Tuesday, April 17, 2018

April, 15 - 16, Maintenance weekend day 3 and 4.  Saturday saw more sightseeing and short excursion trips.  At days end and dinner digested, the Dominant ladies directed us into spanking positions.  A 45 minute session with my Dominant featured three positions, two rooms and many implements.  A solid spanking was delivered and taken.  Meanwhile, Jane was providing much the same on Pete, turning his cheeks into a wonderful red glow.  I had been left, prone on one of the beds and without hardly a pause, Jane entered and picked up the spanking where it had left off.  Many different implements and a slightly different tempo continued the spanking while Ms Mirage treated Pete to a good old fashion southern butt whoopin'.  Both ladies spanked us for another 45 minute session.  Everyone needed a break after 90 minutes of Dominant ladies spanking submissive men. 

Sunday was to be their final full day staying with us, but there was never any doubt about having time for spankings.  The day featured showers, so we danced through the day with short excursions.  Finally after dinner we enjoyed a bit of dessert, drink and relaxation.  At spanking time, they took the living room while we headed for the spare bedroom/dungeon.  Placed prone again, she chose the short rattan cane for warm up.  It was drummed across both cheeks lightly and the warm up went smoothly.  Near the end of the warming period, she began to use the tip of the cane with harder strokes to pepper my ass with bee sting like strikes.  Then the hair brush, belt and crop all took their best shots at tanning my cheeks.  At switch time, Jane picked up the pace with a leather slapper and wood paddle.  Meanwhile Ms Mirage delivered the prescribed number of strokes with the braided leather whip for Pete's birthday which was Monday.  A solid hour of spankings found all of us in need of another snack and drink. 

Four consecutive days of spanking from two highly qualified female Dominants, which served as my maintenance spanking this time, came to a close.  We will play with these folks again during the summer when spanking parties are hosted by each of us and some other couples.  The next day, we saw them off on the plane, returned to the house and tossed the dice.  I will be turned ass up and spanked for maintenance on Friday. 

Thanks for reading this long narrative of our 4-day spank-a-thon.......lol   Questions or comments, of course will we answered.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Thursday, April 12, day one of the maintenance weekend with are good friends from the Northeast.  After a day of sightseeing and a fine dinner we returned to the house.  The spankings began about nine and lasted about 2 1/2 hours.  Both ladies spanked both us male subs extensively.  Beginning with OTK on the sofas, then switching partners, we wound up kneeling on the seat of the sofa with elbows resting on the back, ass protruding out.  Both ladies tag teamed each of us.  Off to the spare room/dungeon we were placed prone on beds and spanked with wood, leather, canes and crops for a solid hour.  Breaking up about 11:30 for a snack, we rested and discussed our first day.  Today, is day two and can only imagine what it will bring.  After all it is Friday the 13th.

Beginning later in the evening, we were brought to different rooms.  Pete (not his real name) and Jane, (not her real name) took the living room while my Dominant led me to the spare bedroom.  I could only hear the sounds from the living room, but knew Pete was being spanked solidly.  Short pauses to change positions or implements were the only silent periods.  The sounds of spanking are unmistakable and he was getting a good one.  In the spare room, I was placed prone on the bed again. like the evening before, except pillows were placed under my hips.  My ass was raised and quite vulnerable.  A quick bare hand warm up took place prior to the wood meeting the skin.  It must have been wood implement night in her mind as several sizes, shapes and weights of wood paddles smacked across both cheeks.  My yelps were much louder than normal as the strokes seemed much harder.  I forgot all about Pete in the next room and concentrated on the relentless paddling my ass was experiencing.  She turned me over on my back and spread open my legs.  A very thin, narrow wood paddle was slapping my balls while she tormented my nipples without mercy.  Next she lifted both ankles way back over my head and paddled me soundly in the diaper position while I nearly screamed.  Not sure if Pete could here me if he was tending to his own spanking.  Flipping me over again, I was paddled again before being tucked in and told to stay there.  She then went out to assist Jane in her spanking of Pete.  That lasted about another hour before she came to bed.  I wonder of day 3 (Saturday) will be my turn to be double teamed.

