Monday, September 9, 2019

Sunday, Sept 8, Spanked for Maintenance.  This report is not too late as the scheduled Friday spanking was put off twice for 'life happenings'.  Sunday morning, she said at 5 pm, you will be spanked.  I reported on time and noticed she had placed several implements out.  I could not see them all, but among the toys was the purse paddle, patent leather paddle, thick wood paddle, flexible leather paddle, flyswatter, braided loopy johnny, thin fall flogger and leather slapper.  I took position and she immediately began with a bare hand warm up.  After a nice warm pink glow encased my cheeks, she swatted me with a few good hard bare hand spanks.  Her hands wasted no time in moving to my thighs and spreading them open.  The thick wood paddle struck hard with a slow tempo.  Hard to discern which toys were being used as each came and went in a hurry.  No long segments, but each did its best to thoroughly spank me.  I do recall the thin falls of the flogger striking everything from my shaved head, neck, shoulders, back, cheeks and thighs.  The thin falls stung my hanging balls and cock when the uppercut swings landed.  The loopy johnny lashed my cheeks from side to side with many strokes.  A sound paddling was delivered either by the purse paddle or the patent leather paddle.  She adjusted my legs again which left them further spread and exposed more inner thighs, inner cheeks, anus and balls.  I could tell it was the leather slapper was used when it slapped against my balls repeatedly.  Standing me upright allowed her, along with the flyswatter, to torment my nipples with many swats and making me yelp every time when the flyswatter spanked my cock.  Pushing me down into position she used the flexible leather paddle as the main segment for the spanking.  Using rapid fire tempo, she paddled both cheeks for several minutes producing howls and tears.  Some implements took another go at my cherry red ass as the spanking continued past the 30 minute mark.  A lengthy CBT and nipple torment segment completed my maintenance.  I tossed the dice and a 5 appeared.  We are scheduled to attend a spanking carnival at a nearby dungeon on Saturday, so that will suffice as my next maintenance spanking.

Many thanks to all readers and as normal, questions or comments are always welcome.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Sunday, September 1, Maintenance Day.  As directed by the toss of the dice after the last maintenance spanking, today I submit to a bare ass spanking for maintenance at the hands of my Dominant Mistress.  We are living in a 24/7, female-led, D/s, DD relationship and part of our agreement is that I am to submit to being spanked at random intervals for maintenance.  Well, today is the day.  Following a productive day of working on outdoor projects, we had dinner and I went for a shower.  When I returned she said when you are ready, go get into position and I will administer your spanking.  Very soon afterwards, I went to the bedroom, bent over the edge of the bed, presenting my ass to be spanked.  She entered soon after that and tossed me a blindfold saying put this on now.  Obeying, the blindfold went on and I could see none of the implements she was assembling for this spanking.  The procedure began quite innocently enough with a bare hand massage of my back, legs and protruded ass.  Making me feel good was not the sole reason for such a massage, but rather to skillfully spread my legs open enough to expose inner thighs, inner cheeks, anus and balls.  The leather slapper did the warm up and deposited many light to medium swats which covered all areas, including some uppercut swings to slap my hanging and vulnerable balls.  Sufficiently warmed now, I think the rubber thumper was used to begin the spanking.  Not many but firm and well placed strokes landed.  I could tell the next implement was the flexible leather paddle as she used the fur side first.  Not long after its familiar stings came from hard strikes with the leather side.  The number of strikes from each toy were small, but each was used more than once making it difficult to identify the implement or prepare for its result.  The steel reinforced leather paddle was known as it covers both cheeks with a single swat.  The hairbrush was identifiable as it was small enough to strike inner cheeks, inner thighs and ass hole.  The purse paddle stung my ass and will leave deep tissue soreness for a few days and was used again for short time periods but more than once.  All those implements provided a solid but very different spanking and leaving me with tears and yelps and a bright red ass.  She stood me upright and began a nipple torment and CBT segment lasting several minutes.  Bending me slightly, she then delivered a long hard bare hand spanking that didn't miss a single square inch of exposed flesh.  Removing the blindfold, she directed me up on the bed laying face down and ass up.  Thinking the spanking was over was a wrong assumption on my part.   Thinking I had already been paddled was also wrong.  The steel reinforced leather and purse paddle were teamed to commence a segment of hard and very hard strokes lasting over ten minutes.  Unable to move and with no give, my ass had to absorb this paddling.  Producing many yelps, howls and with tears flowing, these two toys paddled me like there was no tomorrow.  Finally over, my crimson ass cheeks were warming the entire room as I recovered.  A toss of the dice turned up a '4', thereby scheduling the next maintenance spanking for Friday.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Wednesday, August 28, Maintenance Day.  We talked this morning and it was agreed I would submit to a maintenance spanking at 8 pm.  I reported on time, took position and waited.  She let me remain in position with ass presented for about 10 minutes.  She came in and got out the implements she wanted to use.  A coil of rope, the leather slapper, hairbrush, plastic flyswatter, patent leather paddle and doubled leather belt.  A soothing hand rub on my exposed parts ended with a warm up with the leather slapper.  Steadily increasing swats soon warmed and colored my cheeks.  The rope coil was next and there were no soft strikes.  It lashed my flesh with stinging biting smacks repeatedly.  A few were swung uppercut style which really stung my inner thighs.  My old friend the hairbrush picked up the assault landing many hard strokes solidly on alternating cheeks until they were hot, sore and I imagine quite a bright red.  With no pause, the plastic flyswatter was at bat.  This is a very stingy toy and covered both cheeks with bee sting like swats.  It is especially stingy on sensitive areas, which is exactly what she desired.  By placing it between my thighs and tapping she achieved the position she wanted.  Legs open, cheeks spread, balls dangling, all vulnerable and now all being swatted over and over.  When it finally ceased, I had been yelping and had very moist eyes.  She changed moist eyes into full tears with the patent leather paddle.  Still spread wide, the paddle took its toll on the new target, my ass cheeks.  It paddled and paddled for many minutes delivering pain and more redness across both cheeks.  The rope came back to strike the parts it was unable to reach on its prior segment.  Striking between my open cheeks, it stung my anus and balls repeatedly.  Yelps turned to howls, tears flowed as I struggled to hold my legs apart exposing tender areas to the sting of the rope.  Finally that was over and the final implement was ready to strike.  And strike it did....the doubled leather belt crashed against my ass with loud cracks.  Over and over again it lashed on one or both cheeks as she desired.  A good fifty or more strokes landed before she laid it to rest.  She stood me up carefully to keep my legs wide open.  Both hands were used for CBT as I stood spread eagle before her.  Then both tormented my nipples to the point of my yelping.  Then with one hand holding my cock, she struck it with the plastic flyswatter several times.  Then it landed on my nipples with stinging results.  Back and forth from swatting my cock to my nipples as a several minute CBT and nipple torment segment was delivered.  Eventually it all ended with many hugs and kisses and thank yous from me to her.  Tossing the dice was next and it landed displaying a '3' on the face.  Sunday is the next day I will be spanked for maintenance.

