Friday, December 28, 2018

Friday, Dec. 28, Maintenance Day.  It was determined at 8 pm, per our DD agreement and as scheduled last Sunday by rolling the dice, I was to report totally nude, take position, present my ass and submit to being spanked for due maintenance.  She had arrived before hand and laid out 6 implements to be used.  She had assembled, the flexible leather paddle, riding bat, cleaver paddle, narrow hairbrush, rubber paddle and doubled belt.  I knew this was to be long and hard.

The leather paddle led things off with a warm up using the fur side leading into many solid swats with the leather side.  This segment lasted nearly 7 minutes and left both cheeks quite pink.  Up next was the riding bat and it was clear the warm up was well over.  The bat stung my ass repeatedly with hard strokes.  I tried slightly standing to relieve the pain by relaxing the flesh being stung.  She ended this by placing a hand between my shoulder blades.  The third item was the cleaver paddle.  This is made of Brazilian Cherry and is 1/2 inch thick with holes.  This paddle is heavy and designed to sting and bruise the deep tissue.  From the first swat I yelped and knew I would be feeling the deep tissue soreness well through the weekend.  My knees were against the side of the bed as she pulled my torso back away from the bed.  This left the skin pulled tight from the bend and my ass was protruding making it an easy target and she was not missing.  The Brazilian Cherry met flesh and won the contact easily.  A sound paddling ensued with yelps and tears in my eyes.  I breathed a sigh of relief as she put it to rest.  The narrow hairbrush took over and did its job very well.  She spanked me for several minutes with deliberate strokes landing from upper thighs and sit spot to upper cheeks.  When the brush rested, she delivered a segment with the bare hand.  She is an excellent hand spanker and covered every inch of cheek with bare hand swats.  A brief pause for another reposition.  She forced my torso forward onto the bed and pulled ankles away from the bed.  There would be no give in this position and my ass would have to accept the full force of the blows.  Now the rubber paddle was pressed into service.  It stung like hell as she paddled already red and deep tissue bruised cheeks with a fast pace.  Yelps turned to howls as the rubber paddle struck over and over again for many minutes.  Finally setting down the rubber paddle, she grasped my hips and drew me back away from the bed again protruding my ass outward for more spanking.  The belt cracked against both cheeks with a loud smack.  Swinging it side to side, she lashed both cheeks alternately as tears flowed and I yelped.  The belt took its full segment as the minutes went by.  A second visit from the rubber paddle along with the narrow hairbrush tag teamed my ass with repeated strikes for several more minutes.  A few more hard bare hand swats finished the maintenance spanking.  She stood me up, we hugged, kissed and I dried my eyes.  The spanking was a long 45 minutes of continuous spanking.  After a period of recovery, I tossed the dice.  WOW, a 6....... One week from tonight, next Friday, I will again be spanked for maintenance .

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Monday, December 24, 2018

Sunday, Dec 23,  Maintenance Day.  It has been one week since the last maintenance spanking, however it was not 7 days for me to heal.  On Thursday morning it was discovered I had neglected some household chores and over the bed I went for a level 3 punishment spanking.  We don't discuss discipline here, but suffice it to say the wood paddle, the belt and a cane did their best to remind me not to neglect chores. 

Sunday rolls around and she determined the Giants - Colts game would drive the due maintenance spanking.  Near game time she pulled out two implements which were no strangers to me.  The doubled belt and the purse paddle.

The Giants began the scoring on their opening drive with a touchdown and extra point.  Presenting
my ass, the purse paddle delivered 6 and then 7 strokes to bare skin.  Their defense was in control as the Colts had to punt for the second time.   Eli had the offense purring and they marched down the field for their second touchdown complete with the extra point.  In position again, the cherry wood purse paddle kissed my cheeks with 13 strokes followed immediately with 14 more.   The Giant defense looked immovable until late in the 2nd quarter when the Colts hit paydirt with a touchdown and point of their own.  The doubled belt now was in her hand as I bent to accept 6 hard strokes followed by 7 more.  Just before half time the Giants managed a field goal to take a 10 point lead and treat my cheeks to 17 hard strokes from the purse paddle.  Halftime seemed to fly by and the 3rd quarter began.  The colts pulled to with 3 as they scored on their first possession.  13 then 14 strokes from the belt followed a Colt touchdown and extra point.  The Giants scored again to retake a 10 point lead with another touchdown and extra point.  The purse paddle swung its way through 23 and 24 strokes really reddening my increasingly sore cheeks.  Momentum seemed to switch as the Colts scored a touchdown and extra point again bring the game to within 3 points again, 24 - 21.  As I presented my ass, I knew she would be swinging the belt with no mercy.   The belt lashed 20 strokes, then 21 more, leaving my cheeks on fire.  The Giants were driving late in the 4th quarter, but a hometown call stalled the drive and they had to settled for a field goal.  The purse paddle was called upon again and it delivered 27 strokes to deeply red and sore bare flesh.  With less than a minute to go, the Colts drove the final nail with a touchdown complete with extra point.  I presented my ass and the belt landed 27 strokes among yelps.  I held position as I knew 28 more would follow.  With crimson cheeks, I sat down as the Giants pushed a last second drive in hopes for a winning field goal.  Not to happen as the drive failed and the game ended 28 - 27, with me absorbing 131 purse paddle strokes and 136 doubled belt strokes making the total 267 for this maintenance spanking.          

I rolled a 4 which scheduled Friday as the next maintenance day, when once again, I will be turned ass up and SPANKED!                                                                                                                         

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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Sunday, Dec. 9, Maintenance Day.  Being a hectic time of year with much going on, we decided to push the spanking to Sunday night and use the NFL game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Philadelphia Eagles to direct the spanking.  Nearing game time, she chose the two implements to be used.  She appeared with the same two implements used last time. The flexible leather paddle and the purse paddle. 

The game scoring began innocently enough with an Eagle Field Goal.  I bent over the sofa exposing my ass and accepted 3 stinging blows from the leather with no warm up.  Not long after the Rams found the end zone and I found myself in position for the purse paddle to deliver 6 sound swats.  Of course they kicked the extra point and 7 more times the cherry wood met my cheeks.  The teams then continued scoring by exchanging field goals, so 6 more strokes from the leather and 10 from the purse paddle kept my ass from going cold.  Near the end of the half, the Eagles scored a touchdown and 12 leather paddle strokes spanked my flesh to a bright pink.  After the extra point, the flesh turned red from 13 more strokes.  Not to be out done, the Rams kicked another field goal netting me another 13 strokes from the purse paddle.  Halftime, score was tied 13 all, ass was red, snack served.  The 3rd quarter saw the Eagles open with another touchdown and 19 more leather paddle strokes for me.  Point made, ass presented, 20 strokes lit up my cheeks.  Rams fought back with another field goal making their total now 16.  Those strokes were solidly delivered with yelps following each one.  Eagles came back with another field goal of their own and 23 times the leather paddle stung my red and sore ass.  Rams fumbled and the Eagles took advantage by scoring another touchdown.  29 strokes were raining down on reddening cheeks when the Eagles kicked the extra point.  I shuttered knowing another 30 strokes were on the way.   Sitting gingerly we watched the Rams make a game of it late in the 4th quarter with a touchdown and extra point.  Presenting to accept 22 strokes from the purse paddle was difficult and midway thru tears began to form.  With the point made, tears flowed easily with 23 more strokes landing on crimson ass cheeks.  They were close to scoring again to tie the game but failed and the game ended with me having absorbed 157 leather paddle strokes and 97 from the purse paddle.  She tossed the die and I got a break when a six came up.  Next Sunday we do this all again.  Now it was time for a kiss and red hot cheeks slid in on cool sheets......what a great feeling.

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Friday, December 14, 2018

Wednesday, Dec. 12, Maintenance spanking administered.  Sorry for the delay in responding and sorry for the little white lie with the dates.   Anyone wishing to deliver a few swats for those infractions, I will accept it.  Wednesday was the scheduled day but a vanilla guest caused a postponement.  Thursday morning we both decided I will be spanked now as Thursday evenings tend to be hectic.  After breakfast and morning chores, I placed a wedge pillow on the bed and took position as she got out two toys to use.  The purse paddle and the flexible leather were placed beside me.

