Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday, June 29, Spanked for Maintenance.  Originally scheduled for Thursday, a life happening pushed the scheduled event off a day.  I did not have to wait long.  This morning, following breakfast clean up, I strolled into the bedroom.  She was there with implements already laid out.  The doubled belt, purse paddle and coiled rope ready to go.  All I had to do was assume position, present my ass and accept the overdue spanking.  She began with a bare hand warm up that covered both cheeks, top to bottom, inside and out.  The belt went first, slapping my ass with solid strokes.  Several minutes of a good belting left both cheeks quite red.  Without much hesitation the coiled rope began to sting my flesh.  A knee pushed between my legs successfully spreading me open exposing more area including dangling balls.  The rope continued its lashing of both cheeks and the newly exposed areas.  Inner cheeks, anus and balls were not spared its biting strikes.  She grasped my cock to slide my position back a bit.  She reached up to my nipples, already sore for wearing the clamps during morning chores, pinching and twisting them until I screamed.  Spreading my legs open to the maximum preceded another bare hand spanking.  This included a long segment exclusively dedicated to spanking my ass hole and balls.  Again, without pause, the purse paddle struck my right cheek hard.  Without a moment to process the pain, it struck my left cheek.  This paddle is solid cherrywood and delivers a very sound paddling.  This time was no exception.  The paddle rained down strokes covering all areas of both cheeks while yelps echoed after each strike.  Red turned to purple, moisture turned to tears, yelps turned to howles as the purse paddle delivered a very long and solid paddling.  Another visit from the belt was the finishing touch on this maintenance session.  I stood, hugged, kissed and thanked her for administering a long, 35 minute maintenance spanking.  I tossed the dice and shuttered as a 'one' came up.  Oh no, I said, another spanking on Sunday.  She corrected me by saying, this was last night's spanking, so you will be spanked again tomorrow.  My response was, as usual, "Yes Ma'am.

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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Saturday, June 23, Maintenance Day.  The 4 days since the last spanking passed uneventfully and Saturday evening found me nude and ready to accept my maintenance session.  Using the ball game again, the toys chosen were opposite in sensation.  The riding bat would deliver sharp stinging blows while turning the skin bright pink and the big wood paddle would provide deep tissue bruising with its sound, solid strikes covering both cheeks.  The game began and the Yanks produced nothing in the first inning.  The Rays however were showing no mercy.  They got a single and a double scoring a run.  I presented my ass and she delivered a bare hand warm up.  Then the riding bat swished thru the air and stung both cheeks with 35 harsh strokes.  The second inning began with a double for the Yankees, but nothing more occurred.  The big wood paddle enjoyed its 10 sound strokes which I could feel in the deep tissue of my ass cheeks.  Bottom of the second and the Rays continued their hot hitting.  Two doubles, a single and two more runs crossed the plate.  Now, 65 strokes from the riding bat were due.  They struck hard and by the end, my skin was cherry red and stinging.  The third inning saw another double from the Yanks and another 10 hard strokes on the red cheeks and more deep tissue soreness.  The next several innings provided a respite for me as only 2 singles from the Yanks netted me 5 hard strokes each from the wood paddle.  The 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th inning were empty from the Rays as was the beginning of the 7th for the Yankees.  A solo home run and a single in the bottom of the seventh awarded me 25 more strokes with the riding bat.  I gritted my teeth and held position during this segment.  The Yankees were done for the game, but the Rays got a double and single without scoring in the 8th.  She changed implements and delivered the 15 blows with the wood paddle.  She held me in position and then spanked me with the riding bat.  Many strokes rained down and I offered a yelp near the end.  A low scoring and light hitting game ended as did a mild maintenance session.  The scoring provided 170 strokes and the extra 30 from her rounded out the maintenance at 200 strokes.

