Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Tuesday-Wednesday, Aug. 21-22, spanked for maintenance.  The scheduled date of Monday was postponed due to life getting in the way.  Tuesday early evening saw her lay out 7 implements and a hip support before calling me with the words "Time to be Spanked".  While positioning myself, I saw the leather slapper, big wood paddle, purse paddle, coiled rope, riding bat, rubber strap and rubber paddle.  The slapper began with a warm up across both cheeks.  Slow but steady strikes increased in intensity until full force lasting about five minutes.  Cheeks now sported a warm pink glow.  Riding bat was next and stung my flesh with biting strikes following the customary swish through the air.  In no time the bat was stuck between my thighs slapping sideways until my legs were spread wide until my package hung like a helpless target.  Uppercut strokes landed stinging my balls and an occasional downward stroke slapped the head of my cock.  All toys took a brief segment and the following the last toy, the rubber strap, she said you are quite red ( I nearly interjected 'and sore' but thought better of it), let's finish this during the game.  It was to be a wood night as the toys to be used for the game were the big wood paddle and Brazilian Cherry paddle with holes.  We settled in to watch the Yanks against the Marlins.  Gingerly my red ass sat on the sofa and the game started.  Yanks mustered a single in the first and I presented my ass for the strokes.  The Brazilian Cherry answered the call and five strokes later both cheeks were bright red again.  I knew by the end these two implements would me crimson and deep tissue soreness which would last for days.  Maima got nothing in their half of the first, but in the second the Yankees got 2 singles so before I knew it I was bent over and the wood paddle was landing 10 hard strokes.  Miami, did not help as they got a single in their half and the Cherry wood paddled me hard producing more redness, deep tissue bruising and 5 yelps.   We had started later than normal and with no activity in either half of the third, she fell asleep.  I continued to total the swats due me for the remainder of the game.  It lasted 12 innings so I did not wake her in the wee hours and felt I could receive the rest of the strokes in the morning.  Not a lot of hitting or scoring in this pitchers duel and the final score was Yanks 2, Marlins 1.  After I served breakfast, I noticed she had prepared a hip support and both paddles were at the ready.  She called me in and said 'present your ass, I want to finish your spanking'.  I gave her my tally sheet and got into position.  Unlike during the game, there would be no delay between paddling segments.  She did alternate paddles as she would have last night and only paused long enough to change paddles and check the sheet for the number of strokes.  I was to receive 120 strokes to complete the maintenance spanking.  I took in succession, 35, 10, 10, 20, 5, 5, 5, 5, and 25.  The last 25 were for the Yankees scoring the winning run in the 12th inning.  She got another toy out to help.  10 with the wood paddle, 10 with the guest rubber paddle and 5 with the Brazilian Cherry to finish me off. 

We are attending a spanking party on Saturday so I felt that would be the next time.  Just for fun, she said, roll the dice.  No luck for me as I tossed a 'ONE'.  Fine, she said she would determine if I would be spanked on Thursday or not until Friday at the hotel.  Then the party is Saturday..... I know I will be sore until at least next Monday or Tuesday.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Tuesday, August 14, Maintenance Day.  We actually moved the spanking up one day due to a schedule conflict.   She decided to use tonight's ball game between the Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays to drive the spanking.  The toys chosen were the doubled belt and the riding bat.  A stinging implement and a solid belting toy were lined up to give my ass a good spanking.  Nothing in the Rays half of the first, however the Yankees notched a run on 2 singles and a double.  She did allow a brief warm up before the belt kissed my cheeks 40 times.  Thanking her, I sat for the next 2 innings of no hits.  The Rays managed a hit in the fourth and the riding bat found its target.  A swish through the air, a sound crack and a red mark repeated itself 5 times.  Settling in, the Yanks went quietly in the 4th as did the Rays in the 5th.  A 2-run home run following a walk in the bottom of the 5th increasing the Yankees lead to 3 to nothing.  I presented my ass and the doubled leather belt soundly lashed the cheeks for another 40 strokes.  Nothing for Tampa Bay in the 6th but the Yanks got a double in their half.  The riding bat stung those red cheeks without mercy with 10 strokes.  Both teams had no hits in the7th inning.  Tampa got a home run in the 8th netting my ass 20 more cracks with the belt.  After two outs in the bottom of the inning, the Yankees went to work with 2 doubles and plating another run.  40 more strokes and the riding bat was swung like a Louisville Slugger.  Sting factor was high after the first ten and I had to clench teeth while taking the next 30 hard strokes.  The 9th inning saw a single from the Rays before the game was over.   The spanking was not over and the belt was up for the last segment.  Both cheeks were bright red before the belt landed its final 5 strokes.  Not much hitting or scoring in this game, but I took 160 strokes for maintenance.  Rolling the dice, I caught a break as a '5' turned up and that schedules next spanking on Monday. 

