Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Wednesday, Oct. 31.  A halloween maintenance spanking.  There were no tricks and I was treated to nearly an hour long spanking earlier this evening.  Five menacing weapons lay in wait as I took position and waited for her appearance.  Entering and grasping the first implement, the spanking began with light strokes covering both cheeks.  Time went by and the strokes continued.  The strokes delivered by the riding bat began to mean business.  Holding position and presenting my ass to be spanked was my job.  After a few more minutes the bat's leather tip began to bite into my flesh as the swish followed by the smack and the yelp become the normal progression.   Next came the narrow hairbrush and the already tender cheeks were being soundly spanked.  A solid hair brushing went on for several minutes.  Crimson cheeks were the target for the next implement, the flexible leather paddle.  This is a great toy with one side smooth leather and the other side is fur.  Very nice strokes with the fur side are direct opposite to the stinging strike from the leather side.  Paddled soundly for several minutes, the leather paddle did its job in fine fashion.  I was in for real pain next as the rubber paddle made its appearance.  What can be said about this paddle except it really hurts.  The wide rubber met the flesh and won handily.   Landing strokes on each cheek and both together, it caused loud yelps for many minutes.  A sound painful paddling with this implement requires little effort on the part of the spanker.   Eyes were tearing from the pain of the paddling as it completed its segment.  Now a surprise toy was introduced.  The rubber thumper was brought in.  Similar to a massage tool, it thumps repeatedly with rapid fire strikes.  Really sore cheeks absorbed this onslaught as tears continued to track down my face.  What was this I was hearing... the toy drawer was opening and a second surprise implement was coming forth.  This time it was the rubber strap.  The senior partner of the matched set of rubber paddle and strap was now in her hand.  A few hard strikes preceded my feeling the strap placed between my thighs to spread my legs.  I obeyed and the strap landed several times on each cheek.  I began to howl.  Standing slightly to relieve the stretch of the skin of my ass was only a brief resprit.  Her free hand pushed me back to the bed and the strap again tapped my inner thighs spreading my legs even further open.  Fully open legs exposed my package  OMG..was she going to strap my BALLS!!!  The strap struck both cheeks horizontally over and over again.  Howling, tear soaked face, presented vulnerable ass, I was being solidly spanked.  The strap rested.  The final implement began the ending segment but it was not to be friendly.  The big wood paddle covered both cheeks with sound hard swats.   One stroke every other second, the 5 minute segment left a very red, deeply bruised, soundly spanked ass.  A hug, kiss and sincere thank you were given to her as I made it to my feet.   Handing me the dice, I was confused and asked, 'Aren't we going to the spanking party on Saturday'?   She said yes, and you will be spanked thoroughly during the party, but that is just extra and not your real maintenance, now roll the dice.  I tossed and a 4 turned up, meaning Monday is maintenance day.   Spanked tonight, spanked again on Saturday and spanked again on Monday..... sitting on Tuesday may be difficult.

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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Thursday, Oct 25, Spanked for Maintenance.  Originally meant for Wednesday, but life got in the way.  However that would not happen today.   The 10 o'clock hour came and the spanking was to be administered. I went to the bedroom and laid out was the leather slapper, narrow hair brush, rubber strap and flxible leather paddle.  I put on the provided blindfold, took position and waited.  Shortly, she entered and began the warm up with flexible leather paddle using the fur side.  After a nice warm up, she flipped the paddle over and swatted my cheeks with the leather side and it was anything but a warm up.  My ass was repeatedly spanked with the leather paddle until a bare hand took over.  Holding position, I took the spanking which lasted several minutes.  The leather slapper came into service and continued the onslaught on my targeted cheeks.  Red and sore flesh caused tears to form in my blindfolded eyes.  Next the strap began to bite my ass with stinging blows that only the rubber strap can provide.  I slightly stood to relieve the skin and yelped after each stroke.  This was becoming a solid spanking.  Another segment of hand spanking was followed by a segment with the narrow hair brush.  Stinging strikes were turning my red cheeks to deep red and purple.  A welcome pause which contained an nice hand massage of my ass, back, thighs and package.  Upon completion of the massage, each implement, including the bare hand took more turns in thoroughly spanking me for maintenance.  The slapper, rubber strap, hair brush and leather paddle all weighed in with more spanking segments.  When I thought it was over, I heard the drawer open......another toy was being employed.  Even with blindfolded eyes, after one stroke, I knew it was the big wood paddle.  It was a solid strike on both cheeks causing a loud yelp.  One stroke was not to be enough.  The paddle continued on for about 40 more strokes.  The spanking was finally over after a full 30 minutes and a deep red ass rested.  I stumbled to the dice and gave it a toss.  Bouncing off two walls, the cube came to rest with a 6 showing.  Halloween night is the next spanking.  A nice cuddle finished off the episode and she fell into a deep sleep.

