Saturday, July 30, 2016

Saturday, July 30, Spanked for maintenance in front of another sub.  My dominant had arranged for another submissive to come over and do outdoor work for her.  He worked all day and after a fine dinner, she dominated him for over an hour.  When it was over, she called me into the room while he was still on the floor.  She motioned me to the big chair where I knelt in the seat and leaned over the back, presenting my ass for a maintenance spanking.   Gloved hands began and after a brief warm up, spanked long and hard.  Next the flexible leather paddle took over.  He was now up off the floor and watching intently as my bare ass received a sound spanking.  The leather stung my flesh on every stroke and produced enough warmth to heat the room.  The flexible leather was replaced by the steel reinforced leather paddle and it meant business.  Each stroke covered both cheeks and sent a loud smack echoing throughout the room.  The force pushed me against the back of the chair, but after each yelp, I reset myself and presented my ass to her for another stroke.  Now bright red and quite sore, my ass was ready for the big wood paddle.  Over and over again, the pain shot through me and tears flowed.  About fifty strokes landed, each with a solid smack.  She finally kissed me and said, take a break, there is more to follow.  We all had a drink and chatted for awhile.  She eventually stood and said, present your ass, I want to finish you now.  I took my position in the chair and stuck my cheeks out as far as possible.  I knew I was now very vulnerable.  A leather belt started the parade this time and she is a master with it.  Different angles covered my entire ass and soon it was as red and even more sore than before. I looked over my shoulder only to see he was still watching.  She caught me and yelled "turn around" then followed with a bombardment of the hardest belt strokes I can remember.  Then the steel reinforced paddle made its encore.  I yelped with every solid and hard stroke.  Fittingly, the big wood paddle was used to finish.  If I had 50 in the first set, I must have took 75 this time.  It seemed each was harder than the previous one.  Hot, red and bruised, my cheeks were on fire and I have to write this standing up!!!!  As I am typing, I can hear the other sub being spanked upstairs before bed.  The dice were rolled and on Wednesday, I will be turned ass up and spanked for maintenance.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Sunday, July 24, maintenance day.  Late Sunday morning, I was called into our room for the maintenance spanking I thought was coming on Friday.  As it happens, life gets in the way and Sunday became the day.  By the tools she had laid out, I could tell it would be a leather day.  Awaiting my arrival, laid out was the doubled leather belt, the leather riding crop, a riding batt and the steel reinforced leather paddle.  I was invited to assume the position with my bare ass high, exposed and vulnerable.  Not even a bare hand warm up as the belt began my due maintenance.  Some medium strokes, but soon the harder ones took over.  The loud crack of leather meeting flesh filled the room with a stead cadence.  Different angles produced different results as the skin of the cheeks turned pink to red in no time.  The riding batt was next in line and it was handled with perfection.  The riding batt is very similar to the riding crop, except the leather head is much wider.  The handle and shaft are quite the same and produces the swish in the air before the impact much like a cane.  Many minutes of the batt striking my ass following the swish in the air made my reporting yelps very audible.  My eyes welled up and tears began to form and moisten my face.  With still two implements to follow, she paused, spread my legs a bit and grasped my balls.  This felt good for a few seconds until her grip tightened and drew them back really placing them in harms way.  The batt lost no time in smacking into them repeatedly, even when she released her hold and they began to swing, the batt found its target with both downward and uppercut strokes.  Another brief pause as she further spread my legs.  Now the crop was employed.  Being much narrower in design it had little problem in tormenting my very inner cheeks and anus. Not many direct hits are needed to redden the tender flesh of those areas, but many strokes continued to fall and showered the area until everything, cheeks, balls and ass hole were flaming red.  The finale was next, but not short or easy.  The steel reinforced leather paddle was in her hand and being swung like a Louisville Slugger.  Both cheeks were in for solid direct hits covering the entire target.  Many, possibly 50 or more, were being delivered in a slow tempo.  After each landed, I yelped and mumbled a thank you Ma'am.  All together, the spanking lasted about 45 minutes, my tear streaked face rose as she caressed and applied lotion to my ass for a welcome after care.  She said not to roll the dice and she would spank me again whenever she wanted to.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

July 21, reporting on the maintenance spanking of Monday, July 18.  A visit to one of the local dungeons for a party for another couple soon to be leaving the area.  A real free feeling existed with many subs, male and female stripped, bound, spanked, flogged and other assorted scenes including fire play.  For my spanking, I was placed over her lap.  Watched by some while other scenes were being conducted and watched as well.  My ass received a solid bare hand spanking to start and then legs were spread to expose my inner things, cheeks and anus to the tireless hand of my Dominant.  Well spanked all over, my cheeks were bright pink and quite warm.  I could feel her fumbling in the toy bag for a few moments while I waited for the next segment.  It began with a harsh smack from a toy I did not recognize at once.  It stung like hell and my yelp filled the room.  I could tell it was wood, but felt somehow much more pain than anything I have experienced recently.  The spanks continued with a relentless tempo covering my immobile ass with increasing redness and pain.  I learned after the spanking finished, the device was an exotic wood paddle (probably Brazilian Cherry) with a pattern of holes.  One of our own models we make which delivers a very solid paddling.  As I stood, totally nude, with red eyes and very red ass, I was aware of several onlookers probably drawn by the loud smack and resulting yelp of each blow.  No dice were thrown, but I was informed today that I will be spanked again tonight at home.
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Saturday, July 16, 2016

