover.  The first stroke landed dead center of my ass and I yelped.  Then five very hard strokes on each cheek.  I was sobbing and jumping each time the paddle met my flesh.  I bit my pillow to keep from screaming loud.  The paddling continued and she pushed my lower back down to stop some of the movement.  Very hard and very fast was the order as I was being paddled for no tomorrow.  Muffled screams, tears and jumping did not slow her rapid and hard paddling as my ass was being pummeled by the solid wood paddle.  Cheeks went from crimson to deep purple before the paddle rested.  The spanking ended with a nice massage from her hands on my nearly raw ass cheeks.  While I was standing and prepared to dress, she said we have no dice, so let's just say, the next time the house is ours, you will be spanked again.

Thank you for reading and if questions or comments are left, I will answer each and every one.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Scheduled for Saturday, it happened on Sunday as today I was spanked on Maintenance Day.  I knew I was to be spanked sometime today as early in the day, the hip support was placed on the edge of the bed.  Along side of it was the narrow wood backed hairbrush with the recent standard bearer, the purse paddle.  About 7 pm, she said it was time... go present your ass to be spanked.  I went to the bedroom and placed myself over the pad.  Not long after, she entered.  I had my head down and could only hear the proceedings.  I expected one of the implements to start or the traditional bare hand warm up.  Instead, I heard a drawer open.... another toy???  I felt an awful sting and I knew it was the strap.  It was flicked several times in between hard crackling blows.  The strap stung my flesh as she skillfully directed its tip or broadside across my cheeks.  As a warm up toy, the strap was a failure and it reddened both cheeks in no time.  Soon came the narrow wood backed hairbrush which converted warm red skin to a deep red sore mass.  Covering both cheeks with several well placed strokes the brush did its job.  Now the bare hands came, but the warm up was long past.  Very hard, solid strokes covered my ass with stinging smacks.  Minute after minute passed with no let up.  Finally the purse paddle was brought in for the finale.  Time for light or medium strokes was over.  The paddle paved both cheeks with scarlet.  She paddled with an even tempo as both sides of my ass got equal time.  She said I took the spanking well as she assisted me to my feet.  Catching sight of my backside in the mirror, left no doubt I had been spanked but good.  Just over 30 minutes seemed like forever.  The dice were friendly as a 6 appeared meaning next Sunday was another maintenance day.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Tuesday, Nov, 29...Maintenance Day!!  We just arrived from our Florida trip Monday night and plan to leave for Nashville on Wednesday, so Tuesday seemed like the only alternative.  As the night wore on, I felt it was not going to happen.  Watching TV, she fully clothed and me totally nude, normal procedure, she finally stood up and declared "It is time for your spanking, meet me in the bedroom". After just a few minutes, I arrived in the bedroom to find her looking like a queen, sitting in bed, pillow on her lap, holding the purse paddle.  I draped myself into position over the pillow knowing the spanking would hurt as my hips were immobile and could absorb none of the shock from the spanks.  My ass cheeks would have to take it all.  It began with a gentle rubbing with her hand, but soon the warm up got started.  The bare hand spanks were light, then medium and then hard all in a very few minutes.  Now the purse paddle took over with a few light strokes.  After warming all of the area, the strokes began to get serious.  Several medium strokes landed and without warning a very hard stroke stung my cheek thoroughly.  A yelp shoot from my lips and I moved slightly.  Her free hand was placed on my lower back to advise me to hold position.  Immediately, the other cheek felt several medium strokes and another very hard one.  Another yelp.  This procedure continued, alternating cheeks, echoing yelps and eyes welling up.  I was getting spanked in earnest when the cadence was changed to all very hard strokes in rapid fire format.  Ten or more on one cheek, the ten or more on the other.  Back to the first one and so on without pause.  Yelps turned to cries and some wailing while real tears flowed steadily.  The purse paddle was relentless, turning my ass from pink to scarlet to purple.  The smooth surface of the solid wood paddle met the skin of my cheeks over and over again as I was receiving a spanking I will not soon forget.  Crying solid now, the paddling continued until I felt I could take no more.  She must have known it as well, because she finally stopped and again her bare hand rubbed my very sore ass.  Checking the clock, I realized it was a short by comparison but one of the hardest maintenance spankings I have had in awhile.

Drying tears, I reached for the dice and gave it a toss.  A '3' appeared meaning I will be spanked on Saturday, which is the day we arrive back home.  She added "Well, you have been spanked in hotel rooms before".

Thanks for reading and as usual, any questions or comments will be answered

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday, Nov. 23...... Hello from Florida.  On  2 week vacation, staying with vanilla family, so no maintenance spankings here.  As you recall one was due of Friday, Nov.18, and it did occur.  Early morning chores include preparing coffee and serving her in bed and then brushing her hair.  Following that the hairbrush changed hands and she pulled me across her lap and my bare ass saw the ceiling.  A long hairbrush spanking took place.  Warm cheeks to hot cheeks and moist eyes.  Then a surprise.  From the nightstand drawer came the familiar purse paddle.  It wasted no time in greeting my already red and hot ass.  Again and again it came down with authority.  Not lasting long, but long and hard enough to leave well paddled cheeks and tear tracks on my face.  Short but effective the spanking ceased.  I rolled the dice and Tuesday, Nov. 22 was scheduled.  We left for Florida on Sunday and the Tuesday episode was missed.  I have no idea where or when the next spanking will be administered.

Meanwhile, Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Today is Wednesday, Nov 16.  It was the scheduled Maintenance Day in my world.  However the maintenance came a day early.  WHY???  Because SHE wanted it to.  Tuesday evening while watching TV, she said go get the purse paddle and lie over my lap.  I obeyed as normal.  Once in position, she said this was my maintenance spanking.  A traditional OTK maintenance was about to begin.  Light hand strokes warmed up my ass nicely and as expected they got harder as time passed.   Soon I was receiving a firm hand spanking.  Flesh turned from warm to hot and from pink to red, but the spanking continued.  Nearly immobile, my ass cheeks had no choice but to accept the assault of the her bare hand. 

Several hundred strokes later, she told me to stand just long enough to place a thick pillow on her thighs.  Returning to position at her direction, the pillow raised my hips and ass much higher and allowed the impact to be at a different angle.  She also changed over to the purse paddle.   My cheeks were no match for the solid wood paddle.  Stroke after stroke landed with authority from every angle.  One cheek, then the other, then both, high, low, accent left, accent right, dead center, the OTK paddling went on and on.  Yelps followed and tears flowed as my one day early maintenance spanking wore on. 

Finally it ended, I rose and rolled the dice.  When a 2 appeared, it meant another spanking will occur on Friday; or will it???    She smirked and said, we'll see about that.

PS: I usually only discuss maintenance spanking, but the next morning, it was discovered I had neglected to start the dishwasher.   She reached for the purse paddle to administer a punishment spanking for not completing household chores.  Only a few hours prior, I had climbed off her lap with very red and sore cheeks.  That meant nothing as discipline spankings occur regardless of the timing of maintenance spankings.  Punishment spankings here have no warm up or safe word or after care.  All this went through my mind as I stood, nude, bent over awaiting my discipline.  The paddle delivered a very hard solid stroke to my ass and I saw stars.  The remainder of the prescribed number of strokes were administered and she said, "OK, now try to remember".  I answered a simple "Yes Ma'am" and our day went on normally.

Thanks for reading and questions and comments will be answered.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Friday, Nov 11, Veterans Day and Maintenance Day.  It all began here as normal, serving coffee to my Mistress in bed and brushing her hair.  Then she said it... you will be spanked tonight!!  True to her word, also normal, she summons me to the bedroom in the early evening.  Laid out on the bed was a pillow to raise my hips, a belt and the purse paddle.  Placing myself in position with my ass high, I did not have to wait long for the way overdue maintenance spanking to begin.

The belt was her choice for a warm up which did not last long.  The 2 inch wide leather landed with several light lashes, but soon they increased in intensity.  Now, landing with authority as the cheeks turned pink and then red along with an increase in pain level.   Next, a good hard traditional hand spanking began.  Over and over the hand contacted my flesh with an echo in the room.  The lapse in time since the last spanking was now being paid for in spades.

A very brief pause for her to grasp the purse paddle.  If the hand slaps echoed, the report from the purse paddle roared.  No light spanks, each was solid and deliberate.  Alternating cheeks for a bit then a harder one landed lower, covering both sides of my ass.  The paddling continued with a clockwork rhythm interspersed with some rapid fire periods until my ass was on fire.  Teardrops tracked down my face as yelps followed each blow as cheeks now turned from red to a deep purple.  I slightly stood to relieve the stretching of the skin.  She used this pause to again find the belt which in turn found ass in an unforgiving manner.  After a good belting, I stood slightly more as she too adjusted.  Spreading my legs and using one hand to grasp my balls and cock to prevent further movement on my part, another hand spanking was delivered.  This lasted several more minutes. 

