Sunday, May 29, 2016

My apologies for not writing until now, but I do have a good reason.  As you all know last Thursday was the scheduled maintenance day for me.  That got bypassed until Friday because another lifestyle couple were staying for the weekend at our home.  My maintenance was to be handled by both female Dominants during the weekend which was CFNM.  It is now Sunday night and I have been nude since about noon or Friday.  I knew the female Dominant of the couple but had never met her new submissive, but greeted both of them warmly while nude.  After introductions, his Dom ordered him nude as well.  We were both kept totally nude and in service mode until they left earlier today.  We were both spanked several times over the two days and my Dominant gave me about a 45 minute session in front of both of them.  Many toys were used and the finale was the numerous very hard strokes delivered by the big wood paddle.  Both Dommes were free and willing to dominate both of us and our asses were quite red and sore after the weekend.  A dice roll scheduled next Saturday, but seeing as Friday is my birthday, I doubt that will pass without a serious spanking from my Dominant.  I plan to document the birthday spanking as well as the maintenance spanking unless they are one in the same.  Until next weekend, thanks for reading and as usual, questions or comments will be answered.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Saturday, May 21....Maintenance Day.  Unable to report yesterday, I will document the Saturday spanking today.  On the way home from our dinner party, I recalled about the good food and fun we enjoyed.  As we neared our destination, she said 'When we get home, you are getting spanked', I responded a simple Yes Ma'am and the stage was set.  My normal procedure upon arriving home is to strip totally nude, which I did
but, tonight I also prepared for the maintenance spanking.  Our dungeon in this house is in the basement where we have restraints to keep me in a standing, spread eagle position, but I was directed to the bedroom instead.  I put on the blindfold and placed myself in the compromised position over the bed with bare ass high and vulnerable.  She entered and placed several toys next to me on the bed.  Her spanking gloves were on, so no bare hand warm up.  Instead the leather paddle with fleece on one side was used.  Several strikes from the fleece side warmed me and all of a sudden, the paddle was flipped over and the leather side slapped my ass very hard.  Warm up was over.  The leather paddle struck a random number of medium strokes in between very hard ones.  This continued for several minutes.  I could hear grab another implement and without any interruption in the cadence, the thin oak paddle landed.  Soon a second thin wood paddle was in her other hand and both delivered medium and hard strokes to both cheeks.  She nudged my legs open further and used the rubber tasseled tawse redden my inner thighs and sit spots.  The gloved hands also had their turn together and in tag team with other implements.  All devices were used several times and in tandem with each of the others all with no break in the tempo.  My ass was stinging and bright red as the toys made their impression on my flesh.  After over 20 minutes, she told me to stand.  I obeyed only to have her left hand reach around and grasp my cock and balls and push back, further protruding my ass for more spanking.  The gloved hand spanked both cheeks very hard with rapid strikes.  The sound of velcro, the glove came off and the bare hand continued the assault.  When she slowed, tears had wet the inside of the blindfold and were beginning to track down my face.  She turned me around and pushed be back on the bed and raised my ankles.  She directed me to grab the back of my knees and remain in the spread diaper position.  Some CBT followed, but soon she began to torment my nipples while she grabbed the rubber tasseled tawse.  She increased the torment on my nipples while the tawse was whipping my cock, balls and ass hole resulting in an erection.  I felt as though my entire package was whipped raw when she stopped and great sex followed.  The entire session ended with the awesome feeling of blazing hot cheeks sliding in on crisp cool sheets.  Sleep was instant.

The dice were rolled the next morning and the next maintenance spanking will be on Thursday.  Thanks for reading and as usual, all comments and questions will be answered. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wednesday, May 18, reporting on the May 15th spanking.  WOW, what a rotten week.  Avid readers will recall I was supposed to be spanked on our last night in our southern home.  That was going to be Monday, well not only was I not spanked, but it was not our last night.  Another Dr. appointment and test delayed our departure until Wednesday and the scrambling continued thru early morning on get-away day.  Then a two day trip which became our worst journey in memory.  Thursday night found us in the northeast, but exhausted.  Now opening a house after being closed for 6 months, took awhile and things just kept getting put off until Sunday.  Early evening I came in from yet another full day of getting organized and she said, 'strip, shower and present your bare ass for a long overdue spanking'.  I obeyed and found myself nude and in position when she came in and slipped on my blindfold.  She spread my legs a bit further, patted my ass and stroked my balls and I completely relaxed.  A gentle hand spank began the warm up.  She wore leather spanking gloves and the smacks increased in hardness and tempo.  Next, the thin oak paddles were rapidly covering both cheeks with stinging blows.  These paddles are about as wide and thick as a good yardstick.  Normally used as part of a 'Board of Correction' discipline spanking, they turned my ass bright red in no time.  A rubber tasseled tawse was used on my open cheeks and my anus took the most of it.  A leather paddle then began soundly spanking me and each stroke resulted in a yelp and movement from me.  More hand spanking and the oak paddles had me shedding tears.  A stop only resulted in a very comprising segment.  She reached between my legs and grasped my balls and pulled them back toward my ass like a humbler would.  The rubber tasseled tawse reappeared.  The shaved, tender skin of the scrotum was pulled tight and exposed to the torment the tawse was dishing out.  Bright red and stinging skin of my balls and ass cheeks were examined by her and she decide to end the spanking with ten very hard strokes from an exotic wood paddle with holes.  I think it was the Brazilian Cherry paddle that delivered the final ten hard strokes. 

