Monday, November 20, 2017

Monday, Nov. 20, Maintenance Day.  Since we are leaving for a vanilla trip very early tomorrow, I had thought today's spanking would be a bit longer and harder that normal.   Following breakfast, while cleaning the stove, she approached from behind and said, 'stick your ass out', I obeyed and received 25 fairly hard strokes from the hairbrush.  Thinking it must be for discipline, I asked what that was for.  She merely responded, you're getting several of these today.  I wondered if that was how my maintenance was to be delivered during the day.  About an hour and a half later, while I was doing computer work in the office, she came in holding the flexible leather paddle and said 'stand up and present'.  Again obeying, she delivered 50 strokes without the hint of a warm up.  I am assuming this will be continued all day long.  We each left to do several errands.  Surprisingly, we both arrived back home about 2 pm.  After entering the house and settling a few items, she abruptly said 'strip and present'.  Again I obeyed instantly and she used the doubled belt for about 50 strokes.  Following that she said return here at 4 pm for your main spanking.  I was getting more later?  Not wishing to be late, I found myself in the bedroom, nude and in position when she entered.  I saw the tools as she placed them next to me.  Flexible leather paddle, purse paddle, riding crop and doubled belt.  A warm up ensued with a bare hand spanking.  A few minutes of warm up yielded to the leather paddle.  Many hard strokes landed squarely across both cheeks.  First the furry side then the leather side over and over again.  I don't know how she did it but all of a sudden she had the doubled belt in her other hand.  Without pause, belt strokes were blended in with the paddle strokes.  Slowly overtaking the paddle, the belt became the main implement and eventually the paddle strokes were phased out.  Now the belt was the headline attraction.  Swinging back and forth, each cheek felt the sting of the leather.  Many more minutes passed as the belt strokes landed with conviction.  Again, without pause, the crop began landing strokes between the belt strokes.  Like before, slowly the crop phased out the belt.  The crop was stinging my ass with quick, cane like strokes.  Biting into my now tenderized flesh the crop was performing at its finest.  After several more minutes of the crop, there was a pause.  I took a long breath before the purse paddle began its portion of this spanking.   Soundly paddling both cheeks alternatively for several minutes really teared up my eyes.  I held position during the onslaught of the purse paddle.   Finally it ended with her words to stand and grasp the door frame.  The finale came with a long hard bare hand spanking.  She had decided, as we are leaving very early tomorrow for Florida, not to toss the dice.  The day we return from our trip will become the next maintenance day,