The final segment again featured the purse paddle with a new feature.  One hand was performing CBT and nipple torment while the other directed the purse paddle to deliver another solid paddling.  More tears moistened my face and yelps filled the air.  When it was over, I noticed the clock and I had endured  an uninterrupted 40 minutes of spanking.

A roll of the dice turned up a four meaning on Wednesday, my head will go down and my ass up to receive the next maintenance spanking.

Thanks for reading. 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

OMG.... has it really been nearly a month since we connected???  I guess so, I would know... I have not been maintenance spanked since then.  With the work we completed up north and closing the house, traveling south, opening the house, time has gone by.  Until Friday night, October 28.  I was called into the spare room with the words.... enough time has passed.... you are getting spanked!!!!  Stripped and laid over the support on the bed, which raised my ass very high and vulnerable, the spanking began.  The flexible leather paddle started the show with light strokes on both cheeks.  After a brief warm up, the strokes got harder and then harder still.  Soon, the loud slap of smooth leather on bare skin echoed in the room.  The cheeks turned redder and the lightening pain increased.  Very hard strokes followed with yelps after each one.  This lasted for quite awhile but was followed by the crop further tormenting the hot cheeks of my bright red ass.  Then her knee spread my legs further and the crop found its way to my inner thighs and cheeks.  Soon strokes were being landed on my anus and balls.  All of my ass was covered with cane like strokes until I was welted and sore.  Then the knee again adjusted my legs until they were as far open as possible.  She chose the WAV hairbrush for the next implement.  The wood back of the brush met my ass with a traditional hair brush spanking.  Then she flipped the brush over and used the short course bristles to scour the tender flesh of my asshole, balls and cock head as it dangled free.  Following that another hair brush spanking and I was left quite red and sore E V E R Y W H E R E !!!!!!!   However.. she was not finished.  The steel reinforced paddle came on for the encore.  A long string of solid hard strokes stung my ass until she finally quit.  I had been soundly spanked for maintenance which certainly made up for lost time.

Dice were tossed and the next spanking is scheduled for Monday night.  I know this is Sunday night so tomorrow night.... Halloween night I get spanked again.  Bad thoughts raced through my mind.  Perhaps I will be stripped and bound with my bare ads facing the door.  All Trick or Theaters will come in and spank me.  Nah !!!!!!, That won't happen...... will it???????????  

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Friday, Sept. 30, Maintenance Day.  Miserable weather here for the next few days so last night we huddled to watch one of the last few Yankee baseball games.  She recalled it being maintenance day and decided to have the ball game take a part in my spankings.  After bouncing a few ideas off each other we agreed on a spanking for each hit by either team.  Each base would be worth 5 strokes, so a single is five and a double is 10 and so on.  In addition, if the hit drove in a run, the hit value is doubled.  For Yankee hits, the flexible leather paddle would be used while the wood purse paddle would deliver the spanks for the Baltimore Orioles.  The first inning saw an infield hit by the birds, but the Yanks challenged the call and the runner was called out.  My ass was saved by that call.  Three innings of no-hit ball followed.  Baltimore got a hit in the fourth and I draped my nude body over her lap for the first spanking.  The purse paddle landed with no warm up, delivering 5 very firm strokes.  The fifth inning proved to be the heart of the maintenance spanking.  The Orioles hit 3 home runs along with other hits and scored 6 runs.  Home runs always drove in runs, so nearly all the strokes were doubled.  The purse paddle was quite busy that inning and my ass cheeks took on a red glow.  No light strokes and each time the wood met the skin a yelp followed.  The Yanks scored, but so did the Orioles during the remainder of the game with a final score of 8 to 1.  A very firm but enjoyable maintenance spanking, but a disappointment for Yankee fans.  The dice were tossed and a '4' scheduled another bare ass maintenance spanking for Wednesday night.  Stay tuned for the recount of that one.

Thanks for reading and as always, questions or comments will be addressed.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday, Sept 26 - recap of maintenance weekend.  Due to our week with a vanilla couple, the maintenance due on Wednesday, did not occur.  However, on Friday afternoon we welcomed some of our weekend guests.  Later on and on Saturday two more male submissives arrived.  As you know one of my agreed covenants in our relationship is to be kept nude in the house.  Except for a quick trip, I was nude, in service mode and available the entire weekend.  Just after dinner on Friday, four of us sat down for a game of SPANKOPOLY.  Based on Monopoly, the game is for Dominants and subs and is geared to subs being spanked. Properties are purchased as markers travel around the board.  Subs normally pay debts and rents with spankings.  Fun for all.  Late that another male sub arrived and Saturday morning, the final male sub arrived.  Good conversation, good food and lots of spankings continued until Sunday afternoon.  Each evening saw some fireside spanking as both Female Dominants were busy spanking the subs by the fireplace.  I could not even guess the number of spankings, not the amount of implements used or even the positions taken both inside and outside.  The weather was good and some outdoor spankings took place.  One session saw each sub in a position and some were blindfolded.  Like honey bees the Dominates swarmed about the room visiting each submissive bottom several times and with varied toys.  All in all a very fine weekend full of spankings.  We did not toss the dice as during the next week we will be remodeling a kitchen with another vanilla couple at our summer cabin.  I will report the next maintenance spanking whenever it occurs. 

Thanks again for your continued readership and do not hesitate to leave questions or comments.  All will be answered.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Saturday, Sept 17.  Maintenance Day and another spanking party.  We arrived at the party a bit late, but it was still in the munch and chat phase.  A few later arrivals put the main meal up first before any spanking began.  Good food and conversation were plentiful when the call for the subs to strip was heard and obeyed.  CFNM is the norm for these gatherings and soon six subs were nude while 8 Dominant ladies took places for a round robin spanking.  With subs over laps or in wheelbarrow position, the spankings began.  The ladies had decided upon trying spanking in unison.  It worked at times and the sound of hands or implements landing on bare cheeks exactly at the same time produced a loud slap that echoed in the room.  After each sub found their way over the lap of all 8 Dominant ladies, the round robin was complete.  A new game was played in which each sub chose the name of a Dominant from a jar and also a spanking scenario from another jar.  Like the others, I was well spanked more than once by all the ladies again with different implements and positions.  Two of my scenes resulted in a double team spanking.  One was over the laps of two ladies together for a double team hand spanking.  The other was a double team, restrained paddling.  After being bound to the spanking bench, both ladies paddled my bare ass together.  Another scene found me receiving a hair brush spanking I will long remember.  Red asses were aglow when a break was called.  More food, conversations and comparisons were taking place.  After a bit, the ladies noticed the red was fading from our cheeks and play was once again resumed.  This time the game changed and the Ladies chose a subs name and the sub then had to roll dice.  The numbers were then multiplied and the ladies chose an implement to deliver that number of strokes.  Cheeks soon became red again as the game progressed.  Each sub got several turns with the ladies and all were well spanked.  We again spent the night and following breakfast a quick spanking sent us on our way.  Arriving home, we tossed the dice and I am scheduled to be spanked again Wednesday.  This may be difficult as we are spending the week with vanilla friends.  We will see if the spanking can be delivered.  If not, it will be added to our weekend plans.  We are hosting a small affair with new friends and a few additional subs.  While the guests are here, 24/7 protocol will be in force.  Spankings will be at the will of the Dominant ladies and I have no doubt, all subs will receive the spankings due them along with some extras.

Thanks for reading and questions or comments will be answered.  Bye for now. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Sept. 12, Monday, maintenance day.  Well, it certainly has been a while since I reported to you.  We returned on Sunday and the balance of the day was spent unloading and getting things back to normal.  Today we spent a good deal of time running errands.  Tonight I was called over her lap and I received a long, hard and due spanking.  Bare ass high in the air, I waited for a warmup that never came.  The hair brush was the first implement used and it was used well.  The first stroke was hard and stung like hell.  Cheeks that had not been spanked for over 14 days, save a few hotel swats on a few nights were being spanked soundly.  Every following stroke from the brush was equally hard and soon I knew the spanking would be one to remember.  I counted over 120 strokes from the brush as her arm held my ass nearly immobile while I took the pain the hair brush dealt out.  The brush was laid to rest for now as the bare hand of my Dominant Mistress continued to plummet both cheeks for over 75 additional strokes.  The skin was red, the pain intense and the heat searing as the big wood paddle continued the onslaught.  Large enough to cover both cheeks, it landed very solid for 150 strokes.  I was yelping and squirming helplessly as the strokes came in hard waves.  The red color was deepening and the deep tissue of my ass was being bruised with every stroke.  I felt it would be over as the paddle was placed next to me, but she spread my legs enough for me to feel the cool air of the room to reach my balls.  Again her arm held my hips tight as the hair brush made another appearance.  On alternating cheeks, it landed with authority.  Another 50 strokes hit the mark as I could do nothing but accept the maintenance she delivered.  Another session with the bare hand completed the spanking.  I thanked her and offered to roll the dice.  She declined and reminded me of our commitment to attend another spanking party this Saturday.  A CFNM affair, the male subs will be stripped spanked by all the Dominant women of the spanking group. A report will follow.