The wedge placed me in a compromised position with my ass immobile and presented nicely.  I spread my legs open enough to provide her access to inner cheeks.  She began with a warm up using the fur side of the leather paddle.  Sensual rubbing and light strokes made for a nice beginning and relaxing of my cheeks.  I knew the warm up was over when 3 hard bare hand spanks landed in rapid fire time.  One on each cheek and one dead center stinging inner cheeks and anus.  The three hard strokes were not be lonely as the bare hand spanking continued.  The implements lie unused as she spanked me for many minutes.  Both cheeks, sit spots and inner cheeks all were spanked until bright pink.  Now the purse paddle took over.  Its solid cherry wood met my ass with a sound smack.  I yelped, but could do nothing about my immobility.  My cheeks took all the purse paddle delivered with yelps following each stroke.   She stood me upright and the leather paddle was flicked against my nipples repeatedly as her free hand roughly tormented my cock and balls.   Placing me back in spanking position, the leather paddle began an onslaught of hard strokes.  Both cheeks were well paddled and bright red with the flesh well stung.  Not done yet, she used the purse paddle again to bruise the deep tissue on my ass.  Stinging flesh and deep tissue soreness completed this maintenance spanking.  I tossed the die and again a 3 appeared.  Since this was really Wednesday's session, a 3 meant Sunday I would be due for another spanking.  There is a spanking party in Atlanta on Sunday, but we have yet determined if we will be able to attend.  Not to worry, she said, either home or Atlanta, on Sunday you will be spanked.

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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Saturday, December 8, maintenance day, two days late.  Life happenings caused a delay so this morning she said enough time has gone by, present your ass.  I always obey so I took position as she already had two implements ready to start.  The flexible leather paddle and riding crop.  The paddle began with a light warm up.  Cheeks warmed up and began to color nicely after more and more strokes landed.  Then a very solid bare hand spanking ensued along with her spreading my legs open wide.  Normally protected areas were being spanked repeatedly.  I began to squirm more and more, but the spanks continued.  Finally a pause only long enough for her to grasp the riding crop.  The long shaft swished the air as the leather loop snapped my flesh like a whip cracker.   My ass was being whipped.  Suddenly she stood me upright and used the crop to whip my nipples and my cock head received its fair share as well.  A few uppercut strokes stung my balls like fire.  A hand behind my neck forced me back into position exposing my my cheeks to the wrath of the leather paddler.  A series of very hard strokes landed on sore cheeks.  Yelping after each became the normal as the strokes piled up.  Reaching between my legs and grasping my balls made me stand up again.  This was intentional as the whip stung my cock and nipples again.  Over the edge of the bed again, the crop continued its whipping of my ass leaving short welts.  Another stint with the paddle and yet another with the crop had me howling.  Finally it stopped and she provided a wonderful after care massage all over.  Later..... it was dice tossing time.  I rolled and saw a 3 turn up.  Adding one scheduled the next spanking for Wednesday.

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Saturday, December 1, 2018

December 1, an all day maintenance day.  Since we returned from Florida, life has been a whirl of holiday chores, bad weather and life's little emergencies, so no spanking.  Well that all ended today during our morning coffee in bed.  Knowing it has been a while since my last spanking and knowing a rainy day lie ahead of us, a spanking day was in store.  We had planned on attending a spanking party in Atlanta today, but an oncoming storm thwarted our trip.   After discussing our plight, it was determined I would be spanked often during the day culminating with a football game spanking at 4 o'clock.  The game was to be the SEC title game between Alabama and Georgia.  Two high scoring teams meant many strokes will be delivered.  However my first spanking was now due.  After I brushed her hair, a normal morning ritual before getting up, she pulled me over her lap.  With my head down and bare cheeks facing the ceiling, the hairbrush ( pic 1) changed hands and she commenced a sound spanking.  Preparing and serving breakfast sporting a bright red ass was amusing to her and she told me such.  We both began our rainy day activities, she doing Christmas cards while I caught up from over a week away.  Mid morning she called me in and she was holding the rubber thumper, ( pic 4
).  In position I received a good number of strokes on my already sore cheeks.   She paused and told me to spread my legs a bit and back up.  Obeying left me more vulnerable.  The thumper was now aimed and hit my open cheeks and anus.  Uppercut swings smacked my balls and cock while inner thighs also received their just swats.  Just a bit ago at about 1:30, she said she had an errand to run but I was getting spanked before she left.  This was a long and hard bare hand episode which covered my entire presented ass.  Standing me upright, she grabbed both nipples and pinched and twisted until I yelped.  She said good bye and said more was due when she returned.  It is now just after 2:30 as I enter this portion of my maintenance day.  Wondering what is in store for me and knowing the final episode will be the game.  For those unfamiliar with the way spankings are delivered during football games, here is a brief review.  A toy is selected for each team.  Each time a team scores, I receive a stroke for each point of their total score at the time.  A touchdown is six and if the extra point is made it is another seven, not one.  As scores get higher, you can imagine the number of strokes I will take.

She returned late due to traffic and an abundance of shoppers and the game had just started.  She chose the two implements to be used.  For Alabama, she picked the long exotic wood paddle ( pic 3) and for the Georgia points would be handled with the doubled belt.  Did I mention high scoring games mean lots of strokes, well, I had no idea.  Scoring started with a Georgia touchdown.  I presented my ass and tood 6 hard strokes.  A second later they kicked the extra point and sever more strokes stung my cheeks.  Following that, scoring was often as both teams scored touchdowns and made the extra points.  By half time, I was quite red and sore.  Most of the second half points were scored by Alabama and the doubled belt ( pic 2)

delivered large numbers of strokes.  Late in the 4th quarter, Alabama tied the score at 28 all and I had absorbed 136 strokes from each implement.  With just over one minute to go, Alabama scored another touchdown.  My sore red ass was presented once again and 34 times the belt met my cheeks, immediately followed by 35 more as they kicked the extra point.  This brought the total to 341..... a good maintenance spanking indeed..  She tossed the dice and a 4 showing told me I would be spanked again on Thursday.

Thank you all for reading and your questions and comments will be answered as usual.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Hello all readers.  I know, I have been away with spotty internet service.  The spanking due last Friday was put off due to life happenings and again on Sat.  Sunday, the 18, I was spanked and we left for the T-day holiday early Monday morning.  We are still away, but thought I would use this opportunity to catch everyone up.  Sunday's spanking began harshly but soon drifted to a sensual encounter.  A brief warm up and then the doubled belt let me have a very generous number of hard swats.  I would assume 50 or more.  Then the hairbrush spanked both cheeks to a crimson red.  Following that, she used the massaging vibrator everywhere and it felt wonderful.  We had worked hard on the addition to the clubhouse and we were leaving the next morning, so she opted for a sensual episode.  As you know, we do not discuss intimate happenings here, so I will leave it at that.  We should be back home and in normal routine by late Tuesday.  I would assume she will be ready to spank me as we both know I need it.  Look for the next report either Tuesday night or Wednesday.  Just because this report is short and very different, questions or comments are still welcome and will be addressed.  Traveling over the next 2 days, so answers may be delayed.  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday!!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Tuesday, Nov. 13, Maintenance Day.  A rainy cold day here in Tennessee, so no outdoor activity happened.  Preparing the house for the upcoming holidays, the tree was brought from the attic and decorations began to be placed.  A nice dinner and wind down in the early evening.  At 8 pm, she stated there were toys laid out and I should take position.  Entering, I noticed the wood paddle (from last time), flexible leather paddle, riding bat, doubled belt and rubber thumper.  I thought I would try something a bit different, so I placed a wedge pillow on the bed and placed myself lengthwise over the wedge.  This left my ass high and vulnerable.  Head down and blindfolded I waited.  A few minutes later she came in and gently massaged both cheeks.  The flexible leather began the warm up with the fur side.  Soon strokes became harder and the surface was flipped to sting my flesh with the smooth leather.  Both cheeks became warmer and pink from this segment.  Rubber thumper time!!!  This device was used firmly across both cheeks until a deeper hue of red was apparent.  Next the riding bat swished through the air and smacked my ass.  Three distinct sounds were repeated for many minutes.  The swish, the smack and the yelp.  Stinging pain seeped through the skin and into the tissue below.  The riding bat was delivering a solid spanking.  She spread my legs open and began a hand spanking on all exposed areas.  Balls, cock, outer and inner cheeks, anus, inner thighs all received a good hand spanking.  Moisture accumulated on the inside of the blindfold as the maintenance spanking continued.  The wood paddle landed across both cheeks with a loud smack followed by a yelp.  This, like the riding bat, was repeated over and over again.  Note to self..... hide that paddle for awhile.  A good sound paddling was replaced by a good solid belting as the doubled belt landed its first strike.  Being swung with authority, the belt treated my ass like an easy target and it was not going to miss.  Stroke after stroke resounded and yelps echoed as the belting lasted many minutes.  Finally over the hug, kiss, and thank you resulted in a more intimate session.  Long after, the dice were tossed and a bit better this time.  A '2' appeared, so on Friday. my ass will be exposed will accept another maintenance spanking.

Readers are all appreciated as well as your comments or questions.  Have a good day and we'll have another episode by weeks end.   

