Friday, June 30, 2017

Hi readers, no internet access again for several days, but spanking party last Saturday served well as my maintenance spanking.  We arrived to find one couple was unable to attend, so there will be 8 in total.  After a wonderful dinner of grilled ribs with several sides and dessert, the group got thing going about 7 pm or so.  All male subs were stripped and placed over female laps for the round robin spankings.  A good warm up was enjoyed when someone suggested another round.  Once again, bare butts faced the ceiling and the OTK spankings commenced.  Next a board game was explained and subs took turns rolling dice to move their marker to the appropriate square.  Each square had some spanking scenario which involved a timed spanking.  My first role earned me a card explaining I was to receive a number of swats equal to the hour on the clock for the rest of the evening.  The game continued and all subs were spanked many times by different Dominants.  One of my turns netted me a double team strapping.  Two Domes each grabbed a strap and placing me over a spanking bench began strapping my ass in unison.  After about an hour and half of this game all cheeks were bright red and a drink/snack break was enjoyed by all.  Shortly another game began in which a sub picked at random the name of a Domme.  She in turn chose from a jar of scripted spanking scenes.  All the locations, equipment and toys were in use as the subs were spanked repeatedly in different positions by different toys and of course ladies.  Lasting for another two hours, it was noted by several to be the most spanking in any one party in memory.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the board game and it will most likely become a favorite for future parties.  The party slowed and some folks began to leave after another snack and drink.  We crashed at the close of the party and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast the following morning.  Returning to their house, the hosts suggested another spanking prior to us leaving on the trip home.  The two boys were again stripped and brought to the basement playroom.  Using the three locations, ceiling cuff restraints, a spanking bench and a table with a wedge pillow, the boys would rotate locations and the ladies would also rotate to insure each sub would get spanked by both Dommes at each location at least once.  Butts turned cherry red as the gals hand spanked, paddled, tawsed, hair brushed, cropped, flogged, strapped, caned, and whipped us with variations of the above toys for over an hour and a half. My maintenance was over as my red and sore butt met the seat for the long drive home.  We decided to travel all the way  to our lake house in northern New York.  No internet there, so this is very late.  No dice roll so she decided a maintenance was due before our 4 day trip next weekend.  I expect to be spanked on Thursday or Friday.

Thanks for reading and please bear with me as we travel to locations so rural, no internet service is available.  Question and comments will be addressed as soon as possible.  

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Tuesday, June 20, spanked for maintenance.  Back from a weekend trip on Monday, we decided on Tuesday at 9 pm for the spanking.  Already nude I entered the room and took up position with torso on the bed, hips on a pillow and ass presented.  She arrived momentarily and stated a short but firm spanking was on the way.  Following a brief, bare hand warm up she said I would receive 100 strokes from the three toys laid out.  Same as Friday except no coiled rope, so the flexible leather paddle, riding bat and patent leather paddle would divide the 100 strokes and all strokes would be hard.  The flexible leather led off, hard from the start, it thoroughly stung and reddened my ass cheeks.  I didn't count, but I knew the total was about 30 or so.  Next the riding bat landed so hard I thought I could never stand 30 more like that.  However, they were delivered, each with a swish and smack and yelp.  The cheeks were now crimson and striped.  With the force used, I knew the stripes would rise into welts.  With no time lost the patent leather paddle finished me off delivering its share of the 100 strokes.  Very red and sore I stood to hug, kiss and thank her for the maintenance spanking.  No dice roll as this Saturday we attend a spanking party.  I will be spanked many times by many female Dominant Mistresses which will serve as my maintenance spanking.  Every effort will be made to get the report out in a timely manner.

Thanks to all readers and as usual, comments and questions will be addressed.
Friday, June 16, Maintenance Day.  Finally returned to an area where we have internet access.  Since our last post, much has happened and spankings have taken place.  We left the lake house early due to bad weather and on Friday night, she told me a spanking was over due.  Once in position, she began with a slow warm up with the flexible leather paddle.  Several minutes of slow light to medium strokes gently warmed and colored my cheeks.  That being over the leather slapped my ass several times very hard in rapid fire time.  Next the coiled rope was applied to now very warm and red flesh.  The coiled rope lashed the skin over and over again until it rested and gave way to the riding bat.  No more light or medium strokes were delivered as the bat swished through the air and landed hard.  Tender, red skin welts easily and produces yelps and tears.  All of a sudden, and uppercut stroke split my spread legs and stung my balls.  I jumped, howled and closed my legs involuntarily.  Having none of that she used the shaft of the bat to spread open my thighs again.  Another stroke hit the target on my balls.  Then another and another and another followed as I held position and yelped through clenched teeth.  A few more and then I was turned part way around and the bat struck a new target.  Upward, downward and sideways strokes slapped my cock from every direction.  This continued until an effective cock spanking had been delivered.  Turning me back to original position, she grasped the patent leather paddle.  Hard strokes were being delivered at the rate of one per two seconds on alternating cheeks.  About 7 minutes later, I had been well paddled and left to recoup.  The dice roll produced a '3' making Tuesday the next Maintenance Day.