Thank you for waiting and reading, I appreciate your continued attention to this account of my maintenance spankings.  Comments and questions are welcome and will be answered.        

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Saturday, August 27, Maintenance Day.  We traveled to a local dungeon for a combination FemDom meeting and playtime afterwards.  The meeting for me was long and uninteresting as the ladies shared notes and compared experiences while expounding on their personal thoughts and concepts of Female Domination.  Not many subs there as it was primarily a FemDom function.  Near the completion of the chatter, I was given the directive to strip and await my maintenance spanking.  I was now nude before several people I had never seen before.  Most subs did not disrobe, only me and those used for demo dollies. Meanwhile other demonstrations were taking place.  A fire play scene followed by waxing instructions and hands on experiences for those wanting to learn.  Soon I was placed on the cross and the spanking began with here bare hand as I stood nude and spread eagle.  Following the bare hand was a crop which could also be used like a cane.  This really lit up my ass as I yelped and squirmed.  The thin oak paddles were brought out without any delay and both cheeks were struck with horizontal hard strokes.  These paddles are about and inch and a quarter wide and a quarter of an inch thick.  They are long enough to easily sting both cheeks and she frequently uses then in a vertical motion as well.  Red and sore, my butt and back were now introduced to the flogger.  The leather flogger delivers a solid thud when it lands.  She reached around my hips and pulled them away from the cross a bit.  This extends my ass outward for an easier target.  Sideways flogger throws covered both cheeks with hard strokes.  Shoulders, back and upper thighs were also flogged thoroughly.  Next the steel reinforced leather paddle was treating my ass.  Its loud reports were echoing through the dungeon.  Stroke after hard stroke landed with sting and thud.  I stood through it all, including a return visit from the thin oak paddles.  After a complete maintenance spanking was delivered, I was taken down from the cross, but told to remain nude while other scenes were winding down.  After everyone had completed their sessions, I was allowed to dress and when we arrived home, the dice were tossed.  Friday is scheduled, however, we are about to leave on a 15 day trip and we are unsure as to the availability for spanking.  It may be some time before I can report again as we may not have internet access during all of the trip. 

Meanwhile, thanks for reading and I hope to return with more detailed spanking episodes in the near future.  As always, questions and comments are welcome.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Saturday, August 20 was Maintenance Day.  Well, it has been quite a long time since I have written an report.  It has also been that long since I have received an maintenance spanking, so you have not missed anything.  An endless string of life's occurrences has postponed every effort we gave it.  Several vanilla guests, a death in the family, a tumble, resulting in a belief I had broken ribs, and so on.  An x-ray proved no break, only bruised ribs, which are equally as sore as broken ribs, as I was told.  Anyway, a visit to a spanking party in a neighboring state last Saturday, was to serve as my maintenance spanking.  To say the very least, soundly spanked is what resulted.  As always, these parties are CFNM (Clothed Female, Nude Male) so when we were commanded to strip, the female Dominants outnumbered us male subs 7 to 4.  It began with a round robin session and each sub went over the lap of seven different female Dominants in succession for a good spanking.  Following was a game in which the Dominants tossed numbered balls and implement labeled balls into a net atop the subs head.  Each female took several turns so each sub was well spanked.  Implements included, wood paddle, leather paddle, cane, strap, flogger, bare hand, and several others.  I know each Dom administered at least three sessions to me and I would guess the others at least as many.  At least 21 more spankings for each of us, resulted in blazing red cheeks on every sub as we broke for food.  A few attendees had to leave after that for personal reasons and soon only the host couple and my Dominant and I were left.  After some conversation, we gathered in the basement and spankings lasted over an hour.  Both ladies took advantage of the two remaining subs in different positions with several implements. Shortly after 1am, everyone retired for the day.  Sunday morning saw the four of us enjoying a fine breakfast at a local diner.  Back at their home, we were again led to the basement for another round.  This session saw the subs being rotated on three different pieces of equipment, spanking bench, prone table and standing with wrists in cuffs attached to the ceiling joists.  Each of the ladies spanked both subs in every position.  This was quite good as both the Dominants and subs rotated to every piece of equipment and position.  They used several implements at each station and both subs were spanked for nearly two hours.  Finally we bid our gracious hosts goodby and headed home.  My ass remained very sore for all the next day.  This was for sure the longest and most complete maintenance spanking I ever received.
We did not roll the dice as this coming Saturday is a visit to our local dungeon.  This will become another semi-public maintenance spanking for me.  I will try to get the report out promptly.

Thanks for reading and again I apologize for the delay in publishing this episode.  I hope you will continue reading and also drop a question or comment anytime.        

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Saturday, July 30, Spanked for maintenance in front of another sub.  My dominant had arranged for another submissive to come over and do outdoor work for her.  He worked all day and after a fine dinner, she dominated him for over an hour.  When it was over, she called me into the room while he was still on the floor.  She motioned me to the big chair where I knelt in the seat and leaned over the back, presenting my ass for a maintenance spanking.   Gloved hands began and after a brief warm up, spanked long and hard.  Next the flexible leather paddle took over.  He was now up off the floor and watching intently as my bare ass received a sound spanking.  The leather stung my flesh on every stroke and produced enough warmth to heat the room.  The flexible leather was replaced by the steel reinforced leather paddle and it meant business.  Each stroke covered both cheeks and sent a loud smack echoing throughout the room.  The force pushed me against the back of the chair, but after each yelp, I reset myself and presented my ass to her for another stroke.  Now bright red and quite sore, my ass was ready for the big wood paddle.  Over and over again, the pain shot through me and tears flowed.  About fifty strokes landed, each with a solid smack.  She finally kissed me and said, take a break, there is more to follow.  We all had a drink and chatted for awhile.  She eventually stood and said, present your ass, I want to finish you now.  I took my position in the chair and stuck my cheeks out as far as possible.  I knew I was now very vulnerable.  A leather belt started the parade this time and she is a master with it.  Different angles covered my entire ass and soon it was as red and even more sore than before. I looked over my shoulder only to see he was still watching.  She caught me and yelled "turn around" then followed with a bombardment of the hardest belt strokes I can remember.  Then the steel reinforced paddle made its encore.  I yelped with every solid and hard stroke.  Fittingly, the big wood paddle was used to finish.  If I had 50 in the first set, I must have took 75 this time.  It seemed each was harder than the previous one.  Hot, red and bruised, my cheeks were on fire and I have to write this standing up!!!!  As I am typing, I can hear the other sub being spanked upstairs before bed.  The dice were rolled and on Wednesday, I will be turned ass up and spanked for maintenance.

Thank you for reading and as usual, your questions or comments will be answered.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Sunday, July 24, maintenance day.  Late Sunday morning, I was called into our room for the maintenance spanking I thought was coming on Friday.  As it happens, life gets in the way and Sunday became the day.  By the tools she had laid out, I could tell it would be a leather day.  Awaiting my arrival, laid out was the doubled leather belt, the leather riding crop, a riding batt and the steel reinforced leather paddle.  I was invited to assume the position with my bare ass high, exposed and vulnerable.  Not even a bare hand warm up as the belt began my due maintenance.  Some medium strokes, but soon the harder ones took over.  The loud crack of leather meeting flesh filled the room with a stead cadence.  Different angles produced different results as the skin of the cheeks turned pink to red in no time.  The riding batt was next in line and it was handled with perfection.  The riding batt is very similar to the riding crop, except the leather head is much wider.  The handle and shaft are quite the same and produces the swish in the air before the impact much like a cane.  Many minutes of the batt striking my ass following the swish in the air made my reporting yelps very audible.  My eyes welled up and tears began to form and moisten my face.  With still two implements to follow, she paused, spread my legs a bit and grasped my balls.  This felt good for a few seconds until her grip tightened and drew them back really placing them in harms way.  The batt lost no time in smacking into them repeatedly, even when she released her hold and they began to swing, the batt found its target with both downward and uppercut strokes.  Another brief pause as she further spread my legs.  Now the crop was employed.  Being much narrower in design it had little problem in tormenting my very inner cheeks and anus. Not many direct hits are needed to redden the tender flesh of those areas, but many strokes continued to fall and showered the area until everything, cheeks, balls and ass hole were flaming red.  The finale was next, but not short or easy.  The steel reinforced leather paddle was in her hand and being swung like a Louisville Slugger.  Both cheeks were in for solid direct hits covering the entire target.  Many, possibly 50 or more, were being delivered in a slow tempo.  After each landed, I yelped and mumbled a thank you Ma'am.  All together, the spanking lasted about 45 minutes, my tear streaked face rose as she caressed and applied lotion to my ass for a welcome after care.  She said not to roll the dice and she would spank me again whenever she wanted to.

Thanks for your time in reading about my episodes and your comments and questions will be answered.      

