Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sat, Sun, Mon, Maintenance Days.... Sounds strange, but here is how it happened.  Things are a bit different on vacation here in Las Vegas.  Saturday was the scheduled maintenance spanking and we were attending a demo/play party at a private home.  We wanted to use the play party as the maintenance spanking I was due.  The demo on caning went well and the dinner beforehand was good.  Following the demo, folks went on about socializing and never played.  We got home and she felt bad that we did not get to play, so she said before bed I would get a short spanking, and we would finish tomorrow.  I took sixty strokes with the wood handled hairbrush as a taste of the maintenance now to be delivered tomorrow.  Sunday rolled around and the maintenance began with the hairbrush.  After a good warm up, the riding whip made its entry.  The tell tale swish through the air culminated by the loud crack across my ass cheeks.  Several strokes later, she skillfully used the tip to whip both cheeks thoroughly with the occasional loud crack of the riding whip on my reddened ass.  Resting the whip, she picked up the hairbrush again.  Parting my legs wide enough to allow my cock and balls to swing, she reached under and grasped the entire package and pulled back.  Using the short coarse bristles of the brush to scrub the under side of my cock, balls and anus to a bright pink color and tender flesh.  Another interruption put an end to this segment of the maintenance spanking.  Monday morning, I completed my daily chore of serving coffee in bed and brushing her hair.  She said lets finish the maintenance.  She directed me to a new position.  She was sitting in bed, back against the headboard, with her legs spread.  Being told to lie prone, looking at her feet, I placed my torso between her legs with my knees bent against the headboard and legs spread around her hips.  This left my ass resting on her upper thighs making it a immobile inviting target.   Well, the hairbrush and her bard hand wasted no time in hitting the target over and over again.  Several minutes of well aimed strokes turned my cheeks from pink to red and sore.  Finally after three sessions, the maintenance spanking came to an end.  Knowing the uncertainty of our vacation time and the fact we had vanilla friends due in on Saturday, we decided to deliver a maintenance spanking on Friday rather than roll the dice.  Stay tuned for the account of that one.  As always, thanks for reading and any comments or questions will be answered.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Thursday, Jan 26, Maintenance Day.  As promised, Thursday I was spanked late in the evening.  We had attended a local group meeting, but when we arrived home the spanking was due.  In our apartment here in Las Vegas, she found a cylinder shaped bolster and placed it at the edge of the bed. Told to strip and get into position, I obeyed.  The bolster raised my hips high and stretched the skin of my butt tight as my head and shoulders lay on the bed.  This put my ass in a comprising position and an inviting target.  The spanking began with a bare hand warm up but soon began to increase in tempo and intensity.  Her hand met my flesh with a stinging barrage of spanks covering both cheeks and not only warmed but reddened my presented ass.  This lasted several minutes.  Without much of a break, the purse paddle came into play.  Nearly pleasant medium strokes came in waves as she made a point to strike every portion of tight, tender and red skin.  At times hard and extra hard strokes landed in bursts of increased speed.  The extra hard strokes produced yelps and slight movement.  Still the paddling continued... slow, medium and fast strings of varying intensity strokes went on and on for a long period of time.  I guess she finally had enough of my moving, so she reached her free hand under my hips and grasped my balls to hold me still.  I knew the end was close, but it would be harsh.  The strokes now landed quickly and quite hard as I was held still with her left hand.  I yelped and wined until the last stroke hit and the spanking ceased.  She released me and I stood to hold, kiss and thank her for a solid maintenance spanking.  I got a view of my crimson cheeks and the clock and realized I had been continually spanked and paddled for about 35 minutes.

A roll of the dice scheduled another spanking for Saturday night.  Questions or comments will be answered.  Thanks for reading.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Sunday Jan 22,  Maintenance Day... finally.  Hi readers and I start with an apology for the long delay in posting.  However, you have not missed anything.  After several days with no internet access and a cross country trip, I offer greetings from Las Vegas, Nevada.  No maintenance spankings have occurred since the last one in early January.  Given the long delay and it being Sunday with two NFL Championship games on tap, we decided to use our football game spanking scenario for the overdue maintenance.  We chose 4 implements and will use the scoring from BOTH games.  I assume you recall how the game works.  We use the total score for whatever team scores immediately after they score.  For example, Team A scores a field goal... I receive 3 strokes from the implement designated for that team.  Next they score a touchdown so their score is now 9 and I get 9 strokes.  If they make the extra point, now their total score is 10, so I get 10 strokes, and so on.  Well if you are a fan, you know both games were high scoring.  It would be too lengthy to itemize each score here so, we will not describe each installment.  The first game was Green Bay at Atlanta.  The riding whip was chosen for the Packers and the leather glove will deliver strokes for the scores of the Atlanta Falcons.  The game begun finding me totally nude awaiting the spankings which would follow.  Atlanta scored first, so I got 6 immediately followed by another 7.  Then they scored a field goal so the strokes numbered 10 for this episode.  Then another 4 touchdowns so I took 16, 17, then 23 and 24 more.  The balance of their scoring netted me sessions of 30, 31, 37, 43, and 44.  This totaled out to 287 strokes with the leather glove.  In between all this, the Packers scored 5 times, so I got sessions of 6, 7, 13, 15, and 21 strokes, totaling 62 with the riding whip.  Game one over now with a total of 349 strokes and a very red and sore ass.  I hope my math is better than my hopes for game two.  Implements here were the purse paddle for New England and the doubled belt for the Steelers.  Total of 4 scores for Pittsburgh caused the belt to land on my ass in the following manner.  First 6, then 9, then 15 and ending with 17 for a total of 47.  New England, on the other hand was not going to be easy on me and neither was Ms Mirage.  The purse paddle was in fine form and the scoring sessions went like this.... 3, 9, 10,16, 17, 20, 26, 27, 33, and 36.  This all comes to 197 times the wood met flesh leaving redness and yelps. Game two strokes came to 144 so both games together totaled  493 strokes... I think?????  Even though the spanking was stretched out over about 6 hours, the impact was as effective maintenance spanking.

Rolling the dice was a semi bright spot for me as the number shown scheduled Thursday for the next spanking.  Bye for now, see you after Thursday and feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments you like.  Each will be answered.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Thursday, Dec 5, First spanking of the New Year.  Well, not exactly true.  The maintenance was due on Monday, but it did not happen.  I took 3 punishment spankings in 2 days and Wednesday we were away, so Thursday morning she led me to the bedroom.  Off the cuff, but it did happen.  Started out with the thin oak paddle, I think because it was still handy from the prior discipline spankings.  It did a good warm up but soon started strikes for real.  Did not last too long, thank goodness, but the bare hand followed.  Her hand is as effective as some implements and this was no exception.  A long bare hand spanking continued before she came up with the riding crop.  This toy swished through the air with its unmistakable sound before contacting both cheeks.  Slow and fast tempo was exchanged, but the harsh lashes were leaving their mark.  She left the room and said kneel next to the bed.  I obeyed instantly.  She returned with the big wood paddle and from a new angle it spanked my ass with authority.  Several more hard and medium strokes landed and I could feel the heat from both cheeks.  Another hand spanking broke out and it stung like hell.  She spanked for quite awhile before the wood paddle came in for the finish.  Boy, did it finish.  Several hard strokes left me yelping after each one.  Finally it came to a close.

The dice were tossed and luck smiled on me as a 6 came up.  Adding one, means next Thursday will be the next maintenance spanking.  Questions, comments... bring them on and all will be answered.