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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Friday, Aug 10,  Spanked in Nashville for Maintenance.  Astute readers will recall the spanking was due on Thursday, however, we put it off one day to attend a spanking function at the Mark, a dungeon in Nashville TN.  The trip was for a service appointment for my truck and to deliver a spanking machine I was donating to the Mark.  After checking in, help was recruited to carry the machine indoors and set it up.  It will be an interesting addition to all the dungeon equipment they already have at that fine dungeon.  After getting the machine functional it was about time for the ice-breaker games to begin.  They hold these on spanking nights to loosen the crown, present the opportunity to meet others and to insure everyone who desires, at least one spanking.  Spankees are called forward one at a time, they randomly chose a spanker, the number of strokes and a toy.  Then take position over a spanking horse and bare their ass to the level they are comfortable with, and the spanker delivers the strokes in front of the crowd.  Good fun for everyone.  We played long enough for me to be called forward twice to receive a spanking from a spanker I had never met before.  Ms Mirage decided soon after that it was time for a real spanking.  Twice I had bared my ass for the ice-breaker spankings, but now I was stripped totally nude and placed on a spanking bench.  We had only brought a few toys as we were still unsure of her ability, however Ms Mirage was ready to use them all.  A nice bare hand spanking for a warm up and then she brought on the doubled belt.  The unmistakable sound of leather slapping leather and leather slapping flesh filled the dungeon along with sounds of other sessions going on.  The two new rubber implements, the coiled rope, the riding bat, the braided leather loopy johnny, and the purse paddle all took turns as my ass was treated to a 55 minute continuous spanking session.  We chatted with some friends while I cleaned the bench.  Several minutes later, she directed me to put on my collar/cuff set.  I obeyed at once and now standing totally nude, slightly behind her, head lowered, wearing a leather collar, leash, and matching wrist and ankle cuffs.  Several more minutes and after she finished her conversation, she told me to pick up the toy bag.  She grasped the leash and led me to the opposite side of the dungeon to the St. Andrews cross and using the cuffs, bound me spread eagle to the cross.  Once again, every implement had its way with me.  45 minutes later a nearly limp body with crimson cheeks was detached from the cross.  She requested a drink and I hurried to the refreshments.  She relaxed and drank while I cleaned the cross.  Feeling a bit tired on the recovering leg, she told me to pack up the toys.  I cleaned all the toys, packed the bag, removed the collar/cuff set and got dressed.  A few more quick conversations and after just over 3 hours in attendance, we left for the hotel.   Morning saw her decide I should have a refresher and placed me on the bed with two pillows raising my ass up for an easy target.  This would be a long and sore drive home from Nashville.  The braided leather loopy johnny and the rubber strap were going to make sure of that.  Arriving home, we tossed the dice and scheduled Wednesday as the next time I will be turned ass up and spanked for maintenance.

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Monday, August 6, 2018

Sunday, Aug 5, Maintenance Day.  It is rare that I am spanked for maintenance on consecutive days, but with a full Monday planned, she opted for today.  She decided to use a baseball game to drive the spanking.  Two implements were put into place, the big wood paddle and the doubled belt.  The game began with some hitting, but no score.  The Yanks got 2 singles in the first and I collected 10 strokes from the wood paddle....all hard.  The Sox got a double in their half and I was bent over to receive 10 strokes from the belt.  The same for the Sox in the 2nd and the third innings while the Yanks got nothing.  I took 10 with the paddle and 10 with the belt at the end of each inning.  Without any scoring, the game was moving right along and my ass was beginning to get sore.  Nothing for either team in the 4th  but the Yanks managed a single in the 5th; 5 more hard strokes.  A solo home run in the bottom of the 5th produced the first run of the game.  I stood, presented my ass and took 20 of the  hardest strokes the belt had to offer.  The 6th inning saw only a single from the Sox and 5 strokes were absorbed by my reddening cheeks.  In the 7th the Yanks made their move and scored 4 runs with a few hits and the total was 90 strokes.  That many strokes from a wood paddle was sure to turn sore cheeks to a  bright red and deep tissue soreness.  Another 5 from the single in the top of the eighth was just enough to keep the heat and soreness at a peak.  I the bottom of the 9th, the Sox scored 3 runs and tied the game with 3 walks only one hit.  65 more hard strokes landed on an ass which was already well paddled and belted.  The game ended in the 10 when the Sox scored the winning run on a walk and two singles.  The game was over, but the spanking was not. I had to present my crimson cheeks as a target for another 30 hard strokes. 

The dice were tossed and another spanking is on tap for Thursday.

