Thursday, November 2, 2017

Wednesday, Nov. 1, Maintenance Day.  Once again, our scheduled spanking for Monday was put off by unavoidable occurrences.   I thought it may happed today, as we had a dinner engagement.   Returning home at about 8:35, the instant the door was closed and locked, she stated "Get those clothes off and prepare, you're getting spanked at 9 o'clock".  I obeyed, stripping and getting ready for my overdue maintenance spanking.  The stroke of 9, found me totally nude, in position with my ass presented as she desires, and waiting.  She let me wait like that for nearly 15 minutes.  She entered, said "very nice" and began laying tonight's spanking implements on the bed next to me.  I saw the short doubled belt, the thumper, braided leather paddle, and hairbrush.  She stroked my bare cheeks softly prior to me feeling the short belt begin my warm up.  It slapped my ass with sideward strokes on alternating cheeks.  Slowly I felt the increased heat as I'm sure my skin was turning pink.  While keeping my toes close to the bed frame, she grasped my hips and drew them back away from the edge of the mattress and spread my legs fairly wide.   This protruded my ass further and allowed my package to swing freely.  The warm up was over as the short belt began to slap with much more authority.  The sideward strokes continued while vertical and uppercut strokes were added, all with increased intensity.  The uppercut strokes allowed her to spank the under side of my cheeks and upper thighs while a few strokes guested it.... on my balls.  Next came the braded leather paddle.  This is made of stranded leather rolled into a cord like shape then braded to make something like a cloverleaf paddle.  It is quite heavy and delivers a sound spank.  She landed two strokes on each cheek then one directly on my crack, over and over again.  Hard smacks produced yelps and she continued to paddle with the braided leather.  By the soreness building in my ass, I knew my cheeks were now quite red as the paddle rested and the thumper took over.  This is a massage implement, looking like a cooking spatula handle of metal which allows it to flex a bit when it strikes.  The head is rubber and about the size of a tennis ball with short rubber fingers.   She pummeled my cheeks with the thumper which would not have been to intense unless I had not been so sore from the paddling.  The thumping went on several minutes along with yelps and moistening of my eyes.  On came the hair brush and the first smack stung like did the next and each succeeding one.  She skillfully landed the hair brush strokes on ever inch of my cheeks, inner cheeks, thighs, inner thighs and balls.  Both sides of the brush tormented my balls, strikes with the back and scouring with the short course bristles.   Now with every part of my crotch red and sore, each implement was used for an encore session.  After the hair brush was used for a second time, a good hard bare hand spanking ensued.  She spanked and spanked and when she finally paused, I thought it was over.  But I heard the drawer open and almost immediately felt the unmistakable strike of the long wide doubled belt.  About 30 solid lashes, covering both cheeks at once, were administered as the final touch to a 30 minute spanking.

I was able to toss the dice for myself and got a slight reprieve.  A '5' appeared scheduling my next spanking for Tuesday.   Tune in again for the recount of my next maintenance spanking.    


  1. Thank you for describing the implements with such detail!

  2. Thank you for your comment and glad you are enjoying the blog. Until I master the tech and have the hardware to post photos along with the blog, I will attempt to describe the implements. I am aware everyone does not have some of the toys we have and use, so I try to be descriptive.