Monday, November 12, 2018

Sunday, Nov. 11, Spanked for Maintenance.  A 3 day weekend of fun and socializing finally came to an end about 8:30 pm on Sunday evening.  Upon getting back in the house after attending to the last detail of the weekend, she wasted no time in issuing directions.  "Get out of those clothes', she said, "and go lie face down on the bed.  Your getting spanked at 9 o'clock.  In no time at all I was in my normal state of total nudity and taking position as instructed.  Exactly at 9 pm she entered and began getting toys out for my due maintenance spanking.  A pillow was placed under my hips, raising my ass into a more spankable position.  She chose the doubled belt for openers and the brief warm up was under way.  The smooth leather smacked my cheeks in alternating fashion and soon became more firm.  The belting continued and intensity increased.  Soon full force strokes were landing over and over again.  Many minutes of this produced slight yelping, but there was no escape or shock absorbing in this position.  The belt performed perfectly and left cheeks nice and red.  She paused briefly to reposition me by spreading my legs far apart.  This exposed inner thighs, back of my balls, inner cheeks and anus as a new target which the next toy, the rubber thumper had no problem in finding right from the start.  Newly exposed flesh had to be reddened and the thumper knew how to do it.  Now the yelps were louder, but I knew enough to hold position.  The riding bat was next fresh from its use recently during a punishment spanking.  It too spanked long and hard covering cheeks thighs, crack, asshole and my balls too received their due swats.  The bat stung the tended skin of every inch of exposed and vulnerable flesh.  The doubled belt came back for an encore and belted me for several more minutes.  The final segment was a good long traditional bare hand spanking.  Red colored cheeks became a darker red as the bare hand didn't miss a bit of its targeted area.  Finally drawing to a close, she told me to stand and took a good look at her handy work.  Very nice rosey cheeks she said, now toss the dice.  I obeyed only to see a number '1' turn up.  "Good", she said, Tuesday you will be spanked again".

Thanks to all readers and comments or questions will be answered here as soon as possible. Bye for now.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Wednesday, Nov. 7, Maintenance Day.  Originally set for Monday, this spanking was postponed due to life happenings and yesterday Ms Mirage slightly injured her hand and needed another day to rest it.  But tonight, at about 8 pm, she said, 'go prepare, it is time and you're getting spanked'.  I reported to the room to find 4 toys laid out and a blindfold.  A  wood paddle, narrow hairbrush, leather slapper and the rubber paddle.  I donned the blindfold, took position and waited; she entered and the fifth implement, her bare hand, began the warm up.  A nice bare hand spanking proceeded warming my presented cheeks.  Next, the narrow hairbrush was employed and it was immediately evident the warm up was over.  The hairbrush covered both cheeks with stinging blows that are iconic in hairbrush spankings.  Having done its part, the hairbrush was relieved by the rubber paddle which began a sound paddling of my ass.  During the segment, she stepped to my side and her left hand grasped my cock and balls forcing my hips backward further immobilizing and protruding my ass to meet the strokes of the paddle.  She told me later the paddle struck 100 times.   Following that onslaught, the leather slapper jumped right in slapping both cheeks with side to side alternating strikes.  Cheeks were turning redder as the spanking went on and on.  The final implement, the wood paddle came into play.  This toy was used during the spanking party on Saturday and is quite a solid spanking implement.  It is about 2 inches wide and nearly 15 inches long.  Made of an exotic wood it is sound and delivers a very good paddling.  Finally, she removed my blindfold signaling the end of the maintenance session.  A toss of the dice revealed a '3' which schedules Sunday as the next time my ass will be presented to accept another maintenance spanking.

Thanks to all readers for waiting the 2 days this episode was on hold.  Your questions and comments are welcome and will be individually answered right here. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Wednesday, Oct. 31.  A halloween maintenance spanking.  There were no tricks and I was treated to nearly an hour long spanking earlier this evening.  Five menacing weapons lay in wait as I took position and waited for her appearance.  Entering and grasping the first implement, the spanking began with light strokes covering both cheeks.  Time went by and the strokes continued.  The strokes delivered by the riding bat began to mean business.  Holding position and presenting my ass to be spanked was my job.  After a few more minutes the bat's leather tip began to bite into my flesh as the swish followed by the smack and the yelp become the normal progression.   Next came the narrow hairbrush and the already tender cheeks were being soundly spanked.  A solid hair brushing went on for several minutes.  Crimson cheeks were the target for the next implement, the flexible leather paddle.  This is a great toy with one side smooth leather and the other side is fur.  Very nice strokes with the fur side are direct opposite to the stinging strike from the leather side.  Paddled soundly for several minutes, the leather paddle did its job in fine fashion.  I was in for real pain next as the rubber paddle made its appearance.  What can be said about this paddle except it really hurts.  The wide rubber met the flesh and won handily.   Landing strokes on each cheek and both together, it caused loud yelps for many minutes.  A sound painful paddling with this implement requires little effort on the part of the spanker.   Eyes were tearing from the pain of the paddling as it completed its segment.  Now a surprise toy was introduced.  The rubber thumper was brought in.  Similar to a massage tool, it thumps repeatedly with rapid fire strikes.  Really sore cheeks absorbed this onslaught as tears continued to track down my face.  What was this I was hearing... the toy drawer was opening and a second surprise implement was coming forth.  This time it was the rubber strap.  The senior partner of the matched set of rubber paddle and strap was now in her hand.  A few hard strikes preceded my feeling the strap placed between my thighs to spread my legs.  I obeyed and the strap landed several times on each cheek.  I began to howl.  Standing slightly to relieve the stretch of the skin of my ass was only a brief resprit.  Her free hand pushed me back to the bed and the strap again tapped my inner thighs spreading my legs even further open.  Fully open legs exposed my package  OMG..was she going to strap my BALLS!!!  The strap struck both cheeks horizontally over and over again.  Howling, tear soaked face, presented vulnerable ass, I was being solidly spanked.  The strap rested.  The final implement began the ending segment but it was not to be friendly.  The big wood paddle covered both cheeks with sound hard swats.   One stroke every other second, the 5 minute segment left a very red, deeply bruised, soundly spanked ass.  A hug, kiss and sincere thank you were given to her as I made it to my feet.   Handing me the dice, I was confused and asked, 'Aren't we going to the spanking party on Saturday'?   She said yes, and you will be spanked thoroughly during the party, but that is just extra and not your real maintenance, now roll the dice.  I tossed and a 4 turned up, meaning Monday is maintenance day.   Spanked tonight, spanked again on Saturday and spanked again on Monday..... sitting on Tuesday may be difficult.

All readers are appreciated and your questions and comments will be answered individually.       

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Thursday, Oct 25, Spanked for Maintenance.  Originally meant for Wednesday, but life got in the way.  However that would not happen today.   The 10 o'clock hour came and the spanking was to be administered. I went to the bedroom and laid out was the leather slapper, narrow hair brush, rubber strap and flxible leather paddle.  I put on the provided blindfold, took position and waited.  Shortly, she entered and began the warm up with flexible leather paddle using the fur side.  After a nice warm up, she flipped the paddle over and swatted my cheeks with the leather side and it was anything but a warm up.  My ass was repeatedly spanked with the leather paddle until a bare hand took over.  Holding position, I took the spanking which lasted several minutes.  The leather slapper came into service and continued the onslaught on my targeted cheeks.  Red and sore flesh caused tears to form in my blindfolded eyes.  Next the strap began to bite my ass with stinging blows that only the rubber strap can provide.  I slightly stood to relieve the skin and yelped after each stroke.  This was becoming a solid spanking.  Another segment of hand spanking was followed by a segment with the narrow hair brush.  Stinging strikes were turning my red cheeks to deep red and purple.  A welcome pause which contained an nice hand massage of my ass, back, thighs and package.  Upon completion of the massage, each implement, including the bare hand took more turns in thoroughly spanking me for maintenance.  The slapper, rubber strap, hair brush and leather paddle all weighed in with more spanking segments.  When I thought it was over, I heard the drawer open......another toy was being employed.  Even with blindfolded eyes, after one stroke, I knew it was the big wood paddle.  It was a solid strike on both cheeks causing a loud yelp.  One stroke was not to be enough.  The paddle continued on for about 40 more strokes.  The spanking was finally over after a full 30 minutes and a deep red ass rested.  I stumbled to the dice and gave it a toss.  Bouncing off two walls, the cube came to rest with a 6 showing.  Halloween night is the next spanking.  A nice cuddle finished off the episode and she fell into a deep sleep.