Many thanks to all readers.  Do not hesitate to leave comments or ask questions.  All will be answered individually right here.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Saturday, August 24, away from home maintenance spanking.   I was not sure what was in store for this weekend away, but when Friday came and went without being spanked, I knew a hotel room spanking was planned.  After a long day on Saturday, driving to a neighboring state, and doing two tourist stops, we checked into our hotel.  Only staying about an hour, we headed off to a minor league ballpark for a game.  Returning after a great evening, we prepared for bed.  I was almost undressed as she was fumbling in the suitcase for the implements she had brought along.  Finish stripping she said and bend over the edge of the bed and present your ass.  Obeying as quick as possible, I saw the purse paddle, leather slapper and hairbrush placed next to me.  The bare hand warmed me up before hard swats reddened my cheeks. The leather slapper continued the procedure as I absorbed more swats.  Holding position but slight yelps escaped from my lips.  Nothing like what was to follow when the hair brush and finally the purse paddle were brought into play.  If there were hotel guests next door, I knew they could hear the wood of both implements smacking my bare ass and the muffled yelps that filled the room.  She finally slid me into bed with  hot, red, and sore cheeks contacting the crisp cool sheets.  A well earned deep sleep lasted until close to 8:30 on Sunday morning.  We had a wedding to attend at 2 pm, so not much was planed for the early part of the day.  I showered and returning to the room said, how about a late breakfast.  Sure, right after this, she said pushing me back over the edge of the bed.  My tender, and barely dry from the shower ass cheeks, were no match for the hair brush.  She spanked me soundly with the hair brush while I gritted my teeth to prevent more yelps.  The purse paddle came on with an encore of many medium strokes. She finished with about a dozen hard strokes which left moist eyes on one end and a bright red ass on the other.  I sat gingerly at breakfast while we discussed the upcoming wedding and the rest of the day.  We had no dice to roll but agreed on Wednesday being the next maintenance spanking.  Sorry for the delay in reporting, but we stayed again on Sunday night and did not arrive back home until late Monday.   Tune in again after Wednesday for another episode.

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Monday, August 19, 2019

Sunday, August 18, Maintenance Day.  We enjoyed a good weekend and accomplished a lot of nagging outdoor chores.  About midday, she determined and said I think about 8 pm would be a good time for you to be ready.  The day passed without issue and after outdoor work was done, I stripped for a shower.  Remaining nude, we had dinner and watched a bit of news on the TV.  Nearing 8, I went to the bedroom. prepared a place, bent over the bed, presented my ass and waited.  When she arrived, she began to assemble the implements to be used for my maintenance spanking.  I saw, the leather belt, leather slapper, two short floggers, the purse paddle and a short, heart shaped cherry wood paddle.  The business end was no bigger than a small hairbrush and the handle was just over 7 inches long.  Being cherry wood and having been spanked with it quite some time ago, I remembered it felt much like a wooden spoon...small area, concentrated force and quite painful.  The spanking got under way with a warm up from the belt.  Several soft to medium strikes reddened and warmed my presented ass cheeks nicely.  With no gradual increase in intensity, the belt began to mean business.  Hard swats covered both cheeks and I began to squirm and utter muffled yelps.  The slapper followed and stung my flesh before being thrust between my upper thighs making me spread my legs exposing more tender areas and hanging balls.  She wasted no time in slapping my balls with uppercut swings.  Holding position, yelping and shedding tears, I knew I was in for it when she grabbed the purse paddle next.  A hard strike on my left cheek was immediately followed by another on my right causing loud howls.  Many landed on alternating cheeks over the next several minutes.  Not a real fast tempo, but sound strokes from the solid cherry wood.  I was really being paddled.  Finally being put to rest, the purse paddle yielded to a short flogger.  The short leather falls stung my flesh with each strike.  Several were swung in uppercut style covering my cock and balls with leather strikes.  Minutes passed before I felt the solid swat of the small heart shaped paddle.  Ass cheeks were being covered with hard, painful strikes.  This little paddle was much more that it appears.  More tears, more yelps and slight movement on my part lasted several more minutes.  The second flogger was brought on to finish things out.  Taking the lead from its brother, it swung quickly and flogged my balls, cock and anus with fire.  A few on the red hot cheeks, but most were ass hole, cock and ball aimed and hit with amazing accuracy.  It all ended with bare hand swats on both cheeks and 10 or more on my anus to close things out.  She stood me up and said I had taken 50 swats with each of the 6 toys.  A hug, kiss and a thank you preceded my tossing the dice.    It came up a '5' meaning Saturday will be the next maintenance day.  She quickly reminded me we will be away Saturday, so you will probably be spanked on Friday........or BOTH!!!

I thank all you readers and hope more are discovering this maintenance spanking blog.  Do not hesitate to ask questions or give comments, all are welcome.  Until next time, be well.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Sunday, August 10, Maintenance Day....spanked long and hard!  Most readers will remember the maintenance spanking was due on Friday, but life interrupted our plans twice and the spanking was put off.  Sunday morning I was up and on about my outdoor chores.  On one of my trips inside, she said I am making an appointment for your spanking at there.  I agreed and continued with outdoor activities while keeping an eye on the clock.  I came in in time, went upstairs and stripped in preparation.  Nude, I placed myself over the edge of the bed in submission position with my ass presented to accept the spanking.  As the clock turned to 12, she entered the room and handed me the blindfold.  I saw nothing for the next hour.  I could hear the toys being set up and knew there were several.  The warm up began with the leather slapper, I think.  When the strokes became harder, I knew the warm up was over.  Another sign was the slapper being placed between my upper thighs and tapped from side to side.  She kept tapping until my spread was at the max....ass cheeks open wide and cock and balls hanging freely.  The slapper took the opportunity to deliver several uppercut slaps to my dangling parts.  I knew this was going to be an involved session.    The next toy, despite the exposed areas, paddled my cheeks repeatedly.  Many minutes of sound paddling with what I believe was one of our leather paddles...maybe the patent leather one.  Regardless, the paddling continued until I could tell by the heat and soreness that my ass must have been bright red and very well spanked.  Next, I believe was the flexible leather paddle but she used the fur side first.  The pleasurable feel of the fur on tender skin was too nice to last.  After covering most of my legs, back and ass with strokes of the soft fur, the paddle struck.  Cheeks, thighs and balls all got spanked with the smooth leather.   The riding bat took over and with its narrow striking surface, my anus became the prime target.  Struggling to hold position, the riding bat tormented my ass hole and hanging balls with stinging swats lasting several minutes.  A wood backed hairbrush was next but did not spank right away.  She reached between my open legs and grasped my cock and balls and held them firmly while the coarse bristles scoured them briskly.  Moving to my anus the brush never slowed down, scrubbing my butt hole to a bright pink.  A slight pause before I felt the cool fluid on my anus.  Ah, I thought, lotion....but no, the coolness was lube and a butt plug violated my ass hole.  Now, plugged, the hairbrush went about its spanking chore.  Both cheeks took many strikes while the plug filled my anus.  Soon she stood me up after removing the plug.  She pinched and twisted my nipples until a yelp escaped from my lips, then the riding bat and leather slapper spanked my nipples at length.  A hand grasped the back of my neck forcing me back into a bent over position once again presenting my ass.  The leather belt wasted no time in covering both cheeks with many sound swats.  The purse paddle, discipline stick and several other implements spanked my ass while tears moistened the blindfold.  Some toys got a second turn and the spanking went on for quite some time.  When she finally stood me to remove the blindfold, I noticed one hour and 7 minutes had passed.  Relief was on my side as the rolling dice came to rest with a 6 on top.  Next Sunday I will be again spanked for maintenance.