The dice were tossed and on Thursday I will be accepting another maintenance spanking.  Thanks to all for reading and as usual, your comments or questions will be answered.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tuesday, June 19, Maintenance Spanking delivered.  A long 7 day period ended today as she said to me to pick two implements for tonight.  "You're getting spanked during the ball game", was what I heard as I went to pick the two 'weapons of ass destruction'.  I chose a theme of cherry wood handles and leather striking surfaces.  The doubled belt and the flexible leather paddle were placed for her use as the game began.  The Mariners got a hit and a run in the first as the Yanks committed an error.  I stood and presented my ass to accept 25 strokes from the leather paddle.  In their half of the first inning the Yankees got a solo home run and a single followed.  Now the doubled belt had its turn and delivered 25 more strokes.  Nothing for Seattle in the second and the Yanks eek out a single.  Five more strokes for me.  Ditto for the third and another 5 spanks on my cheeks.  The fourth inning netted nothing for either team.  The Mariners went hitless in the 5th, but the Yankees exploded for a pair of two run home runs along with a single.  I stood and presented knowing the leather belt would now lash both cheeks 85 times.  Gingerly I sat back down and appreciated both teams doing nothing in the 6th inning, however the 7th inning would be much different.  Seattle scored on a solo home run in the top of the inning.  Another 20 strokes lit up my ass again.  Not to be outdone, the Yanks got 3 hits and scored a run themselves.  35 more strokes on red and sore cheeks.  The 8th inning saw nothing from the Mariners, but the Yankee rookie went yard and I had to absorb 20 more strikes from the belt.  Game over, ass red and sore and dice tossed.  A 'three' comes up.  Saturday is scheduled for my next spanking. 

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Tuesday, June 12, delayed Maintenance Day.   A tough weekend which included the passing of a good friend, postponed the maintenance.  This morning she summoned me to the bedroom just after breakfast saying it was time to be spanked.   She pulled out the doubled belt and the hair brush.   A bare hand warm up preceded the segment with the doubled belt.  Midway through the warm up she had spread my legs apart and the warm up included thighs, inner cheeks, anus and ball spanking.  The belt slapped both cheeks with many strokes.  Alternating strokes and even some uppercut strokes which landed the leather on my balls.  The belting went on for about 15 minutes.  Next the hair brush took its turn and my ass caught the full force of the wood.  Howling after each strike became normal as the brush soundly spanked me.  She used it vertically to land strikes to my balls, cock and anus.  Next she flipped the brush over and scoured by exposed tender areas.  Dragging the coarse bristles over my nipples, asshole, balls and entier cock sent me wild.  The CBT and nipple torment went on for several minutes.  While spread wide open she used the vibrator on the same areas.  Then directed to sit in a chair with legs still open wide she continued the CBT with more implements.  The riding crop, massage thumper and vibrator all tortured my nipples, and wide open crotch.  Many minutes of this and you can imagine where I was sexually and the session moved intimate which we do not discuss here.  More of a sensual spanking, the maintenance ended later with a quick nap for two exhausted people.  I tossed the dice after the nap and a six appeared, scheduling the next session for next Tuesday.  She just smiled and said "if I can wait that long".

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Friday, June 8, 2018

Wednesday, June 6, Maintenance Day.  The spanking took place on time, it is only this report which is late.  We had decided to use a Yankee-Blue Jay baseball game to control the spanking.  She chose 3 implements instead of 2.  They were the hair brush, purse paddle and flexible leather paddle.  The game began as we were both ready.  Little did we know at the time, it would become a pitchers duel.  There were no hits for either team thru the first 3 innings so no spankings were issued.  In the fourth, the Yanks managed a double, but the runner failed to advance.  None the less, I presented my ass for the 10 strokes.  She began with the hair brush.  This is an oval shaped thick wood backed brush she likes for spanking.  After a few warm up strikes, 10 good strokes lit up my cheeks.  Nothing for the Jays in their half of the fourth.  On to the fifth where the Yanks got two singles.  Another 10 strokes to be awarded.  The pink color and soreness from the hair brush had not subsided when the flexible leather stung my flesh with 10 hard strikes.  In the bottom of the fifth, the Jays got a double and a single.  In no time I was back in position to accept 15 more strokes.  The purse paddle spanked my ass soundly and yelps slipped out.  14 hard strokes on alternating cheeks and the last one squarely across both.  The inning ended without any scoring.  The pitchers ruled for the next 4 innings, no hits and only 35 strokes had been administered.  She became tired or bored with the slow moving game and went on to bed.  I was to keep track of the scoring and would receive my due strokes the next day.   The Yanks scratched out a single in the ninth, so 5 strokes went into the 'owed' column.  In the 10th, they got a lead off double but failed to score.  Another 10 on the 'owed' list.  The Blue Jays got a single in their half of the 10th and I added 5 more to the list.  Nothing at all in the 12th for either team and the time got later and later.  Finally in the 13th The Yankees made their move.  Following a single, Judge unloaded for a 2 run home run.  One batter later, Stanton connected on a solo home run.  Three runs crossed the plate and a massive 65 strokes were placed on the list.  Not to go quietly, the Jays made it interesting with a double of their own, netting me 10 more strokes.  The game finally ended with the 'owed' containing 95 strokes, nearly 3 times more than what I had already received.  I turned in for the night.  Right after breakfast, while I was cleaning up, she had laid out the same 3 toys on the bed.  She was holding the hair brush when she called me in saying "there is some unfinished business here".  I agreed and gave her the list while taking position still wearing my chore time nipple clamps.  She delivered the spankings in order, 5, then 10, then 5 more all with the flexible leather.  These strokes colored and stung my cheeks quickly.  Now the 65 were due,  There were breaks only to change implements, not long breaks like waiting for the end of a ninning.  The hair brush met my flesh and lightning like pain shot through me.  Tears moistened my face and yelps became howls as the hair brush spanked me thoroughly.  After the 65th strike landed, just a brief pause to switch to the purse paddle.  I was still due a final 10 and the solid cherry wood purse paddle was to make sure I knew I had received them.  The ten swats included more tears and a howl after each.  It was over.  Although it felt like a lot, the entier spanking only consisted of 130 strokes.  Far fewer that recent ball game spankings which were in the 400 or more range.  The roll of the dice took care of any shortcomings I may have felt.   I tossed a 'one' and she was quick to remind me that was really Wednesday's spanking and I would be spanked again on Friday.