Thanks for reading and your questions or comments will be answered right here.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Monday, Oct. 22, Maintenance Day.  You are right..... it was supposed to be Sunday.  I was a bit under the weather yesterday, so the maintenance spanking was delayed until today.  Before I left the bed today, I was given a token hand spanking.  This was to let me know she had not forgotten and that more would occur later on in the day.  That time came at 10 pm.  Reporting to the bedroom, I saw four weapons carefully laid out.  The braided leather loopy johnny, rubber thumper, hair brush and purse paddle lie in wait to spank my ass.  Taking position, I received a bare hand warm up which was seamlessly transferred to the rubber thumper.  Both cheeks were thumped repeatedly for many minutes.  Just a brief pause before the hair brush was employed.  The wood backed brush was relentless in its attack on my exposed presented ass.  A good sound hairbrushing is ample enough for most spankings, but it was only a segment of this spanking.  Tears welled up and I stood slightly to lessen the fully stretched skin of my cheeks.  The hair brush continued to spank as I held position with difficulty.  The braided leather loopy johnny was up next and it took its turn.  The braided leather bit into the tenderized flesh which was its target.  A sound whipping resulted before the johnny finished its assault.  Streaming tears were about to be replenished as the purse paddle landed its first swat followed by a loud yelp.  That yelp was not to be the only one.  The paddling and the yelping went on and on.  Sound strikes from that cherry wood paddle were meeting my ass cheeks over and over again.  Another segment with the hairbrush and then another with the purse paddle were making their case for maintenance spankings.   Screaming through tears, I was accepting a very sound maintenance spanking producing deep red and sore cheeks.  It finally ended with a kiss, hug and a thank you.  I made my way to the dice and gave it a toss.  It landed the other side of the bed out of my view but well within hers.  She only smiled as I went to look.  I found a number ONE was showing which means on Wednesday my bare ass will have to accept another sound spanking.

Thanks to all readers for waiting one day while I recovered.  Questions or comments left here will be answered individually.   

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sunday, Oct. 14, Spanked for Maintenance.  After a great weekend away at the railroad club, we arrived home near the dinner hour.  She decided to have dinner out and we enjoyed a fine meal.  Finally home, she turned on a movie and we relaxed.  Following the film, I asked if she was ready for bed.  She said "No!... I'm going to spank you".  She handed me a blindfold and began to assemble implements.  Blindfolded, with ass presented in position I waited for the first strike.  It came from the flexible leather paddle and was somewhat soft.  Strokes continued and began to get harder.  No let up as the implement changed to the riding bat.  After several hard strokes the bat was placed between my thighs and slapped horizontally until I obeyed by spreading my legs open.  A few more hard strokes on my cheeks and it began slapping the inside of my thighs again.  I spread further, exposing more inner cheeks and ass hole.  She placed her foot between my legs not allowing me to close my spread open stance.  Anus, cock and balls were all slapped often as the spanking continued.  Now the leather slapper took over and covered my ass with stinging swats.  I yelped after several well aimed strokes stung my hanging balls.  Next I felt the braided loopy johnny whipping both cheeks.  Yelps turned to howls and the interior of the blindfold became moist with tears.  Again, no slowdown as the purse paddle landed very hard on alternating cheeks.  I screamed and partially stood up to somewhat protect my ass.  With a hand between my shoulder blades, she pushed my chest back to the bed which again presented my ass.  The purse paddle was not done as several more hard strokes caused more howling and tears.  Now the rubber thumper pummeled my cheeks followed by some very hard bare hand strokes.  Still holding my legs open with her foot, her bare hand spanked my anus several times.  Tears flowed as the paddle struck again along with the leather slapper.  Cheeks, thighs, balls and ass hole were thoroughly slapped with the leather.  Finally she let me up and removed the wet blindfold.  Good, she said, you cried...... a good spanking.  She tossed the dice and a six appeared meaning Sunday was the next spanking.  We may push that a bit, she said.  I may feel like spanking you before that. 

Readers, I do thank you for your support and interest in my maintenance experiences.  If you have questions or comments, please leave them and I will answer each one.   

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Saturday, Oct 6, Maintenance spanking at the spanking party.  Due to a pulled muscle in my lower back on Wednesday, the scheduled spanking was not to be.  I rested for 2 and a half days and was able to drive to Atlanta today for a spanking party at a dungeon.  Heavy traffic and road construction caused a late arrival, but we jumped into the action.  Shortly after registering, I was stripped and placed over an interesting piece of equipment.  A half round shape with padded horizontal struts and several tie down points.  It was comfortable on my back as I did not have to bend fully to expose and present my ass to be spanked.  Several implements were used as Ms Mirage soundly spanked me as other party goers looked on.  Upon the finish, I cleaned the equipment as is protocol in public dungeons while Ms Mirage moved on to spank another willing bare bottom.  Attendance was low and I was unable to find an available Dominant for another spanking.  After she finished with her spankee, she directed me to the St Andrews Cross.  A common piece of equipment in many dungeons, the cross stands about 7 feet tall and is shaped like a giant letter X. Normally wrists and ankles are bound on the legs of the X, but being a spanko event and not a BDSM event, I took that position but without being bound.  Another sound spanking with a few of the same implements along with a some different ones really reddened my cheeks.  She peeled me off the cross and I set about cleaning the it.  Then proceeded to fetch her some water.  When I returned, she had another victim on the cross and was in great spanker form.  I set the water for her and wandered away leaving her with another spankee in waiting.  I spotted another Domme with a riding crop in her hand and began to chat with her.  Within minutes I found myself over a padded spanking bench with my bare ass spread and presented nicely for her to spank.  She cropped my cheeks like a jockey would whip the rump of a race horse.  I was getting a good cropping and I knew stripes would be showing on my flesh.  Following that, I took a break as Ms Mirage was on to another presented bare ass.  Near the end of our stay, I located another Dominant .  She agreed when I asked her if she would like to spank me.  Removing my covering, I was bent over a table and she used 3 wood paddles and a leather strap.  The party was drawing to a close when we finished and Ms Mirage was loading the toys into our toybag.  Within the 2 hours we were there, she administered 6 spankings and I absorbed four spankings to serve as my maintenance.  We made some new contacts and most likely will go there again for other spanking or BDSM events.  When we arrived back home, she tossed the dice for me revealing a 5 and thereby scheduling next Friday for my next maintenance spanking.

Thanks to all for reading and as always, your comments and questions will be answered individually right here.   

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sunday, Sept 30, Maintenance Day.  Last day of the month, last day of the regular baseball season, so we will use the last regular season for a maintenance spanking.  Because both teams are bound for the post season, we did not expect a lot of hitting or scoring.  Action began right away as Boston scored 4 runs in the first.  With the hits, I had to present my ass for 110 strokes from the leather paddle.  The Yankees were doing nothing but Boston added another 3 runs in the second and the wood paddle delivered 75 sound strokes.  Each team got a single in the third, so 5 strokes from each paddle completed the spankings for that inning.  Yankees got it going in the 4th with a double and home run.  That 2 runs cost my cheeks 50 hard strokes from the flexible leather paddle.  Not to be out done, Boston, came right back with 3 more runs.  I presented my ass and gritted my teeth.  Seventy hard strokes later left me with red, sore, and deeply bruised cheeks.  Only 4 innings into the game I had already absorbed over 300 strokes.  Nothing in the 5th, the Yanks cost me 5 strokes in the 6th and Boston had doubles in their half of the 7th and 8th innings.  Ten more strokes in each inning rounded off the total for the game at 340 strokes.  Baseball is over and so was this maintenance spanking.  Playoffs begin Wednesday but we are not sure if we will use baseball games or football games to direct future maintenance spankings.  I rolled a '2' scheduling Wednesday as the next day I submit to being spanked. 

Thank you for being loyal readers and your questions or comments will be answered right here.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Tuesday, Sept. 25 Maintenance Day.  Monday turned into a 'life gets in the way' occurrence, so maintenance was pushed off for a day.  The next day began as all do with me serving coffee in bed.  As we discussed our day, she said after breakfast and your morning chores, come back in here, we are not waiting until tonight.  I brushed her hair and got up, put on my nipple clamps and began to prepare breakfast.  After serving it and completing the rest of my morning chores, I reported back to the bedroom as directed.  She made a place and laid out several toys including the thin oak paddle, riding bat, heavy wood paddle with holes, rubber strap and leather slapper.  She said 'bend over the bed and present your're getting spanked'.  I complied and a brief bare hand warm up commenced.  The thin oak paddle went first and stung my cheeks all over with a raining of many many strokes.  Nicely pink, my ass was then treated to a deep tissue bruising with the heavy paddle with holes as it landed square on both cheeks for several minutes.  The riding bat found its way to her right hand as the heavy paddle rested.  She placed it between my thighs and issued the one word command "spread'em", I obeyed as she tapped the inside of both thighs until I had spread my legs as wide as possible.  The riding bat with it iconic swish thru the air was landing blows covering upper and lower, inner and outer cheeks along with some uppercut strokes to let my balls and anus know they were not being spared.  Now deeply bruised and cherry red cheeks were at the mercy of the rubber strap.  Yelps echoed throughout the room with each lashing of the rubber strap.  I could imaging deep purple stripes left in the wake of each solid stroke from the strap.  Finally it ceased and I heard another command.   'Up on the bed, on your knees, head down' obeying instantly taking position expecting more spanking.  A wet finger lubed my hole and a butt plug was inserted.  Feeling total submission I soon was being spanked with the leather slapper on every inch of my vulnerable cheeks.  After many minutes of this, she removed the but plug and inserted a dildo giving me a good butt fucking.  Next she was directing a new position.  I was to lie prone on the bed with a wedge support under my hips and legs spread wide.  Getting into the position she demanded left me  immobile with red cheeks, my recently violated asshole, cock and ball package totally exposed and vulnerable.  She skillfully used both the long fall and short fall leather floggers on my entire body.  From the back of my head to my heels, E V E R Y T H I N G was soundly flogged.  A quick, rapid fire session with the riding bat just to leave my cheeks glowing red finished my maintenance episode. 