Thanks to all readers and once again I apologize for the late posting of this episode.  Perhaps next Sunday I can do better.  Questions, comments...all welcome and will be answered.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Sunday, August 4, maintenance due and carried out.  After a busy but productive weekend of indoor and outdoor around the house jobs, we settled in for the evening.  Deciding to use the Yankees vs Red Sox game to direct tonight's spanking, she chose the leather slapper and a hairbrush to administer my maintenance.  Implements were to be alternated to insure both would see duty.  Disappointed, as game time was postponed for weather reasons, we patiently waited.  When the game began, the Sox were turned away in the first inning.  The Yankees, however plated a run with a solo home run and a single earning me 25 swats with the hairbrush.  Presenting my bare ass, the hairbrush painted my cheeks red and sent soreness deep into the tissue.  The Sox managed a single in their half of the second and the slapper stung my reddened cheeks with 5 slaps.  No runs scored in the second, but the Yankees had a double which provided the hairbrush the opportunity to deliver another 10 solid strokes.  The third inning will long be remembered as Boston did not score, but gave me another 10 swats with the leather slapper.  The Yanks, however, broke the game open with 3 doubles, two singles and scoring 6 runs which totaled to 160 strokes.  The hairbrush lay in waiting.  Knowing this would be brutal, I grasped the arms of the recliner, bent over and presented my ass.  She began delivering the 160 swats with the hairbrush.  Yelping, but holding position, I took them all.  As sound of a spanking I can remember, the brush struck alternating and ever reddening cheeks until the count had been reached.  My ass was on fire and I could barely sit for the next inning.  The late start and the slow pace of the game as neither team did any damage in the 4 inning, caused her to become very sleepy.  She went on to bed saying if there is more, you will get them in the morning.  The Sox scored 2 in the 5th and 2 more in the 6th while the Yanks managed a double in the 8th.  I went on to bed with a deep soreness in my ass.  After morning coffee in bed as our tradition dictates, she smiled saying well we have unfinished business...what do I owe you.  I explained there was 40 for the Sox in the 5th, 50 for the Sox in the 6th and 10 for the Yankees in the 8th.  Totaling them meant 100 more strokes are due.  This would be bittersweet....yes, it was the next day, but now I had to take them all at once. Holding the arms of the recliner and again presenting my ass, the maintenance spanking was about to continue.  After a brief warm up with her bare hand, which did little except renew the red color and soreness from the night before, she began.  The leather slapper delivered its 40 hard swats without pause leaving my flesh bright red and stinging.  Neither she or the hairbrush seemed concerned as the 50 more strokes began. Just as last night, alternating cheeks had to absorb the force as the wood met my skin with no remorse fifty times.  I thought at least the final ten would be from the slapper.  But no!!!  She said 10 more, right?  Yes, I said through clenched teeth.  She went away but came back with the steel reinforced leather paddle.  Last ten she said and then delivered the strokes with the hardest swings she could muster.  I had been soundly spanked.  Go roll the die she commanded.  I obeyed with moderate results....a four turned up, scheduling the next spanking for Friday.

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Monday, July 29, 2019

Monday, July 29, Maintenance Day.  As reported last week, Monday evening we are booked, so when the dice scheduled today for the next maintenance spanking, it was agreed either Sunday night or another morning spanking would be the answer.  Well, Monday morning rolled around and the toys came out prior to leaving bed.  I had made and served the coffee but before brushing her hair, she directed me to position myself over her lap and present my ass for a spanking.  She had the flexible leather paddle, the leather slapper and a hairbrush at the ready as I obeyed her directive.  This modified OTK position left my cheeks immobile, high and unprotected.  There was no formal warm up or even order to the proceedings as the toys warmed and reddened my ass.  No pauses or breaks as the spanks rained down is no particular format. Hard, soft, medium, fast, slow, everything mixed together.  She even opened my legs a bit to expose and strike inner cheeks and thighs.  After many minutes the onslaught began to take its toll on my bare flesh.  After about 20 minutes, she slightly pushed me off a bit.  I tried to get up thinking it was over.  Not yet, she said....wheelbarrow position.  Obeying I spread my legs and straddled her thighs, knees back against the headboard and head between her ankles.  Now I was immobile and more vulnerable than before.  Once again the toys began their assault on my ass with an extended target.  Paddle and slapper covered my cheeks with strikes while the hairbrush took aim on the freshly exposed anus and balls.  Spanking me soundly and interjecting CBT, my yelps and moans turned to howls.  The bare hand used like before added their destruction to my asshole and balls.  Turning the brush over, the short coarse bristles scrubbed the tender and now pink areas.  Flipping it back over, the brush crashed into my sore and red cheeks for several minutes.  More spanking, more scrubbing, more CBT left me limp like a wet rag before she finally called a halt.  I checked the clock to see a full 45 minutes had expired as I slowly climbed off the bed.  I still had to brush her hair before rolling the dice.  The result favored me with a '5' meaning next Sunday will be another maintenance spanking.

Many thanks to all readers and your comments and/or questions are always welcome.  Have a great week.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Monday, July 22, spanked for maintenance.  A long restful sleep after the drive on Sunday finally ended hearing the rain fall on Monday morning.  I won't go into detail on the things we don't discuss here, but before we left the bed, she mentally decided the maintenance spanking would be carried out.  I lay flat on the bed face down while she found two implements in the toy drawer.  Sunday was her birthday and I always accept her birthday spanking.  I figured that was coming.  The doubled belt landed first squarely on both cheeks.  One, I counted to myself and kept silently counting until I reached the number of strokes equal to her years on the planet. (I'll never tell).  However the belting continued without hesitation.  I lost count as I was surprised at the proceedings.  I estimated about 100 strokes before it halted for a bit while she changed implements.  Now I was really confused as the discipline stick was in her hand and poised to strike my ass.  The discipline stick is a toy I made myself expressly for the punishment for swearing.  It is basically wood about 16 inches long not including the handle and about an inch and half wide.  It is close to half and inch thick, so there is no give when it strikes.  It delivers a very painful swat which is why she used it for swearing and believe me it worked.  It has not been used in quite some time as my language has vastly improved due to the effectivness of this implement.  Why was it out now for this situation?  I had no time to ponder the answer as it struck both red cheeks with a solid smack.  Again I counted to myself thinking this must be the birthday strokes.  Yelping and tearing, I again reached the birthday number, but the spanking went on.  Again, I estimated about 100 strokes.  Pausing she massaged my ass nicely and even kissed one cheek.  I thought what a nice finish.  A fleeting thought as the belt landed again and again.  Much fewer strokes and I would guess about fifty.  Once again the discipline stick struck.  Yelps turned to howls as I lie immobile as my ass took the fifty strokes.  She said she felt that was enough given the only one day of rest since the party.  She rolled me over and again we drifted off to things not talked about here.  When dice time came around, the spanking Gods smiled upon me as a '6' appeared.  Next Monday is spanking day.  She reminded me of our Monday night weekly appointment saying it may be another morning spanking or Sunday night.  I agreed.

Thanks again to all readers, new and loyal alike.  Your comments and questions are welcome and will be individually addressed.  Be back in about a week.
Saturday, July 20, Maintenance Day at the Spanking Party.  A bit late in reporting, but here goes.  We arrived on Friday and the host couple and us had some spanking fun that night.  Saturday was a slow day as temps reached the high 90's.  That did not deter us from another round of pre-party spankings.  Both ladies took turns at both he and I as we took spankings for about 90 minutes.  We learned a few folks had cancelled so the attendance shrank to 7.  When all had arrived, we snacked and conversed until the clothes came off and the fun began.  There were only 3 males and 4 Dominant ladies.  A round robin started the evening as the men rotated over the 4 laps in a circle.  We went around twice, so each gal go to spank each male twice before we all moved to the basement dungeon.  The three of us were each bound in position as the gals then did the rotating.  I started standing with wrists bound in cuffs above my head.  Another sub on the table with wedge pillow elevating his bare target.  The third placed and bound on the spanking bench.  While the gals rotated, spanking each of us, the 4th lady rotated in the opposite direction, giving each male a time being double teamed.  They spread my legs to access my dangling parts while another spanked and paddled my ass.  After each lady had made the circuit twice, it was time to move the subs.  I moved to the table as the other two moved from table to bench and bench to standing.  I had just got into position over the wedge with ass high, when I felt my ankles being spread and bound.  A crop stung both cheeks from the left side while the other lady flogged my balls and anus.  Again each Dominant made two trips to each sub getting assistance during the double teaming time.  For the next sub move, I wound up on the bench, bound and blindfolded.  A solid spanking with different implements was joined by aggressive tipple torment while I lie immobile accepting whatever the ladies had in mind.  After each had two sessions with all the men, we broke for a wonderful meal.  Shrimp, pulled pork and several sides comprised of the fine food, we all devoured.  Back to the dungeon for a final two hour session.  We adopted the same format as before.  When it was my turn to stand, I was blindfolded again with legs spread.  A wooden spoon cradled my cock and balls while lifting them to be spanked with a riding bat.  This accompanied  a sound paddling of my ass.  Moving to the table, one gal spanked by balls while the other stood at the head of the table and lashed my cheeks with a strap.  The time on the bench was not better.  After being bound and blindfolded again, clamps were placed on nipples, and balls.  During the paddling, the clamps were removed with strokes from a flogger.  The other guys fared no better as I could hear giggles from the gals and yelps from the boys.  All in all, a great party and we crashed soon after the guests left.  Sunday morning, she had me toss the dice and it came up a '1'.  That was yesterdays roll she stated, so Monday at home you will be spanked again.  We left about noon and the four hour drive was anything but comfortable on my well spanked ass.