Thursday, July 21, 2016

July 21, reporting on the maintenance spanking of Monday, July 18.  A visit to one of the local dungeons for a party for another couple soon to be leaving the area.  A real free feeling existed with many subs, male and female stripped, bound, spanked, flogged and other assorted scenes including fire play.  For my spanking, I was placed over her lap.  Watched by some while other scenes were being conducted and watched as well.  My ass received a solid bare hand spanking to start and then legs were spread to expose my inner things, cheeks and anus to the tireless hand of my Dominant.  Well spanked all over, my cheeks were bright pink and quite warm.  I could feel her fumbling in the toy bag for a few moments while I waited for the next segment.  It began with a harsh smack from a toy I did not recognize at once.  It stung like hell and my yelp filled the room.  I could tell it was wood, but felt somehow much more pain than anything I have experienced recently.  The spanks continued with a relentless tempo covering my immobile ass with increasing redness and pain.  I learned after the spanking finished, the device was an exotic wood paddle (probably Brazilian Cherry) with a pattern of holes.  One of our own models we make which delivers a very solid paddling.  As I stood, totally nude, with red eyes and very red ass, I was aware of several onlookers probably drawn by the loud smack and resulting yelp of each blow.  No dice were thrown, but I was informed today that I will be spanked again tonight at home.
Thanks for reading.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

July 16, reporting on the maintenance spanking from Thursday, the 14th.  Sorry for the delay, things here are very hectic during the summer months.  Late evening, I was directed over her lap for the spanking due that day.  No fanfare, no blindfold, no party games, just a nude submissive over the lap on his Dominant.  She hand only her bare hand and the steel reinforced leather paddle to administer a traditional OTK spanking.  Very few warm up spanks from the hand and the paddle found its way to my exposed and immobile ass.  Many strokes followed with none less than medium and mostly hard and very hard.  The paddle is long, about 14 inches not including the handle and about 3 to 4 inches wide.  A one inch wide steel reinforcement runs the length of the implement.  It delivers a solid spank encompassing both sting and thud.  She expertly applied it at different angles allowing it to strike upper and lower areas of one cheek at a time.  A good number of strokes landed flush across both cheeks and very hard producing a yelp on my part.  I could do nothing by lie there helpless and accept the onslaught of paddle strokes.  Occasionally, the bare hand delivered spanks covering all areas of both cheeks.  Then the paddle again and this tag team scenario continued for the duration.  Repeated spanking from both implements lasted 30 minutes resulting in a very well spanked ass.  Red and sore, she finally ceased and I was allowed to move.  A very traditional, solid spanking/paddling was over.  No dice were rolled as were are attending a party at a nearby dungeon on Monday night.  I hope to report on that on Tuesday.

Questions, comments.....all are welcome.  Thanks for reading.  

Thursday, July 14, 2016

July 15, reporting on the July 9 spanking party .  My maintenance spanking due on Saturday, July 9 was delivered at a spanking party we attended.  Much like the June 25 party, the format was CFNM, only this time there were 7 female spankers.  All 6 submissive males were stripped and the evening began with a round robin spanking.  All 7 female spankers were delivering spankings as the males rotated over each lap or placed in the wheelbarrow position in succession.  Red asses all around as the next segment used the roll of 3 dice.  As the sub rolled, one die dictated the implement, another the position and the third, the number of strokes.  This continued until each sub had been spanked numerous times.  A break for food and lively conversation ensued.  Back in the play room and stripped again, more party games were enjoyed by all.  The ladies set up a gauntlet, and the men were sent thru, walking, bent over, crawling etc. and were spanked by the double row of ladies wielding their favorite implement.  Several trips produced flaming red butts.  By the time the party broke up all were spanked very thoroughly.  We were treated to an overnight stay at the home of the hosts of the last party.  Following a great breakfast, the ladies spanked both of us for over an hour before we drove back home.  The dice stated a Thursday spanking for me and that should occur today, so I will be back on the air tomorrow to document that spanking.

Thanks for reading and any questions or comments will be addressed.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July 4, Independence Day....A surprise spanking.  Listening to fireworks, watching a ball game, I sat nude as usual next to her.  Suddenly she left and reentered the room carrying the big wood paddle, the purse paddle and leather gloves.  Settling in, she directed me over her lap..."come on, she said, maintenance day or not, you're getting spanked!!"  I obeyed and without any further hesitation I felt the leather covered hand begin to spank my exposed cheeks.  Faster and harder they began to fall.  Spreading my legs a bit, she spanked my inner cheeks, thighs and anus.  Just as quickly as it all started, the purse paddle introduced itself to my pink and tender ass.  Over and over again the kiss of the smooth wood against skin sent an echo throughout the room.  A long paddle session was in store for me as she slipped one leg out and locked it over the back of  my knees.  This move, along with her pulling my hips closer to her, further presented my ass for spanking, and a good spanking it was getting.  High and immobile, the cheeks had no choice but to accept the will of the spanker and the purse paddle.  All different angles and tempo, the paddle strokes were hard, as I felt tears weep onto the pillow.  A few breaks for the leather covered hand, but the purse paddle was doing most of the surprise fireworks spanking.  Many minutes of straight paddling later, the purse paddle rested, but my ass had no such luxury.  Still in a compromised position, red and stinging, my cheeks felt the big wood paddle.  It covered most of the red sore flesh with each stroke.  Straight, solid and even, the strokes landed and I yelped after each one.  Hard strokes continued for many minutes as my ass accepted a very long and firm paddling.  Maintenance day is later this week and I may get more then.  Also another spanking party is due for Saturday.  Much like the one on June 25, it will feature a CFNM environment and new female spankers.  Stripped and spanked by total strangers is awaiting me this weekend.  Until then, thanks for reading and leaving comments or questions.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Thursday June 30... marked the end of June with nearly 30 minutes of an OTK maintenance spanking.  Directing me over her lap, showing my nude ass to the ceiling, I waited for the strokes to fall.  She had only her bare hand and the dreaded discipline stick, and the hand led off.  A solid even tempo, with increasing intensity, soon turned cheeks warm and pink.  A short session with the stick turned pink to red and warm to hot with sting.  The hand was back and now very hard....same cadence, steady with no interruptions.  Then the stick again, same tempo just harder and a different angle.  This time the stick landed with vertical strokes which criss-crossed my cheeks with stinging blows.  Unable to move or squirm very much, my ass was an easy target and was getting spanked long and hard.  Repeated changes from the hand to the stick along different angles was the only noticeable feeling I could muster except for the increasing stinging pain and heat radiating off my ass.  After 27 minutes of continuous spanking, she began to lovingly massage my cheeks with a soothing effect.  Rolling the dice told me to expect another maintenance session next Wednesday.

Thanks for reading and as always, questions and comments will be addressed individually. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday, June 27, reporting on maintenance Day of June 25.  As many readers will recall, the last few maintenance spankings were not scheduled by the roll of the dice, but were carried out at dungeon visits or spanking parties.  Saturday night we attended a spanking party with a new group in a neighboring state.  We arrived early and met the hosts to be cleared for membership in their group.  All went well and as other members arrived, finger snacks were served and everyone was introduced.  When the hostess called for the party to begin, the first protocol was enforced.  Their attire for parties is always CFNM.  For those unaware, that stands for Clothed Female Nude Male.  Females may wear any attire they wish but the men must be fully nude and stay that way for the entire evening.  Including us there were 3 couples and one single female, a small turnout for their group.  The evening began with a round robin spanking in which the men were rotated over the lap of each female in succession for an OTK spanking.  Not only being stripped in front of total strangers, I was now spanked by 3 females I have never met.  Next a game ensued where the females tossed balls into a net from a short distance.  When one of each color landed in the net, they were collected and read aloud.  The red balls directed the implement, while the white ball had the number of strokes.  In my four turns, I was spanked with a wood paddle, leather belt, leather paddle and hairbrush with varying number of strokes.  At the close of that game I now had received 8 spankings at the hands of different ladies.  A brief pause for more refreshments was next.  The final scenario had the ladies rotating as the men were placed in a position.  One on a table, one on a spanking bench and I standing spread eagle with wrists attached to the ceiling rings.  The ladies then circled about and each had several periods of spanking each man.  This lasted about an hour and 45 minutes and each man received hundreds of strokes from different ladies and different implements.  Bright red asses glowed and the ladies carried out their spankings without hesitation.  We were released from our positions and conversations were lively about the party.  We were invited back to their next function in July where there are 13 people scheduled to attend.  I can only imagine how much spanking my ass will receive during that affair.