The dice were rolled and a '5' turned up.  Meaning on the sixth day, Saturday, another maintenance spanking would be given.  We do have a dinner date for that day, so I imagine, after that, I will be stripped, spread and spanked.  Stay tuned for the details.

Thanks for reading and like always, comments and questions will be answered.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Friday, May 6, Maintenance Day.  As promised, I was ready to be spanked on Friday, but not the way it took place.  Due to many days of packing for our 6 month stay in the northeast, our dungeon was loaded with boxes, etc for the trip, so a spanking there was impossible.  Late in the evening, she called me into our bedroom and I then knew what was in store.  She had placed 4 implements out for use.  She was sitting and directed me over her lap.  Head and feet down, but ass up, I was ready for a traditional OTK spanking.  A bare hand spanked my ass steadily for several minutes and my cheeks began to feel warm.  The short leather slapper came next and the warmup was over.  From my position over her lap, I had little option for movement and the slapper covered every inch of both cheeks.  Several very hard strokes from the slapper and my warm cheeks changed into burning heat.  Several more minutes of this and my ass was sore and tears had moistened my face.  A seamless change in tempo, but the hairbrush was unmistakable as it delivered bruising strokes.  Again, not leaving any area of either cheek untouched, a sound OTK hairbrush spanking continued.  She pushed one of my legs off her lap which opened my ass to her.  She scoured my anus and balls with the short, course bristles of the brush for several minutes.  Grasping my thigh and pulling both legs back together, I was squarely back over over her lap.  The bare hand returned and spanked, spanked, and spanked more.  Then the slapper really stung my ass with another round of heavy strokes.  Of course the brush returned as well and I was yelping with each contact.  A slight pause as she grasped the big wood paddle and wielded it like a pro.  The paddle was keeping tempo for the next several minutes as my ass was taking a beating.  Covering all of my burning, bright red cheeks with a solid paddling.  Finally, I took a very hard stroke and I heard the familiar 'ONE' called.  You know what followed.  Nine more very hard solid strokes.  She allowed me off her lap and I caught a glimpse in the mirror.  My cheeks were solid red from top to bottom and side to side.  My balls and asshole still tingled from the scouring of the brush.  It was over.  No dice again as she said, Monday may be our last night in the south, so you will be spanked then.  I mustered a 'yes ma'am' response and then put the toys away.

Thanks for reading this and every installment of my maintenance spankings.  Comments??  Questions??  All will be answered.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tuesday, May 3.  I sit here on a very red and sore ass as maintenance has just finished.  Way overdue, because of Dr. appointments, medical procedures, lab work and being away has pushed the maintenance spanking to the back of the priority list.  Today after breakfast, she came up behind me in the kitchen and bare hand spanked me hard about 25 times.  She then said,'Go to the dungeon, put on your blindfold and present your ass... you're being spanked right now'.  I obeyed and as I wait, in position, she enters and says, " it has been too long'.  A nice bare hand warm up with a steady slow cadence reddens my cheeks.  The spanks begin to get harder as she progressed.  Next was the leather flogger, and it covered my lower back, ass and thighs.  Over and over again the falls struck with authority.  With legs spread and the flogger swung upwards, the tips of the leather falls bit into the tender flesh of my balls and anus.  The big wood paddle was to be the main event and it wasted no time in delivering a very hard smack to both cheeks.  Instead of set of 10 which has been the scenario lately, several hard, solid strokes stung and bruised me as I yelped after each one.  Now a few light ones preceded a very hard one.  This continued but the number of light strokes varied.  I was unable to discern when the hard one was due.  Sometime two or three hard ones landed before the light ones resumed.  I was beginning to lose position so she reached around and grasped my balls and cock to prevent the movement and further present my ass for the paddle.  Tears moistened the blindfold as my ass absorbed a very solid and lengthy paddling.  She finally released my cock and balls, removed my blindfold and turned me to look in the mirror.  Scarlet cheeks with bruise marks greeted my eyesight as we both admired her handiwork.

No dice were rolled and she simply said 'You will be spanked again on Friday... Be ready' and left the room.

Thanks for reading and questions or comments are welcome.