Thanks readers and if possible while away, I will answer your questions and comments, perhaps a bit late, but will be answered.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Friday, November 17, spanked for maintenance.  We had left early morning for our loft apartment at the railroad property.  I had thought because of this weekend trip that maintenance would be put off until our return on Sunday.  SHE, however had other thoughts.  Unknown to me she had packed the purse paddle.  Stripping for bed on Friday night, I was surprised to see her standing with the paddle in hand and saying bend over.  Instantly I obeyed and within seconds the paddle made its first contact with my presented ass.  After a few, very few, warm up strokes, the paddling was in full effect.  Both cheeks were being struck, one after the other in increasing tempo and force.  Several minutes elapsed before she paused.  I saw the paddle being laid on the bed but knew better than to turn around.  I could hear my leather belt being slipped from the loops of my discarded jeans.  I froze in place, bent over, hands on the bed, ass protruding and waiting for the first strike with the belt.  I had not to wait long as the leather slapped across both already reddened cheeks.  A yelp snuck out of clenched teeth.  Repeated strokes caused repeated yelps for several more minutes.  Finally she directed me to stand and grasp the overhead steel beam in the loft.  Picking up the paddle again, she began to paddle me again.  Several more minutes of paddling ensued with yelps between each strike.  After a bit, she sat on the end of the bed and motioned me over her lap.  Obeying, found me accepting the final phase of my maintenance.  Resting in OTK position, with her bare hand bad boy spanked  for 20 minutes signaling the end of a short maintenance session.   Tossing the dice for me, she rolled a two, which scheduled the next spanking for Monday.  We will be back at home for that spanking which most likely will be more traditional, but more lengthy as we leave for Florida on Tuesday for the Thanksgiving holiday.  We will be with vanillas so there will be no opportunity for another spanking until we return.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Tuesday, November 14, Maintenance Day.  Ah.... isn't life grand, except when it interrupts your 24/7 Domestic Discipline lifestyle.  Well, that's what occurred here over the last 2 days and a scheduled maintenance spanking had to be put off.  Today, Tuesday, it was to be delayed no longer as she told me I was to be spanked at 8 pm, so at the time I strolled nude into the bedroom and presented my ass and waited for her.  She entered and began to put out the implements to administer my overdue spanking.  It began with the flexible leather paddle as the fur side of the paddle warmed my cheeks.  Slowly, the strikes got more firm and the leather side began to land harder.  Soon, hard to very hard strokes were paddling both sides of my ass and yelps were heard.  I raised slightly to ease the force of the paddle but it was not to be.  She pushed on my shoulders, down went my torso, out stuck my ass and smack went the leather paddle.   Over and over again the paddle stung the skin and turned it bright red.  I felt the thumper land next and it continued to land hard strokes covering both cheeks and the full length of my thighs.  This toy involves the tissue beneath the skin level but does little to sting or turn the skin red.  The next implement was the doubled belt and it took over where the thumper left off.  No more medium strokes were in store for me as the belt spanked both cheeks for several minutes.   My ass was now on fire and yelps continued as did the belt strikes until she switched to the purse paddle.  This was reminiscent of my recent punishment spanking using the same implement.  Friday morning I received a punishment spanking for neglecting my household chores.  The purse paddle was used and delivered a very effective punishment.  Its surface is the perfect size to deliver a sound paddle stroke to one cheek.  I have tried to attach a photo of the purse paddle.  I placed a dollar bill in the pic so you could relate to its size.   Hard strokes were landing on alternating cheeks producing yelps after each one.  Now increasing the tempo, she was paddling me soundly and I tried to stand a little but she placed her hand on the small of my back and held me down.  Now near rapid fire speed, the paddle alternated cheeks with hard strokes keeping my ass ablaze and I was howling.  Finally the paddle rested and she allowed me to stand.  She sat on the bed and directed me to take the modified wheelbarrow position.  My ass is now squarely in her lap, spread and immobile.  She then administered a long hard bare hand spanking to complete my maintenance session.  Given my recent bad luck in tossing the dice,I asked her to roll for me.  The dice turned up a 2, scheduling my next spanking for Friday

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Friday, Nov. 10, Maintenance Day.  It came late in the evening as we were out with vanillas later than we anticipated.  Soon after arriving home, I entered the bedroom and she had already laid out some implements of ass destruction.  On  the bed were the doubled belt, big wood paddle, narrow hair brush, flexible leather paddle and riding crop.  I was standing motionless in surprise as she said "Spanking time, STRIP".  I removed all my clothing as she watched and stood totally nude before her.  She pushed me down on the bed exposing my ass and began.  The spanking started with the flexible leather paddle.  The fur covered side served as the warm up with a few minutes of strokes.  Suddenly the paddle was flipped in her hand and the leather side began to sting my cheeks.  Strokes increased in tempo and intensity as the leather met my skin over and over again.  Several minutes of sound paddling told me the maintenance spanking was in full swing.   The narrow hair brush picked up the tempo and continued to cover both cheeks with solid strikes.  A shorter session and the doubled belt was up next.  The method was to be shorter sessions but each implement used more than once.  The belt was slapping both cheeks as she stood me up enough to make my upper torso vulnerable.  The non verbal sign to spread my legs was given by the belt being pushed between my thighs.  As I obeyed, the narrow hair brush was in her other hand and began tapping its bristles on my nipples.  The belt was being swung between my legs in an uppercut manner striking its two inch wide leather against my hanging balls.  She scrubbed my nipples until pink while my balls and ass was being belted.  That slowed to a stop and the big wood paddle delivered several hard strokes completely covering both cheeks.  Next, she pushed my back down on the bed protruding my ass nicely for the crop which started almost immediately.  Sets of a few medium strikes were separated with a swish through the air and a solid stroke.  Repeated for several minutes, this really stung my cheeks and left red stripes.  Each toy was used again for short sessions and my yelps continued louder and closer.  My spanking ended with the wood paddle and ten very hard strokes.

