Monday, January 25, 2016

Sunday....Maintenance Day.  Sorry folks for the delay and double sorry for the short report.  Family issues caused the delay and those cannot be overlooked.  The short report is due to the short spanking.  I know, neither of these reasons/excuses are valid and I should be spanked for both.  Anyone interested????  PLEASE.....

Anyway, called to the bedroom instead of the dungeon, I arrived to find double pillows to raise my ass to a vulnerable position and 4 implements laid out.  The rubber spatula, the leather slapper, the hair brush and the big wood paddle. Add to that, the ever present bare hand of my Mistress.   I put on the blindfold and presented my ass to be spanked.  The bare hand started as usual and hardly 20 strokes for a warm up yielded to hard and rapid hand strokes.  Cheeks quickly turned warm and pink, and she picked up the first implement with no break in the tempo.  The rubber spatula soon turned my warm pink cheeks to very hot and burning cheeks.  It continued until my ass was well red and stinging, and again I could feel her pick up the next implement with no break in her cadence.  The leather slapper made a seamless change as my ass got no break at all.  Slapping from all angles from side to side to uppercut and downward strokes.  This let to my ass being seriously spanked.  Then the hair brush was used aggressively.  A hair brush is a wonderful and traditional spanking device.  Many strokes covered both cheeks and upper thighs.  My ass was now on fire and no slowing down was in her mind.  This continued until I felt her pick up the last implement.  The big wood paddle has made a habit of being the final implement.  This takes a well stung and red ass into the next stage of the deep tissue soreness of a solid and sound spanking.  The paddle did not waste any time on light of mild strokes.  Very hard and solid smacks landed squarely on both cheeks.  The yelps and tears were normal result of such strokes.  Several minutes of this ended this maintenance session.  A check in the mirror revealed fire red cheeks and I knew the deep tissue soreness would be felt every time I sat down for at least two more days.

The dice roll gave me a nice break to completely recover before I submit and present my bare ass for another maintenance spanking next Monday.

Thank you all for reading and as usual, questions or comments will be answered.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Monday, Jan 18......Maintenance Day.  Late Monday evening I was called to the dungeon and handed the blindfold as I assumed the 'ass up high' position.  I could hear and feel the chosen implements land on the bed beside me.  A hand spanking soon ensued as not only a warm up, but continued quite some time and increased in intensity.  I soon realized this was to be a traditional spanking.  Nothing but recurring smacks square on both cheeks with different implements for over 20 minutes.  After the bare hand, the leather slapper came next.  I held position with legs tight together and ass presented.  The slapper was used for its stinging qualities and it served well.  Numerous slaps from many angles came fast and furious.  No longer just warm, my red hot cheeks took the spanks for many minutes.  Side to side, uppward and downward strokes landed and stung like hell.  Finally that toy was retired and a brief pause was granted as she prepared to use the suede flogger.  The long falls and heavy mass of this implement soon took their toll on my body.  From shoulder blades to upper thighs was covered with flogger strokes.  Deeper tissue soreness soon joined the tender, well stung flesh.  I struggled to retain position given the weight and hard swings of the flogger.  I did manage to keep my ass presented for her abuse.  The flogger was used for many many minutes.  At last is was rested.  I could feel the moistness in the blindfold from my tears as I readjusted and presented my ass for the finale.  It was the big wood paddle, being swung with authority in a slow tempo.  About every 5 seconds, a solid blow landed and tormented my already red, hot and stinging ass.  Holding position, I took as many as could be landed in 6 minutes.  Hardly any were less than medium in intensity and many were very hard.  She said that was 22 minutes of continuous spanking and kissed each red cheek to symbolize the end of the maintenance.  The dice roll was friendly and unless I earn a discipline spanking, my ass would not endure another spanking until Sunday.

Thanks for reading and any questions or comments will be answered.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Friday, January 15, 2016......Maintenance Day.  A two part maintenance spanking was in store for me on this day.  We awoke this morning and had a wonderful sexual experience (not discussed here) and following that she launched into part one of the maintenance spanking with an extra.  A nice hand spanking began which warmed my ass thoroughly.  Suddenly I felt the cool ooze of either lotion or lube running between my warm pink cheeks.  Spreading my things, she told me what was to happen next.  I was about to be butt plugged.  The first plug worked its way into my anus and lodged itself.  The hand spanking continued and some strokes hit the end of the plug further inserting it.  After awhile, it was removed and replaced with the larger plug.  The spanking started again only with a hair brush this time.  Again several smacks landed on the end of the butt plug.  Then I heard the vibrator start up.  It was placed on the end of the plug sending its vibrations inside me.  The spanking with the brush continued and the vibrator was slowly moved to the back of my balls.  I was going crazy with both pleasure and pain at the same time.  When it ended, I was like a wet noodle and drifted off to sleep.  When I awoke everything was removed, cleaned and put away.  I asked if that was my maintenance for the day.  She replied it was not and more would come later.  Well, it was much later when I was sent to the dungeon to assume position.  No blindfold was used, and I saw 3 implements being placed on the bed.  The first was the suede flogger which was new to the maintenance implement roll.  It was swung with authority from multiple angles and distances.  From the middle of my shoulder blades to my upper thighs, the suede leather falls landed over and over again with no warm up, no pause and no remorse.  Following that, again no warm up, the rattan cane bit into my ass and produced raised, red welts.  I had not been caned in quite awhile, but my tears had not forgotten how to stream down my face.  The caning continued for about the same amount of time as the flogger.  I knew my ass looked like raw meat, when the cane was put down.  Next, my old friend, the big wood paddle would finish this spanking.  A small number, 5 or 6, of medium strokes preceded a very hard one.  Then another few medium and another very hard one stroke continued for several minutes.  A string of hard ones caused several yelps from me and a return to the medium strokes and one very hard stroke went on.  Several sets of this occurred before a string of hard strokes finished the spanking with me yelping and tearing profusely.  Quite a day began with pleasure and ended with my spending the rest of the evening with a flame red ass.