Upon returning home, we rolled the dice and I will receive my next maintenance spanking on Thursday. Thank you all for reading and until the next report, be well.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thursday, June 23.  Hello readers.  Just returned from 3 days at the lake with no internet.  To catch everyone up, the maintenance spanking at the dungeon took place on Monday night as planned.  It occurred early in the evening so most folks had not yet left the main room to begin their own scenes.  So in front of nearly everyone, I was stripped and placed on a St. Andrews Cross facing the onlookers.  She began with a bare hand spanking with little to no warm up.  Loud slaps could be heard through the dungeon which left no doubt a hard spanking was going on.  No blindfold allowed me to see the reaction on the faces of the dungeon attendees.  The leather paddle was used next and it was even louder than the hand.  About ten minutes of continuous hard spanks rang out.  I was wincing with every stroke, but stood spread eagle and accepted my due maintenance spanking.  A flogger was used striking from between the shoulder blades to the backs of my knees.  Uppercut strokes stung like hell against my balls and cock as they hung helplessly for all to see.  More hand spanks, more paddle strokes rained down really setting my ass on fire.  Now the riding crop came to play.  Again from shoulders to knees it struck me.  Special attention to my ass cheeks had me yelping with each smack.  Again, uppercut strokes landed directly on the bottom of the hanging balls increasing my yelps.  Forty five minutes had elapsed since the first hand spank landed.  She helped me down from the cross as I collapsed in a chair to recoup.  She again reminded me that no dice roll would happen and the next spanking will be at a spanking party in a neighboring state on Saturday. 

Sorry for the delay in reporting, my friends and be on the lookout for the next installment.  Thanks to all for reading and your questions or comments will be addressed.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Thursday, June 16, Maintenance Day.  We had a couple over for a lunch date today and things went well.  I was hoping to get the female to give me a belated birthday spanking, but it did not work out.  Later in the evening, after cleaning up the dinner dishes, my Dominant directed me to bring the OTK chair into the kitchen.  She had in her hand the leather slapper.  I knew I was getting an OTK spanking for maintenance.  Being spanked in the kitchen reminded me of being a child and my Mother, Grandmother or Aunt carrying out an OTK , bare ass spanking in front of anyone who just happened to be present.  Anyway, over her lap I went and she locked my legs down with one of hers which left my ass exposed, immobile and totally vulnerable to the spanking which followed.  She laid the slapper on my lower back and began with her bare hand.  About a twenty stroke warm up began.  Then the strokes were much more deliberate and harder.  A steady tempo of spanks landed and each filled the room with the echo of palm meeting cheek.  The spanking continued on and on until she said, 'that's fifty'.  A slight pause only long enough for me to feel her pick up the slapper off my lower back.  The report was a bit different but echoed in the room as the leather contacted the pink and tender skin of my stretched out ass cheeks.  Over and over it slapped my ass and I could not move or even squirm at all.  With the same tempo, the solid strokes continued and I felt the tears running down my cheeks and landing on the floor below.  In due time she again said 'that's fifty'.  My ass cheeks were stinging as I felt the slapped again being placed on my lower back and the bare hand took over.  I was getting it but good, tears dripping, ass absorbing spank after spank.  Being completely helpless, I was at her mercy as she continued until again I heard, 'that's fifty more'.  I then felt the slapper being grasped off my back and I knew what was to follow, and I was right as the slapper completed the spanking.  Not counting, but knowing another 50 were being delivered.  Finally the tempo slowed and the last ten were extremely hard strokes.  Two crimson cheeks glowed in the kitchen light and I could feel the heat for several hours afterwards.  No dice were rolled as it was determined that a visit to the public dungeon on Monday night would be my next maintenance spanking.  Stay tuned for that report probably on Tuesday.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday, June 12, a few day late, but life got in the way....familiar story.  Anyway, upon finishing making the bed, one of my daily chores, she pushed me face first over the edge of the bed.  Already nude as usual, my ass was now in perfect position to be spanked.  She took no pauses as I took 50 from a leather paddle, with the first ten being called a warm up.  Spreading my legs and grasping my balls with one hand, the other hand was after the two inch wide belt.  No more warm up as the 50 strokes from the belt colored my ass red and stung it intensely.  Now the leather gloved hand took over for another 50.  Every inch of the cheeks felt the spanking.  Off came the gloves and the bard hand continued for another 50.  She said I know you are overdue, but you're not done yet.  The dreaded discipline stick was suddenly in her hand.  Luckily, I only got ten from that, but they were all very hard and I wound up screaming.  The spanking ended with a kiss, but I have a feeling I will get more later today.  An occasional slave is coming for a visit and session around dinner time.  We may both get spanked together.

The dice roll produced a scheduled spanking for Thursday of next week.  Sorry for the short report, but life again is happening.  Comments and questions are always welcome.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Today is Sunday, June 5 and I am reporting on the spankings receives over the past two days.  As you may recall, Friday was my birthday and she had no intention of letting it pass by, even though regular maintenance day was Saturday.  That was special as well since we were attending a function at a local dungeon and my maintenance was to be delivered there.  But I get ahead of myself.  Friday started as every other day, upon waking I prepare and serve coffee to her in bed and brush her hair before we rise to begin the day.  Since Thursday after work hours I have been nude and that was not about to change.  After preparing, serving and cleaning up breakfast, I learned that not only was I being kept nude, but the day featured several added features of being a 24/7 submissive.  Several times a spank or two landed as I progressed through the day.  Periods of cock and ball bondage were also randomly occurring.  When the birthday spankings began in earnest, I was bound, blindfolded and placed into position.  Several implements were used and often during the events, sexual activity broke out.  As you know, we do not discuss that here, but suffice it to say, I was drained and she was well serviced.  The formal birthday spanking, 69 strokes came at the hands of an exotic wood mini paddle shaped like a heart.  The solid wood produced a small but firey hot spot, much like a wood spoon would leave with each stroke.  The full continuous 69 strokes left a hot, bruised and crimson red ass cheeks and me in tears.  Throughout the day, I was reminded it was my birthday and I served and serviced her endlessly.

Saturday we left for the dungeon and stopped off for dinner.  The program for the evening was a class on caning, so of course we brought ours.  Arriving and greeting old and friends and making new acquaintances led up to the seminar.  We learned a few new tricks, but knew most of the basic stuff.  Afterwards we went upstairs to play.  I enjoyed two sessions from her and she delivered sessions to two others during the evening.  My first session was in a prone position on a massage table.  Blindfolded with my head in a face cradle and wrists bound to the bench, my ass was an easy and immobile target for her.  Again, many implements were used including two different canes.  Red cheeks were aglow as the session progressed for nearly an hour.  I was kept nude, but placed aside after it ended while she worked over another victim.  When that finished, I brought refreshments and we took a break.  The second session found me standing, fully nude in view of all, wrists and forearms bound to a post, with legs spread.  This spanking featured several minutes of CBT and nipple torture.  Hard spanking, paddling, caning and flogging for the duration of the scene had me in tears and very red and sore.  The soreness included my cock, balls and nipples from the additional torment they were subjected to.  Finally over, she untied me but directed me to remain standing on display while she discussed a scene with another submissive.  When her last session began, she gave me a nod to clean up and get things ready to leave.  I packed the toys she was not using and got dressed.  A wonderful evening of semi-public maintenance wound down and we drove back home.  She nearly immediately rolled a dice to schedule my next spanking.  A four appeared, so adding one, the next spanking will be on Thursday night.

Thanks for reading and your questions or comments will all be individually answered.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

My apologies for not writing until now, but I do have a good reason.  As you all know last Thursday was the scheduled maintenance day for me.  That got bypassed until Friday because another lifestyle couple were staying for the weekend at our home.  My maintenance was to be handled by both female Dominants during the weekend which was CFNM.  It is now Sunday night and I have been nude since about noon or Friday.  I knew the female Dominant of the couple but had never met her new submissive, but greeted both of them warmly while nude.  After introductions, his Dom ordered him nude as well.  We were both kept totally nude and in service mode until they left earlier today.  We were both spanked several times over the two days and my Dominant gave me about a 45 minute session in front of both of them.  Many toys were used and the finale was the numerous very hard strokes delivered by the big wood paddle.  Both Dommes were free and willing to dominate both of us and our asses were quite red and sore after the weekend.  A dice roll scheduled next Saturday, but seeing as Friday is my birthday, I doubt that will pass without a serious spanking from my Dominant.  I plan to document the birthday spanking as well as the maintenance spanking unless they are one in the same.  Until next weekend, thanks for reading and as usual, questions or comments will be answered.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Saturday, May 21....Maintenance Day.  Unable to report yesterday, I will document the Saturday spanking today.  On the way home from our dinner party, I recalled about the good food and fun we enjoyed.  As we neared our destination, she said 'When we get home, you are getting spanked', I responded a simple Yes Ma'am and the stage was set.  My normal procedure upon arriving home is to strip totally nude, which I did
but, tonight I also prepared for the maintenance spanking.  Our dungeon in this house is in the basement where we have restraints to keep me in a standing, spread eagle position, but I was directed to the bedroom instead.  I put on the blindfold and placed myself in the compromised position over the bed with bare ass high and vulnerable.  She entered and placed several toys next to me on the bed.  Her spanking gloves were on, so no bare hand warm up.  Instead the leather paddle with fleece on one side was used.  Several strikes from the fleece side warmed me and all of a sudden, the paddle was flipped over and the leather side slapped my ass very hard.  Warm up was over.  The leather paddle struck a random number of medium strokes in between very hard ones.  This continued for several minutes.  I could hear grab another implement and without any interruption in the cadence, the thin oak paddle landed.  Soon a second thin wood paddle was in her other hand and both delivered medium and hard strokes to both cheeks.  She nudged my legs open further and used the rubber tasseled tawse redden my inner thighs and sit spots.  The gloved hands also had their turn together and in tag team with other implements.  All devices were used several times and in tandem with each of the others all with no break in the tempo.  My ass was stinging and bright red as the toys made their impression on my flesh.  After over 20 minutes, she told me to stand.  I obeyed only to have her left hand reach around and grasp my cock and balls and push back, further protruding my ass for more spanking.  The gloved hand spanked both cheeks very hard with rapid strikes.  The sound of velcro, the glove came off and the bare hand continued the assault.  When she slowed, tears had wet the inside of the blindfold and were beginning to track down my face.  She turned me around and pushed be back on the bed and raised my ankles.  She directed me to grab the back of my knees and remain in the spread diaper position.  Some CBT followed, but soon she began to torment my nipples while she grabbed the rubber tasseled tawse.  She increased the torment on my nipples while the tawse was whipping my cock, balls and ass hole resulting in an erection.  I felt as though my entire package was whipped raw when she stopped and great sex followed.  The entire session ended with the awesome feeling of blazing hot cheeks sliding in on crisp cool sheets.  Sleep was instant.

