Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Wednesday, Dec 31, Maintenance Day.  Our vanilla friend left on Tuesday and we are leaving next Monday for Florida.  She decided to deliver a maintenance spanking tonight.  The 8 o'clock hour approached and I prepared to accept my due spanking.  Placing myself in position, I noticed 4 implements laid out.  The doubled belt, narrow hair brush, riding crop and purse paddle stood ready to leave my ass well spanked.  Upon arriving, she patted my bare cheeks as they wait, in present position.  She chose the doubled belt for the warm up and it distributed several minutes of light strokes which faded off and were replaced by very hard strikes causing yelps from me.  She had a plan which I was unaware of as she lashed 20 very hard strokes across both cheeks.  The next implement she chose was the narrow hair brush and it came on strong.  As a break in it pepperard both cheeks with many rapid fire strikes.  Upper, lower, inner and center strokes landed and the yelps increased.  Then the 20 very hard ones landed.  Solid strikes on both cheeks set my ass on fire.  I slightly stood but placing a hand on my back she lowered my torso back to the bed protruding my ass for more spanking.  My old friend the riding crop was next  in line.  She swung it like a whip with the leather tip stinging my crimson cheeks.  The tears flowed before the whipping stopped as the crop took its 20 hard strokes seriously.  Her bare hand was the next spanking tool employed.  A bad boy hand spanking landed its 20 strokes as I yelped through gritted teeth and more tears.  I knew only one more implement was still to come.  20 more very hard strokes from the purse paddle landed on alternating cheeks as I howled during a very sound paddling.  I remained in position after the assault of the cherry wood purse paddle.  Wait! What was I hearing???  The toy drawer opened and out came the big wood paddle.  Its 20 hard strikes were centered, solid, and left deep purple colored cheeks and many howls.  A sound paddling followed a sound paddling finishing off a hard maintenance spanking.  After the warm up, she delivered 120 hard strokes using 5 implements and bare hands. 

We decided on not rolling the dice and I suggested we schedule Sunday just before we leave for Florida.  She said "I agree Sunday is good, BUT you may spanked again before that".   Stay tuned and feel free to leave comments or questions which will be answered.         

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sunday, Jan. 28.  Maintenance Day.  Still under the constraints of the vanilla guest, we had another opportunity although it was very short.  Nude, blindfolded and in 'present' position, I awaited her arrival.  A brief time later, I felt the touch of the bare hand against my skin and the sound of an implement being grasped.  The flexible leather paddle began the warm up with the furry side delivering light strokes.  A few minutes later the leather side slapped both cheeks with a solid stroke.  Warm up over, the spanking begins.  Hard strokes landing on alternating cheeks and occasionally across both cheeks paddled my ass for many minutes.  She blended in strokes with the furry side to provide thud strokes with the sting strokes.  Knowing the skin was now quite red as she paused to obtain another implement.  The narrow hair brush made its entrance by pushing itself  between my thighs and tapping back and forth.  I obediently spread my legs.  The tapping continued so I spread further, again tapping and more spreading until I was at maximum spread.  Cock and balls swinging completely unprotected and asshole open and vulnerable.  The narrow hair brush wasted no time in tormenting all the exposed areas.  Knowing our time frame was short, she moved immediately into a CBT segment.  The coarse bristles scoured the tender flesh  of balls, cock and anus, turning them bright pink in short order.  Uppercut strokes spanked my balls with repeated strokes in between dragging the bristles across my cock and ass hole.  Somehow she picked up the flexible leather paddle and added more paddling to the CBT.  The spanking along with the CBT took only a few minutes to get me fully aroused.  As you may imagine, the session quickly changed into things we don't discuss here.  After the smoke cleared, we tossed the dice to show a number 2.  The next maintenance will be on Wednesday and our guest leaves on Tuesday. 

