Saturday, October 28, 2017

Saturday, Oct. 28, Maintenance Day.  Recurring readers will note that maintenance day was scheduled for Thursday, but as happens, life postponed it twice.  Earlier today she told me it is not being put off again and at 2 pm I will be getting spanked.  I reported a few minutes early and took position.  We have our new bed in place and it is like the one in our northern residence, much higher than our old one.  No more arms extended to reach the proper position for spanking.  Now my torso rests on the mattress with legs straight to the floor, ass presented and waiting for her.  Shortly she enters and begins setting out spanking implements.  I see 3 paddles, 2 hairbrushes and a doubled belt.  The paddles are the flexible leather, the purse and the big wood paddle.  Both hairbrushes are wood backed and one is the narrow one.  She chose the doubled belt to begin and the first strikes were mild.  After she was satisfied the warm up was complete, the belt was swung with more conviction.  Forehand and backhand strokes slapped my bare cheeks with a loud report.  Several minutes of belting turned my skin pink, then red.  Next she picked up the narrow backed hair brush.  It started stinging with the first smack.  Covering both cheeks with rapid fire strokes it continued to my upper thighs.  Placing it between my thighs was the signal to spread my legs.  I obeyed allowing my package to swing freely.  The brush spanked my inner cheeks and asshole and a few strikes on my balls.  Then she flipped the brush over and used the short course bristles to scrub the tender areas of my crotch.  Anus, balls and cock were targeted for a good scouring.  When that ceased I heard something different.  A toy was being slid from the cane case.  Not a cane, but the long riding crop.  Much different that the riding bat as the tip is narrow and the shaft much longer.  The tip is normally used like a whip, but this time the shaft was being used like a cane.  It struck my ass after the swish through the air and produced a loud yelp from me.  Not stopping or even slowing down she continued to cane me with the crop.  Yelps became howls and I stood slightly to reduce the pain.  She continued and I stood even more.  A slight pause as she looked at my face.  "No tears yet", she said and continued the whipping.  She said I had not had a good ass whipping lately and today was the day.   More caning with the crop and I was in agony.   She checked again and tears were now visible.  Pleased, I got several more strokes before she moved me back and sat on the edge of the bed with me standing before her.  The other hair brush now scrubbed my nipples and cock head.  I became hard, she pinched my nipples and slapped my cock more.  I got harder.  This soon led to things we don't discuss here.  Afterward, she covered me with a blanket as my ass was still in pain.  Although the 3 paddles never saw any action, I was very well spanked today.  She tossed a dice for me and turned up a ONE.  Another maintenance spanking was now due on Monday.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Tuesday, October 24, Maintenance Day.  Yes, I know it is a day early.  She realized tomorrow was not going to be available, so she said I'm spanking you today.  After dinner she directed me to our room and told me to prepare.  I leaned over the bed and presented my bare ass.  She handed me the blindfold and the last view I had was her holding the doubled belt.  A few light swats began the spanking, but in no time at all the swats increased in tempo and intensity.  Side to side strokes, forehand and backhand, the belt lashed both cheeks for several minutes.  I was unable to see what implements came next, but it stung like fire.  She was lighting up my ass with rapid fire spanks.  Not much a pause before a strike I did recognize crashed into both cheeks very hard.  I had not expected it, but 39 more followed at a slow pace.  The hard paddling with the big wood paddle took its toll and yelping echoed after each swat.  Another implement followed and I still am unsure of what it was.  It struck both cheeks time after time with a solid thud.  Red on the outside and bruised deep tissue, my ass was being pummeled.   Next came another toy I recall.  The riding bat began to spank me very hard and very fast.  Yelping was replaced by howling and after several minutes the bat was replaced with the purse paddle.  The strokes remained the same, fast and hard and lasted until I felt I could take no more.  Finally she paused and the blindfold was wet with tears as I was breathing hard.   A bare hand spanking ensued and lasted until both cheeks were stinging again.  Finally a soothing rub down enveloped most of my body.  She reached and removed my blindfold and we kissed for a long time.  A very fast 20 minute spanking ended.