Sorry for the delay in reporting this episode and I still hope you leave comments and ask questions.  All readers are very much appreciated.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sunday, July 14, Maintenance Day.   Sunday spanking was due and there was never any doubt it would occur.  First thing this morning, as I was serving her morning coffee in bed, she reached over and patted my bare ass and slyly whispered 'tonight'.  Later while standing at the sink, still nude cleaning breakfast dishes, she rubbed my cheeks saying, 'this will be fun later'.  Just before getting dressed for the day, a playful bare butt slap landed and I heard, 'these will be red later'.  Other remarks were dropped throughout the day reminding me of the impending maintenance spanking I was to receive.  After work and a shower, I remained nude for dinner and the evening.  Around 9 pm, she smiled and said 'time for a spanking'.  Leaning over the edge of the bed I saw 4 implements and knew it was leather night.  Only the wood hair brush stood out among the leather slapper, doubled belt and steel reinforced leather paddle.  I had no idea what she had planned was to be short and hard.  The slapper led off with a warm up.  Quite short as very soon a hard slap cracked across my cheeks.  In no time it was repeated and again in quick tempo another swat.  Very hard slaps were stinging my ass as I held position.  Without missing a beat the doubled belt was swung with authority and met my cheeks with a loud smack producing a yelp.  Again in the same rhythm, the hard belting continued.  Long enough to cover both cheeks at once, I was absorbing a solid belt spanking.  The hair brush was next in line and she used the bristle side to scrub the entire area of already red, tender skin.  Flipping it over, the real hair brush segment took off.  Quick hard strokes on alternating cheeks had me yelping, squirming and tearing.  A brief pause while she pulled my hips back a bit further protruding my ass for a better target.  Her bare hand enjoyed the presented cheeks and spanked hard in the same fast tempo.  Finally, the last implement found its way into her hand.  The leather paddle has a rib of steel to keep it rigid.  Just as long as the belt, it covers my ass in one swat.  The yelps turned to howls and the tears flowed as she paddled hard and fast.  But it was not the final segment after all.  The slapper came back for an encore.  Then the belt again as well as the hairbrush.  Another adjustment before the bare hand spanked again....harder than the first time.  Don't forget the paddle will strike again, I thought.  How could I forget as the leather slammed into my deep red and sore cheeks over and over.  When she did let me up she said you did well.  After warm up, you took two segments of each implement for twenty five hard strokes with no break for 20 minutes.  My short and hard maintenance spanking was over.  I padded to the mirror and stuck my ass out to view the damage.  I returned and she handed me the dice.  I asked if I was to be spanked again before next weekends spanking party.  We'll see she said as I tossed the cube.  A 5 appeared meaning next Saturday.  That is the party date I said.  Not to worry, she said, you're being spanked Friday and Sunday as well.

 Thanks to all and leave you comments and questions right here for individual answers.  See you next time.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Thursday, July 11, Spanked for Maintenance.  According to the roll of the dice after the last maintenance spanking, today was the scheduled day to be spanked again.  There was no doubt as early this morning she reminded me that today was maintenance day.  Again after dinner she gave me the choice...dessert then spanking or spanking then dessert.  I chose dessert first.  The peach cobbler was superb and with its finish she simply said go and prepare to be spanked.  Entering the bedroom I saw a blindfold and 4 spanking implements.  Prior to the blindfold going on I eyed the doubled leather belt, the steel reinforced leather paddle, the narrow hairbrush and the fly swatter.  This is a toy left here in the north so it has not been used in quite awhile.  Blindfolded and presenting my ass for her, I took position.  Hardly any time passed before I felt the doubled belt begin the warm up of my cheeks.  As normally happens, light strokes at the start before slowly increasing in both intensity and speed.  I winced a few times as the strokes began to take their toll.  It was not long before the belt was lashing bare cheeks with conviction.  I could tell my skin was not only warm but turning a nice red color.  The fly swatter relieved the belt.  This toy looks much like its name, a black plastic handle with the striking surface shaped like a open human palm.  Used in rapid fire tempo, it covered my ass with stinging blows for several minutes.  Then, much like she uses the riding bat, placing it between my thighs and tapping back and forth between them as a signal to spread my legs.  I obeyed and the tapping continued, I spread further, but the tapping went on some more.  I spread as far as possible, exposing inner cheeks and asshole.  Then the swatter was used in uppercut motion to slap my swinging balls and dangling cock.  I yelped with each strike as the torment went on.  More strikes on my cheeks landed before she moved to the next implement.  I could feel the moisture on the inside of the blindfold as tears formed and were absorbed.  The narrow hairbrush made its entry with sound smacks to the newly exposed areas, sit spots and upper inner thighs.  After some characteristic and perfectly aimed strokes hit the inner cheeks and anus with loud yelps following each, she flipped the brush over.  The short course bristles were dragged over my balls and anus until they were bright red as I wailed out in agony.  Along came the bare hand which spanked and spanked everywhere.  Full cheeks, inner cheeks, asshole, upper things, sit spots, everything was getting a good spanking.  Totally spread made me nearly immobile as she slapped my hanging balls side to side as fast a boxer on a speed bag.  I thought it would never cease, but when it did there was no relief. The steel reinforced paddle came on for a long hard traditional paddling.  Long enough to cover both cheeks at once, the implement crashed into my ass repeatedly for many minutes.  Nothing fancy, just hard strokes over and over as yelps turned to howls.  Feeling the spanking was over when the paddling stopped, I heard the toy drawer open as she was getting another toy.  A sound stinging swat told me it was wood.  Many more strokes landed and I could never identify the paddle.  I never saw it as it went back to the drawer before she removed my blindfold and spread warming oil on my red and sore ass cheeks.  The warming continued to hot as she was performing CBT and nipple torment with both hands.  She allowed the oil to come to a burning sensation as my cock, balls and nipples were being pulled, slapped, squeezed and pinched for several minutes.  Finally, lotion relieved the burning of the oil and the CBT ended.  The session completed with a loving hug and deep passionate kiss.  I tossed the dice and when a '2' appeared, she said...ah, Sunday you are mine again for another maintenance spanking.

All readers are appreciated and I thank each and every one of you for you continued support.  Questions and comments are now only welcome, but desired.  I would love to hear from you.    

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Spanking Party, June 22, Maintenance Spanking.  Where to begin.  I guess with an explanation for not reporting in so long.  We left Tennessee on Thursday, June 20, spent the night in Virginia and arrived in the Northeast for the spanking party on Friday, the 21st.  Staying at our friends and the hosts for the party, we enjoyed each others company after not seeing one another for about 8 months.  Enjoyed a very nice dinner and returned to their home early enough for the ladies to direct he and I to report to the dungeon stripped and ready to be spanked.  They each dominated and spanked us with numerous implements and various positions for about an hour and a half before we all headed off to bed.  Saturday, we rested, chatted, shopped and made ready for the party.  Seeing we had time they again stripped us and spanked our bare asses for about an hour as a pre-party warm up.  As guests arrived, it was obvious a great dinner awaited everyone.  We all dined to our content before the word was given for all subs to get nude for the opening 'round robin' spanking.  Placed over the lap of one of the 8 female spankers, each male went lap to lap until all got a good spanking from each of the ladies.  Someone yelled round two and we each visited every gal for another bare ass spanking.  Then as normally happens, each spanker selects a sub and finds a station either upstairs or in the basement dungeon for a long spanking session.  Moving from one to another, each spanker delivered spankings to every submissive for the rest of the evening.  Hours later, folks seemed to drift to the kitchen for a snack followed by more spankings.  As guests ambled out, the four of us relaxed for a bit and enjoyed good conversation.  Knowing we had to leave early on Sunday, the hosts suggested another spanking before bed.  Once again, we were stripped and brought to the dungeon.  They rotated us on all the equipment and both of them spanked us for another solid hour.  Finally we all turned in and we left early the next morning.  Another spanking party had served as my maintenance spanking.