Thanks to all readers for their continued following of my maintenance exploits.  Naturally, your comments or questions are welcome and will be answered. 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Monday, January 22, Maintenance Day.  A long wait due to the visit of a vanilla friend.  Very little opportunity during the last 2 weeks and another week to come.  I have been unable to be nude or wear nipple clamps during this time, much less be spanked.  However, Monday night we knew he would be out for a few hours.  We set a time for 9:30 pm and waited.  I came in from my club meeting about 9:10 and prepared.  By 9:30, I found myself nude, bent over the bed, blindfolded, ass presented for the long overdue and long anticipated maintenance spanking.  She had laid out six implements, so I knew I would receive a long, harsh session.   Before donning the blindfold, I saw two paddles, the flexible leather and big wood paddle.  Also there were the riding crop, the riding bat, the narrow hair brush and the doubled belt.    I did not wait long as she took advantage of the window we had.  I felt a hand on the small of my back as her other hand began the warm up.   Light strokes gently warmed the skin of my cheeks.  After a few minutes, a hard stroke landed on my ass.  This was soon repeated over and over again as the spanking went into full swing.  Several minutes later, the hair brush took over.  Stinging strokes landed covering both cheeks while producing yelps.  The brush was doing its duty and my ass was absorbing its rath.  Pausing for a few seconds, the brush found its way between my legs and tapped my inner thighs.  As you know, this is the non verbal message to spread.  I obeyed but the tapping continued.  I spread further but the tapping went on.  I spread as far as possible until my ass was wide open and genital package hung unprotected and at her mercy.  She showed none as the short coarse bristles of the hair brush scoured the tender skin of my asshole and balls to a painful bright pink.  The next act consisted of the riding crop being used like a whip and cane stinging my cheeks and leaving red lines.  Its tip stung all exposed areas and more yelps could be heard as the blindfold became moistened with tears.  Many minutes later she shifted to the riding bat.  Its wide leather tip slapped the red flesh with recurring strikes.  Yelps escaped through gritted teeth as I held position and accepted a thorough spanking.  Now the flexible leather paddle came on to administer nearly five minutes solid paddling to an ass already red and bruised.  Not finished by a long shot she picked up the doubled belt.  Swinging sideways, harsh strikes landed on alternating cheeks raining down as yelps escalated to howles.  Adjusting her stance and landing strokes across both cheeks, the assault went on for many more minutes.  At last the final implement was in her hand.  The big wood paddle would finish in grand fashion.  I could feel the soaked blindfold, the clenched fists around the pillow, and cock and balls swinging with each sound stroke.  I thought I counted 40 hard strikes but lost count.  However the paddle continued for at least another 30 or 40 strokes.  Finally she rested and helped me regain a standing position.  We kissed, both grateful for this opportunity.  We did toss the dice but realized the next opportunity would be Saturday night.

Thank you all for waiting for these reports during this period of inactivity.  Questions, comments, all will be answered.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Wednesday, Maintenance Day.  With a vanilla guest here for an extended stay, our DD household has become difficult to operate.  However today, for a short period we were able to implement the due maintenance spanking.  When we had the opportunity tonight for a short time, we swung into action.  While I stripped, she got toys and a blindfold out for the event.  I slipped on the blindfold and presented my ass.  She began with a nice hand massage, but soon the doubled belt began a short warm up.  Alternating from cheek to cheek, the belt warmed the skin and the spanking began.  More strokes were landing across both cheeks and intensity increased.  The strokes worked themselves to harder slaps covering my entire ass.  The belt swung, the report sounded, the yelps escaped and the cheeks became red as the spanking continued.  Now it was the turn for the riding bat.  The wide leather tip swished through the air and met the skin with its signature slap.  The fire like sting caused more yelping and again the spanking went on.  Many minutes of stinging blows continued as the skin became more red and sore.  Next came on one of the new wooden spoon like implements unwrapped on Christmas morning.  If you can imagine more sting upon already stinging flesh, you know the feeling my ass cheeks felt.  She continued with the wooden implement until it finally split and broke.  Not to let the spanking come to an abrupt end, she dropped the toy and continued to spank with bare hands.  Both hands rained down on my cheeks and a bad boy spanking lasted many more minutes. Finally over, the dice were tossed and a 3 appeared, scheduling Sunday for the next maintenance spanking.  Sunday would be a perfect day for another football game spanking.  Will it occur????  Stay tuned.

Once again, Thank you to all you readers.  Your comments and questions will be answered.     