Tossing the dice, I saw a 5 appear, meaning Sunday will be the next appointment.  Smiling, she said, well, either Saturday or Sunday, as I was thinking, I hope not both.     

Thanking all readers again for you continued following.  I will answer all your comments or questions as soon as possible. 

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Saturday, Sept. 22, End of the week of maintenance.  My ass is sore!!!!.  I can't recall being spanked this much since early on in my first DD relationship.  New to the DD lifestyle and my wife, I was being spanked several times a day.  You remember the situation which preceded this week.  We were away with few to no opportunities for spankings.  Returning home she had determined daily spankings for the next 4 days were in order to make up for it.  The last report was on the Tuesday night spanking directed by the Yankee - Boston game where I took strokes from the hairbrush and doubled belt.  Wednesday's game began with a lingering soreness in both cheeks.  There would be no relief as the Yankees racked up 10 runs enroute to a 10-1 win.  The implements in waiting were the purse paddle and the riding bat.  Boston managed a hit in their half of the first and the purse paddle delivered its 5 strokes to my presented ass.  No action in the next 2 half innings, but the Yanks scored 3 runs in the second and the riding bat swished thru the air and stung my flesh 65 times.  Nothing for Boston in the third but the Yanks got a double, so the purse paddle gave 10 hard spanks.  The purse paddle is a spanking machine.  Made of solid cherry and short with a diagonal grain, it never fails to deliver a sound swat.  Boston got a hit and I got 5 stings from the riding bat.  The Yankees homered for a run and the cherry wood paddled my ass 20 times.  Boston scored in the 5th inning and the riding bat blistered my cheeks 35 times.  After 5 strokes in the 6th for a single, the Yanks broke the game open in their half scoring 4 runs.  Presenting my ass and gritting my teeth, the cherry wood purse paddle delivered 105 strokes, each with a resounding smack and resulting yelp.  I could barely sit but was right back up for 5 more strokes in each of the next to Boston at bats.  Yankees scored two more and I held position as the purse paddle delivered 55 more strokes while tears rolled down my face.  Boston got 2 hits in the ninth and the riding bat stung my deep purple cheeks 10 times bringing the total for this session to 325 strokes. As I slid in bed, I was thinking my ass will be sore all night.

The toys for the third consecutive day of spanking were the big wood paddle and the flexible leather paddle.  To shorten up this report, let me say both paddles were kept very busy as there were hits and scoring in every inning except the sixth.  Total strokes for both teams for each inning went like this.  First inning - 45, second - 100, third - 25, fourth - 80, fifth - 35, sixth - 0, seventh - 80, eighth - 65 and ninth - 15.  If you have been adding, you know a whopping 445 strokes smacked my red and sore cheeks.  Now, I knew the soreness and bruising would last all night and the next day. 

Friday, the final day of spanking, Boston had left town and Baltimore was in.  I gingerly sat down on bruised and sore cheeks awaiting the start of the game.  My heart sank as the implements chosen for tonight were a thick Brazilian cherry paddle with holes and the dreaded new toy, the rubber paddle.  Little did I know the Yanks would win this high scoring contest 9 - 8.  Only the 3rd and 6th innings spared my ass from being soundly paddled.  Again, I will give you the totals by inning.  First - 45, second - 10, third - 0, fourth - 105, fifth - 55, sixth - 0, seventh - 125, eighth - 115, ninth - 5.  An unbelievable 460 strokes pounded my ass while I yelped, howled, cried, and squinted eyes shed tears.  I kissed her lovingly as she hugged me while saying she was proud of my taking my medicine.  Getting back to our normal schedule, we tossed the dice scheduling Monday when I will present my ass and accept the next maintenance spanking.

Thank you all for reading and your questions and comments will be answered. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Tuesday, Sept. 18.......SPANKED, with more to come for maintenance.   Well, so much to catch up on.  Being away since late August with no internet has kept me from reporting to you.  Lets begin with the spanking party on August 25.  We met another female spanker who is relatively new to the group and brand new to us.  The party began like most do with some social time and a fine dinner.  When 'play' time came, all the males were stripped as usual and sat at the feet of their Dominant waiting for the round robin spankings to begin.  Each male went around the circle of ladies twice and were well spanked.  Most were OTK, but there was some bent standing and wheelbarrow spankings too.  A card drawing game was next and asses became more red as spankings were given and received by many parties many times.  Eventually we all found our way to the basement dungeon where men were spanked in several positions on different pieces of equipment.  I absorbed a thorough maintenance spanking and slept quite well with a warm red ass.  We left on Sunday morning and made our way north and opened the New York house for a short stay.  No TV or internet was connected as the stay was to be only till the railroad convention in September.  There were a few token spankings at home and a good friend of ours delivered a quick spanking during the convention.  We left New Jersey on Sunday with threatening weather from the approaching hurricane.  Not wishing to drive thru that, we headed more west than normal.  A much longer, slower and wetter trip dragged on until we arrived home early afternoon today.  A maintenance spanking was way overdue so she decided to spank during tonight baseball game as well as every night this week.  We will not roll the dice until the final spanking on Friday night.  I will detail tonights spanking and will report again after Fridays final episode in this 4-day maintenance spanking.  A slow start to the game netted me only 30 strokes over the first 5 innings.  In the 6th, both teams got hits and I took 15 for the Boston hits and 10 more from the Yankees efforts.  Still a 1-0 score stood through the top of the 7th.  In their half, the Yankees broke through with a 3 run home run.  The hair brush stung my ass with 60 hard strokes.  The Red Sox smashed a triple in the 8th and the belt lashed my cheeks 15 times.  With some very poor play in the 9th, the Yankees handed Boston another run without the benefit of a hit.  The hair brush was up again and 20 hard strokes ended the maintenance portion for Tuesday. 

I apologize for the long time between entries and thank you all for your patience.  Following Friday's episode, I will report to you all again.  Meanwhile, all questions or comments will be answered right here for all to read.       

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Tuesday-Wednesday, Aug. 21-22, spanked for maintenance.  The scheduled date of Monday was postponed due to life getting in the way.  Tuesday early evening saw her lay out 7 implements and a hip support before calling me with the words "Time to be Spanked".  While positioning myself, I saw the leather slapper, big wood paddle, purse paddle, coiled rope, riding bat, rubber strap and rubber paddle.  The slapper began with a warm up across both cheeks.  Slow but steady strikes increased in intensity until full force lasting about five minutes.  Cheeks now sported a warm pink glow.  Riding bat was next and stung my flesh with biting strikes following the customary swish through the air.  In no time the bat was stuck between my thighs slapping sideways until my legs were spread wide until my package hung like a helpless target.  Uppercut strokes landed stinging my balls and an occasional downward stroke slapped the head of my cock.  All toys took a brief segment and the following the last toy, the rubber strap, she said you are quite red ( I nearly interjected 'and sore' but thought better of it), let's finish this during the game.  It was to be a wood night as the toys to be used for the game were the big wood paddle and Brazilian Cherry paddle with holes.  We settled in to watch the Yanks against the Marlins.  Gingerly my red ass sat on the sofa and the game started.  Yanks mustered a single in the first and I presented my ass for the strokes.  The Brazilian Cherry answered the call and five strokes later both cheeks were bright red again.  I knew by the end these two implements would me crimson and deep tissue soreness which would last for days.  Maima got nothing in their half of the first, but in the second the Yankees got 2 singles so before I knew it I was bent over and the wood paddle was landing 10 hard strokes.  Miami, did not help as they got a single in their half and the Cherry wood paddled me hard producing more redness, deep tissue bruising and 5 yelps.   We had started later than normal and with no activity in either half of the third, she fell asleep.  I continued to total the swats due me for the remainder of the game.  It lasted 12 innings so I did not wake her in the wee hours and felt I could receive the rest of the strokes in the morning.  Not a lot of hitting or scoring in this pitchers duel and the final score was Yanks 2, Marlins 1.  After I served breakfast, I noticed she had prepared a hip support and both paddles were at the ready.  She called me in and said 'present your ass, I want to finish your spanking'.  I gave her my tally sheet and got into position.  Unlike during the game, there would be no delay between paddling segments.  She did alternate paddles as she would have last night and only paused long enough to change paddles and check the sheet for the number of strokes.  I was to receive 120 strokes to complete the maintenance spanking.  I took in succession, 35, 10, 10, 20, 5, 5, 5, 5, and 25.  The last 25 were for the Yankees scoring the winning run in the 12th inning.  She got another toy out to help.  10 with the wood paddle, 10 with the guest rubber paddle and 5 with the Brazilian Cherry to finish me off. 