Saturday and Sundays spankings will be covered in the next issue.  Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Monday, April 9, Maintenance Day.  Originally scheduled for Saturday, an impromptu weekend trip pushed the maintenance session to Monday.  We returned home about 9:45 after a meeting and as the door closed and was locked she said "Get out of your clothes and get ready, you're getting spanked at 10 pm".  Obeying immediately, I headed to the bedroom.  Stripping completely, placing head down and presenting my ass for a spanking.  She entered and began placing several implements out for her use.  She chose the leather slapper for the warm up and we were under way.  The slapper performed well completely warming and coloring both cheeks.  Her hand slid between my thighs, cupped and squeezed my balls.  I spread a bit to accommodate her.  Next she used two implements together to continue the spanking.  The riding bat and massage thumper delivered a sting and thud assault that lasted many minutes. The bat swung hard to provide a good sting while the thumper landed strike after strike of solid thud.  No area was left untouched and the implements left their iconic results on entire cheeks, inner cheeks and upper thighs.  Squirming and tearing, I again felt the hand slide between my thighs for more ball torment as I spread even further.  Now a bare handed spanking covered both cheeks with hard strikes.  Even my asshole was targeted as my open legs exposed it to the hand spanking I was enduring.  Several minutes later she picked up the hair brush and solid strikes landed on both cheeks.  She continued the hair brushing at a brisk pace causing extended yelps from me and I slightly stood to relieve some of the pain.  The hair brush didn't care or even slow its spanking of both cheeks.  Several minutes of this and I knew my skin was darkening with red color.  The hair brush segment ended with a scrubbing or the bristles across my balls, cock and anus.  She finished with the directive to crawl up and kneel on the bed.  I knew what was coming next.  My red hot cheeks could feel the cool moist lube as I was about to be ass fucked.  The dildo pressed against my back door until it yielded and the fucking began.  The dildo found home as I knelt head down and ass up in total submission .  I have often said I feel this is the ultimate act of male submission.  The ass fucking completed, a bit more spanking preceded the session from slipping into acts we do not discuss here.

We chose not to roll dice as we are expecting friends from the northeast for a weekend.  They are members of the spanking party group we attend during our summer stay in the northeast.  Over their stay, both males will be subject to many long spankings.  We felt this could serve as my next maintenance session.

A big thank you to all readers and as usual, questions or comments will be answered. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Wednesday, April 4, Maintenance Day.  A different spanking was on tap for today.  Most readers are familiar with at times we use a spanking party for a maintenance.  We have used visits to a dungeon for maintenance as well a football games.  Well today we thought we would try a baseball game to direct the spanking.  We devised a plan to issue spanks at the end of each half inning.  Strokes were given for a teams hits and scoring in this manner.  A single counts one stroke, a double 2 strokes, a triple 3 strokes and 5 strokes for each run scored in that half inning.  The main point is numbers were multiplied by the number of the inning.  So for example, a run scored in the 4th inning results in 20 strokes.  Three implements employed for the game were the flexible leather paddle, the leather slapper and the cherry wood purse paddle and all strokes were to be medium or hard.  We gathered at game time, implements laid out and we yelled "PLAY BALL and GET SPANKED"!!!  The visiting team got a single and a double and scored one run.  I got 8 hard strokes.  The game moved along, spanks continued and ass got redder.  In the 3rd inning the home team scored 2 runs, cost me 30 hard strokes with the leather paddle.  The next inning they scored 3 runs and my cheeks, had to take 64 strokes with the wood paddle.  By the end of the game I had racked 188 hard strokes, 76 from the visiting team and 112 from the home team.  A much different spanking came to an end.  I tossed the die and staring me was a "TWO".  This schedules the next spanking for Saturday.  Hope to see you all then.

Thanks to all readers and don't hesitate to leave comments or questions.  They will all be answered.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Sunday, Easter and Maintenance Day.  After a significant life happening which sidetracked us for nearly a week, a maintenance spanking was going to take place.  Stripped and in position, I presented my ass which had not been spanked in almost 2 weeks.  She began with a light hand spanking, slowly introducing my cheeks to the solid strokes which were ahead.  With the good hand warm up over, she switched to the leather slapper.  Again, light strikes began covering every inch of my cheeks.  Soon the intensity increased along with the tempo and the spanking began to take place.  Another notch of intensity and the leather began to bite into reddening flesh.  Full force strokes were now the norm and the slapper showed no sign of letup.  I began to squirm and utter soft yelps but she continued with the slapper many minutes turning my ass more red with each strike.  I took a deep breath as she retired the slapper and picked up both the purse paddle and riding bat.  Medium strokes from the cherry wood paddle kept up the assault, kept the yelps coming and deepened the red color of both cheeks.  Out of nowhere came a very hard stroke from the riding bat.  A loud yelp escaped from my lips, a welt raised across my left cheek, the leather tip bit into well spanked skin.  More medium strokes from the purse paddle took their toll before another very harsh stroke treated my right cheek to a cane like welt.  This was repeated twice more for each cheek as my eyes moistened.  Now the riding bat acted solo in delivering very hard strokes rapid fire.  Nearly screaming now as she soundly whipped my ass with the riding bat.  I stood slightly to escape the pain, but she pushed me back down, stretching the skin, whipping more, tears flowed, color went to deep red.  A few more minutes of the riding bat before the purse came on again.  Its role this time was not medium strokes and it soundly paddled my ass.  More tears, more yelping, more paddling as this over due maintenance spanking continued.   Several minutes of sound paddling preceded her calling this spanking over.  I was gaining composure while she tossed the dice.  Wednesday, will see my ass spanked again for maintenance.

