Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday, April 23.  After a planned 3 day excursion, Sunday evening rolled around and a maintenance spanking was due in accordance with the dice roll of last Tuesday.  She had chosed 4 implements and was in position when I was summoned to join her.  I was directed to position myself in the manner she has become to like.  Let's call it the modified wheelbarrow position as I lie prone between her legs while she sits on the bed against the headboard.  Now with my ass in its supported, spread open and immobile position, she began to spank.  First the bare hands, now counted as the fifth implement, began their warm up.  Many spanks later, the warm up had accomplished it task, but the hands continued to spank faster and harder.  Not real hard but past the warm up stage.  The leather slapper brought it's stinging smacks and the cheeks got redder.  Mostly moderate strokes but some hard ones mixed in.  Unable to move, there was no choice but to accept the next toy.  In this case it was the hairbrush.  It spanked with meaning for many minutes.  Again with mostly medium strokes with several hard ones sprinkled in.  My yelps were heard, but the hairbrush spanked on and on.  The next toy, the riding crop was not very effective in this position, but that did not deter her from applying  numerous strokes.  The length of the device make solid smacks difficult to land.  Noticing this, she changed to the wood paddle.  This implement made up for it by delivering a sound paddling for many minutes.  This came to an end as my pillow was being moistened by tears. Thinking the spanking was over, I was about to crawl out of position when the hands struck again.  Mostly hard this time, but for a shorter time.  Soon I realized what was occurring, each implement was taking another turn.  Not in the same order nor tempo.  Each toy had a rapid fire hard string included in its turn.  The hairbrush, slapper, paddle and hands did not rest after one additional episode.  Several turns of each implement made my cheeks redder and more sore along with louder yelps and more tears.  When she called a halt, I had to muster enough strength to slid out of position while my ass enjoyed the resprit.

A dice roll was friendly as a six was thrown, so next Sunday is the next maintenance day.  Stop in then for the report of that episode.  Meanwhile, thanks for reading and feel free to ask questions or leave comments. All will be answered.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tuesday, April, 18....Spanked for Maintenance!!  WOW, an Easter maintenance spanking, a Monday morning discipline spanking and another maintenance today.  After being directed to prepare to be spanked, I found the suede flogger and big paddle waiting for me.  I assumed the position and waited for her.  The spanking began immediately on her arrival.  A bare hand warm up covered both cheeks with spanks.  As they became faster and harder my ass quickly became aware this was the third spanking in two days.  The suede flogger was in fine form as it landed on my back, cheeks, and thighs.  It delivers more of a thud than the latigo leather flogger as its mass is greater.  Many minutes of flogging continued before she doubled the flogger falls and used it to solidly spank my ass cheeks.  Very hard, short strikes landed and the deep tissue soreness rose higher and higher.  My yelps became louder and more often and the floggers mass thundered while the loose tips stung my tender flesh.  When time for the big wood paddle came on it found my presented ass a red and very sore target.  It did not miss as several very hard paddle strokes landed directly centered on both cheeks.  The resulting yelps sounded in between the report of the paddle striking bare skin.  The paddling went on several more minutes.  Then she called for a change in position.  She wanted what has become one of her favorites.  Her sitting on the bed with legs open and me prone between her legs with my legs straddling her hips.  This puts my ass on her thighs with no means of moving nor absorbing the force of the spanks.  The hand spanking was by no means like the warm up.  Solid hand spanks rained down on both cheeks as I accepted a long hand spanking.  Before she changed positions, she had grabbed the discipline stick to help finish the maintenance.  The hands, paddle and stick all took their shot at my spread wide open, immobile, well spanked ass.  When it finally came to a close, I noticed the clock and realized I had been spanked for just a few minutes under an hour.

Rolling the dice was a bit of a reprieve for me.  A FOUR came up meaning Sunday I will be subject to another maintenance spanking.  Comments or questions are welcome and will be answered.  Thank you all for reading.  