We are attending a spanking party on Saturday so I felt that would be the next time.  Just for fun, she said, roll the dice.  No luck for me as I tossed a 'ONE'.  Fine, she said she would determine if I would be spanked on Thursday or not until Friday at the hotel.  Then the party is Saturday..... I know I will be sore until at least next Monday or Tuesday.

Thanking all my readers for their continued support and each of their questions or comments will be answered right here.   

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Tuesday, August 14, Maintenance Day.  We actually moved the spanking up one day due to a schedule conflict.   She decided to use tonight's ball game between the Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays to drive the spanking.  The toys chosen were the doubled belt and the riding bat.  A stinging implement and a solid belting toy were lined up to give my ass a good spanking.  Nothing in the Rays half of the first, however the Yankees notched a run on 2 singles and a double.  She did allow a brief warm up before the belt kissed my cheeks 40 times.  Thanking her, I sat for the next 2 innings of no hits.  The Rays managed a hit in the fourth and the riding bat found its target.  A swish through the air, a sound crack and a red mark repeated itself 5 times.  Settling in, the Yanks went quietly in the 4th as did the Rays in the 5th.  A 2-run home run following a walk in the bottom of the 5th increasing the Yankees lead to 3 to nothing.  I presented my ass and the doubled leather belt soundly lashed the cheeks for another 40 strokes.  Nothing for Tampa Bay in the 6th but the Yanks got a double in their half.  The riding bat stung those red cheeks without mercy with 10 strokes.  Both teams had no hits in the7th inning.  Tampa got a home run in the 8th netting my ass 20 more cracks with the belt.  After two outs in the bottom of the inning, the Yankees went to work with 2 doubles and plating another run.  40 more strokes and the riding bat was swung like a Louisville Slugger.  Sting factor was high after the first ten and I had to clench teeth while taking the next 30 hard strokes.  The 9th inning saw a single from the Rays before the game was over.   The spanking was not over and the belt was up for the last segment.  Both cheeks were bright red before the belt landed its final 5 strokes.  Not much hitting or scoring in this game, but I took 160 strokes for maintenance.  Rolling the dice, I caught a break as a '5' turned up and that schedules next spanking on Monday. 

All readers are appreciated as we move along and I will answer all your comments or questions.   

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Friday, Aug 10,  Spanked in Nashville for Maintenance.  Astute readers will recall the spanking was due on Thursday, however, we put it off one day to attend a spanking function at the Mark, a dungeon in Nashville TN.  The trip was for a service appointment for my truck and to deliver a spanking machine I was donating to the Mark.  After checking in, help was recruited to carry the machine indoors and set it up.  It will be an interesting addition to all the dungeon equipment they already have at that fine dungeon.  After getting the machine functional it was about time for the ice-breaker games to begin.  They hold these on spanking nights to loosen the crown, present the opportunity to meet others and to insure everyone who desires, at least one spanking.  Spankees are called forward one at a time, they randomly chose a spanker, the number of strokes and a toy.  Then take position over a spanking horse and bare their ass to the level they are comfortable with, and the spanker delivers the strokes in front of the crowd.  Good fun for everyone.  We played long enough for me to be called forward twice to receive a spanking from a spanker I had never met before.  Ms Mirage decided soon after that it was time for a real spanking.  Twice I had bared my ass for the ice-breaker spankings, but now I was stripped totally nude and placed on a spanking bench.  We had only brought a few toys as we were still unsure of her ability, however Ms Mirage was ready to use them all.  A nice bare hand spanking for a warm up and then she brought on the doubled belt.  The unmistakable sound of leather slapping leather and leather slapping flesh filled the dungeon along with sounds of other sessions going on.  The two new rubber implements, the coiled rope, the riding bat, the braided leather loopy johnny, and the purse paddle all took turns as my ass was treated to a 55 minute continuous spanking session.  We chatted with some friends while I cleaned the bench.  Several minutes later, she directed me to put on my collar/cuff set.  I obeyed at once and now standing totally nude, slightly behind her, head lowered, wearing a leather collar, leash, and matching wrist and ankle cuffs.  Several more minutes and after she finished her conversation, she told me to pick up the toy bag.  She grasped the leash and led me to the opposite side of the dungeon to the St. Andrews cross and using the cuffs, bound me spread eagle to the cross.  Once again, every implement had its way with me.  45 minutes later a nearly limp body with crimson cheeks was detached from the cross.  She requested a drink and I hurried to the refreshments.  She relaxed and drank while I cleaned the cross.  Feeling a bit tired on the recovering leg, she told me to pack up the toys.  I cleaned all the toys, packed the bag, removed the collar/cuff set and got dressed.  A few more quick conversations and after just over 3 hours in attendance, we left for the hotel.   Morning saw her decide I should have a refresher and placed me on the bed with two pillows raising my ass up for an easy target.  This would be a long and sore drive home from Nashville.  The braided leather loopy johnny and the rubber strap were going to make sure of that.  Arriving home, we tossed the dice and scheduled Wednesday as the next time I will be turned ass up and spanked for maintenance.

Thanks to all for reading and your comments and questions are welcome and will be answered individually.     

Monday, August 6, 2018

Sunday, Aug 5, Maintenance Day.  It is rare that I am spanked for maintenance on consecutive days, but with a full Monday planned, she opted for today.  She decided to use a baseball game to drive the spanking.  Two implements were put into place, the big wood paddle and the doubled belt.  The game began with some hitting, but no score.  The Yanks got 2 singles in the first and I collected 10 strokes from the wood paddle....all hard.  The Sox got a double in their half and I was bent over to receive 10 strokes from the belt.  The same for the Sox in the 2nd and the third innings while the Yanks got nothing.  I took 10 with the paddle and 10 with the belt at the end of each inning.  Without any scoring, the game was moving right along and my ass was beginning to get sore.  Nothing for either team in the 4th  but the Yanks managed a single in the 5th; 5 more hard strokes.  A solo home run in the bottom of the 5th produced the first run of the game.  I stood, presented my ass and took 20 of the  hardest strokes the belt had to offer.  The 6th inning saw only a single from the Sox and 5 strokes were absorbed by my reddening cheeks.  In the 7th the Yanks made their move and scored 4 runs with a few hits and the total was 90 strokes.  That many strokes from a wood paddle was sure to turn sore cheeks to a  bright red and deep tissue soreness.  Another 5 from the single in the top of the eighth was just enough to keep the heat and soreness at a peak.  I the bottom of the 9th, the Sox scored 3 runs and tied the game with 3 walks only one hit.  65 more hard strokes landed on an ass which was already well paddled and belted.  The game ended in the 10 when the Sox scored the winning run on a walk and two singles.  The game was over, but the spanking was not. I had to present my crimson cheeks as a target for another 30 hard strokes. 

The dice were tossed and another spanking is on tap for Thursday.

Thanks for reading and same as always, questions or comments are most welcome.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Saturday, August 4,  Spanked for Maintenance.  Following the last maintenance spanking we learned she was capable of delivering a sound spanking at that stage of her recovery.  When today rolled around, even at breakfast, she mentioned the due date and that I would be spanked this evening.  When I arrived in the bedroom at the designated time, she had already been there.  A pillow had be placed for my hips and 8 toys were laid out along with the blindfold.  The toys were, the purse paddle, the coiled rope, leather slapper, thin oak paddle, riding bat, doubled belt and both new toys, the rubber paddle and strap.  In no time it seemed like these two have become a staple.  I donned the blindfold and took position.  Her soft bare hand touch on my bare ass gave way to a warm up with the coiled rope.  As it lengthened, more rapid and harder strokes turned cheeks to pink.  Even a few uppercut strokes between my legs told my cock and balls they were not forgotten.  That proved to be the longest segment with one implement.  I believe the rubber strap came next and stung my ass to the point of my not being able to definitely recognize other toys.  This took surprisingly few strokes and I learned this was to be the pattern.  A few strokes by each toy but used several times.  I think the thin oak paddle was next and I recalled its stinging welts.  The riding bat swished through the air and bit into my tenderized cheeks.   I partially stood to relieve the stretched skin on my ass.  This move backfired as she immediately used the riding bat to slap my nipples.  After several slaps on each, I bent to protect them only to receive a hard stroke from the pubber paddle.  A yelp and a quick return to standing exposed my nipples again.  The riding bat found them with sound slaps which caused another bend over on my part which in turn caused another sound paddling with the rubber.  I took a few before I stood again.  This time she pushed my shoulders back down on the bed more forward than before.  My thighs were now pressed against the bed which made my ass stretched, exposed, and immobile.  The doubled belt would now have its way with that deeply reddening easy target.  The sound of leather slapping leather each time it met my cheeks.  A revisit from each toy twice more soundly spanked my ass to a deep purple.  When she removed my blindfold, tear tracks covered my face.  A 30 minute solid spanking drew to a close with a hug, kiss and thank you to her.

