Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday, Dec. 15.  Maintenance Day.  Originally scheduled for yesterday, the spanking was moved to today as life happens.  Early in the day, we determined to meet at 8 pm to administer the maintenance spanking.  Time passed, dinner came and went, 8 o'clock arrived and I reported to receive my maintenance.  Laid out was the narrow hair brush, hickory wood paddle, flexible leather paddle and big wood paddle.  She sat, like a queen at the head of the bed.  I draped myself over her lap in a modified OTK position. This resulted in my bare ass immobile and vulnerable for spanking.   She began with a hand spanking for warm up.  Strokes became harder after a few minutes.  A steady slow pace of hard hand spanks continued for over 10 minutes.  When the hickory paddle began the blows were medium and the length of the paddle easily covered both cheeks.  About every 10 strokes were quite hard producing a yelp from me.  The hickory was unyielding as it paddled my ass soundly for several minutes.  Following the hickory the flexible leather was employed.  Beginning with the furry side, solid strokes landed squarely on both cheeks with a thudding sound.  Flipping over to the leather side the paddle began to sting my flesh like killer bees.  Alternating cheeks, she continued paddling for many minutes.   The end was a long way off and my ass grew redder and more sore.  The hairbrush was now ready to have its say.  The narrow wood handle crashed against my lower cheeks and I yelped.  Continuing on, my entire ass was peppered with hair brush strokes, yelping was nearly constant and tears were welling up in both eyes from the hairbrush.  A pause just long enough to switch from the brush to the big wood paddle.  The area paddled was now much larger than the narrow brush handle.  The big wood paddle easily covers both cheeks with every stroke.  I was nearly howling and tears were flowing constantly as the paddle strokes went on and on.  Finally she rested as did I.  A few minutes went by and I asked If the spanking was over.   A quick 'no' shot from her lips and she then directed me to change positions.  I was to adopt to a modified wheelbarrow position for more spanking.  This not only kept my ass immobile and vulnerable but spread open as well.  A long hard hand spanking greeted my new position.  Still shedding tears, the hickory paddle was brought in again.  Paddled for several more minutes with the hickory turned my red and sore cheeks deep red and sore to the deep tissue of my cheeks.  I knew this would be sore for days after.  Still not finished the flexible leather paddle found its way to her hand.  She started a paddling I thought I could not take.  Rapid fire on alternating cheeks with 5 or 6 strokes on each side before going to the other.  I screamed as she continued and my ass was immobile and had to accept this onslaught.  Many minutes passed before the spanking finally ended.  She said, 'now you have been well spanked'.

We cuddled for awhile before tossing the dice.  A 6 appeared meaning next Friday I will again be turned ass up and soundly spanked for maintenance.

Thanking all you loyal readers is my way of showing my appreciation for your continued support.  As always, I will answer all questions and comments on this blog.  Again, thank you very much.


  1. I thought you almost weren't going to make it through the spanking.

  2. You thought it.... Just imagine what I was thinking!!!! This was indeed a very thorough spanking.