I rolled the dice and was in disbelief as a ONE appeared.  Wednesday may have been unavailable, but I was spanked on Tuesday and will be again on Thursday.   Thanks again for reading and your comments and questions will be answered.     

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Saturday, October, 21, Maintenance Day.  Several days got away from us due to relocating in the south for the Winter.  Spanking slipped by more than once.  Early this morning I was directed to bend over.  I thought I was being disciplined as I took 6 very hard strokes without ceremony.  "There", she said, " I didn't forget and you will be spanked right after dinner".  The day went by normally we had dinner and I showered.  Upon leaving the shower, I noticed her standing with the doubled belt.  She bent me over the bed in position.  The bed here is somewhat lower than in our summer home.   I was semi standing with outstretched arms resting on the bed.  She began to belt me with a few light strokes that served as a warm up.  Soon the belt was landing increasingly harder strokes until full force swats were slapping my cheeks.  A full 5 minutes of belting colored my ass a bright red.  Next the big wood paddle was brought in.  A sound paddling was causing yelps with each stroke.  She placed her left hand on the small of my back to hold me still for the remaining 20 strokes.  A small plastic paddle now stung the cheeks already sore from the deep tissue bruising caused by the wood paddle.  The riding crop made an appearance.  She placed it between my thighs and slapped it from side to side, a sign for me to open my legs.  I guess I was not quick enough as I heard the command "spread 'em wide".  The crop went to work, spanking me rapidly and landing strikes everywhere.  Both cheeks were covered, lower cheeks, inner cheeks, upper things, anus, and uppercut strikes to my balls with my responding with howling.  The purse paddle, not seen since this mornings taste, came on and paddled me but good.  Several minutes of this had me in tears.  Following that, a long bare hand spanking completed the maintenance spanking.  It was a short but solid 25 minutes of assault on my bare ass.  A very effective maintenance spanking.  A toss of the dice scheduled me to be spanked again on Wednesday.

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Maintenance Day....Friday the 13th.  A tough week as maintenance was put off twice due to life getting in the way.  At about 10 this morning, she gave me a directive to be showered, nude, blindfolded and on the massage table with legs spread at 3 pm for a long maintenance spanking.  She ran her errands and I completed my chores and obeyed to the letter.  The spanking began on time when the first smack from the paddle met my cheeks.  It was the light weight plastic paddle which stings but carries little weight.  The paddling went on for a few minutes before the flexible leather paddle came into play.  She expertly covered my immobile ass with strokes from every angle.  Fast and hard the paddle rained down strokes until both cheeks were quite red.   Now a bare hand spanking took over with several well placed hits on the inner cheeks, thighs and anus.  She fondled my balls and ass hole before the narrow hair brush began its assault.  Raising my hips did little except exposing more surface to spank.  And spank the anus and upper thighs it did.  She reached under my raised hips and tormented my balls and cock while the hair brush kept on an even tempo of well placed spanks.  A brief pause before I felt the cool substance being dribbled in my ass crack.  She lubed up my hole and I knew the inevitable ass fucking would follow.  The dildo was inserted while her other hand massaged my cock.  I thought I would explode, but the massage stopped and that hand began to spank both cheeks while the dildo was being plunged deep inside me.  This went on for several minutes.  When the spanking ceased and the dildo removed, I thought my ass would get a break.  Not so as the flexible paddle began spanking me again.  Stinging strokes lasted several more minutes as I was yelping after each strike.  Finally it stopped and I heard the command to turn over.  I obeyed only to find myself being struck on my cock, balls and nipples with a small prickly plastic paddle.  This CBT and nipple torment had me vocally responding to each strike.  Then without warning, she raised both legs and held them high while the leather paddle did its best spanking with me in the diaper position.  Both cheeks were now crimson and burning with pain.  At last she lowered my legs and the spanking was over.  The blindfold was removed and I notice the clock.  An hour and five minutes has passed and I lay there like a wet rag, completely spent.  A bit of after care ensued and believe me it felt wonderful.  A short time later, she rolled the dice and turned up a 3.  You all know what that means..... Tuesday I am to be spanked again.  She winked and said 'unless I feel like spanking you before that'.   I settled down into recoup mode before dinner.  