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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sunday, June 3, My Birthday and Maintenance Day.  Yes, we postponed last nights spanking to combine both events today.   We decided to keep my ass spanked and red all day.   It began before we left our bed.  After I served coffee and brushed her hair, I went over her lap and she delivered a brief warm up.  Then, my old friend, the hairbrush was employed to begin my day long birthday and maintenance spankings.  71, strokes with the hairbrush was a traditional spanking and she administered them with no pause.  Because they landed in nearly the same location, when checking the mirror later, my cheeks resembled two ripe tomatoes.  The day had begun, I could only imagine what was in store. 

My second episode came a little over an hour later as I had just finished up clearing up the breakfast I had prepared and served to her.  Keeping with tradition, she sat on a dining room chair with the flexible leather paddle and motioned for me to take position.   Over her knees I went, nipple clamps still on from chore time.  She paddled my nearly immobile ass with the leather for 71 hard strokes.  I climbed off her lap with moistened eyes and a stinging ass.

I'm back now about an hour and a half later and can barely sit.  I had just received 71 strikes in a bent over position with the long narrow red oak paddle.   It was as hard of paddling I can remember in quite awhile.  I howled my way thru it resisting the urge to reach back to comfort my cheeks.  I knew that would earn even more swats. 

Another two episodes unfolded since our last note.  She unload the next 71 strokes with the doubled belt.  The strikes landed on both cheeks as I stood bent over the edge of the bed.  Turned red again, my ass was not spared as yet.  She decided another 71 were due with her bare hand.  Spreading my legs a bit, her uppercut strokes soundly spanked inner cheeks and upper thighs.  Red and sore I crawled up on the bed for a brief rest.

About two hours later, it was time again for another birthday spanking.  This time the purse paddle was called upon to do the honors.  The strokes mounted in number as my ass took the swats from the solid cherry wood paddle.  The cumulative effect of the paddlings were taking their toll causing deep tissue bruising on both cheeks.

Near late afternoon,the riding crop swished thru the air and cracked against my presented ass.   The episode was short as the strokes were sound and the tempo fast.  Red welts appeared as the spanking finished.  Another segment of my combined maintenance and birthday spanking was over.

Just after dinner the final segment was due.  She felt the belt could make another appearance.  In the living room now, I stood and bent over the sofa back.  My ass was protruding nicely and the belt soundly slapped my cheeks to a crimson red.  The 'one to grow on' tradition turned into 10 very hard strokes with the big wood paddle.  A birthday I will not soon forget.

We tossed the dice and I will be spanked again on Wednesday as a two came up.  She smiled and said, well maybe Tuesday.

All readers are appreciated and my thanks go out to all of you.  Your questions and comments are welcome and will be answered.