We got to New York and unpacked and opened the house.  Lots to do to a home that has been unoccupied for over 16 months.  Water issues and all were solved in a few days and we had a wedding to attend the following weekend.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday went by with dear friends and a very nice weekend wedding.  Monday and Tuesday sped by and we knew we had to leave Thursday for the July 4 weekend camping trip with family.  Knowing no spanking could occur during that time, on Wednesday, she determined a quick maintenance was necessary.  After a fast warm up, she delivered 50 strokes with each of four implements.  The doubled belt, hairbrush, riding bat and big wood paddle.  Two hundred hard strokes from the evil four turned my cheeks crimson in nothing flat.  Morning and leaving would arrive soon so we turned in.  My red and warm ass cheeks felt great sliding in on cool crisp sheets and sleep was immediate.

Today, Sunday, July 7, we arrived home and again began to unpack.  She told me I was being spanked tonight for maintenance.  The day went quickly and dinner was upon us before we knew it.  After dinner she decided to use the rerun of the afternoon ball game to direct my maintenance spanking.  Two good teams were playing so I guess we anticipated many strokes.  Nothing in the top half of the first inning, but the Rays collected 4 hits and two runs and I presented my ass and received 65 strokes from the doubled belt.  The Yanks got a home run in their half of the second and the purse paddle met my cheeks 20 times as the result. After only two innings I had been swatted 85 times.  I felt I was in for a long night.  Both pitchers settled down and there was to be no more scoring for the balance of the game.  Every inning however produced hits and caused strokes to be given after each one.  At games end, the purse paddle and doubled belt had combined for 155 hard strokes.  Rolling a 3 means on Thursday I will submit to another maintenance spanking.

A very busy few weeks here and I must apologize for the lack of reporting.  Readers like you that I truly appreciate, deserve better.  As summer goes by and we stay in New York until October, I hope to report each episode in a timely manner.  Once again, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or ask a question
Thank you all.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Tuesday, June 18, Maintenance Day.  Yes, you are all correct, maintenance was due on Sunday.  In two days we leave for the summer.  It takes a lot of work and thought to tie up loose ends and close a residence for a number of months.  We have been in a whirlwind for several days preparing for our departure.  It was on a phone call today when she said I would be spanked tonight.  We finally got around to it about 10 pm.  I presented my ass for her and she had taken out 4  toys.  The leather slapper, hairbrush, riding bat and rubber thumper. 

Add to that her strong bare hand.  The slapper began for a warm up and continued on for several minutes.  Given the level of exhaustion, of both of us, I expected a token spanking.  Next up was the hairbrush and it covered all of both cheeks with solid swats.  Skin was reddening as the spanking went on.  The riding bat stung my ass with strokes that swished thru the air.  Yelps escaped as she spanked at will.  The Thumper came on and thumped my red cheeks endlessly.   There was hardly a break as the toys were merged together seamlessly.  Stinging swats mixed with leather slaps.   Laying the toys aside, she delivered a traditional bare hand, bare ass spanking.   When that faded off, I thought it was a wrap, but no!!  Each implement took an encore segment only this round featured all hard strokes in rapid fire tempo.  The leather slapper went first and did not disappoint.  You know what came next.  I got a hard and fast hairbrush spanking one would write home about.  Yelps filled the room as the brush pummelled my ass.  Now the riding bat delivered its stinging rapid fire assault as I struggled to hold position.  Lastly the thumper bruised the deep tissue of my cheeks for several minutes.  She finally called it to an end after 30 minutes of non stop spanking for this maintenance session.  No need to roll the dice as on Saturday we will be attending a spanking party in the northeast.  Probably will not post until Sunday as we arrive back in New York.

Thanks to all readers who wait for each episode as life at times interferes with our fetish.  Please feel at ease about leaving comments or asking questions.  Each will be answered right here in this venue.  Have a good week and I hope to write again on Sunday.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Thursday, June 13, SPANKED for maintenance.  Originally scheduled for last night, Wednesday, the shear amount of planing, packing, and doing to prepare for leaving a home for a six month absence took precedence.  Tonight however was another story.  I got home from my meeting about 9:15 and before the door was even closed, she was saying to get out of my clothes, I was being spanked shortly.   Getting nude in the bedroom, I could see the 3 implements to be used in my maintenance spanking.  Three completely distinctly different feeling toys at the ready to soundly spank my presented bare ass.  The doubled belt, a traditional wood backed hairbrush and the rubber paddle.

When she said it was time, I reported to the bedroom, placed myself into position, presented my ass and waited.  A few minutes later she entered and adjusted the lights.  She chose the doubled belt to start the spanking.  Light strokes served as a warm up but soon the intensity grew until solid strokes were lashing both cheeks.  Switching sides, she thoroughly covered my entire ass with strikes from the two inch wide leather.  Holding position but yielding yelps and eyes moistening, the belting went on.  Some strokes landed on alternating cheeks while others covered both cheeks at once.  After several minutes of spanking, the belt rested.  A brief pause before the next implement began its segment.  The hairbrush meets the reddened cheeks and the hairbrush won.  Sound swats landing on one cheek at a time for many minutes increased my yelps and tears.  I adjusted slightly and protruded my ass out further to accept the onslaught of the hairbrush.  Adjusting a bit herself, she began to spank lower cheeks and sit spots.  A few on the upper thighs stung like hell but the rhythm was never interrupted.  The hairbrush spanked me thoroughly and colored my ass to a bright red.  The meat was not fully cooked yet as she picked up the rubber paddle.  I purchased this and the matching rubber strap on a dare and was told rubber implements bring spanking to another level.  It was a correct assessment and I do believe the rubber toys deliver very sound and painful swats.  If I had not been spanked yet during this session, I was certainly being spanked now.  Yelps increased, tears flowed and ass cheeks got more red and more sore.  Struggling to hold position, the strokes landed hard and fast.  Finally it was over and I let out a deep breath.  She stood me up and we hugged and kissed.  There is a spanking party on Sunday in Atlanta which we will try to attend.  If this is not possible, I will be spanked at home on Sunday, so a dice roll was not necessary.  Sunday is the next maintenance spanking.

I truly appreciate all readers of this blog.  All questions and comments are welcome and will be addressed individually right here.   

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Thursday, June 6, Celebration of D-Day and a pre-breakfast spanking celebrating my birthday on Monday.  Bare hand, leather slapper and wood paddle all combined to color my cheeks red.  Spanked again later in the day, the week long birthday spanking continues.

Product Review:  Continuing with my review of the 4 plug anal training set from Paloqueth.  Spreading the lube, I went for the final size plug.  Several attempts failed before I surrendered.  Perhaps on another day or with the assistance of my partner with a different angle, the insertion will be successful.  I will comment on the lube supplied with the set.  Easy open cap on the tube was just the beginning.  Simple to spread, use and clean up makes it a very fine lube product.  Also in the set is a lube syringe and enema bulb.  I would recommend this training set for anyone new to anal play as well as a novice or experienced user.  Very reasonably priced, this set is a great addition to anyone's play bag. 