Thanks to all my readers, I do appreciate all of you.  Questions..... Comments, all are welcome and will be answered.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Thursday, Oct, 5......Maintenance Day...again.  The rolling of ONES keeps my butt well spanked and quite sore.  Anyway, we laid out the same 9 implements as on Tuesday and in the same order.  Once again, the big wood paddle led off.  WOW, I rolled a one and one very hard, solid stroke began my baseball game driven maintenance spanking.  We both snickered... all this set up for one stroke.  After the end of the second inning I rolled a 5.  Presenting my bare ass to her standing and holding the belt, I was set to accept the 10 strokes from the belt.  All the humor of the single stroke from the paddle was gone in a flash as the belt landed across both cheeks.  I gritted as another lashed my flesh.  Then another and another until the number 10 had been reached.  Sitting back down was not as playful as before.  The end of the third saw me toss a 6 and the patent leather paddle was delivering 18 hard strokes to my ass which recalled the pain from the belt lashing.  A bit of a break for the fourth inning as I rolled a 1.  The narrow hair brush stung well in its 4 strokes.  The fifth inning ended and the exotic wood paddle with holes stood ready to take its turn in spanking me for maintenance.  The dice gave me a 4 and 20 strokes from that paddle is no picnic.  20 yelps later, my cheeks were now crimson and hot as fire.  The sixth inning was my friend.  I rolled a 1 and did get 6 very hard swats with the steel reinforced leather paddle.  Cheeks not only red and hot, but now with deep tissue soreness.  The seventh finished, I tossed a 2, and my ass was stung with 14 strokes from the riding bat.  I checked the lineup and saw the big hair brush was the next hitter.  The dice came up with a 3 and my cheeks had to endure 24 hard strokes from the hair brush with me yelping all the way.  The ninth inning came and went quickly and I found myself once again, grasping the arms of the recliner and presenting my well spanked ass for the final portion of the maintenance spanking.  Having rolled a 4, meant 36 strokes from the flexible leather paddle.  She covered every inch of both cheeks with stinging blows which made a fitting end to the spanking.  She tossed the dice to schedule the next episode and a 3 means Monday night I submit to my next maintenance spanking.

Again, thank for reading and I will answer any and all questions or comments.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Tuesday, Oct 3, Maintenance Day.  We chose to use the wild card baseball game for the maintenance spanking because it may be the last game we will watch.  The format will again be a bit different.  We laid out 9 implements, one for each inning.  We also will use the dice again, but with a slightly different twist.  At the end of each inning, I will toss the dice and the number shown will be multiplied by the inning.  The order the implements laid out placed the big wood paddle first.  Followed in order by the doubled belt, the patent leather paddle, the narrow hair brush, an exotic wood paddle with holes, the steel reinforced paddle, the riding bat, big hair brush and finally the flexible leather paddle.  I rolled very well until the 6th inning.  Here is how my spankings went by inning.  Tossing a 4, the big wood paddle warmed both cheeks with 4 solid strokes.  Then a 2 and the belt lashed me 4 more times.  Another 2 saw the patent leather paddle kiss my ass 6 times.  Another 2 and the hair brush nailed me for 8 stinging strokes.  The 5th inning saw another 2 from the dice and the exotic wood paddle with holes spanked me with 10 hard strokes.  The the 6th inning ended, I tossed a dreaded 6 and 36 swats with the steel reinforced paddle were coming my way.  Each was hard and solid.  These 36 strokes produced yelps and a very red and sore ass.  I tossed another 2 in the 7th and got 14 from the riding bat.  This added more sting to my already red cheeks.  After the 8th I rolled a 3.  Even though it is a low number, multiplied by the inning earned me 24 with the big hair brush.  I finally rolled a 1 for the 9th and got 9 strokes from the flexible leather paddle to finish me off.  I let her toss for the scheduling the next spanking.  The dice must have been stuck on ONE because that is what she rolled.  Thursday will be my next spanking.