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sunday, January 7, Maintenance Day and NFL Wild Card Sunday.  About mid morning she had determined the maintenance spanking would be administered during the games played today.  Our football game spankings have been used before and the concept worked well.  An implement is chosen for each team and strokes are given after every score.  The number of strokes equals the total of that teams score.  The first game had the Buffalo Bills against the Jacksonville Jaguars.  The toy for the Bills was the small doubled belt while the Jaguars used the purse paddle.  The first score was a field goal and I took 3 strokes with the belt.  Then the Jags scored and I took 3 strokes with the purse paddle.  Later in the game, the Jags scored a touchdown, I get 9 strokes.  They made the point and I got 10 more strokes.  Unfortunately, that was the extent of the scoring.  Totals amounted to 25 strokes.  The second game was much better as both teams scored throughout the game.  As the game went on, each time I took position, my ass was receiving many strokes.  The Saints scoring was a touchdown - 6 strokes, extra point - 7 strokes, another touchdown - 13 strokes, extra point - 14 strokes, a third touchdown - 20 strokes, extra point - 21 strokes, now a field goal - 24 strokes, their final touchdown netted me 30 strokes, extra point - 31 strokes.  Meanwhile, the Panthers were scoring as well.  First a field goal - 3 strokes, another field goal - 6 strokes, another field goal - 9 strokes, a final field goal - 12 strokes, then a touchdown - 18 strokes, extra point - 19 strokes, another touchdown - 25 strokes, extra point - 26 strokes.  By halftime, both cheeks were quite red and sore.  The strokes for the Saints scoring was courtesy of the large doubled belt while my bare ass was being treated by the big wood paddle for the Panthers scores.  During the first game, I received only 25 strokes but if you were not adding, my cheeks were reddened by 166 strokes from the belt along with 118 strokes from the big wood paddle.  After the final gun, she tossed the dice and again on Wednesday I will accept another maintenance spanking.

Thanks to all readers and as usual, questions and comments will be answered.   

Friday, January 5, 2018

Friday, January, 5....Maintenance Day.  Happy New Year everyone, a bit late but sincere.  After a 9 day camping trip and fighting frozen water pipes, we finally got down to business.   Shortly after 8 pm, I found myself donning a blindfold and presenting my ass to be spanked.  The last thing I saw was the flexible leather paddle, riding bat, braided leather paddle, small doubled belt and purse paddle, waiting to administer my spanking.  Upon her arrival, I felt a nice sensual hand rub down.  Soon the doubled belt was called upon to warm up my cheeks.  A slow tempo with light to medium strokes began the spanking.  A rather long time passed before the strokes became harder but the slow tempo continued.  After a thorough warm up, the belt was now spanking soundly.  Several minutes later, the braided leather paddle took over with hards strokes which had me yelping in an instant.  Howling followed quickly as the very hard strokes became faster, delivering intense pain to both cheeks.  I felt like reaching back to cover up with my hands, but thought better of it and further presented my ass.  Next the purse paddle came on but the result was the same.  Very hard, rapid fire strokes paddled both cheeks to a crimson red as tears began to flow.  Again, I stood slightly to relieve the pain, but knew the correct thing to do was to bend over and further present for her.  After a solid paddling, she paused and pulled me back further from the edge of the bed leaving a gap between the bed and my vulnerable crotch.  Grabbing the riding bat in her other hand, I soon was aware of the reason for this move.  The bat struck the head of my cock several times causing me to bend further and pull away from its reach.  This only protruded my ass right into the teeth of the purse paddle's assault.   Pulling my ass in to avoid the paddle only exposed my cock head to the stinging blows of the riding bat.  This dance played out more than a few times.  If I stood, a well placed stroke from the bat on each nipple quickly brought me back to a full bent over submissive position.  Howling continued and the blindfold got further soaked with tears.  Soon the paddle rested but the bat now aimed squarely at my well spanked cheeks.  The familiar sound of the swish through air followed by the painful slap on my skin went on and on.  After several minutes of the bat, she paused and began another sensual rub down.  Lotion soothed my cheeks and I felt the spanking was over.  Not so as the flexible leather paddle began a long hard segment of soundly paddling my ass.  Hearing the sound of the drawer during a pause, I could not imagine more abuse was headed my way.  In a moment, I felt the two inch wide leather of the big doubled belt landing across both cheeks with a sound slap.  It continued from both sides, delivering a solid belting worthy of a punishment spanking for a very naughty boy.  Minutes passed before she finally rested and declared a long overdue maintenance spanking over.   Removing my blindfold, I saw her toss the dice.  She smiled and said it's a ONE, my love..... you're getting spanked again on Sunday.

I do hope all of you had a very good holiday season and I am sorry for the long delay in posting this account of my latest maintenance spanking.  Questions and comments......  all will be answered.