Moving to the cock ring set, it was displayed nicely in its packaging.  Opening the resealable plastic package was easy and gives full access to the 3 rings and ball harness.  I decided to try the ball harness first.  Very flexible and elastic, I stretched the loop designed to hold the balls and attempted to slip it on.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get both the boys in cased.  I do feel most of the problem is personal to me as the two piercings in my scrotum prevented this device from working properly.  Moving on from that. I did feel the other 3 cock rings were very good.  Easily stretched, they were placed in different position along the shaft.  Comfortable yet snug whether placed at the base, midway along the shaft or at the tip like a glans ring.  I even tried all 3 locations at once and felt comfortable.  I have no doubt any of these rings used singularly or together will reach their goal.  To comfortably retard but not impede ejaculation.  The different textures of the rings only add to the unique look of these cock rings.  I then tried one around my balls.  I was able to  stretch it enough to get both boys thru and the ring above the piercings.  Success!!, balls now secured by a ring and the other two in place on the shaft.  Entire genital package held firmly and beautifully on display.  All pieces cleaned as easy as the butt plugs and placed back in their plastic case.  I am satisfied with this product even though I was unable to use the harness.  I can truthfully recommend this cock ring set for all users. 

My thanks to Paloqueth for allowing me to review and actually try out these products.  Check out  their entire line at their web site at

I will entertain questions on the products I tested.     

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

June 5, Birthday spankings continue.  Another day of periodic spankings in the honor of my birthday on Monday. 

Product Review:     Within a few days I had received a mailing from Paloqueth.  Upon opening, I found professional looking products shipped in very discrete packaging.  Continuing the opening of the anal training butt plugs, I was impressed.  Each plug was smooth with no seams or rough areas often found from injection moulding.  Each plug had a concave base making it easy to be placed on a flat surface to be inserted by sitting on it.  Also flat enough so after insertion, sitting was not uncomfortable.  Another point important to me, being a somewhat flat base, spanking was possible, unlike other plugs which have a large ring or handle protruding after insertion.  The material was firm yet flexible with a moderately rounded tip.  A great improvement from hard plastic or glass or the bagged jelly feeling of others I have tried.  Designed for long term wear with a narrow shaft after the bulb which allows the anus to nearly close after the bulb has been inserted.  The instructions were clear, complete and easy to follow in 3 languages.   A quick initial washing and I was ready to go.  I used a puddle of the supplied lube about the size of a dime on a finger to lube my anus.  About 3 times that amount easily covered the plug.   It was the smallest of the four and easily inserted with no problems.  I could feel my anus closing around the narrow shaft behind the bulb holding the plug in place.  I could sit, walk, bend or squat with no discomfort or feeling the plug would come out.  After a suitable time period, I removed the plug with little effort and no complications. Following the cleaning and air drying instructions, I moved to the next size plug in the training set.  It looked to be about the same or slightly larger diameter as the first one, but longer.  Following the above procedure, I inserted the plug with the same ease but experienced a very different feeling resulting from the longer length.  I was able to move about the same way as with the smaller plug inserted and was confident I could perform my chores or be spanked with any of these fine plugs inserted.  The Third in the set is somewhat larger in diameter and slightly different shaped on the tip end, but had the narrow shaft for long term wear.  After insertion, I felt the entire internal cavity was fully plugged yet quite secure.  Again being able to sit, walk, bend or squat with no discomfort or feeling it would fall out. 

Next time we'll review the largest plug and the penis ring set.  Questions or comments are always welcome. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Monday, June 3.  A happy birthday to me and we finally arrived in Virginia for a week long birthday celebration.  The Sunday spanking was put off in view of the upcoming week at the resort.  We arrive Monday night but the purse paddle delivered a sound paddling.  Tuesday morning, the leather slapper and narrow hairbrush joined the purse paddle in a 40 minute spanking session.   Nude and spread eagle on the bed both face down and face up, the leather slapper was used everywhere and I mean
e v e r y w h e r e. She told me my birthday spanking this year would last throughout our stay at the resort and to expect to be spanked at the very least twice daily.  I will try to update as often as the internet access here allows.

Recently the nice folks at Paloqueth contacted me to request I try and review some of their fine products.  I agreed and received two products for review.  A four plug anal training kit and a penis ring set will be reviewed right here over the next few days.  Stay tuned for my review of these products.

Thank you for your continued support.  Questions or comments about our stay and the product review are welcome.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Thursday, May 30, Maintenance Day.  A different Thursday night, no club meeting as the RR convention opened.  A great day with friends and colleagues.  A late dinner and shower were over when she said 'I'm going to swat your ass now'.  Leading me to the bedroom and placing me in position, the due spanking was at hand.  Bending over the pillow and presenting my bare ass, I was submitting for my maintenance session.  She placed the implements to be used and began the warm up.  The leather slapper, flexible leather paddle, purse paddle and doubled belt all lay waiting their turn in the spanking.

She chose the slapper to administer the warm up.  Light but firm strikes began to warm the skin on exposed cheeks.  Several minutes went by as the strokes intensity increased steadily.  Leather toys are some of my favorites and my ass was treated to the flexible paddle taking its turn.  Hard stinging blows rained down as my cheeks went from pink and warm to red and sore.  The paddling went on for several minutes.  I held position as she picked up the dreaded purse paddle.  A small area, short handle, solid cherry wood implement gives a very painful strike.  On alternating cheeks,the paddle landed causing yelps and quickly producing tears.  I stood slightly to reduce the taught skin on my ass, but the paddling went on.  Yelps turned to howls as the wood paddle deepened the redness and doubled the pain being absorbed.  Finally she rested the implement, but the spanking was far from over.  She pushed my shoulders down until my chest contacted the pillow again which made my ass protrude outward.  Her bare hand began spanking both cheeks hard.  Covering every inch of the target, the bare hand delivered a traditional spanking.  Several minutes went by before the final implement was brought on.  The doubled belt lashed across both cheeks horizontally.  Repeated strokes took their toll on already well spanked cheeks.  Full tears slid down my face as yelps filled the room.  Switching to my left side, the belting continued.  Strike after strike stung very sore and crimson red ass cheeks as she continued.  Switching sides again many more strokes landed before she finally called an end to an uninterrupted 20 plus minute spanking.  Standing me upright, we hugged at length.  I thanked her as she whispered 'you belong to me and I love you'.  I tossed the dice and scheduled Sunday as the next day I will be spanked for maintenance. 

Again I thank and appreciate all readers and welcome all comments and questions regarding my maintenance spankings or any aspect of our 24/7 Domestic Discipline lifestyle. 

Monday, May 27, 2019

Sunday, May 26, Spanked for Maintenance.  Holiday weekend activities caused a spanking due on Saturday to slip by.  Sunday, however was not going to be the same.  Late in the morning hours, I found myself lying across a big pillow on the bed with rope being woven to hold my legs open and wrists from moving.  Next to me were today's implements:  Doubled belt, purse paddle, riding bat, narrow hair brush and the braided leather loopy johnny.

