Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday, March, 22, Maintenance Day.  Most readers are aware of my misfortune earlier this month.  The hurried trip to the Northeast for a funeral was followed immediately by a long visit from vanilla friends.  Living with a vanilla couple, there was not a chance for us to continue our lifestyle.  We put everything on hold.  Yesterday, we saw them off from Nashville and returned to our home and DD household.  We had decided on a maintenance session, on Tuesday, giving us a day for R & R.  Thank you all for your patience and we hope to continue our maintenance program.

At 8 pm, this evening we entered the dungeon in our home and I assumed position.  I could hear her assembling some implements to administer the first maintenance spanking in several days.  She began with a modest massage of my cheeks followed by the first implement.  The leather slapper started the session.  A medium cadence began with mild slaps that increased in intensity.  The sting began as my ass was not used to being spanked.  Different angles and approaches peppered my butt and covered it in a bright pink glow.  The strokes now became harder and harder.  Very hard strokes finally yielded to hand spanking.  Without any break or change in tempo, the bare hands of my Dominant Mistress took control.  She nudged my legs apart slightly.  The spanking continued and after a bit, the third implement could be felt.  This was the purse paddle, but with the protective cover still on.  No sting resulted, but the thud was unmistakable.  Again, the seamless transition occurred and the spanking continued.  The protective cover on the purse paddle prevents any damage to other items in the purse and also the paddle itself.  The cover easily slips off and the solid wood of the purse paddle kissed my ass with authority.  It continued to assault my cheeks for many minutes.  I was responding to each stroke with a muffled yelp.  Now the stinging was returning and the thud was replaced.  She spread my legs a bit further and I could feel my balls swinging with each impact.  Her ability to interchange implements has become her trademark.  Another transparent change back to the bare hand was barely noticeable.   Inner thighs, inner cheeks and anus were included in the target range.  I held position, head down, ass up and accepted my fate.  Following the second hand spanking, my old friend, the big wood paddle was brought out.  Without missing one beat, the paddle took over the spanking duties and the hand was gone.  Straight on solid strokes landed squarely on both exposed cheeks.  The paddling continued, the yelps continued, the cadence never faltered.  Lasting nearly an hour in total now, the big wood paddle rested.  Just a brief pause and the finale began.  Today she chose to have each implement return for a ten count of very hard strokes.  The leather slapper came first.  Counting each stroke, the 'fingers' of the slapper bit into the tenderized red flesh.  Ten strokes felt like a hundred.  Next the bare hand use used.  Due to their size and covering only one cheek, I was treated to ten on each cheek.  Now the purse paddle, without the cover.  This is a short handled solid wood implement about the size of a ping pong paddle, but nearly 1/2 inch thick.  Ten very hard strokes from that and you know you have been paddled.  Fear not!!!! the big wood paddle was brought in like a closer in a ball game.  She touched my ass with the paddle to secure the aim, then brought it back and slammed it against both cheeks.  'ONE', she stated.  Another touch and seconds later the second fell on my presented ass.  TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE.... my ass was ablaze.  Another touch began the final 5 strokes.  Each seemed harder than the previous one. Her calling 'TEN' and again caressing my cheeks finished the long spanking.   Standing and glancing in the mirror revealed a very red ass.  I kissed her and thanked her.  The dice roll was not friendly and Friday, I am to be spanked again.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Good evening readers.  Sad news here.  We suffered a death in my family and I'm off to New York in the morning for several days.  This report will be brief. 

My Sunday spanking was delayed to Monday as we returned very late from our weekend away.  The spanking was long and quite hard.  She used several implements including gloved hand, big wood paddle, purse paddle, and rubber spatula.  About 45 minutes and the spanking never stopped.  The big wood paddle had the most business with my ass and afterward, it showed.  Both cheeks were covered in a crimson red and quite sore.  The dice were not kind to me either as another spanking was scheduled and received for today, Wednesday. 

Again, the gloved hand and big wood paddle was used.  The paddle struck over and over again making both cheeks see red.  At what I though was the end, the rubber spatula came in and really lit up my ass.  I held position as the spanking continued.  The spatula stung like fire and I was yelping with each stroke.  When it finally let up, I thought it was over.  The big wood paddle returned and I took about 30 of the hardest smacks I can recall.  Typing this report is very uncomfortable sitting on a sore ass.

No dice roll as we leave early tomorrow.  I will most likely be spanking upon our return and a dice roll will follow that spanking.

Sorry for the brief report, but I must be ready to leave in just a few hours.

Questions and comments will be fielded whenever I have internet access.  Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Tuesday, Feb, 29, 2016 - Leap Day - Maintenance Day.  The maintenance spanking due for Sunday was postponed twice as again, life interrupts.  Tuesday morning she said we have an appointment for 8 pm...you are going to be spanked!!   About five minutes before eight, she directed me to go to the dungeon and prepare myself.  Already being totally nude, I entered and found the high pillows on the bed and two implements next to them.  Presenting myself means I lie over the pillows, unprotected ass high, head down and wait in submissive mode.  A few minutes after eight, she entered, stroked my ass and said "nice, let's get to it".  The leather slapper started off with soft brushing strokes but increasing slowly in intensity.  The tempo was the same as the strokes landed with mounting authority.  They came from every angle, side to side, top to bottom, uppercut, you name it.  All landed solid and began sting, painting my cheeks pink.  The slapper was now really going to town and the stinging turned to a burning sensation.  Now the bare hand was intertwined with the strokes from the slapper.  Soon the slapper died off and the bare hands were both spanking to beat the band.  I would guess nearly 15 minutes had now passed as the hands slowed a bit and could feel only one.  This meant she was picking up the next implement.  A medium stroke from the big wood paddle landed.  Hand spanks and paddle blows were landing alternatively.  Again, the hand strokes slowed to a stop but the paddle kept the tempo even.  Another seamless transition from toy to hand to toy kept the spanking alive with no breaks.  The paddle was designed and made by me to cover both cheeks and deliver solid spanks, produce enough sting to satisfy and enough mass to cause deep tissue bruising which would last for awhile.  It did not disappoint as blow after blow landed causing the desired effect.  Medium to hard to very hard strokes came in perfect cadence but with no set order.  The yelping caused my head to raise up a bit and she forced my head back down and commanded 'SUBMIT'.  I obeyed and knew I was to be still and accept the spanking.  The bare hand came back and so did the slapper for some extra variety.  A very brief pause and I heard the drawer open.  A very sharp stinging stroke told me the rubber spatula was in use.  No soft or medium strokes her, the spatula was doing its job on my already bright red and sore ass cheeks.  Over and over again it struck until it was replaced by the big wood paddle for the finale.  Solid straight line blows met my ass with a resounding echo throughout the dungeon, one ever two seconds or so.  The very hard smacks I could feel all the way to my dental fillings.  I must have taken about twenty or more before she stopped and again stroked my ass and said "Nice... your done".  A brief glance and the clock and mirror proved to me a full 35 minutes of non stop spanking, produced cherry red cheeks.

She rolled the dice and said " Your ass will me mine for your next maintenance spanking on Sunday.

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