The dice roll was no friend of mine and the next maintenance spanking will be on Monday.

Thanks for reading and remember, all comments or questions will be answered.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Saturday, Jan 9, Maintenance Day.  Saturday nights are hectic here, so the report is tonight from last nights spanking.  Directed to the dungeon, I arrived to see only the blindfold near the large hip supporting pillow.  After blindfolded and placed in position, I could hear her gathering implements.  It was clear she had no intention of letting me know what was to come.  A nice soft bare hand spanking commenced.  Usually used as a short warm up, this hand spanking lasted much longer.  A very sharp sting brought me to my senses quickly.  It was followed by another and another in rapid fire tempo.  I recognized the implement as my old friend the leather slapper.  A stinging device of the highest order.  More than fifty times I felt the fire as it bit into my flesh.  "Spread those legs",  was heard as the slapping ceased for a moment.  I spread as far as possible which backed me off the edge of the pillow allowing my package to swing freely now.  Reaching between my legs, she grasped my balls, held them for one more stroke from the slapper.  Landing on my anus with the tips of the fringe lashing against my balls.  This instantly turned on the tears.  A slight pause and the purse paddle spanked alternating cheeks with a quick tempo.  A good fifty strokes from the wood made the deep tissue soreness complement the burn and sting from the slapper.  The next implement with no doubt was the rubber spatula.  It covered my entire ass from the top of the crack in my cheeks to the upper and inner thighs along with sit spots.  The big wood paddle landed probably 20 or so very solid strokes covering both cheeks.  The bare hand return for an encore, but it was all business now.  Over two hundred spanks treated everything from cheeks to thighs and ass hole with a firm traditional spanking.  The purse paddle returned as well, but had the padded cover on this time.  The finale was the big wood paddle again with another 20.

Bright red cheeks glowed as the dice left my hand headed for the wall.  Next Friday, yours truely will be stripped and spanked soundly in the name of maintenance.

Thanks for reading and keep those comments and questions coming in.... all will be answered.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Monday, Jan 4, 2016.....Maintenance Day.  After returning from some evening errands, upon entering the house, she summend me to the dungeon.   She already set some things up and directed me to strip and present my bare ass for a spanking.   Obeying on demand, I quickly removed all my clothing and placed myself over the high hip support she had prepared.  She handed me the blindfold as she was gathering implements.  Waiting in a state of complete vulnerability, she mover about the room with final preparations.  I felt the bard hand caress both cheeks just prior to the first set of spanks.  Bard hand swats lightly, but increasing in intensity and tempo.  Without pause, at which she has become very proficient in doing, I felt the leather slapper being introduced, landing stinging blows in between the hand spanks.  Slowly, the hand phased out and the slapper was alone.  It delivered slap after slap on my cheeks and spread an even heat over the entire area including sit spots and upper thighs.  Standing directly behind me and swinging the slapper horizontally from side to side, it stung each cheek alternatively as I began to utter yelps from each stroke.  Again, without interruption, the hair brush strokes were landing in a blending manner.  As before the slapper tapered off while the hair brush took over as the spanking never slowed.  Enough for the sting of the hand and slapper for now, the hair brush set out to cause the deep tissue soreness with many solid blows.  As she slowly changed her position, never breaking the tempo, she wound up along side my hip so the hair brush was now landing in a vertical manner.    At the blows ranged lower, it slightly spread my legs and cheeks exposing inner cheeks to the brush.  After many minutes of this, and again with no break in rhythm, the smack from the big wood paddle could be felt slowly replacing the hair brush and the yelps continued from me as my eyes were moistening more and more.  Solid, hard strokes covering the meat of both cheeks together delivered a good paddling.  Now, again the hand... only a few strokes, then the slapper, again the brush and also the wood paddle.  All the implements were being used in varying short bursts of strokes.  Five from this, eight from that, three from another and on it went until I could no longer discern or even guess what stroke would land next.  It was very erotic and continued for several minutes.  She ceased and assisted me to my feet and removed the blindfold.  Turning me towards the mirror,  where a pair of very red, sore, and quite hot cheeks returned my gaze. 

Tossing the dice resulted in Saturday being the next day my ass will be soundly SPANKED.... for maintenance.

Thanks for reading and any questions or comments left by you...the readers, will be answered.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Friday, New Years Day...Maintenance Day.  A short report for a short New Years Day spanking.  One day lete in getting to you with this episode due to a very hectic holiday schedule.  Probably the foremost reason for a short spanking.  New Years Evening, draped over the bed fully prone and of course totally nude.  No implements around, but a very hard hand spanking commenced.  In the vane of a discipline spanking, no warm up to speak of, just spanked.  The bare hand just kept making stinging contact with both cheeks.  Following immediately, the purse paddle materialized out of no where.  It did not feel like no where, as it paddled me very hard.  Alternating cheeks with quick, hard and very effective spanks.  The entire session was very short as we were on to meet the last section of our busy schedule.  We did take time for the dice roll and it scheduled Monday for my next spanking.  I intend to get that report to you in a timely manner.

Wishing all readers a very Happy New Year and repeating my promise to answer all questions and comments.