July 16, reporting on the maintenance spanking from Thursday, the 14th.  Sorry for the delay, things here are very hectic during the summer months.  Late evening, I was directed over her lap for the spanking due that day.  No fanfare, no blindfold, no party games, just a nude submissive over the lap on his Dominant.  She hand only her bare hand and the steel reinforced leather paddle to administer a traditional OTK spanking.  Very few warm up spanks from the hand and the paddle found its way to my exposed and immobile ass.  Many strokes followed with none less than medium and mostly hard and very hard.  The paddle is long, about 14 inches not including the handle and about 3 to 4 inches wide.  A one inch wide steel reinforcement runs the length of the implement.  It delivers a solid spank encompassing both sting and thud.  She expertly applied it at different angles allowing it to strike upper and lower areas of one cheek at a time.  A good number of strokes landed flush across both cheeks and very hard producing a yelp on my part.  I could do nothing by lie there helpless and accept the onslaught of paddle strokes.  Occasionally, the bare hand delivered spanks covering all areas of both cheeks.  Then the paddle again and this tag team scenario continued for the duration.  Repeated spanking from both implements lasted 30 minutes resulting in a very well spanked ass.  Red and sore, she finally ceased and I was allowed to move.  A very traditional, solid spanking/paddling was over.  No dice were rolled as were are attending a party at a nearby dungeon on Monday night.  I hope to report on that on Tuesday.

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

July 15, reporting on the July 9 spanking party .  My maintenance spanking due on Saturday, July 9 was delivered at a spanking party we attended.  Much like the June 25 party, the format was CFNM, only this time there were 7 female spankers.  All 6 submissive males were stripped and the evening began with a round robin spanking.  All 7 female spankers were delivering spankings as the males rotated over each lap or placed in the wheelbarrow position in succession.  Red asses all around as the next segment used the roll of 3 dice.  As the sub rolled, one die dictated the implement, another the position and the third, the number of strokes.  This continued until each sub had been spanked numerous times.  A break for food and lively conversation ensued.  Back in the play room and stripped again, more party games were enjoyed by all.  The ladies set up a gauntlet, and the men were sent thru, walking, bent over, crawling etc. and were spanked by the double row of ladies wielding their favorite implement.  Several trips produced flaming red butts.  By the time the party broke up all were spanked very thoroughly.  We were treated to an overnight stay at the home of the hosts of the last party.  Following a great breakfast, the ladies spanked both of us for over an hour before we drove back home.  The dice stated a Thursday spanking for me and that should occur today, so I will be back on the air tomorrow to document that spanking.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July 4, Independence Day....A surprise spanking.  Listening to fireworks, watching a ball game, I sat nude as usual next to her.  Suddenly she left and reentered the room carrying the big wood paddle, the purse paddle and leather gloves.  Settling in, she directed me over her lap..."come on, she said, maintenance day or not, you're getting spanked!!"  I obeyed and without any further hesitation I felt the leather covered hand begin to spank my exposed cheeks.  Faster and harder they began to fall.  Spreading my legs a bit, she spanked my inner cheeks, thighs and anus.  Just as quickly as it all started, the purse paddle introduced itself to my pink and tender ass.  Over and over again the kiss of the smooth wood against skin sent an echo throughout the room.  A long paddle session was in store for me as she slipped one leg out and locked it over the back of  my knees.  This move, along with her pulling my hips closer to her, further presented my ass for spanking, and a good spanking it was getting.  High and immobile, the cheeks had no choice but to accept the will of the spanker and the purse paddle.  All different angles and tempo, the paddle strokes were hard, as I felt tears weep onto the pillow.  A few breaks for the leather covered hand, but the purse paddle was doing most of the surprise fireworks spanking.  Many minutes of straight paddling later, the purse paddle rested, but my ass had no such luxury.  Still in a compromised position, red and stinging, my cheeks felt the big wood paddle.  It covered most of the red sore flesh with each stroke.  Straight, solid and even, the strokes landed and I yelped after each one.  Hard strokes continued for many minutes as my ass accepted a very long and firm paddling.  Maintenance day is later this week and I may get more then.  Also another spanking party is due for Saturday.  Much like the one on June 25, it will feature a CFNM environment and new female spankers.  Stripped and spanked by total strangers is awaiting me this weekend.  Until then, thanks for reading and leaving comments or questions.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Thursday June 30... marked the end of June with nearly 30 minutes of an OTK maintenance spanking.  Directing me over her lap, showing my nude ass to the ceiling, I waited for the strokes to fall.  She had only her bare hand and the dreaded discipline stick, and the hand led off.  A solid even tempo, with increasing intensity, soon turned cheeks warm and pink.  A short session with the stick turned pink to red and warm to hot with sting.  The hand was back and now very hard....same cadence, steady with no interruptions.  Then the stick again, same tempo just harder and a different angle.  This time the stick landed with vertical strokes which criss-crossed my cheeks with stinging blows.  Unable to move or squirm very much, my ass was an easy target and was getting spanked long and hard.  Repeated changes from the hand to the stick along different angles was the only noticeable feeling I could muster except for the increasing stinging pain and heat radiating off my ass.  After 27 minutes of continuous spanking, she began to lovingly massage my cheeks with a soothing effect.  Rolling the dice told me to expect another maintenance session next Wednesday.

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