Thanks for reading and once again, I apologize for being late with the report.  Question or comments will be answered.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sunday, June 11, Maintenance Day, one day late.  It is now Tuesday night, and we are deep in rural areas with spotty internet service.  Sunday night spanking occurred at our lake house in northeast New York.  She had brought 4 toys for the occasion.  The riding bat, flexible leather paddle, the patent leather paddle and the big wood paddle.  The spanking would be short as time was very late and vanilla guests arriving tomorrow (Monday)  The flexible leather paddle was called on for the warm  up.  After a sufficient warm up period, the leather began to sting my ass cheeks as the blows got harder and faster.  After a brief session with that toy, the riding bat took over and the stinging was just beginning.  The bat began to spank with its signature swish through the air and the loud stinging contact with flesh.  She seems to like the bat as she uses it often and for a prolonged time period.  Bright red and stinging cheeks resulted from many minutes of the attack with the bat.  However, all good things must end, so when the bat was retired, the patent leather paddle made its debut.  The paddle is shaped like a ping pong paddle with a longer handle.  The shiny  patent leather is reinforced with steel and is another stinging device.  My ass was stung with the flexible leather paddle, stung even more with the riding bat and now was being stung to the utmost with the patent leather.  She continued on until my cheeks were on fire.  Finally the patent leather rested, but my ass could not as the big wood paddle was in her hand.    More sting along with the deep tissue bruising from the wood paddle was being applied to the tender, red cheeks.  Several hard strokes later, she changed the tempo and the rapid fire bruised my ass repeatedly for several minutes.  Finally it was over and my head stayed down on the bed as I swung myself fully into bed.  A very well spanked ass slid on the sheets and sleep was instant.  No dice on this trip but she assured me I would be spanked again after the guests leave and before we return to our home.  I would imagine it will be Thursday night.

Thank you all for reading and I apologize for being late with this report.  I will try to answer questions and comments if I can get internet service.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tuesday, June 6, Maintenance Day.  A different spanking was on tap for tonight.  She had decided to make a little game of it.  She would chose 3 implements and I would randomly select 6 cards from an ordinary deck of playing cards.  Two cards for each implement would give the number of strokes from that implement.  Picture cards and Aces would count 10 while numbered cards counted their number.  This would be played for 3 rounds with some time off between rounds.  She picked the riding bat, a narrow wood backed hairbrush and the doubled belt for the first round.  I selected the 6 cards and did not chose well.  All 3 implements came in the mid teens for the number of strokes.  She gave a brief hand spanking as warm up and took the riding bat first.  Each toy was to get a few light strokes then all would be hard.  It seemed more like a discipline spanking.   The bat landed about nine or ten light strokes and then 13 hard ones, and boy were they hard.  Next, the hairbrush.  The narrow handle stung like hell after the warm up finished.  16 hard strokes had me yelping and tearing.  The doubled belt landed eight medium warm up strokes and then she swung it like a Louisville Slugger.  18 times it lashed my ass cheeks and I yelped after each one.  "Good job" she said, "you'll get some time before round two".  I checked in the mirror.  Stripes from the bat stood out on a bright pink field of well spanked cheeks.  For the second round she laid out a flexible leather paddle, a hickory paddle with holes and the steel reinforced leather paddle.  I dealt the cards with not much better results.  I got a 13 a 15 and a 16.  I bent over, presented my ass and waited.  No hand warm up this round and the flexible leather delivered its 13 strokes with its patented sting and lit up my ass.  With no blindfold on I could see her pick up the hickory paddle and I knew my ass was in for a world of hurt.  After a few warm up swats, the hickory connected with cheek resulting in a resounding smack.  I howled and jumped so she placed her hand on my back saying hold still.  After 15 more strokes and 15 more howls, I knew my cheeks looked like raw meat.  If you have ever been paddled with a paddle with holes, you know what I mean.  Settling back into position the steel reinforced leather paddle found it way into her hands.  Two friendly strokes on each cheek preceded, the 15 hard strokes.  Round two was over.  I got a phone call and after that she was ready for bed.  No round 3, I asked.  "Not with cards this time", she said, "just bend over".  I complied and she picked up the riding bat.  No warm up, she just tattered my ass with as many hard strokes as she desired.  Same for the doubled belt, all hard strokes covering both cheeks with each strike.  More stripes and more redness and a very well spanked, sore ass.  I tossed the dice and got a 3.  This means on Saturday I will submit to another maintenance spanking.