The dice were rolled the next morning and the next maintenance spanking will be on Thursday.  Thanks for reading and as usual, all comments and questions will be answered. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wednesday, May 18, reporting on the May 15th spanking.  WOW, what a rotten week.  Avid readers will recall I was supposed to be spanked on our last night in our southern home.  That was going to be Monday, well not only was I not spanked, but it was not our last night.  Another Dr. appointment and test delayed our departure until Wednesday and the scrambling continued thru early morning on get-away day.  Then a two day trip which became our worst journey in memory.  Thursday night found us in the northeast, but exhausted.  Now opening a house after being closed for 6 months, took awhile and things just kept getting put off until Sunday.  Early evening I came in from yet another full day of getting organized and she said, 'strip, shower and present your bare ass for a long overdue spanking'.  I obeyed and found myself nude and in position when she came in and slipped on my blindfold.  She spread my legs a bit further, patted my ass and stroked my balls and I completely relaxed.  A gentle hand spank began the warm up.  She wore leather spanking gloves and the smacks increased in hardness and tempo.  Next, the thin oak paddles were rapidly covering both cheeks with stinging blows.  These paddles are about as wide and thick as a good yardstick.  Normally used as part of a 'Board of Correction' discipline spanking, they turned my ass bright red in no time.  A rubber tasseled tawse was used on my open cheeks and my anus took the most of it.  A leather paddle then began soundly spanking me and each stroke resulted in a yelp and movement from me.  More hand spanking and the oak paddles had me shedding tears.  A stop only resulted in a very comprising segment.  She reached between my legs and grasped my balls and pulled them back toward my ass like a humbler would.  The rubber tasseled tawse reappeared.  The shaved, tender skin of the scrotum was pulled tight and exposed to the torment the tawse was dishing out.  Bright red and stinging skin of my balls and ass cheeks were examined by her and she decide to end the spanking with ten very hard strokes from an exotic wood paddle with holes.  I think it was the Brazilian Cherry paddle that delivered the final ten hard strokes. 

The dice were rolled and a '5' turned up.  Meaning on the sixth day, Saturday, another maintenance spanking would be given.  We do have a dinner date for that day, so I imagine, after that, I will be stripped, spread and spanked.  Stay tuned for the details.

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Friday, May 6, Maintenance Day.  As promised, I was ready to be spanked on Friday, but not the way it took place.  Due to many days of packing for our 6 month stay in the northeast, our dungeon was loaded with boxes, etc for the trip, so a spanking there was impossible.  Late in the evening, she called me into our bedroom and I then knew what was in store.  She had placed 4 implements out for use.  She was sitting and directed me over her lap.  Head and feet down, but ass up, I was ready for a traditional OTK spanking.  A bare hand spanked my ass steadily for several minutes and my cheeks began to feel warm.  The short leather slapper came next and the warmup was over.  From my position over her lap, I had little option for movement and the slapper covered every inch of both cheeks.  Several very hard strokes from the slapper and my warm cheeks changed into burning heat.  Several more minutes of this and my ass was sore and tears had moistened my face.  A seamless change in tempo, but the hairbrush was unmistakable as it delivered bruising strokes.  Again, not leaving any area of either cheek untouched, a sound OTK hairbrush spanking continued.  She pushed one of my legs off her lap which opened my ass to her.  She scoured my anus and balls with the short, course bristles of the brush for several minutes.  Grasping my thigh and pulling both legs back together, I was squarely back over over her lap.  The bare hand returned and spanked, spanked, and spanked more.  Then the slapper really stung my ass with another round of heavy strokes.  Of course the brush returned as well and I was yelping with each contact.  A slight pause as she grasped the big wood paddle and wielded it like a pro.  The paddle was keeping tempo for the next several minutes as my ass was taking a beating.  Covering all of my burning, bright red cheeks with a solid paddling.  Finally, I took a very hard stroke and I heard the familiar 'ONE' called.  You know what followed.  Nine more very hard solid strokes.  She allowed me off her lap and I caught a glimpse in the mirror.  My cheeks were solid red from top to bottom and side to side.  My balls and asshole still tingled from the scouring of the brush.  It was over.  No dice again as she said, Monday may be our last night in the south, so you will be spanked then.  I mustered a 'yes ma'am' response and then put the toys away.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tuesday, May 3.  I sit here on a very red and sore ass as maintenance has just finished.  Way overdue, because of Dr. appointments, medical procedures, lab work and being away has pushed the maintenance spanking to the back of the priority list.  Today after breakfast, she came up behind me in the kitchen and bare hand spanked me hard about 25 times.  She then said,'Go to the dungeon, put on your blindfold and present your ass... you're being spanked right now'.  I obeyed and as I wait, in position, she enters and says, " it has been too long'.  A nice bare hand warm up with a steady slow cadence reddens my cheeks.  The spanks begin to get harder as she progressed.  Next was the leather flogger, and it covered my lower back, ass and thighs.  Over and over again the falls struck with authority.  With legs spread and the flogger swung upwards, the tips of the leather falls bit into the tender flesh of my balls and anus.  The big wood paddle was to be the main event and it wasted no time in delivering a very hard smack to both cheeks.  Instead of set of 10 which has been the scenario lately, several hard, solid strokes stung and bruised me as I yelped after each one.  Now a few light ones preceded a very hard one.  This continued but the number of light strokes varied.  I was unable to discern when the hard one was due.  Sometime two or three hard ones landed before the light ones resumed.  I was beginning to lose position so she reached around and grasped my balls and cock to prevent the movement and further present my ass for the paddle.  Tears moistened the blindfold as my ass absorbed a very solid and lengthy paddling.  She finally released my cock and balls, removed my blindfold and turned me to look in the mirror.  Scarlet cheeks with bruise marks greeted my eyesight as we both admired her handiwork.

No dice were rolled and she simply said 'You will be spanked again on Friday... Be ready' and left the room.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday, April 25, Maintenance Day.  I realize the spanking should have took place yesterday, but we got home so late, it was put off until today.  I was told to report to the dungeon after my shower and I found 5 implements laid out.  The riding crop, leather belt, flexible leather paddle, long hairbrush, and big wood paddle.  I put on the blindfold, placed myself in position and waited.  She entered the room and began massaging my cheeks, thighs, legs and lower back.  All at once a very hard hand spank landed on my left cheek.  After more massaging, a very hard spank landed on my right cheek.  The went on until about ten hard spanks were registered, and then the normal warm up began.  A different approach, I thought, but I was ready for anything.  Another seamless transition from bare hand to riding crop occurred and the crop when right to work.  It covered my ass with stinging swats and found its way to my balls.  Several uppercut swings landed on my balls and meant business.  Next I felt the belt land horizontally and set both cheeks ablaze.  One was not enough and several more made me remember what a belt was like.  The belt continued to light up my ass and I was yelping after each stroke.  Along came the flexible leather paddle.  My cheeks were already red and sore.  It stung both cheeks and I knew I was being well spanked.  It continued and somehow, the crop was in her left hand while the leather paddle was in her right.  The paddle kept up the stinging strokes while the crop, swung upwards, landed on my balls and cock head.  How she was doing this was confusing to me.  However both implements continued for awhile.  Enough of the sting as the long hairbrush solidly spanked both cheeks.  After several of the solid strokes, the bristles then scrubbed my anus, balls and cock.  Now everything was bright red.  Time for the big wood paddle and the tried and true method of 10 very hard strokes met my ass.  She counted, I yelped and the paddle delivered.  Another set, then another.  She commanded me to stand and of course I obeyed.  She toyed with my balls and cock and used the hairbrush to torment my nipples.  Slapping and scrubbing with the bristles soon had my nipples as sore as my ass.  This treatment continued until it led to a sexual encounter.  We do not discuss things like that here, so for all practical purposes, the spanking was over.  The dice were rolled and on Wednesday it will happen again.