She began with a traditional bare hand warm up.  The position I was in provided maximum exposure to the lower and inner cheeks, anus and back of the balls.  The warm up included all those locations as well as the full cheeks also on display.  The rope and pillow gave little mobility and zero shock absorbing capability.  The narrow hair brush was designed to strike these areas and it lived up it its intended purpose.  My inner cheeks and sit spots took most of the abuse the hair brush dealt out.  Not that the full cheeks along with everything else didn't receive their share of the many minutes of hairbrushing.  A brief scrubbing of the anus and balls completed its segment of this spanking.  It seemed clear to me the lower cheeks, sit spots and upper thighs were today's chosen areas.  The riding bat tried its hand and succedded in further stinging those red and tenderized areas.  Yelps and moist eyes were a given as she continued for several minutes.  Some additional hand spanking was interspersed between these implements with several swats on the full cheeks as well.  However it was clear the majority were aimed at and hit the already inflamed areas detailed above.  Tears filled my eyes and it was difficult to glance at the clock as she continued.  Forty minutes had passed, but my tender areas felt like it was an eternity.  Still tied, spread and helpless, there was nothing that could be done as the braided loopy johnny whisked thru the air.  It landed with a crack and a loud yelp as the braided leather bit into the red and tender flesh of my lower cheeks.  How skilful she is in landing strikes directly on the sit spots.  Howls sounded after each strike, but they continued.  Left sit spot, right sit spot repeatedly with an occasional shot squarely on my anus.  More tears, more howls accompanied more strokes.  A few hit the meaty full cheeks, but with legs being tied open, the lower and inner cheeks were getting most of the attention..  I guess it was time for a new approach as the double belt landed a hard vertical swat.  I say vertical as she was standing between my spread legs and striking alternative cheeks.  Howls became screams as the belt went on about its task of soundly spanking my full cheeks.  Over and over it landed as I could barely move to lessen the blow.  Finally the belt came to a rest.  I could feel her loosening the rope on my wrists.  Soon I would be free, I thought.....wrong.  She came back to my legs and pulled me toward her until my hips bent and feet hit the floor.  Not good enough, she pulled my hips more until my ass was protruding outward with legs still spread.  The belt was not finished as she stood aside me and swung horizontally striking across both cheeks at onee.  Tears were flowing, screams were echoing and the belt was slapping.  First from the right side, then the left.  A solid belting was delivered.  Sit spots, inner cheeks, lower cheeks, upper thighs were still red as the full cheeks were in catch up mode.  Oh no!!! there was still an implement to come on.  The purse paddle was to be the finale.  Screams followed each strike as alternatively she paddled each cheek.  The solid cherry wood was not giving a bit as my ass took the force.  A sound paddling went on as tears flowed, screams continued, and minutes passed.  She ended with a bare hand stroke on each cheek.  My ass, every inch of it, inside, lower cheeks, upper cheeks, and sit spots were red and sore.  An hour and 15 minute maintenance spanking to be remembered.  After being untied, I tossed the dice and watched as a '3' came up.  Adding one, scheduled Thursday as the next time I will submit to a maintenance spanking.

My many readers are thanked for their continued support.  I answer each and every comment or question, so do not hesitate to leave one or both.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Thursday, May 23, A make up maintenance day.  Originally scheduled for Wednesday, our summer schedule has swung into gear and the spanking just got overlooked Wednesday night.  In fact on Thursday morning we were nearly dressed to leave for the day when she said, 'Wait, you have not been spanked'.  I said, well we hardly have time now, I am dressed.  Not so fast she said while getting out the doubled belt, drop your pants, you're getting a good belting right now. 
While lowering my clothing and presenting my bare ass, I thought this may be the first spanking in many years where I have not been totally nude.  She wasted no time in starting the procedure with a mere token warm up of about 12 or 15 light strokes.  My cheeks were barely warm when the belt began to mean business.  Standing on my left side, she lashed my ass with horizontal strokes.  I hardly ever count strokes, but being a different and quick spanking in this case, I decided to count.  Twenty times the leather struck skin.  A pause only long enough for her to switch to standing on my right side.  Another 20 strokes landed from a different angle.  Another pause while she pulled my hips backward enough to protrude my ass further to enhance the target.  Pushing my head and shoulders back in contact with the pillow, she then delivered a third set of 20 hard belt strokes.  Once again switching to the other side, she completed the spanking with the last set of 20 strokes.  She said we were done and while pulling up my pants, I realized it would have to go about our errands for the day with flaming red and sore cheeks.  A very brief spanking of 80 belt strokes would have to serve as my maintenance.  The dice must have known after tossing, it came up a '2'.  Sunday will be maintenance day and I would think it won't be as short as this one.

Sorry for the delay in this reporting and as always, your questions and comments are very welcome and will be addressed right here.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sunday, May 19...Spanking party serves as maintenance spanking.   Originally scheduled for Friday, the maintenance was put off till today due to a slight injury to my hip.  We just arrived home from Atlanta on what became an awful drive.  Two construction delays and two traffic accidents, one major, caused us to get home about 10 :30.  However the party was very good.  Not good for finding available female dominants but a wonderful atmosphere with a full dungeon for the full 5 hours.  Stripping right away, my first session was with Ms Mirage on the half circle.  We met many new folks and became fast friends.  I scoped out many scenes as  she completed sessions with two lucky male submissives.  One was making his first visit to a dungeon.  Catching up with me again, she directed me to the spanking bench in the middle of the large dungeon room.  Straddling this large bench spreads my legs and puts my cheeks, anus and back of my balls on display for anyone to see.  I think she used every implement in the travel bag on me.  At least 4 floggers, purse paddle, flexible leather paddle, riding crop, rubber strap, Board of Correction wood paddle, doubled belt and a few more I can't recall.  All left their mark on me as the cheeks were bright red.  We took another quick snack break.  The appearance of many couples denied me from finding a female dominant for a session.  Time flew and near the end she found me again and we went to the cross in one of the side room dungeons.  Removing my wrap, rendering me totally nude again, she placed me on the St. Andrews cross for another sound spanking.  Again the toy bag was emptied and each implement was again used to spank my ass for maintenance.  Peeled off the cross with red and sore cheeks, we began the process of saying good bye to many folks and getting dressed.  We began the long ride home which took nearly 4 hours.  Tossing the dice, a '2' came up making Wednesday the next maintenance day.

Thanks to all readers and please do not hesitate to ask questions or leave comments.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Monday, May 13, Maintenance Day.  Once again, sorry for the delay in reporting this episode of my maintenance program.  Told to report nude and present in a slightly different position, I saw two wood backed hair brushes at the ready.  Already nude, I climbed on the bed, placed my hips over a pillow with knees at the edge of the bed next to the hair brush and the narrow hair brush.

Waiting with ass in the air, head down, I heard her enter the room.  She stood at the edge of the bed between my legs creating a somewhat modified wheelbarrow position.  Bare hands met bare cheeks as the warm up began.  Soon the warm up must have been complete because a good bare hand spanking ensued and went on for many minutes.  Next the hairbrush was in her hand and being swung toward my immobile ass.  Smacking repeatedly, the hairbrush spanked with authority causing yelps from me.  Unable to move, and supported with the pillow, my cheeks had to absorb the force of the classic hairbrush spanking she was administering.  Finally a pause as she laid the hairbrush down but grasped my ankles and separated my legs to the max.  I knew what was coming next and braced myself as best I could.  The narrow hairbrush wasted no time in finding its target, landing strikes on inner cheeks, asshole and balls.  Yelps turned to howls and tears moistened my eyes and overflowed.  The narrow hairbrush thoroughly spanked the sit spots and complete cheeks as well.  Another  pause as she walked around the foot of the bed and I heard the drawer open....what was in store for me???  Now standing at the edge of the bed my head was on she could easily reach the target of my reddened raised cheeks.  The surprise implement struck without warning and its smack echoed about the room.  The flexible leather paddle was in the game.
The echo of my yelp followed the slap of the paddle.  The second strike was a mere two seconds away...then the next and the next every other second for several minutes.  A sound paddling from the leather was in full swing.  Cheeks got redder and got stung from the strikes of the leather paddle.  Returning to the opposite side of the bed, the narrow hairbrush now began to scour my anus and back of my balls and giving a good polishing to my guiche piercing.  A few more strokes from the hairbrush on full red cheeks was followed by her climbing up on the bed and rolling me over.  Legs still open she began a full blown CBT segment. Lots of cock and ball spanking accompanied by nipple torment.  All of this led to things we do not discuss here and in effect ended the spanking.  Later, when we both came to after a brief nap, I tossed the dice and scheduled Friday as the next maintenance day.  At that time, I will again be stripped, turned ass up and spanked.

Readers, I again thank you for your support and appreciate your waiting for me to get the report to print.  Your comments and questions are welcome and will be individually answered.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Wednesday, May 8, Spanked for Maintenance.  A day late again, but here is the report of my latest maintenance spanking.  I knew it was the right day and the spanking was going to happen as I had been out on an errand.  Upon entering the house she stated there were implements out and ready so remove your clothes and prepare to be spanked.  I obeyed, totally stripping, placing myself over the pillow and presenting my ass.  On the bed were the doubled belt, rubber thumper, purse paddle, riding bat and the rubber strap along with my nude body in a compromised position. 

