Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday, Sept 26 - recap of maintenance weekend.  Due to our week with a vanilla couple, the maintenance due on Wednesday, did not occur.  However, on Friday afternoon we welcomed some of our weekend guests.  Later on and on Saturday two more male submissives arrived.  As you know one of my agreed covenants in our relationship is to be kept nude in the house.  Except for a quick trip, I was nude, in service mode and available the entire weekend.  Just after dinner on Friday, four of us sat down for a game of SPANKOPOLY.  Based on Monopoly, the game is for Dominants and subs and is geared to subs being spanked. Properties are purchased as markers travel around the board.  Subs normally pay debts and rents with spankings.  Fun for all.  Late that another male sub arrived and Saturday morning, the final male sub arrived.  Good conversation, good food and lots of spankings continued until Sunday afternoon.  Each evening saw some fireside spanking as both Female Dominants were busy spanking the subs by the fireplace.  I could not even guess the number of spankings, not the amount of implements used or even the positions taken both inside and outside.  The weather was good and some outdoor spankings took place.  One session saw each sub in a position and some were blindfolded.  Like honey bees the Dominates swarmed about the room visiting each submissive bottom several times and with varied toys.  All in all a very fine weekend full of spankings.  We did not toss the dice as during the next week we will be remodeling a kitchen with another vanilla couple at our summer cabin.  I will report the next maintenance spanking whenever it occurs. 

Thanks again for your continued readership and do not hesitate to leave questions or comments.  All will be answered.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Saturday, Sept 17.  Maintenance Day and another spanking party.  We arrived at the party a bit late, but it was still in the munch and chat phase.  A few later arrivals put the main meal up first before any spanking began.  Good food and conversation were plentiful when the call for the subs to strip was heard and obeyed.  CFNM is the norm for these gatherings and soon six subs were nude while 8 Dominant ladies took places for a round robin spanking.  With subs over laps or in wheelbarrow position, the spankings began.  The ladies had decided upon trying spanking in unison.  It worked at times and the sound of hands or implements landing on bare cheeks exactly at the same time produced a loud slap that echoed in the room.  After each sub found their way over the lap of all 8 Dominant ladies, the round robin was complete.  A new game was played in which each sub chose the name of a Dominant from a jar and also a spanking scenario from another jar.  Like the others, I was well spanked more than once by all the ladies again with different implements and positions.  Two of my scenes resulted in a double team spanking.  One was over the laps of two ladies together for a double team hand spanking.  The other was a double team, restrained paddling.  After being bound to the spanking bench, both ladies paddled my bare ass together.  Another scene found me receiving a hair brush spanking I will long remember.  Red asses were aglow when a break was called.  More food, conversations and comparisons were taking place.  After a bit, the ladies noticed the red was fading from our cheeks and play was once again resumed.  This time the game changed and the Ladies chose a subs name and the sub then had to roll dice.  The numbers were then multiplied and the ladies chose an implement to deliver that number of strokes.  Cheeks soon became red again as the game progressed.  Each sub got several turns with the ladies and all were well spanked.  We again spent the night and following breakfast a quick spanking sent us on our way.  Arriving home, we tossed the dice and I am scheduled to be spanked again Wednesday.  This may be difficult as we are spending the week with vanilla friends.  We will see if the spanking can be delivered.  If not, it will be added to our weekend plans.  We are hosting a small affair with new friends and a few additional subs.  While the guests are here, 24/7 protocol will be in force.  Spankings will be at the will of the Dominant ladies and I have no doubt, all subs will receive the spankings due them along with some extras.

Thanks for reading and questions or comments will be answered.  Bye for now. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Sept. 12, Monday, maintenance day.  Well, it certainly has been a while since I reported to you.  We returned on Sunday and the balance of the day was spent unloading and getting things back to normal.  Today we spent a good deal of time running errands.  Tonight I was called over her lap and I received a long, hard and due spanking.  Bare ass high in the air, I waited for a warmup that never came.  The hair brush was the first implement used and it was used well.  The first stroke was hard and stung like hell.  Cheeks that had not been spanked for over 14 days, save a few hotel swats on a few nights were being spanked soundly.  Every following stroke from the brush was equally hard and soon I knew the spanking would be one to remember.  I counted over 120 strokes from the brush as her arm held my ass nearly immobile while I took the pain the hair brush dealt out.  The brush was laid to rest for now as the bare hand of my Dominant Mistress continued to plummet both cheeks for over 75 additional strokes.  The skin was red, the pain intense and the heat searing as the big wood paddle continued the onslaught.  Large enough to cover both cheeks, it landed very solid for 150 strokes.  I was yelping and squirming helplessly as the strokes came in hard waves.  The red color was deepening and the deep tissue of my ass was being bruised with every stroke.  I felt it would be over as the paddle was placed next to me, but she spread my legs enough for me to feel the cool air of the room to reach my balls.  Again her arm held my hips tight as the hair brush made another appearance.  On alternating cheeks, it landed with authority.  Another 50 strokes hit the mark as I could do nothing but accept the maintenance she delivered.  Another session with the bare hand completed the spanking.  I thanked her and offered to roll the dice.  She declined and reminded me of our commitment to attend another spanking party this Saturday.  A CFNM affair, the male subs will be stripped spanked by all the Dominant women of the spanking group. A report will follow.

Thank you for waiting and reading, I appreciate your continued attention to this account of my maintenance spankings.  Comments and questions are welcome and will be answered.