Monday, April 17, 2017

Sunday, April 16, Easter, Maintenance Day.  Forgive the late posting, many thunderstorms here have caused numerous power outages.  Finally I am able to report to you on Sunday's spanking.  At about 9 pm, I was directed to prepare to be maintenance spanked.  I draped myself over the hip support, presented my ass, and waited for her arrival.  Still visible on my cheeks were the fading stripes and shrinking welts from this morning's discipline.  Upon entering, she went straight to work.  The implement she chose for warm up was the coiled rope.  It began lightly with side to side strikes but after a brief warming of my flesh, the strikes began to increase in tempo and force.  Soon the rope was lashing harder and harder until the strikes were biting into my reddening ass producing stings and yelps.  When the rope was put aside, the leather slapper was employed.  Another toy designed to sting tender skin, it took over where the rope left off.  Warm cheeks went to hot and bright pink turned red under the continuous slapping of the leather implement.  She nudged open my legs exposing inner cheeks and thighs.  My ass hole and balls were spanked as well.  Finally resting, I did not realize the stinging was about to be replaced by a solid paddling.  The steel reinforced leather came next and each smack was hard and solid.  Covering both cheeks at once she delivered six or eight smacks from my left side then she stood on my right side and delivered six or eight more.  This alternating went on for several minutes.  A hard paddling was causing my yelps to echo throughout the room.  The leather gave way to the big wood paddle but the hard strokes it landed only caused more squirming and yelps.  Very hard strokes landed quickly and yelps became louder as my ass cheeks accepted a paddling to write home about.  Following several more minutes of this, she directed a change in position.  I was to lie across her lap while she began a hand spanking.  Soon she forced my legs open wider and began to spank my anus and balls.  Some spanks landed directly on my guiche piercing, while inner cheeks and thighs were thoroughly spanked too.  Finally it was over and I was told to roll the dice.  To my dismay, a one appeared.  I know my ass will still be quite sore on Tuesday, but I will submit to another maintenance spanking then.

Thank you all for reading and hopefully the next repost will be on time.  Questions, comments...You post them and I will answer them.  

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wednesday, April 12, Maintenance Day.  We all recall the actual day was Tuesday, however we were away at a place where a spanking was not conducive so it was moved one day.  While away, my Dominant injured a finger and I felt any hand spanking would be out or at least curtailed.  She summoned me to the bedroom and I found her sitting on the bed holding the big wood paddle. She directed me across her lap and I knew I was in for a traditional, OTK paddling.  I assumed the position she requested and lie over her lap.  This removed any give my hips would have to absorb the force of the smacks.  My bare ass cheeks would have to take the full force of the spanks.  The wood paddle is never used for warm up and it was soon clear, the attempt of a warm up soon ended.  The paddle met cheeks squarely and soundly about every other second.  A steady tempo continued on for several minutes, occasionally harder and faster, but generally a slow deliberate paddling was being delivered.  I could feel my skin getting hotter and I am sure the color was quickly turning from pink to bright red.  After many minutes of a solid paddling, she switched to the hairbrush.  The tempo changed as did the impact.  The hairbrush was having its way with my already red and sore ass.  The traditional OTK paddling was now a traditional OTK hairbrush spanking.  Several more minutes of the hairbrush took its toll and it too was retired.  The bare hand finished the OTK spanking, but I knew the injured finger prevented the thorough spanking she normally administers.

I crawled out of position, kissed and thanked her and moved to the dice roll.  Sunday is scheduled to be the next maintenance day.  Thank you all for reading and as usual, all questions or comments are welcome and will be answered.    

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wednesday, April, 5, maintenance day after long last.  The time elapsed was due to an illness by me which carried over to her.  Days dragged on with no relief in sight.   Finally tonight, we both felt less than 100% but she decided to administer the spanking.  She said to chose two implements and she would also chose two and the spanking would take place now.  I chose a wood backed hairbrush and the big wood paddle.  I was unaware of her choices until I was in position.  The spanking began, like many do with a bare hand warm up.  After a suitable warm up, the bare hands continued and developed into a long hard spanking.  I actually felt her own bare hands were one of the implements she had chosen.  When the hands rested, she picked up the coiled rope and continued the spanking.  The rope went on and on with its unique impact on bare skin.  After many minutes she picked up the hairbrush.  What a different feeling the brush has.  After several more minutes, she directed a change in position.  She sat on the bed against the headboard and I straddled her hips with my knees and lie prond between her legs.  This spreads my ass and also removes any give to the force of the strokes.  The hairbrush assaulted my cheeks with hard strokes.  I tried to ease the impact by slightly moving forward.  She would have none of this and reached under my hips, grasped my cock and pulled backwards so I could not move forward to lessen the force of the hairbrush spanking.  When the blows ceased, the hold on my cock was not released as the bristles now scoured my inner cheeks, asshole, balls and cock.  A few extra smacks to my cock before the wood paddle finished the maintenance.  The position is not well suited for the big paddle, so the strokes did not last too long.

I slid out of position and rolled the dice and was pleased to see a 5 appear.  Adding one as is our custom, means next Tuesday in Maintenance Day.

Thank you all for reading and hopefully lone delay between spanking for an illness will not happen again.