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

September 30, October 1, Maintenance Weekend.  Originally maintenance was scheduled for Thursday as was stated in my last posting.  This was changed due to a weekend guest.  A service sub was also invited to assist in the meal and other chores.  A good friend and female Dominant would be assisting in administering my maintenance spankings.  I got home just in time for a shower and dinner and was told to get comfortable and join the two ladies for dinner after my shower.  I knew what this meant, and immediately stripped before them and headed for the shower, remained nude for dinner and the balance of the evening.  The service sub and I cleared the dinner dishes and shortly we all headed to the dungeon.  My Dominant busied herself in dominating the service submissive while Lady A (not using her name) prepared to administer maintenance to me.  I was placed on the massage table and made comfortable.  She used every implement laid out and delivered a long and hard spanking.  The leather, steel reinforced paddle began.  Slow at first for a warm up and then increased in speed and intensity.  Lying on the table meant no give was available and my ass had to absorb the full impact of the strokes.  Wood paddles, crops, hair brushes, bare hands all were used several times in covering both cheeks, inner thighs and back.  She is very skilled in the use of the implements at her disposal.  Out of my sight, the service sub was also getting a good spanking along with other domination acts.  I could hear his yelps and other vocal signs of his accepting 'rewards' for his service during the day.  Lady A, paddled me soundly for nearly an hour and a half, while my Dominant was attending to the other sub.  Finally released from our compromising positions, both he and I remained nude and served refreshments to the ladies until bed time.  He had to leave early Sunday and I, while still nude donned nipple clamps to prepare and serve breakfast to the ladies.  As they chatted, I cleaned dishes and the kitchen.  Then I stripped beds and straightened the house in general.  I Thought I would be spanked again later on Sunday and this time by both Dominants.  That thought faded as our guest received a phone call and had to leave for home.  She slapped my bare ass hard and said there will be another time as she left the house.  Later that evening my Dominant told me to report to our room and position myself for the rest of my maintenance spanking.  I bent over the end of the bed and presented my ass.  She entered and blindfolded me.  Then I heard her assembling some toys and I knew the spanking would begin shortly but had no idea what implements would be used.  She came up behind me and slid her hands across my cheeks and spread my legs open, and then reached under my chest and tormented my nipples until I was moaning.  Then a few strokes from the purse paddle struck my cheeks.  The paddle was still in its soft padded sleeve.  It produced a thud with each strike.  The the sleeve was removed and the wood slapped against my bare skin.  Again and again it stung each cheek as she paddled for several minutes.  The next toy I recognized immediately.  The doubled belt was lashing my ass with side to side hard swings.  I began to yelp with each strike.  This did nothing to slow her tempo and the belting continued for another several minutes.  Involuntary movement on my part was not in her plans.  She grasped me around my hips and ordered me to stop moving.  I held as still as possible and accepted several more minutes of the belt.  I could hear her moving around and soon my next order was to assume the modified wheelbarrow position.  Difficult to do while blindfolded, but eventually I lay prone with legs spread around her hips.  She grasped my hips again pulling me back more toward her and spread my legs even further.  A long bare hand spanking began and did not end until I felt the narrow hair brush sting my wide open vulnerable ass.  She spanked both cheeks with the brush repeatedly for many minutes and followed with another old friend.  The big wood paddle crashed into my cheeks and produced a loud yelp from me.  She paddled long and hard, then spanked again with the hair brush, then resumed paddling.  The two implements shared another session each and when the final slap of the wood paddle faded, my eyes were tearing.  She finally eased me off her and said it was over.  Between Saturday and Sunday, I had been very well spanked by two very accomplished Dominant ladies.  I handed her the dice after removing my blindfold and to my disbelief, she rolled a ONE.  Tuesday, I will be turned ass up again and spanked for maintenance.

Thanks to all readers and as you know, questions or comments will be answered.