Unbelievably, I tossed another ONE with the dice.  On Sunday, another maintenance spanking will be delivered.  Thank you all for reading and do not hesitate to leave a question or comment.  All will be answered. 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Wednesday, Nov 8, Spanked for Maintenance.  Originally the spanking was scheduled for Tuesday as many of you remember.  However, I had some dental work that morning and spent over three hours in the chair.  She did not feel I was up to being spanked that night, so it was put off until Wednesday.  It was determined the spanking would take place at 8 pm.   I placed myself in position, nude, bent over the bed, ass high and presented.  She entered a brief time later and began to get implements out.  I saw her place the thumper, doubled belt and two hair brushes next to me.  She started with a sensual rub and hand spanking for the warm up.  Soon she grasped my hips and pulled me back a bit further from the edge of the bed.  This allowed my balls and cock to hang freely and soon I understood they would become a major part of this maintenance session.  The hand spank continued getting harder as it progressed.   Next she chose the thumper to redden my cheeks further.  Several swats on my ass and then it was placed between my thighs and I knew that meant to spread my legs.  I did so and the thumper continued to tap my inner thighs.   I spread even more and more until my ass was open wide and cock and balls were an easy target.  Well, it did not miss as several well placed strokes landed on my balls, cock, inner thighs, inner cheeks and directly on my asshole.  It went on and on, not neglecting my cheeks while turning everything red.  When the thumper finished the doubled belt took over.  Swing sideways, she expertly belted every inch of my entire ass.  Now bright red and quite well stung, my cheeks were treated to 25 hard, level swats covering both cheeks and producing yelps after each.  A brief pause only long enough for her to place a hair brush is each had.  The narrow back in one hand and the wide back in the other.  Both brushes were used together to pummel both cheeks with rapid fire strikes.  The narrow did it specialty on inner cheeks, anus and upper thighs while the wide brush spanked both cheeks with conviction.  The narrow brush scrubbed my ball sack and cock base while the wide one delivered slow hard spanks to my upper cheeks.  I suppose if the wide brush had had a mind it would have thought 2 can play this game.   She placed bristles from both brushes, one on each side of my balls and  alternately pulled back and forth, scouring my balls between the brushes.  Following that, my cock was treated to the same double scouring from the brushes from the base to the tip. Can you say howling??!!!  That ended the CBT portion of my maintenance, but she pulled out the big wood paddle and delivered 25 good hard swats to finish me off and let my ass know it had not been forgotten.

Adding insult to injury, I tossed a ONE with the dice.  I will be turned ass up and spanked on Friday for maintenance.  Thank you all for reading and all your comments or questions will be answered.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Wednesday, Nov. 1, Maintenance Day.  Once again, our scheduled spanking for Monday was put off by unavoidable occurrences.   I thought it may happed today, as we had a dinner engagement.   Returning home at about 8:35, the instant the door was closed and locked, she stated "Get those clothes off and prepare, you're getting spanked at 9 o'clock".  I obeyed, stripping and getting ready for my overdue maintenance spanking.  The stroke of 9, found me totally nude, in position with my ass presented as she desires, and waiting.  She let me wait like that for nearly 15 minutes.  She entered, said "very nice" and began laying tonight's spanking implements on the bed next to me.  I saw the short doubled belt, the thumper, braided leather paddle, and hairbrush.  She stroked my bare cheeks softly prior to me feeling the short belt begin my warm up.  It slapped my ass with sideward strokes on alternating cheeks.  Slowly I felt the increased heat as I'm sure my skin was turning pink.  While keeping my toes close to the bed frame, she grasped my hips and drew them back away from the edge of the mattress and spread my legs fairly wide.   This protruded my ass further and allowed my package to swing freely.  The warm up was over as the short belt began to slap with much more authority.  The sideward strokes continued while vertical and uppercut strokes were added, all with increased intensity.  The uppercut strokes allowed her to spank the under side of my cheeks and upper thighs while a few strokes guested it.... on my balls.  Next came the braded leather paddle.  This is made of stranded leather rolled into a cord like shape then braded to make something like a cloverleaf paddle.  It is quite heavy and delivers a sound spank.  She landed two strokes on each cheek then one directly on my crack, over and over again.  Hard smacks produced yelps and she continued to paddle with the braided leather.  By the soreness building in my ass, I knew my cheeks were now quite red as the paddle rested and the thumper took over.  This is a massage implement, looking like a cooking spatula handle of metal which allows it to flex a bit when it strikes.  The head is rubber and about the size of a tennis ball with short rubber fingers.   She pummeled my cheeks with the thumper which would not have been to intense unless I had not been so sore from the paddling.  The thumping went on several minutes along with yelps and moistening of my eyes.  On came the hair brush and the first smack stung like did the next and each succeeding one.  She skillfully landed the hair brush strokes on ever inch of my cheeks, inner cheeks, thighs, inner thighs and balls.  Both sides of the brush tormented my balls, strikes with the back and scouring with the short course bristles.   Now with every part of my crotch red and sore, each implement was used for an encore session.  After the hair brush was used for a second time, a good hard bare hand spanking ensued.  She spanked and spanked and when she finally paused, I thought it was over.  But I heard the drawer open and almost immediately felt the unmistakable strike of the long wide doubled belt.  About 30 solid lashes, covering both cheeks at once, were administered as the final touch to a 30 minute spanking.

