Monday, July 24, 2017

Saturday, July 22, Maintenance Day at the Spanking Party.  Following a great BBQ dinner, the males found themselves stripped and ready to begin.  The 6 ladies turned the guys bare butts toward the ceiling and each spanked them all in round robin fashion to start the evening.  The game we played at the last party was enjoyed by all again this month.  To say the least, each male was soundly spanked by each lady several times over the next 2 1/2 hours of play.  I recall at one time drawing a card that awarded me a double OTK spanking.  Two ladies sat knee to knee as I was draped over both laps and received a spanking one could write home about.  Many varied and interesting scenarios played out in several positions and locations as we moved to the second game of the evening.  The ladies drew a males name and the male drew a card describing the upcoming spanking.  Many laughs and good times continued as the bottoms turned redder and redder until the party slowly ended.  Spending the night with the host couple, we enjoyed a late, but great breakfast on Sunday.  Filling out the day with a round of mini-golf, we all returned to the house where the ladies stripped us again.  The two of us were at their mercy in varied positions, with varied implements for another session of over an hour.  Well spanked and home again, the maintenance spanking was in the books. Leaving on Thursday morning for a two week trip, it was decided Wednesday night would be a good time for the next maintenance spanking.

Thanks for reading and any comments or questions will be answered before we leave on Thursday.  


  1. Sounds,like a good time had by all!

  2. Yes, Nora, the parties are great. Everyone enjoys them to their fullest.