I tossed the dice and a 'one' came up.  We normally add 1 which mean Monday for the next maintenance session.  She quickly said we can't do Monday as it is a Dr. appointment for her and a meeting night for me.  She smiled and made her decision.  So sore ass or not, I will be spanked again on Sunday.  I don't have to be concerned about her ability to administer the next sound maintenance spanking.

Thank you readers, I do hope questions or comments are left here and they will be individually answered. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Wednesday, Aug 1, Maintenance Day.  After two setbacks during surgery recovery, and a follow up Dr. visit today, she was feeling fairly well.   I took the advice of a few lifestyle friends to ask for a spanking.   Mentioning how well she was doing, I asked if she felt up to resuming maintenance spankings.  She said we'll give it a try after dinner tonight.  At 8 pm, I was called into the bedroom.  She had laid out 6 items and told me each item would be used to deliver a minimal number of hard strokes.  I felt this would be a token spanking, but it was a first in nearly a month, so I was grateful, took position and presented my ass to be spanked.  The implements were, the leather slapper, flexible leather paddle, narrow hair brush, wide hair brush, and brand new rubber implements strap and paddle.  I had felt their enormous sting during the birthday spanking.  She began with the leather slapper and delivered what I thought was a warm up.  A few light strokes gave way to 50 fairly hard strokes.  Cheeks turned red and the spanking was underway.  Next up was the flexible leather paddle.  It lit up my ass with very hard strokes on alternating cheeks, stinging beyond belief.  She put down the paddle and I thought each implement would get a few hard strokes for their part in this maintenance session.  Instead, the leather slapper was back in her hand.   My red and burning cheeks were treated to another 50 lashes from the slapper.   She was doing much better than I thought she could and the spanking was just getting in gear.  The narrow handle hair brush weighed in with its 'minimal number' of hard strokes.  Yelps escaped after each strike.  Now I could see a pattern developing and the leather slapper was the weapon.  Another 50 strokes were administered as I felt tears welling up in both eyes.  When the slapper finished, the rubber strap was at the ready.  When the first stroke landed across both cheeks, I could not believe the pain that shot through my ass.  A howl echoed in the room.  The rubber strap landed again, I howled again.  It landed again and I thought....Why did I buy this thing????   It landed again and again, full tears were flowing, but I held position.  Guess what... it was leather slapper time again.  Cheeks by now were crimson and heading toward purple, yet 50 more from the slapper spanked my ass.  Through watery eyes, I could make out the wide hair brush being picked up.  A low number of solid strokes from the hair brush were delivered as I accepted.  Time to change implements again, but first..... yup, another 50 from the slapper covered both cheeks.  She had saved the worst for last.  The other birthday gift.....the rubber paddle was to be the finale.  As anyone who has used or felt rubber knows, it does not take a very hard stroke to deliver a painful strike.  Taking 4 on each cheek, a scream after each, ended the spanking leaving a very red and soundly spanked ass.

She handed me the dice and smiled.  I knew she felt as good about spanking me for maintenance as I felt about receiving it.  Thanking her, I tossed the die.  A two appeared, adding '1' meant Saturday was the next maintenance spanking day.  It looks like we are back regular randomly scheduled maintenance spankings.

Thanks to all readers for hanging with us during this difficult time for her.  As always, questions and comments will be answered right in this venue.   

Monday, July 23, 2018

Sunday, July 22, Birthday Spanking.  I held off writing hoping things would change here.  She suffered a setback in the recovery process on Thursday and was not up to spanking on Saturday, the scheduled day.  Sunday, she was still down and maintenance is again suspended for the time being.  She did, however manage to administer my receiving her birthday spanking.  She did open the gift I had for her, a matching rubber strap and paddle.  Now a good submissive will never reveal their Dominants age, but suffice it to say, more that a few swats were delivered to my presented ass without warm up.  Having never been spanked with rubber before, I had no idea what to expect.  She mixed up the implements well, but I could readily identify the strikes delivered with the new rubber implements.  The rubber paddle was used for the finale and it left my cheeks deeply reddened, soundly spanked and very sore.

Thanks again to readers and I hope to get back to periodic reports as soon as the maintenance spankings are resumed.  Still questions and comments will be addressed right here. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tuesday, July 17, Maintenance Day.  A long wait was nearly over when she called me into the bedroom.  She directed me to fetch one short handle implement and then lie prone on the beside her.  She had placed a pillow next to her for my hips while I brought the flexible leather paddle.  I took position to accept what I felt was going to be a token spanking, given her condition and our positions.  My head went down as my ass went up over the pillow.  A nice bare hand spanking covering both cheeks served as a warm up.  Then the flexible leather began to sting my flesh as she increased both speed and force.  Varying tempo from rapid fire to quite slow and deliberate strokes began to warm even the deep tissue of my ass.  Lying prone over a pillow rendered me immobile and my cheeks provided a stationary target for the stinging blows of the leather which went on for several minutes.  A pause and I felt her adjusting her position......wait she was also retrieving more implements.... with my head down I could not see what was transpiring.  I felt her return to the bed, but had no Idea what to expect next.  She must have found a comfortable position and I did not have to wait long.  The big wood paddle delivered a swat that echoed off the walls.  Covering both cheeks that were already tenderized from the leather, the blow caused a slight yelp to escape from my lips.  The paddle struck again, even harder and a more audible yelp was released.  The third stroke caused moisture in my eyes and a louder yelp.  After a few more strokes full tears were forming and yelps were full volume.  From my position I could not move or see to even know if another stroke was coming.  It did, and another and another as the big paddle delivered perhaps 25 or so solid swats causing more tears and loud yelps.  A brief pause as she spread open my legs a bit wider.  The telltale feeling of a wood backed hair brush meeting a bare cheek turned the yelp to a howl.  Alternating cheeks were kissed with the hairbrush.  I arched my back a bit to raise my crimson ass a little higher to willfully accept the blows of the hairbrush.  I had waited a long time to be spanked and my cheeks were hungry for the attention.  Ms Mirage obliged, continuing with the hair brush for many minutes.  Screams were muffled by the pillow as she used the short coarse bristles of the hair brush to scour the tender inner cheeks, anus and balls.  More bare hand spanking, another session with the leather paddle preceded the encore of 25 more strokes from the big wood paddle.  The hair brush returned to finish me off as both cheeks took another solid hair brush spanking.  She actually kissed both cheeks before telling me to relax, it was over.  I rose to kiss her and thank her for a very fine maintenance spanking.

I tossed the dice and a 3 turned up.  Four days means Saturday is the next spanking.  Checking the calendar, revealed that Saturday is her birthday.  She said good, after the maintenance, you can accept my birthday spanking.  My heart sank as I then realized I was presenting her with the gift of a matched set of rubber implements a friend dared me to let her use on me.  A short paddle and strap were already gift wrapped and ready for Saturday.   Would she use the new rubber toys for the full amount of the birthday spanking strokes?   I will find out then and you will know soon after. 

Thanks to all for staying through the delay caused by her surgery recovery.  As usual, you may ask any questions or leave any comments you wish.  I will answer each one right here.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Just an update......the minor surgery on Ms Mirage went OK and she is home in recovery mode.  No inkling yet as to when spankings will be taking place.  Thanks for the concern of everyone. 