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Monday, October 22, 2018

Monday, Oct. 22, Maintenance Day.  You are right..... it was supposed to be Sunday.  I was a bit under the weather yesterday, so the maintenance spanking was delayed until today.  Before I left the bed today, I was given a token hand spanking.  This was to let me know she had not forgotten and that more would occur later on in the day.  That time came at 10 pm.  Reporting to the bedroom, I saw four weapons carefully laid out.  The braided leather loopy johnny, rubber thumper, hair brush and purse paddle lie in wait to spank my ass.  Taking position, I received a bare hand warm up which was seamlessly transferred to the rubber thumper.  Both cheeks were thumped repeatedly for many minutes.  Just a brief pause before the hair brush was employed.  The wood backed brush was relentless in its attack on my exposed presented ass.  A good sound hairbrushing is ample enough for most spankings, but it was only a segment of this spanking.  Tears welled up and I stood slightly to lessen the fully stretched skin of my cheeks.  The hair brush continued to spank as I held position with difficulty.  The braided leather loopy johnny was up next and it took its turn.  The braided leather bit into the tenderized flesh which was its target.  A sound whipping resulted before the johnny finished its assault.  Streaming tears were about to be replenished as the purse paddle landed its first swat followed by a loud yelp.  That yelp was not to be the only one.  The paddling and the yelping went on and on.  Sound strikes from that cherry wood paddle were meeting my ass cheeks over and over again.  Another segment with the hairbrush and then another with the purse paddle were making their case for maintenance spankings.   Screaming through tears, I was accepting a very sound maintenance spanking producing deep red and sore cheeks.  It finally ended with a kiss, hug and a thank you.  I made my way to the dice and gave it a toss.  It landed the other side of the bed out of my view but well within hers.  She only smiled as I went to look.  I found a number ONE was showing which means on Wednesday my bare ass will have to accept another sound spanking.

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sunday, Oct. 14, Spanked for Maintenance.  After a great weekend away at the railroad club, we arrived home near the dinner hour.  She decided to have dinner out and we enjoyed a fine meal.  Finally home, she turned on a movie and we relaxed.  Following the film, I asked if she was ready for bed.  She said "No!... I'm going to spank you".  She handed me a blindfold and began to assemble implements.  Blindfolded, with ass presented in position I waited for the first strike.  It came from the flexible leather paddle and was somewhat soft.  Strokes continued and began to get harder.  No let up as the implement changed to the riding bat.  After several hard strokes the bat was placed between my thighs and slapped horizontally until I obeyed by spreading my legs open.  A few more hard strokes on my cheeks and it began slapping the inside of my thighs again.  I spread further, exposing more inner cheeks and ass hole.  She placed her foot between my legs not allowing me to close my spread open stance.  Anus, cock and balls were all slapped often as the spanking continued.  Now the leather slapper took over and covered my ass with stinging swats.  I yelped after several well aimed strokes stung my hanging balls.  Next I felt the braided loopy johnny whipping both cheeks.  Yelps turned to howls and the interior of the blindfold became moist with tears.  Again, no slowdown as the purse paddle landed very hard on alternating cheeks.  I screamed and partially stood up to somewhat protect my ass.  With a hand between my shoulder blades, she pushed my chest back to the bed which again presented my ass.  The purse paddle was not done as several more hard strokes caused more howling and tears.  Now the rubber thumper pummeled my cheeks followed by some very hard bare hand strokes.  Still holding my legs open with her foot, her bare hand spanked my anus several times.  Tears flowed as the paddle struck again along with the leather slapper.  Cheeks, thighs, balls and ass hole were thoroughly slapped with the leather.  Finally she let me up and removed the wet blindfold.  Good, she said, you cried...... a good spanking.  She tossed the dice and a six appeared meaning Sunday was the next spanking.  We may push that a bit, she said.  I may feel like spanking you before that. 

Readers, I do thank you for your support and interest in my maintenance experiences.  If you have questions or comments, please leave them and I will answer each one.   

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Saturday, Oct 6, Maintenance spanking at the spanking party.  Due to a pulled muscle in my lower back on Wednesday, the scheduled spanking was not to be.  I rested for 2 and a half days and was able to drive to Atlanta today for a spanking party at a dungeon.  Heavy traffic and road construction caused a late arrival, but we jumped into the action.  Shortly after registering, I was stripped and placed over an interesting piece of equipment.  A half round shape with padded horizontal struts and several tie down points.  It was comfortable on my back as I did not have to bend fully to expose and present my ass to be spanked.  Several implements were used as Ms Mirage soundly spanked me as other party goers looked on.  Upon the finish, I cleaned the equipment as is protocol in public dungeons while Ms Mirage moved on to spank another willing bare bottom.  Attendance was low and I was unable to find an available Dominant for another spanking.  After she finished with her spankee, she directed me to the St Andrews Cross.  A common piece of equipment in many dungeons, the cross stands about 7 feet tall and is shaped like a giant letter X. Normally wrists and ankles are bound on the legs of the X, but being a spanko event and not a BDSM event, I took that position but without being bound.  Another sound spanking with a few of the same implements along with a some different ones really reddened my cheeks.  She peeled me off the cross and I set about cleaning the it.  Then proceeded to fetch her some water.  When I returned, she had another victim on the cross and was in great spanker form.  I set the water for her and wandered away leaving her with another spankee in waiting.  I spotted another Domme with a riding crop in her hand and began to chat with her.  Within minutes I found myself over a padded spanking bench with my bare ass spread and presented nicely for her to spank.  She cropped my cheeks like a jockey would whip the rump of a race horse.  I was getting a good cropping and I knew stripes would be showing on my flesh.  Following that, I took a break as Ms Mirage was on to another presented bare ass.  Near the end of our stay, I located another Dominant .  She agreed when I asked her if she would like to spank me.  Removing my covering, I was bent over a table and she used 3 wood paddles and a leather strap.  The party was drawing to a close when we finished and Ms Mirage was loading the toys into our toybag.  Within the 2 hours we were there, she administered 6 spankings and I absorbed four spankings to serve as my maintenance.  We made some new contacts and most likely will go there again for other spanking or BDSM events.  When we arrived back home, she tossed the dice for me revealing a 5 and thereby scheduling next Friday for my next maintenance spanking.

Thanks to all for reading and as always, your comments and questions will be answered individually right here.