Thanks for reading and same as always, questions or comments are most welcome.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Saturday, August 4,  Spanked for Maintenance.  Following the last maintenance spanking we learned she was capable of delivering a sound spanking at that stage of her recovery.  When today rolled around, even at breakfast, she mentioned the due date and that I would be spanked this evening.  When I arrived in the bedroom at the designated time, she had already been there.  A pillow had be placed for my hips and 8 toys were laid out along with the blindfold.  The toys were, the purse paddle, the coiled rope, leather slapper, thin oak paddle, riding bat, doubled belt and both new toys, the rubber paddle and strap.  In no time it seemed like these two have become a staple.  I donned the blindfold and took position.  Her soft bare hand touch on my bare ass gave way to a warm up with the coiled rope.  As it lengthened, more rapid and harder strokes turned cheeks to pink.  Even a few uppercut strokes between my legs told my cock and balls they were not forgotten.  That proved to be the longest segment with one implement.  I believe the rubber strap came next and stung my ass to the point of my not being able to definitely recognize other toys.  This took surprisingly few strokes and I learned this was to be the pattern.  A few strokes by each toy but used several times.  I think the thin oak paddle was next and I recalled its stinging welts.  The riding bat swished through the air and bit into my tenderized cheeks.   I partially stood to relieve the stretched skin on my ass.  This move backfired as she immediately used the riding bat to slap my nipples.  After several slaps on each, I bent to protect them only to receive a hard stroke from the pubber paddle.  A yelp and a quick return to standing exposed my nipples again.  The riding bat found them with sound slaps which caused another bend over on my part which in turn caused another sound paddling with the rubber.  I took a few before I stood again.  This time she pushed my shoulders back down on the bed more forward than before.  My thighs were now pressed against the bed which made my ass stretched, exposed, and immobile.  The doubled belt would now have its way with that deeply reddening easy target.  The sound of leather slapping leather each time it met my cheeks.  A revisit from each toy twice more soundly spanked my ass to a deep purple.  When she removed my blindfold, tear tracks covered my face.  A 30 minute solid spanking drew to a close with a hug, kiss and thank you to her.

I tossed the dice and a 'one' came up.  We normally add 1 which mean Monday for the next maintenance session.  She quickly said we can't do Monday as it is a Dr. appointment for her and a meeting night for me.  She smiled and made her decision.  So sore ass or not, I will be spanked again on Sunday.  I don't have to be concerned about her ability to administer the next sound maintenance spanking.

Thank you readers, I do hope questions or comments are left here and they will be individually answered. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Wednesday, Aug 1, Maintenance Day.  After two setbacks during surgery recovery, and a follow up Dr. visit today, she was feeling fairly well.   I took the advice of a few lifestyle friends to ask for a spanking.   Mentioning how well she was doing, I asked if she felt up to resuming maintenance spankings.  She said we'll give it a try after dinner tonight.  At 8 pm, I was called into the bedroom.  She had laid out 6 items and told me each item would be used to deliver a minimal number of hard strokes.  I felt this would be a token spanking, but it was a first in nearly a month, so I was grateful, took position and presented my ass to be spanked.  The implements were, the leather slapper, flexible leather paddle, narrow hair brush, wide hair brush, and brand new rubber implements strap and paddle.  I had felt their enormous sting during the birthday spanking.  She began with the leather slapper and delivered what I thought was a warm up.  A few light strokes gave way to 50 fairly hard strokes.  Cheeks turned red and the spanking was underway.  Next up was the flexible leather paddle.  It lit up my ass with very hard strokes on alternating cheeks, stinging beyond belief.  She put down the paddle and I thought each implement would get a few hard strokes for their part in this maintenance session.  Instead, the leather slapper was back in her hand.   My red and burning cheeks were treated to another 50 lashes from the slapper.   She was doing much better than I thought she could and the spanking was just getting in gear.  The narrow handle hair brush weighed in with its 'minimal number' of hard strokes.  Yelps escaped after each strike.  Now I could see a pattern developing and the leather slapper was the weapon.  Another 50 strokes were administered as I felt tears welling up in both eyes.  When the slapper finished, the rubber strap was at the ready.  When the first stroke landed across both cheeks, I could not believe the pain that shot through my ass.  A howl echoed in the room.  The rubber strap landed again, I howled again.  It landed again and I thought....Why did I buy this thing????   It landed again and again, full tears were flowing, but I held position.  Guess what... it was leather slapper time again.  Cheeks by now were crimson and heading toward purple, yet 50 more from the slapper spanked my ass.  Through watery eyes, I could make out the wide hair brush being picked up.  A low number of solid strokes from the hair brush were delivered as I accepted.  Time to change implements again, but first..... yup, another 50 from the slapper covered both cheeks.  She had saved the worst for last.  The other birthday gift.....the rubber paddle was to be the finale.  As anyone who has used or felt rubber knows, it does not take a very hard stroke to deliver a painful strike.  Taking 4 on each cheek, a scream after each, ended the spanking leaving a very red and soundly spanked ass.

She handed me the dice and smiled.  I knew she felt as good about spanking me for maintenance as I felt about receiving it.  Thanking her, I tossed the die.  A two appeared, adding '1' meant Saturday was the next maintenance spanking day.  It looks like we are back regular randomly scheduled maintenance spankings.

Thanks to all readers for hanging with us during this difficult time for her.  As always, questions and comments will be answered right in this venue.