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thursday, April 21, Maintenance Day... A spanking was due and I got a good one.  I was at a club meeting, but was told to be home by 10 o'clock to be spanked.  I arrived home ten minutes early.  Upon entering the house, I was told to strip off all my clothes, got to the dungeon, put on the blindfold and present you ass to be spanked.  I followed directions to the letter.  Entering the dungeon, totally nude, I found 3 paddles awaiting their use.  The purse paddle, the flexible leather paddle and the big wood paddle.  I donned the blindfold, placed myself in position and waited.  Right at 10 o'clock I heard her enter the room and comment 'very nice'.  She went behind me and immediately spread my legs further apart.  She felt my cheeks, slid her hands into my crack and fingered my ass hole.  Continuing, she felt, caressed and squeezed my balls, then tugged on my cock and squeezed my cock head.  Again said 'very nice' as she started to spank with her hands.  The warm up consisted of quite hard bare hand spanks everywhere.  Yes, complete cheeks, anus and balls and cock too!!.  Numerous strokes rained down and a seamless transition to the purse paddle was next.  I have described this device before.  It is about the size of a ping pong paddle, but much thicker.  A 'no nonsense' device designed to be carried in a purse for impromptu spankings.  It delivers a solid spank.  Tonight was no exception as it covered both cheeks with a hard paddling.  Again, without hesitation, the flexible leather paddle took over.  This is a stinger and it did its job.  Horizontal and vertical strokes left not one square inch of my ass unspanked.  Several minutes of this resulted in a well stung and solidly paddled submissive ass.  Just like last time the big wood paddle delivered a set of 10 very hard strokes.  A little ball squeeze and a tug on my cock set the stage for another set of 10 very hard strokes from the big paddle.  Next the leather paddle returned to increase the sting on my bright red cheeks.  Reigniting the burn, my ass was raw and crimson.  The big paddle was in her hand again and it delivered another set of 10 very hard strokes.  The purse paddle was back and smacked each cheek five times very fast.  She said 'did you remember your medicine today'?  Yes ma'am I replied.  "Good!!' she said.  "No more repeats of your forgetfulness of the other day'.  Yes ma'am I again replied.  'Well, let's make sure,  Here is a little reminder'.  My ass took ten of the hardest strokes the big paddle could offer.  Thirty minutes of continuous paddling finally ended.  A dice roll scheduled the next maintenance spanking for Sunday.

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday, April, 18....Maintenance Day.  Yes, I am aware Maintenance Day was scheduled for last Friday, but we were away for the weekend and unable to carry out the spanking.  So today, following my after work shower, she directed me to the dungeon.  She had set things up and laid out a few toys.  I placed my nude body in position and presented my bare ass for her to administer the over due maintenance spanking.  As normal the bare hand began the warm up phase.  A good job resulted and I was feeling a warm pink glow on both cheeks.  Now the bare hand meant business as the spanks became faster and harder.  Her knee nudged my legs open a bit wider, enough so my balls were now hanging loose and could swing with every impact.  Next came the leather slapper and that device seemed to know the warm up was over.  From the first strike the slapper landed very hard.  Over and over again, side to side and even vertically.  The fringed side landed and stung my anus and back side of my balls.  I held position as my Mistress and the slapper had their way with my ass.  The flexible leather paddle was next and it never saw a light or even medium stroke.  The leather bit into my red and tender flesh.  Many spanks landed and stung me more than one could imagine.  After several minutes of this, my old friend the big wood paddle was called in like a relief pitcher.  She laid it against my bare cheeks and said, a set of ten for you.  The first one came in very hard and I knew they all would be like that.  'One', she counted.  My knees buckled and a yelp jumped through my lips.  She put a hand on each hip to adjust my position and said stay still.  Again she placed it against my skin and swung the paddle.  I held position, but yelped loudly.  Good boy she said and the paddle was again laid against my ass.  Another solid stroke smacked against both unprotected cheeks.  Three, then four, then five as the set continued.  The paddling seemed relentless until I finally heard her count TEN!!!.  A brief pause while the slapper was used lightly with an uppercut swing against my hanging balls.  About a minute of this and my balls were in agony.  Then the paddle was again pressed against my now very red and sore ass.  Another set she said... are you ready?  I muffled a 'yes ma'am' and the set started.  No different from the first set with the same result.  Solid strokes landed, echoed with a yelp from me.  I knew better than to break position so I just took all ten strokes.  More tapping with the slapper against my balls and cock head.   Soon the paddle found its way to my ass cheeks and I heard "how about another set".... no time to answer before the first of ten very hard strokes paddled my ass soundly.  When that set finished, I felt my ass was crimson and sore down to the deep tissue of my cheeks which would last for days.  She began to caress my ass and slid between my thighs to my balls and cock.  A very nice massage continued for a few minutes.  A complete surprise was the feel of the paddle touching my cheeks again.  Her sweet voice like velvet said "one more set and your done".  This ten felt even harder than the former sets.  By SIX I was beside myself in pain and tears were flowing.  When EIGHT landed, I felt I could take no more.  Two more and I was cooked.  She rubbed soothing lotion on and the maintenance was over.  A roll of the dice was unfriendly and on Thursday my ass will have to endure another maintenance spanking.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tuesday, April, 12.....Maintenance Day.  During the evening hours, she directed me to our dungeon for my maintenance spanking.  I could tell from what was laid out, the theme tonight was leather and sting.  There was the leather slapper, leather riding crop, leather flogger, flexible leather paddle and leather belt and of course the bare hand would play an important role.  Already nude, I assumed position and in no time the warm up began.  Bare hands patted my cheeks and slowly increased in tempo and hardness until full hand spanks were being delivered.  Feeling warm and pink, the slapper took over and true to its name, slapped my ass repeatedly and turned it from warm and pink to red and stinging.  The slapper is about 8 inches long and 3 inches wide, double sided.  One side solid leather and the other cut into fringes.  She can wield it in many angles and with my legs spread, no part of my ass was safe.  Nearly a seamless transition to the riding crop could only be felt by the difference in the spank.  Now the crop was covering my cheeks, sit spot and upper thighs with bee sting like swats.  Covering my tender ass with red hot stings one square inch at a time.  With cheeks really stinging she directed the narrow implement between my thighs and thoroughly spanked my anus and the back of my balls.  I was yelping now with each stroke and tears began to form.  Another change to the leather paddle.  Just the opposite of the crop, each stroke covered almost half a cheek at a time.  Already red and well stung, my ass took the leather paddling as I held position.  The flogger took its turn and the tips of the falls lashed against every part of my ass, ass hole and balls.  Full strength strokes flogged  my lower back, ass cheeks and spread open thighs.  A very effective implement for coverage and sting.  The leather belt came next and it was a recallection of being spanked by my Father.  Stroke after stroke with a doubled over belt landed across both cheeks.  Red hot lashes fell on my unprotected, and presented ass cheeks.  She stopped and caressed my cheeks with loving hands.  She asked me to stand and I obeyed.  Thinking it was over, I was surprised to have her sit on the bed and direct me over her lap.  Now a true OTK spanking was only beginning.  Bare hands spanked and spanked my ass.  Even the leather slapper made and encore performance.  Tears flowing as the OTK spanking lingered on.  After 35 minutes she called it over.  My crimson cheeks were giving off heat to warm a small room.  A nice lotion rub down was a great after care.  The dice were rolled and scheduled Friday for another bare ass maintenance spanking.

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

April 10, 2016....SPANKED !!!  finally SPANKED.  Forget the recovery, hang the caution, throw out the blood thinners....This morning I got the first maintenance spanking in many days.  Crawling out from the covers I felt the cool air on my cheeks as they faced the ceiling awaiting the first slap from the bare hand of my beautiful Dominant Mistress.  An OTK spanking was on its way.  The first few smacks were a pleasant warm up.  Then the strokes came faster and harder.  She pulled me higher against her torso and spread my thighs a bit wider.  The bare hand strokes were warming my ass with a stead tempo of spanks covering every inch of my cheeks.  With my legs spread, a few strokes hit my inner thighs, sit spots and anus.  All of my ass began a warming and reddening sensation.  The bare hands, working together now were delivering a solid bare hand, OTK spanking.  Lasting even longer than I expected the spanking continued.  I arched my back and drew my knees into her thigh further raising and presenting my ass for a better target.  What I thought would be a token spanking continued longer and harder.  Then it happened.  The wood backed WAV hairbrush suddenly appeared in her right hand.  This completely dispelled any concept of a mere token spanking.  Beginning softly and slowly, the hairbrush made its presence known.  She spread my thighs even further now allowing the brush to spank deep into my crack.. I could hear and feel the wood brush back striking my guiche piercing as it stung my ass hole.  Inner thighs, sit spots and all over both cheeks the brush continued its assault.  No more soft strokes as the cadence increased along with the impact.  I was yelping regularly now with each stroke and my eyes began watering.  After several more minutes, the strokes lessened again and I felt one very hard stroke land across both cheeks.  'ONE' she counted, and the medium strokes landed again.  Then two very hard strokes landed and she counted 'ONE, TWO' as they landed in succession.  More medium spanks then 3 very hard strokes.  'ONE, TWO, THREE' she echoed after each.  I got the message as the medium strokes returned.  Then 4 hard strokes, then 5, then 6 as she counted after each landed.  My cheeks were now bright red and hurting. The count down continued, 7, 8, 9 all landed with medium strokes in between each set.  She seemed to delight in counting each stroke after my yelp.  I wondered how high she intended to go with this scenario?  20?, 50? I could only speculate.  After the next set and her counting to 10, my ass felt it could take no more, but I maintained position.  After the count of 10, the soft carress of her bare hands told me the spanking was over.

