Saturday, August 26, 2017

Saturday, August 26, Maintenance Day.  Still some deep tissue soreness from the last maintenance spanking, I was told I would be spanked this evening during the ball game.  Game time came around and I was told only one implement would be used and I was to receive ten hard strokes after a brief warm up at the end of each inning.  The toy chosen was the doubled belt .  This implement can be very effective as the 2 1/2 inch wide leather can sting the skin raw as the weight of the doubled leather swung with the handle can bruise the tissue deep beneath the hide.  The handle is cherry wood and 9 inches long.  It can accommodate a grip of both hands.  The leather is 28 inches long and doubled, then fastened to the cherry wood.  This gives a double 14 inch strap of heavy 2 1/2 inch wide leather.  The game played on at at the end of the first inning, I stood, bent over, grasped the arms of the chair, presented my bare ass and waited for the taste of the leather.  She delivered about 20 strokes for a warm up ranging from light to medium.  The first hard stroke landed perfectly.  The long leather easily covers both cheeks and nine more strokes followed the first producing a wide red stripe across my ass.  Sitting back down to watch the game was OK, but I knew I had been spanked.  The end of the second inning soon was upon us and again I stood, bent and presented.  Again the warm up preceded the leather kissing my bare skin ten more times.  By the end of the fifth inning my ass was flaming red and quite sore.  Warm ups were less and less but the hard strokes seemed worse every time.  I had now taken fifty hard strokes and probably close to a hundred warm up strokes.  I knew there still forty hard strokes to land.  At the end of the sixth, she jumped up first and held the belt.  I ambled into position and presented.  I doubt a warm up was necessary, but I got it anyway.  Now for the hard strokes she grasped the handle with both hands, like a player would grasp a Louisville Slugger.... and my ass was the ball!!!.  She swung with both hands and I yelped as the ten strokes bit into my cheeks reddening more with each one.  The seventh inning played a bit longer so I got a bit of a reprieve.  At its close, I again stood and presented my ass.  A short warm up and then ten more hard strokes crashed against my already deep red and tenderized cheeks.  The eighth was a repeat with a short warm up and ten two handed swats from the doubled leather belt.  Finally the end of the game, our team had won, but I still had to take the final ten hard strokes.  When the first struck, I yelped and said aloud ONE.  By the time I was able to say TEN, my butt was very well spanked.  She patted my ass and said good job.

We tossed the dice and a 4 appeared.  On Thursday, I will submit to and accept another maintenance spanking.  Thanks for reading and as always, questions or comments will be answered.
Wednesday, Aug 23, Maintenance Day.  The spanking was only a few hours late, but this report is very late and my apologies.  Tuesday night was not good for personal reasons, but Wednesday was not going to get past us.  Following our morning coffee I serve in bed, I always brush her hair.  Shortly after that, the hair brush changed hands and she directed me into the modified wheelbarrow position.  As she sat in bed I was placed prone with legs spread around her hips.  The spanking began with bare hands slapping the bare, immobile, spread wide cheeks before them.  Following a good warming and reddening, my ass was visited by the hairbrush.  Spanks rained down firmly and rapidly covering every inch of exposed flesh.  The brush reached all of the outer and inner cheeks and inner thighs.  From out of nowhere came the riding crop which stung with authority the back of my balls and anus along with the rest of my ass.  The swish through the air and the narrow leather tip spanked me for many minutes.  I had no idea where she was getting the toys, but somehow the flexible leather paddle was in her hand.  Its wide smooth leather surface covered my cheeks quickly but it continued long and hard as yelping followed each strike.  Each implement including bare hands took another turn in rounding out my maintenance spanking.  The final result was a very bright red, quite sore and well spanked ass.  Soon, given my position, her hands found their mark as some CBT began.  This led into things we do not discuss here as you know.  Quite some time later, we crawled out of bed and tossed the dice.  On Saturday, I will be treated to another round of maintenance as my Dominant Mistress will deliver the spanking I need.