I was able to toss the dice for myself and got a slight reprieve.  A '5' appeared scheduling my next spanking for Tuesday.   Tune in again for the recount of my next maintenance spanking.    

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Saturday, Oct. 28, Maintenance Day.  Recurring readers will note that maintenance day was scheduled for Thursday, but as happens, life postponed it twice.  Earlier today she told me it is not being put off again and at 2 pm I will be getting spanked.  I reported a few minutes early and took position.  We have our new bed in place and it is like the one in our northern residence, much higher than our old one.  No more arms extended to reach the proper position for spanking.  Now my torso rests on the mattress with legs straight to the floor, ass presented and waiting for her.  Shortly she enters and begins setting out spanking implements.  I see 3 paddles, 2 hairbrushes and a doubled belt.  The paddles are the flexible leather, the purse and the big wood paddle.  Both hairbrushes are wood backed and one is the narrow one.  She chose the doubled belt to begin and the first strikes were mild.  After she was satisfied the warm up was complete, the belt was swung with more conviction.  Forehand and backhand strokes slapped my bare cheeks with a loud report.  Several minutes of belting turned my skin pink, then red.  Next she picked up the narrow backed hair brush.  It started stinging with the first smack.  Covering both cheeks with rapid fire strokes it continued to my upper thighs.  Placing it between my thighs was the signal to spread my legs.  I obeyed allowing my package to swing freely.  The brush spanked my inner cheeks and asshole and a few strikes on my balls.  Then she flipped the brush over and used the short course bristles to scrub the tender areas of my crotch.  Anus, balls and cock were targeted for a good scouring.  When that ceased I heard something different.  A toy was being slid from the cane case.  Not a cane, but the long riding crop.  Much different that the riding bat as the tip is narrow and the shaft much longer.  The tip is normally used like a whip, but this time the shaft was being used like a cane.  It struck my ass after the swish through the air and produced a loud yelp from me.  Not stopping or even slowing down she continued to cane me with the crop.  Yelps became howls and I stood slightly to reduce the pain.  She continued and I stood even more.  A slight pause as she looked at my face.  "No tears yet", she said and continued the whipping.  She said I had not had a good ass whipping lately and today was the day.   More caning with the crop and I was in agony.   She checked again and tears were now visible.  Pleased, I got several more strokes before she moved me back and sat on the edge of the bed with me standing before her.  The other hair brush now scrubbed my nipples and cock head.  I became hard, she pinched my nipples and slapped my cock more.  I got harder.  This soon led to things we don't discuss here.  Afterward, she covered me with a blanket as my ass was still in pain.  Although the 3 paddles never saw any action, I was very well spanked today.  She tossed a dice for me and turned up a ONE.  Another maintenance spanking was now due on Monday.

Thanks to all readers and you comments or questions will be answered.