 She entered and the warm up began with a bare hand spanking.  Soft at the start and increasingly harder as a good warm up should be.  Soon the doubled belt was being swung horizontally lashing both cheeks with meaningful strokes.  I arched my back further protruding my ass to meet the leather to accept a good belting.  The rubber thumper came on and thumped my reddened cheeks.  Covering both with rapid strokes it moved to lower cheeks and upper thighs never slowing or missing a beat.  Then the inner thigh tapping....the signal to spread my legs.  I spread and received several solid thumps to my anus.  Yelps and moist eyes were the results.  Then more thigh tapping and further leg spreading until everything I owned was exposed and vulnerable.  Thumping continued to my asshole and balls as yelping increased.  A very brief pause before my cheeks were treated to the sting of the riding bat.  Both cheeks were not alone as the bat also stung my anus, balls and cock.  Eyes yielded tears as yelping became the response to every strike.  A good strapping with the rubber strap was delivered to a red and quite sore ass.  An occasional uppercut strike to balls and anus was also included.  The strap gave way to an encore of the belt.  The two inch wide leather slapped alternating cheeks with authority for several minutes.  Howls and tears escaped as the belting went on.  Unbelievably, the strap returned as well.  She pulled my hips back a bit protruding my ass further and grasped my package to keep me from moving.  Both cheeks took another sound strapping.  I went limp when the strap rested but the belt returned for a third segment with a series of strikes that shot pain through me.  Not to be outdone, the purse paddle took the final segment with a rapid fire attack on an ass that was crimson and sore.  Several minutes of paddling from the cherry wood brought me to the verge of screaming.  She sensed I could take no more and ended the spanking with two sound swats, one on each cheek.  She helped me to stand and I hugged, kissed and thanked her for delivering a 35 minute maintenance spanking not to be forgotten soon.  I tossed the dice and scheduled the next spanking for Monday.

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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Wednesday, May 1, Maintenance Day.  Spanking was on time, reporting is late.  The appointed time came about and I reported totally nude to meet her.  She, holding tonights weapons of ass destruction, calmly said 'bend over and present your ass, it is time for your spanking'.  I obeyed and got into position over the edge of the bed with a pillow further raising my hips.  She laid out the implements which were the double belt, rubber thumper and purse paddle.

The doubled belt was chosen to open and deliver the warm up.  Moderate strokes began to warm my vulnerable cheeks.  An occasional hard stroke is inserted as the warm up continued.  Soon the scenario changed and more hard strokes landed with an occasional moderate stroke.  Before long there were hardly any moderate strokes as the hard strikes took over.  Both cheeks took many strikes and became hot and deep pink.  Next the rubber thumper was at bat.  Before the first strike, she reached between my legs and forced them to open more.  I complied but the thumper wanted more access and tapped my upper thighs, I spread further.....more tapping, more spreading until I was at max spread with cheeks open, cock and balls swinging freely.  The first meaningful strike from the thumper landed squarely and soundly on my ass hole.  Then another and another followed by a few on my exposed balls.  She moved up to my cheeks and continued the pounding.  Now back to my balls and anus.  Reaching thru to hold my cock still to accept a few swats.  The reason for the maximum spread of my legs was clear as my balls and anus were the target and took many strikes before it rested.   The bare hand took over spanking my ass hole soundly and repeatedly.  Several on each cheek as well as my eyes moistened.  The purse paddle came forth with a solid smack on each cheek.  Yelps escaped from my lips as tears formed.  Many more followed before the bare hand took over again.  A hard bare hand spanking was being administered.  Included in the bare hand portion were a few more on my anus and balls.  The finale was an encore from the purse paddle.  Rapid fire on alternating cheeks as yelps turned to howls.  My entire ass was now crimson as she finally quit.  I stood, hugged and kissed her thanking her for spanking me.  I tossed the dice and caught a break.  A six appeared giving me until next Wednesday before presenting my ass again to be spanked for maintenance.

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Monday, April 29, 2019

Monday, April 29, Maintenance Day.  A vanilla weekend away and the resulting exhaustion form it postponed the Saturday spanking until this morning.  Shortly after breakfast, she stated we have waited long enough.  You are being spanked right now.  I reported and took position over the edge of the bed.  I could see 3 implements lying before me and I knew a solid spanking was about to begin.  A varied assortment of toys and the results they would soon produce were the doubled belt, the riding bat and the big wood paddle.

She began with a warm up using the doubled belt and many moderate strokes.  Lasting several minutes the belt colored both cheeks and upper thighs a deep pink.  The spanking really started with the use of the riding bat.  No more moderate strikes, the bat stung my ass with sound strokes.  She swatted both cheeks and upper thighs with hard strikes.  Next, and without delay, the big wood paddle sent pain shooting through me as it covered both cheeks very well.  A solid paddling ensued for the next few minutes.  Wincing from each stroke, I collapsed from the force of each blow and must have lost position.  Before using the belt, she took my hips, straightened then and drew them back a bit.  This presented my ass for the next segment.  Protruded outward, exposed and vulnerable, my cheeks waited for the belt to issue its strikes.  The belt was swung and its leather bit into my tenderized flesh as the sound smack echoed in the room.  Several strokes landed squarely across both cheeks.  When this segment ended, each implement had its moment of hard strokes.  Little did I know, each would get another turn at soundly spanking me.  After they each took a second turn, they each took another and then another.  Each had four more turns and it felt like each was trying to out spank its predecessor.   Spanked for real, my ass finally received a nice bare hand massage.  Well over 50 hard strokes from each implement made for an effective maintenance spanking.  I tossed the die and the cube was unfriendly as it tumbled to a '1'.  Wednesday, I am due for another spanking.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Monday, April, 22, Spanked for Maintenance.  Readers are unaware of the happenings of the past two weeks in the life of my Dominant Mistress and myself.  To cut things to the quick, a medical procedure and its recovery was more serious than originally planned.  Last night she gamely declared she would deliver a spanking to the best of her ability.  It was to be mostly a token spanking.  Near ten o'clock pm, she summoned me to the bedroom for the administration of the long overdue spanking.  She sat on the bed with back to the headboard with two implements at hand.  The purse paddle and the doubled belt were set to unleash their fury.

I yield to her ability to make 2 implements into 4.  She added her own bare hand and used the purse paddle with and without its protective cover.  The cover turns the sting of the cherry wood to a solid thud.  Upon direction I climbed over her lap and into position.  She began with the doubled belt slapping my bare cheeks.  A warm up period of moderate strikes lasted until the pink color covered my entire ass.  Soon the strokes meant business as the spanking increased its intensity.  Next the thud of the covered purse paddle made its presence known.  A several minute period of thudy strokes landed on both cheeks.  When the cover was removed, the sting felt much worse.  Pink cheeks turned red as tears began to form.  Unable to move, my ass was doomed to accept whatever she could dish out.  The bare hand also entered the party.  A very sound hand spanking went on for several minutes.  With no pattern, the improvised 4 implements each took another turn as the spanking continued.  The finale turned out to be a 4 minute period of rapid fire strokes from the purse paddle.  With no breaks and a strike nearly every other second, the paddle pummeled my ass as yelps turned to howls and tears ran down my face.  She continued the assault as long as she possibly could.  Both cheeks were crimson and tears flowed as she finally call a halt.  The entire affair lasted over 20 minutes.  She was visually spent as I slid off her lap.  After making sure she was OK, I tossed the dice.  A '4' appeared meaning Saturday is the next scheduled spanking.  However, we will be away for the weekend with vanilla folks, so a Saturday spanking is doubtful.  We are both aware of this and most likely it will occur on Sunday.

Sorry for the long delay in posting this episode.  For those concerned about her well being, she was much better today and is on the mend.  Thank you for your thoughts for her.  Questions and comments will still be answered if you leave them.