Thanks for reading and your comments or questions will be answered.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Saturday, August, 19....Maintenance Day at the Spanking Party.  Driving to a neighboring state to attend a spanking party was to serve as my maintenance spanking once again.  Other guests arrived shortly after us and dinner was enjoyed by all.  Soon the meat of the evening was at hand and like any CFNM event, all the male subs were stripped and seated next to their Dominant females.  As normal, the spanking began with a round robin where nude males were draped over the laps of the Dominant ladies and spanked.  At the directed time each moved one lap in clockwise motion and again spanked.  This was repeated until each male was spanked by each female.  Following this warm up activity, the board game started.  Moving our tokens around the board with the roll of the dice we land on squares which directs by whom, with what implement and the way we were to be spanked.  Interesting scenarios were played out as the ladies thoroughly spanked us until the game ends well over an hour later.  I recall a turn which called for me being spanked in the diaper position.  I lied on my back and pulled my legs up and back as far as I could but the gal hooked her left arm behind my heels and moved my legs further back.  She had chosen a wood hair brush and soundly spanked my vulnerable and immobile ass which was exposed to the ceiling.  The diaper position, aside from being one of the most humiliating positions, stretches the skin very tight and each spank is painful.  Somehow, it seemed the strap was used most often during the game and each of the men, including me, were strapped several times. A break for liquid refreshment and dessert was next in line.  The next game saw the men draw a ladies name and she in turn drew a spanking scenario from another jar.  After each male drew and the spanking carried out, the ladies then drew a mans name while he then drew the scenario from the jar.  We were all spanked by each lady several more times over the course of the game.  After some folks left, the remaining few again had some refreshments and good conversion.  Before bed, the male host and I were brought to the dungeon for our bedtime spankings.  Mine seemed to last just under an hour and I was put to bed with a well spanked bright red bottom.  I have no idea how long he was spanked, but the next morning we all enjoyed a visit to a restaurant specializing in omelettes.  What a treat.  We will be hosting the party next month.  After returning home Sunday, I tossed the dice and rolled a TWO.  On Tuesday, I will be spanked again for maintenance.

Thanks for being loyal readers and following these episodes.  Any questions or comments we be answered individually.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

August 15, FINALLY - Maintenance Day.  I find it hard to believe so much time has passed since my last episode.  However, valid or not, there is a reason.  A 17 day camping trip covering 3 states and surrounded with vanillas prevented even a thought of a spanking during that span.  Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee were visited and enjoyed.  Arriving back home late Saturday night, it was just too late to consider a spanking.  Sunday was spent with family and unpacking and unwinding so again my ass went to bed unspanked.  Monday looked good until evening when my Dominant was under par so we again cancelled it.  Tuesday morning she awoke with the words flowing from her mouth...."You're getting spanked today".  We made an appointment and began the day.  After dinner the appointed time came about and I reported to the bedroom.  Laid out were 8 implements and a blindfold.  When she entered, only two commands were issued...'put the blindfold on and present your ass'.  I obeyed and we started nearly immediately with a nice bare hand warm up.  The warm up ended as the spanks grew harder.  The flexible leather paddle stung my cheeks with a very hard and loud SMACK!!  The spanks came fast and hard as did the red color and burning pain.  Next she used an exotic wood paddle.  This one had no holes but was very solid, smooth and dense.  A close grain light colored wood led me to believe it was maple.  Regardless of the look or color, it paddled both cheeks to a deep red and most likely bruised the deep tissue.  A nearly seamless transition from the heavy thud of the maple to the fire like sting of the riding bat.  The swish through the air followed by the slap against flesh was very quick.  About 30 hard and fast smacks from the bat yielded to the shaft of the bat being placed between my thighs and tapped side to side.  You know as I do, this was the signal to spread my legs.  I complied, but the tapping continued, so I spread even further.  The bat changed from horizontal to vertical and spanked cock, balls and anus until I was yelping with each stroke.  Difficult for me to discern which came next or in what order but each implement had its turn.  The narrow wood hairbrush spanked everything and then scoured the tender areas with its short coarse bristles.  Something new came next.  She stood me up, placed the narrow hairbrush, bristles upward under my cock and lifted it slightly.  Then the riding bat slapped the top of my cock against the bristles of the brush.  This nearly had me in tears.  The leather tip of the bat then spanked both nipples until pink.  Bending me back over there was more paddling from the patent leather, big wood, exotic wood, and flexible leather paddles.  More hair brushing, more riding bat, and more bare hand spanking.  Finally she stood me up on wobbly knees and removed the blindfold.  I had endured a full hour of spanking with some nipple torment and CBT thrown in.  We did not toss the dice as Saturday we attend another spanking party.  The ladies in attendance will spank me and the other males as the games unfold.  Again, this will serve as my next Maintenance Spanking.

Sorry for the long time off, but the any questions or comments you may have, will be answered.  Thank you all for reading.