Thank you all for your patience during this postponement.  I do appreciate all readers and will address all questions or comments left here.  Thank you all again.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Monday, March 19, Maintenance Day.  Originally scheduled for Saturday, a weekend away threw us a curveball and we had to delay the spanking until Monday.  I returned from my meeting, stripped, got a cold beer and sat to relax with her for awhile.  We chatted about the day, etc and after some time had passed she said 'anytime you're ready'.  I strolled to the bedroom and found she had laid out the leather slapper, the coiled rope and a hairbrush.  I took position, presenting my bare ass and waited.  Upon entering she massaged my cheeks and lower back just to further relax me.  The rope was the choice to warm up and begin the spanking.  Mild swinging of the rope caused me to feel the strands striking both cheeks with a soft whipping sensation.  The skin responded by turning a pink shade that deepened as the strikes became faster and harder.  The pain increased as well as the spanking was now in full swing.  The soft strikes became harsh lashes with the stepping up of the intensity.  Audible sounds escaped from my lips as the rope continued its whipping assault on my bare cheeks.  A brief pause allowed me to breathe normally for a second or two.  The leather slapper came on to assure me the warm up segment was over as it started out with hard strikes from the onset.  A totally different sensation as the wide leather replaced the narrow rope, slapping my ass repeatedly without hesitation.  The already red skin was treated to a non stop slapping for many minutes.  The groans upgraded themselves to yelps as the leather relentlessly spanked bare skin.  Holding position became more of a challenge and I knew my ass had no escape from the leather as the spanking went on and on.  By now, the cheeks were bright red and quite sore as they caught a brief pause as the hairbrush replaced the leather.  The brush meant business, the spanking and the yelps resumed and the ass accepted without choice.  She placed her left hand on the top of my cheeks to assist with her deadly aim.  She skillfully directed the brush to strike every exposed inch of both cheeks with hard smacks.  A solid hairbrushing ensued for many minutes, only to yield to her bare hands for the final episode of this maintenance spanking.  Although not a firm as the wood hairbrush, the hands were delivering a long and hard spanking, bad boy style. Stinging my entire ass with rapid fire hard strikes.  When finally over, I had been and felt thoroughly spanked for maintenance.  The spanking gods smiled upon the roll of the dice as a 6 appeared.  Again, 7 days from now, next Monday, another maintenance spanking will be due.

Thank you all for reading and as always, your comments or questions will be answered as soon as possible.   

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Wednesday, March 14, Pi Day, and Maintenance Day.  Predetermined to be spanked at 8 pm, I mulled through my household chores during the day.  Serving coffee in bed and brushing her hair began my day in the normal manner.  Remaining nude, I prepared and served breakfast and cleaned up the dishes and kitchen.  Compiled trash as tomorrow is trash day and vacuuming carpets.  Bed making and living room straightening, and doing laundry completed my chores.  I was now able to remove my nipple clamps and get dressed for my outside errands.  She had laid out my clothing and I donned, spankers, socks, jeans and T shirt.  Along with shoes, I set out on my days tasks.  Returning just before dinner, I immediately stripped as my house rule states.  At 8 pm I reported and presented myself to be spanked.  She had laid out the doubled belt, braided leather paddle and riding bat.  I took position, presented my ass and waited.  Several minutes later she arrived and patted both cheeks.  The riding crop was her choice for warm up and to begin the spanking.  Several light strokes with varying pauses between strokes served as a warm up.  The bat soon delivered stinging smacks in increasing intensity and tempo.  Soon both cheeks were covered with bee sting like strikes.  The bat continued to swish through the air and land harshly on my ever reddening ass.  With little or no pause, the braided leather paddle was picking up the beat.  The unusual texture of the paddle is very distinctive and delivers a sound smack which treated my cheeks to more pain and red coloring.  Mixed in with paddle strikes, she used the doubled belt.  Nothing mild about either implement as a sound spanking was in full swing.  Soon the belt was on its own and she delivered solid strokes in various directions.  Swung level, the belt lashed across both cheeks which produced yelps after each strike.  Swung forehand and backhand, it sternly belted alternating cheeks with a  painful smack.  Putting the belt aside, it was time for the bare hand segment.  Already quite red and sore, my ass received a long traditional bare hand bad boy spanking.  Rapid strikes covered both cheeks with hard strikes for many minutes.  The paddle and belt each took another two tag team segments as yelps filled the room.  Several more minutes passed as the implements unloaded their wrath and my eyes unloaded their tears.  A full 25 minutes of traditional straight spanking was my maintenance for today.  The spanking ended with a lower back and butt massage.  Funny how hands that can spank so hard can massage so gently.  I rolled a '2' which scheduled Saturday for the next maintenance spanking.

Thank you all for being readers of this blog and if you leave a question or comment, it will be answered.