Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thursday, Feb 25, maintenance day.  The dice called for a spanking today and I got it....very early.  Everyone knows our daily ritual, I serve coffee and brush her hair before she leaves the bed, well today, maintenance day there was an added event before  getting up.  I got up and made the coffee and served it, I brushed her hair as normal and then she said "over my".  I obeyed and with my ass high in the air, she started spanking me.  If the theme for our last spanking was long and hard, this one was short and stingy.  Her bare hand and the flexible leather paddle did the damage.  The paddle has a wood handle with a piece of leather about 1/8 inch thick, 10 inches long and fur covered on one side.  Being flexible, the tip acts like a short whip and generates quite a bit of speed before it contacts the skin.  The bare hand started and the warm up period was not very long.  The swats quickly became harder and faster.  The good feeling was short lived as my ass heated up and began to sting very soon.  The over the lap position in bed, leaves no room for movement or space to absorb the impact.  My cheeks, practically immobile, took the full force and believe me, that little woman packs quite wallop.  Just ask anyone she has spanked.  The paddle offered no relief.  Its leather side stung my tender flesh without mercy.  She skillfully aimed the tip to sting every inch of my ass and the full force blows covered both cheeks nicely.  For twenty minutes, without break, the two implements stung my ass completely.  No long term soreness here or deep tissue bruising, just stinging.  I knew the redness would not last long but the mirror showed me just how red I was.  She finally called it quits so I could perform the rest of my morning chores sporting a very red tail.  Even the dice roll was not in my favor and come Saturday night, in a hotel room, I will be spanked again.

Questions or comments.... let them fly.  I will answer all.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Sunday Feb 21, Maintenance Day.  We are finally back from our extended stay in Florida.  As you may recall, I was punishment spanked just prior to leaving on our trip.  We agreed, as we were spending most of the time with vanilla folks, a spanking was nearly impossible and that I would receive a long, hard maintenance spanking on our return.  During our trip, I did receive two hotel room hair brush spankings.  As normal, our neighbors could probably hear and know what what happening and twice I sat uncomfortably on a sore ass at breakfast.  All that in the past, we finally arrived home late Friday night, too late for a spanking.  Saturday presented a change of plans and again the spanking was bypassed.  Sunday, however, after clearing the dinner dishes, she called me to the bedroom.  Our dungeon was still full with unpacked items from the trip.  She had made a place on the bed and laid out several implements.  She told me to assume position and stay there.  I knew I was going to get it and get it GOOD.  After blindfolding me, she caressed my bare ass momentarily and then started in.  The purse paddle began and the 'warm up' was very short.  My cheeks were red and tender in no time, but the paddle continued.  Again, as has become her method, the purse paddle was replaced with the thin oak paddles with no break in the cadence.  These were the same ones she used to punish me a few weeks ago.  Hard horizontal strokes landed across both lower cheeks producing a loud yelp and movement on my part.  Twisting and jumping half way up, I recalled her directions "Stay There".  I knew reaching back to my ass was a big no no, therefore, I quickly returned to position and presented myself for the next blow.  This scenario repeated itself as the next stroke landed.  Then another, and another and another until I knew my cheeks were sore, striped and looked like raw hamburger as my eyes were shedding tears.  A very slight pause felt like a long relief, but when her foot, then knee and thigh split my legs and continued to nudge then apart until I was spread wide, I knew I was very vulnerable.  I heard her swish the riding crop in the air.  The narrow implement was carefully aimed at my anus and she did not miss.  My inner cheeks, inner thighs, ass hole and back of my balls were slapped repeatedly in rapid fire timing.  Tears flowed, yelps and the report of the crop echoed in the room as I held position and accepted the maintenance.  The purse paddle made an encore as did the thin oak paddles, but in a verticle pattern this time.  The big wood paddle then came in for what turned out to be several very solid strokes covering my entire ass.  She removed the blindfold and placed me all the way on the bed and cuddled me for a short time.  I noticed the clock and nearly 40 minutes had elapsed since the blindfold went on.     After the cuddling, she pulled me over her lap and a 10 minute bare hand spanking finished the session.

I had received a very long, hard and effective maintenance spanking as promised.  The dice roll was not friendly as the number scheduled Thursday as the next time I would submit to a maintenance spanking.

Thanks for reading and hope questions and/or comments for me to answer will be forthcoming.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Today is Thursday Feb 5.  I realize you nice folks have been kept in the dark for a few days.  My scheduled maintenance spanking on Monday was given, but very different.  As soon as I finished brushing her hair (one of my normal morning services), she pulled me over her lap while still in bed.  She proceeded to spank me with bare hand and the handy hair brush.  It was rather quick and she announced there would be more later in the week.  No dice were rolled as she explained we would be in Florida for 2 weeks around vanilla people and spanking may not be feasible.  She said I would be getting a long maintenance spanking before we left and one on returning.  After the spanking on returning from our trip, we will roll the dice and get back on schedule.  Early today while I was at the sink, she came up behind me with the big wood paddle and said 'present your ass'.  With hands still in the sink, I obeyed.  My presented ass was greeted with several hard strokes from the paddle.  She walked away.  I felt more maintenance would be delivered later as we were leaving Friday early morning.  On Wednesday we had a slight spat and afterwards, I thought no more about it.  Around 10 or so, she called me into the dungeon and placed me in position.  I received a quite harsh punishment spanking for the disagreement of yesterday.  So as of right now, approx 4 pm, I am unsure if I will receive more maintenance tonight on not.  It it happens, it will be reported.  If not, the next report will be following the maintenance I will receive on our return around the 17th.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to continue to document maintenance spankings as they occur.