Thursday, October 5, 2017

Tuesday, Oct 3, Maintenance Day.  We chose to use the wild card baseball game for the maintenance spanking because it may be the last game we will watch.  The format will again be a bit different.  We laid out 9 implements, one for each inning.  We also will use the dice again, but with a slightly different twist.  At the end of each inning, I will toss the dice and the number shown will be multiplied by the inning.  The order the implements laid out placed the big wood paddle first.  Followed in order by the doubled belt, the patent leather paddle, the narrow hair brush, an exotic wood paddle with holes, the steel reinforced paddle, the riding bat, big hair brush and finally the flexible leather paddle.  I rolled very well until the 6th inning.  Here is how my spankings went by inning.  Tossing a 4, the big wood paddle warmed both cheeks with 4 solid strokes.  Then a 2 and the belt lashed me 4 more times.  Another 2 saw the patent leather paddle kiss my ass 6 times.  Another 2 and the hair brush nailed me for 8 stinging strokes.  The 5th inning saw another 2 from the dice and the exotic wood paddle with holes spanked me with 10 hard strokes.  The the 6th inning ended, I tossed a dreaded 6 and 36 swats with the steel reinforced paddle were coming my way.  Each was hard and solid.  These 36 strokes produced yelps and a very red and sore ass.  I tossed another 2 in the 7th and got 14 from the riding bat.  This added more sting to my already red cheeks.  After the 8th I rolled a 3.  Even though it is a low number, multiplied by the inning earned me 24 with the big hair brush.  I finally rolled a 1 for the 9th and got 9 strokes from the flexible leather paddle to finish me off.  I let her toss for the scheduling the next spanking.  The dice must have been stuck on ONE because that is what she rolled.  Thursday will be my next spanking.

Thanks for reading and your comments or questions will all be answered.

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