Thank you all for reading and keep those questions and comments coming in.  I will answer them all.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Sunday, June 4, rescheduled Maintenance Day.  After being spanked on Thursday and rolling a 'one', I was to be spanked on Saturday both for my birthday and maintenance.  I was spanked early morning after coffee in bed. I was suddenly rolled over and my ass took on of the hardest and fastest hand spankings in recent memory.  Flipping back over, she grasped my cock, smiled and said Happy Birthday.  This turned into things we do not discuss here as you know, but more spankings were to follow during the day.  However, with family, and vanilla friends dropping in due to my birthday, it never materialized.  Sunday, however was a different story.  Summoned to the bedroom just before noon, I found her with 7 implements laid out at the ready.  She directed me into position while explaining I was to get 10 very hard strokes with each of the implements for the birthday portion of the spanking, but they would be in a string of ten mixed in with the maintenance spanks.  The room went dark as she placed the blindfold on and the spankings began.  The short fall flogger began the onslaught covering my back and ass with blows.  "Spread those legs" she said and the the uppercut swings of the flogger landed on my cock and balls repeatedly.  The long fall flogger followed with similar results.  I did count ten very hard strikes which I assumed was the floggers portion of the Happy Birthday.  Hard to determine the order and which implement was being used.  Also difficult to know which strokes were for birthday purposes, but I know all were used often and very hard at different intervals.  About 40 minutes into this episode, the directive to spread open further was given.  After a brief pause, I felt the liquid contact the skin and I thought more warming oil.  But know, it was lube being liberally applied to my anus.  My red, sore, well spanked ass was about to be fucked.  The tip if the dildo soon found its way to my back door and inserted.  Being fucked and spanked at the same time is quite a feeling.  Following this came more hard spanking, paddling, flogging and whipping with the crop.  The inside of the blindfold was wet and yelps filled the room as my ass took many more minutes of  being spanked.  She helped me to my feet and removed the blindfold when it was over.  Noticing the clock, I couldn't believe an hour and fifteen minutes had passed.  She handed me the dice and beyond belief, a 'ONE' appeared again.  Tune in on Tuesday night for the report of the next maintenance spanking.

Thanks to all readers and your questions and comments will be answered.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Life sure is fickle.  First off I miscount on last weeks dice roll and tell all the next maintenance day is Thursday.  I catch the error and fix it with a comment.  Tuesday comes around an it is prep day for a medical procedure I need on Wednesday.  That knocks out Tuesday and the procedure knocked out Wednesday.  So after fixing the error, the spanking is due on Thursday anyway.  I get the spanking and then can't report on it until today due to computer problems.  Anyway..... Thursday, June 1, Maintenance Day.  After spending most of the day in recoup mode from the procedure, we decide on 9 pm for the spanking.  I report to the bedroom and find her sitting on the bed, toys in hand motioning me over her lap.  Now in position, she starts with the bare hand.  A nice warm up with mild to medium strokes.  Gently warmed up, the flexible leather paddle came next.  No give in my hips in this position and my ass makes an easy target to smack.  A good number of medium strokes with a few hard ones thrown in.  Several minutes later, the riding bat is striking both cheeks at a stead pace.  I begin to squirm so she places her hand on my back to still me.  The riding bat continues, the swish, the crack, the yelp, the welt.  Becoming red and sore by now, the cheeks are immobile and find no mercy from the steel reinforced leather paddle.  The implement is wide and long, so both cheeks feel the entire impact.  Medium to hard, steady pace the paddle takes several minutes to turn tender pink skin to red and quite sore.  I feel the paddle placed down on the bed and breathed a sigh of relief.  Short lived as the bare hand returned and the medium strokes were a thing of the past.  All hard, all solid, all producing a yelp.  I soon learned each implement would enjoy a round two with all hard strokes.  I was receiving a traditional, sound, bare ass, OTK spanking.  Yelping through gritted teeth, I endured the second round of each toy.  After the last stroke of the leather paddle, she directed me to stand and bend over the foot of the bed.  The big wood paddle would take the last strokes.  Again, all hard and solid, the paddling lasted a full 6 minutes.  Checking the clock while getting the dice, I realized my ass had been well spanked for 42 minutes.  Life's fickle finger was not through with me just yet.  I tossed a ONE.  So with less than two days to recover, on Saturday, my birthday, another spanking takes place.  Birthday and maintenance spanking rolled into one.  I can't imagine what that will be like.

Thanks for reading and as always comments or questions are welcome.