The dice were rolled and scheduled me for a Tuesday spanking.  Thus the regular random scheduled maintenance spankings have begun again.

Thank you all for your patience and reading the episodes.  Questions or comments are always welcome and will be addressed.  Thanks again!!!!     

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Saturday, April 2.  I feel I must report to you the recent days of my inactivity.  March 24, I took ill and have been out of bed only a few days.  Last Tuesday I was hospitalized and submitted to a minor heart procedure.  Just returned home yesterday and am slowly recouping.  Obviously, no spankings have been occurring here.  Things will be getting back to normal within the next week or so, I hope.  As soon as my life is back in gear, I intend to keep documenting my spanking escapades as they occur.  Thank you all for your continued reading of the episodes and I hope they will continue soon.  Thank you all for understanding.

spanked cowboy

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday, March, 22, Maintenance Day.  Most readers are aware of my misfortune earlier this month.  The hurried trip to the Northeast for a funeral was followed immediately by a long visit from vanilla friends.  Living with a vanilla couple, there was not a chance for us to continue our lifestyle.  We put everything on hold.  Yesterday, we saw them off from Nashville and returned to our home and DD household.  We had decided on a maintenance session, on Tuesday, giving us a day for R & R.  Thank you all for your patience and we hope to continue our maintenance program.

At 8 pm, this evening we entered the dungeon in our home and I assumed position.  I could hear her assembling some implements to administer the first maintenance spanking in several days.  She began with a modest massage of my cheeks followed by the first implement.  The leather slapper started the session.  A medium cadence began with mild slaps that increased in intensity.  The sting began as my ass was not used to being spanked.  Different angles and approaches peppered my butt and covered it in a bright pink glow.  The strokes now became harder and harder.  Very hard strokes finally yielded to hand spanking.  Without any break or change in tempo, the bare hands of my Dominant Mistress took control.  She nudged my legs apart slightly.  The spanking continued and after a bit, the third implement could be felt.  This was the purse paddle, but with the protective cover still on.  No sting resulted, but the thud was unmistakable.  Again, the seamless transition occurred and the spanking continued.  The protective cover on the purse paddle prevents any damage to other items in the purse and also the paddle itself.  The cover easily slips off and the solid wood of the purse paddle kissed my ass with authority.  It continued to assault my cheeks for many minutes.  I was responding to each stroke with a muffled yelp.  Now the stinging was returning and the thud was replaced.  She spread my legs a bit further and I could feel my balls swinging with each impact.  Her ability to interchange implements has become her trademark.  Another transparent change back to the bare hand was barely noticeable.   Inner thighs, inner cheeks and anus were included in the target range.  I held position, head down, ass up and accepted my fate.  Following the second hand spanking, my old friend, the big wood paddle was brought out.  Without missing one beat, the paddle took over the spanking duties and the hand was gone.  Straight on solid strokes landed squarely on both exposed cheeks.  The paddling continued, the yelps continued, the cadence never faltered.  Lasting nearly an hour in total now, the big wood paddle rested.  Just a brief pause and the finale began.  Today she chose to have each implement return for a ten count of very hard strokes.  The leather slapper came first.  Counting each stroke, the 'fingers' of the slapper bit into the tenderized red flesh.  Ten strokes felt like a hundred.  Next the bare hand use used.  Due to their size and covering only one cheek, I was treated to ten on each cheek.  Now the purse paddle, without the cover.  This is a short handled solid wood implement about the size of a ping pong paddle, but nearly 1/2 inch thick.  Ten very hard strokes from that and you know you have been paddled.  Fear not!!!! the big wood paddle was brought in like a closer in a ball game.  She touched my ass with the paddle to secure the aim, then brought it back and slammed it against both cheeks.  'ONE', she stated.  Another touch and seconds later the second fell on my presented ass.  TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE.... my ass was ablaze.  Another touch began the final 5 strokes.  Each seemed harder than the previous one. Her calling 'TEN' and again caressing my cheeks finished the long spanking.   Standing and glancing in the mirror revealed a very red ass.  I kissed her and thanked her.  The dice roll was not friendly and Friday, I am to be spanked again.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Good evening readers.  Sad news here.  We suffered a death in my family and I'm off to New York in the morning for several days.  This report will be brief. 

My Sunday spanking was delayed to Monday as we returned very late from our weekend away.  The spanking was long and quite hard.  She used several implements including gloved hand, big wood paddle, purse paddle, and rubber spatula.  About 45 minutes and the spanking never stopped.  The big wood paddle had the most business with my ass and afterward, it showed.  Both cheeks were covered in a crimson red and quite sore.  The dice were not kind to me either as another spanking was scheduled and received for today, Wednesday. 

Again, the gloved hand and big wood paddle was used.  The paddle struck over and over again making both cheeks see red.  At what I though was the end, the rubber spatula came in and really lit up my ass.  I held position as the spanking continued.  The spatula stung like fire and I was yelping with each stroke.  When it finally let up, I thought it was over.  The big wood paddle returned and I took about 30 of the hardest smacks I can recall.  Typing this report is very uncomfortable sitting on a sore ass.

No dice roll as we leave early tomorrow.  I will most likely be spanking upon our return and a dice roll will follow that spanking.

Sorry for the brief report, but I must be ready to leave in just a few hours.

Questions and comments will be fielded whenever I have internet access.  Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Tuesday, Feb, 29, 2016 - Leap Day - Maintenance Day.  The maintenance spanking due for Sunday was postponed twice as again, life interrupts.  Tuesday morning she said we have an appointment for 8 are going to be spanked!!   About five minutes before eight, she directed me to go to the dungeon and prepare myself.  Already being totally nude, I entered and found the high pillows on the bed and two implements next to them.  Presenting myself means I lie over the pillows, unprotected ass high, head down and wait in submissive mode.  A few minutes after eight, she entered, stroked my ass and said "nice, let's get to it".  The leather slapper started off with soft brushing strokes but increasing slowly in intensity.  The tempo was the same as the strokes landed with mounting authority.  They came from every angle, side to side, top to bottom, uppercut, you name it.  All landed solid and began sting, painting my cheeks pink.  The slapper was now really going to town and the stinging turned to a burning sensation.  Now the bare hand was intertwined with the strokes from the slapper.  Soon the slapper died off and the bare hands were both spanking to beat the band.  I would guess nearly 15 minutes had now passed as the hands slowed a bit and could feel only one.  This meant she was picking up the next implement.  A medium stroke from the big wood paddle landed.  Hand spanks and paddle blows were landing alternatively.  Again, the hand strokes slowed to a stop but the paddle kept the tempo even.  Another seamless transition from toy to hand to toy kept the spanking alive with no breaks.  The paddle was designed and made by me to cover both cheeks and deliver solid spanks, produce enough sting to satisfy and enough mass to cause deep tissue bruising which would last for awhile.  It did not disappoint as blow after blow landed causing the desired effect.  Medium to hard to very hard strokes came in perfect cadence but with no set order.  The yelping caused my head to raise up a bit and she forced my head back down and commanded 'SUBMIT'.  I obeyed and knew I was to be still and accept the spanking.  The bare hand came back and so did the slapper for some extra variety.  A very brief pause and I heard the drawer open.  A very sharp stinging stroke told me the rubber spatula was in use.  No soft or medium strokes her, the spatula was doing its job on my already bright red and sore ass cheeks.  Over and over again it struck until it was replaced by the big wood paddle for the finale.  Solid straight line blows met my ass with a resounding echo throughout the dungeon, one ever two seconds or so.  The very hard smacks I could feel all the way to my dental fillings.  I must have taken about twenty or more before she stopped and again stroked my ass and said "Nice... your done".  A brief glance and the clock and mirror proved to me a full 35 minutes of non stop spanking, produced cherry red cheeks.

She rolled the dice and said " Your ass will me mine for your next maintenance spanking on Sunday.

Questions??? Comments???  All will be answered.     Thanks for reading.