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Tuesday, July 3, Maintenance Day.  A major life happening postponed the spanking for 4 days, but at 8 pm tonight, she determined it was spanking time.  Leading me to the bedroom, I was ready for positioning while she pulled out toys.  First item was the blindfold, then purse paddle, big wood paddle, leather slapper, narrow handle hairbrush, riding bat and I knew this was to be a solid spanking.  I put on the blindfold, bent into position and presented my ass to accept this overdue maintenance session.  It began with the leather slapper for a warm up which slowly increased into meaningful swats that colored both cheeks nicely.  Her bare hand followed and spanked me soundly for many minutes.  No pause at all as the purse paddle was on a no nonsense mission solidly paddling both cheeks as yelps filled the room.  Ass was crimson now during a brief pause while she forced my legs wide open wide with both hands.  Grasping my package, with one hand while the other swung the narrow hairbrush.  Perfectly aimed strokes hit outer cheeks, inner cheeks, anus and balls as I howled after each stroke.   No pause again as the big wood paddle took its turn delivering 10 very hard strokes covering both cheeks while sending bruising deep into the tissue of my butt.  A brief pause as she tossed two wedge pillows on the floor and guided me into position.  The high pillows supported my chest and erect thighs made my ass stretched even more and red cheeks were now nearly immobile.  She positioned herself with one leg in front of my kees and the other locking my legs in place.  Totally immobile, my bright red cheeks could do nothing but absorb the final segment on this spanking.  Tears moistened the blindfold as she bare hand spanked hard for many minutes in the somewhat modified OTK position.  Next the purse paddle made an encore and  soundly paddled both cheeks as I screamed into the pillow.  The paddling went on for what seemed like forever, alternating cheeks on an immobile ass while tears flowed.  She finished me off with another traditional, long, bare hand, bare ass, OTK spanking.  She removed the blindfold and helped me to an upright position.  I hugged and thanked her while my bright red cheeks burned.   We did not roll the dice, knowing the next part of the major life happening was occuring on Thursday.  Until we know the outcome, we are suspending maintenance scheduling.

Thanks readers for waiting for this episode.  Keep watching for the next posting which I hope will not be too far away.  Questions and comments are always welcome and will be answered. 

Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday, June 29, Spanked for Maintenance.  Originally scheduled for Thursday, a life happening pushed the scheduled event off a day.  I did not have to wait long.  This morning, following breakfast clean up, I strolled into the bedroom.  She was there with implements already laid out.  The doubled belt, purse paddle and coiled rope ready to go.  All I had to do was assume position, present my ass and accept the overdue spanking.  She began with a bare hand warm up that covered both cheeks, top to bottom, inside and out.  The belt went first, slapping my ass with solid strokes.  Several minutes of a good belting left both cheeks quite red.  Without much hesitation the coiled rope began to sting my flesh.  A knee pushed between my legs successfully spreading me open exposing more area including dangling balls.  The rope continued its lashing of both cheeks and the newly exposed areas.  Inner cheeks, anus and balls were not spared its biting strikes.  She grasped my cock to slide my position back a bit.  She reached up to my nipples, already sore for wearing the clamps during morning chores, pinching and twisting them until I screamed.  Spreading my legs open to the maximum preceded another bare hand spanking.  This included a long segment exclusively dedicated to spanking my ass hole and balls.  Again, without pause, the purse paddle struck my right cheek hard.  Without a moment to process the pain, it struck my left cheek.  This paddle is solid cherrywood and delivers a very sound paddling.  This time was no exception.  The paddle rained down strokes covering all areas of both cheeks while yelps echoed after each strike.  Red turned to purple, moisture turned to tears, yelps turned to howles as the purse paddle delivered a very long and solid paddling.  Another visit from the belt was the finishing touch on this maintenance session.  I stood, hugged, kissed and thanked her for administering a long, 35 minute maintenance spanking.  I tossed the dice and shuttered as a 'one' came up.  Oh no, I said, another spanking on Sunday.  She corrected me by saying, this was last night's spanking, so you will be spanked again tomorrow.  My response was, as usual, "Yes Ma'am.

Thanks to all readers and your comments or questions will be answered right here.   

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Saturday, June 23, Maintenance Day.  The 4 days since the last spanking passed uneventfully and Saturday evening found me nude and ready to accept my maintenance session.  Using the ball game again, the toys chosen were opposite in sensation.  The riding bat would deliver sharp stinging blows while turning the skin bright pink and the big wood paddle would provide deep tissue bruising with its sound, solid strikes covering both cheeks.  The game began and the Yanks produced nothing in the first inning.  The Rays however were showing no mercy.  They got a single and a double scoring a run.  I presented my ass and she delivered a bare hand warm up.  Then the riding bat swished thru the air and stung both cheeks with 35 harsh strokes.  The second inning began with a double for the Yankees, but nothing more occurred.  The big wood paddle enjoyed its 10 sound strokes which I could feel in the deep tissue of my ass cheeks.  Bottom of the second and the Rays continued their hot hitting.  Two doubles, a single and two more runs crossed the plate.  Now, 65 strokes from the riding bat were due.  They struck hard and by the end, my skin was cherry red and stinging.  The third inning saw another double from the Yanks and another 10 hard strokes on the red cheeks and more deep tissue soreness.  The next several innings provided a respite for me as only 2 singles from the Yanks netted me 5 hard strokes each from the wood paddle.  The 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th inning were empty from the Rays as was the beginning of the 7th for the Yankees.  A solo home run and a single in the bottom of the seventh awarded me 25 more strokes with the riding bat.  I gritted my teeth and held position during this segment.  The Yankees were done for the game, but the Rays got a double and single without scoring in the 8th.  She changed implements and delivered the 15 blows with the wood paddle.  She held me in position and then spanked me with the riding bat.  Many strokes rained down and I offered a yelp near the end.  A low scoring and light hitting game ended as did a mild maintenance session.  The scoring provided 170 strokes and the extra 30 from her rounded out the maintenance at 200 strokes.

The dice were tossed and on Thursday I will be accepting another maintenance spanking.  Thanks to all for reading and as usual, your comments or questions will be answered.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tuesday, June 19, Maintenance Spanking delivered.  A long 7 day period ended today as she said to me to pick two implements for tonight.  "You're getting spanked during the ball game", was what I heard as I went to pick the two 'weapons of ass destruction'.  I chose a theme of cherry wood handles and leather striking surfaces.  The doubled belt and the flexible leather paddle were placed for her use as the game began.  The Mariners got a hit and a run in the first as the Yanks committed an error.  I stood and presented my ass to accept 25 strokes from the leather paddle.  In their half of the first inning the Yankees got a solo home run and a single followed.  Now the doubled belt had its turn and delivered 25 more strokes.  Nothing for Seattle in the second and the Yanks eek out a single.  Five more strokes for me.  Ditto for the third and another 5 spanks on my cheeks.  The fourth inning netted nothing for either team.  The Mariners went hitless in the 5th, but the Yankees exploded for a pair of two run home runs along with a single.  I stood and presented knowing the leather belt would now lash both cheeks 85 times.  Gingerly I sat back down and appreciated both teams doing nothing in the 6th inning, however the 7th inning would be much different.  Seattle scored on a solo home run in the top of the inning.  Another 20 strokes lit up my ass again.  Not to be outdone, the Yanks got 3 hits and scored a run themselves.  35 more strokes on red and sore cheeks.  The 8th inning saw nothing from the Mariners, but the Yankee rookie went yard and I had to absorb 20 more strikes from the belt.  Game over, ass red and sore and dice tossed.  A 'three' comes up.  Saturday is scheduled for my next spanking. 

Thanks to all readers and thanks for comments and questions which will be answered individually. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Tuesday, June 12, delayed Maintenance Day.   A tough weekend which included the passing of a good friend, postponed the maintenance.  This morning she summoned me to the bedroom just after breakfast saying it was time to be spanked.   She pulled out the doubled belt and the hair brush.   A bare hand warm up preceded the segment with the doubled belt.  Midway through the warm up she had spread my legs apart and the warm up included thighs, inner cheeks, anus and ball spanking.  The belt slapped both cheeks with many strokes.  Alternating strokes and even some uppercut strokes which landed the leather on my balls.  The belting went on for about 15 minutes.  Next the hair brush took its turn and my ass caught the full force of the wood.  Howling after each strike became normal as the brush soundly spanked me.  She used it vertically to land strikes to my balls, cock and anus.  Next she flipped the brush over and scoured by exposed tender areas.  Dragging the coarse bristles over my nipples, asshole, balls and entier cock sent me wild.  The CBT and nipple torment went on for several minutes.  While spread wide open she used the vibrator on the same areas.  Then directed to sit in a chair with legs still open wide she continued the CBT with more implements.  The riding crop, massage thumper and vibrator all tortured my nipples, and wide open crotch.  Many minutes of this and you can imagine where I was sexually and the session moved intimate which we do not discuss here.  More of a sensual spanking, the maintenance ended later with a quick nap for two exhausted people.  I tossed the dice after the nap and a six appeared, scheduling the next session for next Tuesday.  She just smiled and said "if I can wait that long".

A quick report folks and thanks for your time in reading it.  Comments and questions are welcome and will be addressed right here.