Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Monday, Aug. 10...Spanked for Maintenance. A few days since my last, but she certainly felt like I needed to be spanked again. About 8 pm, she told me to go to the bedroom and wait for her. I obeyed as always and found the wedge pillow in place and two implements laid out. I could feel another 'hundred with each' type spanking was in store for me. I placed my nude body over the pillow thus presenting my bare ass for the spanking. She entered and immediately put on leather gloves. She started spanking me and I thought a nice warm up. But she had other plans as the strikes became faster and harder and much longer than a warm up would be. Finally came to an end and she picked up one of the implements beside me....the leather slapper. **Readers may have to refer to on older episode for photos of the implements** My cheeks were already pink from the long hand spanking so the slapper started off with hard slaps on cheeks and sit spots. I never count, but there were quite a few solid strikes before she paused long enough to retrieve the other toy. The Brazilian Cherry wood cleaver paddle with holes was ready to make my ass wish it were elsewhere. I held position so red cheeks were an easy and welcome target for the paddle to land. She paddled me good and tears were welling up in my eyes when she switched back to the slapper. This segment was aimed at my sit spots and upper thighs. The sting of the leather made quick work of turning the flesh a bright pink. Another session with the cleaver paddle had me yelping after each swat. Different than the first segment which was square on both cheeks, this time she singled out one cheek for a good five or so swats before giving the other the same treatment. My ass was on fire, but she was not finished. The slapper covered every inch of reddened skin as I yelped, wiggled and teared. The slapper segments were longer than the paddle segments and set up the sting in my cheeks to receive the solid thud of the wood paddle. Surface sting and deep tissue soreness would be the result of this spanking. Additional segments from both were repeated until she finally stood me upright. I hugged, kissed and thanked her for delivering due maintenance. She pointed at the gloves and said 200 spanks. Then the slapper was pointed to and the 200 count was repeated. The cleaver paddle had landed one hundred sound strokes during this spanking. Readers...it appears that photos are not going to be added with the new format, but you can refer to older episodes for a pic of each implement. Thanks for your continued reading and please feel at ease to leave a question or comment. Each will be answered.

Friday, August 7, 2020

Thursday, Aug. 6.....Maintenance...fast and hard. A few days have gone by without a spanking. Without the dice for scheduling, I never know if, or when or how I will be spanked. Last night after dinner and a relaxing evening, she said "tonight you will get the '100 swats per implement' spanking you need. I reported at the designated time and took position over the wedge pillow with my ass high. She has got out the same two implements as we used the last time this method was used. The doubled belt and big wood paddle. She gave a brief bare hand warm up of about 20 swats before the paddle was used. Last time I got 100 with the paddle with no breaks and then 100 with the belt. Not to be this go around. I got 10 good hard strikes with the paddle, then she picked up the belt. Pink cheeks were lashed with 10 strikes from the doubled, 2 inch wide leather belt. Now the paddle again...10 more....the belt followed with it's 10 lashes. This was repeated 4 times before a change took place. Each implements had struck 40 times and my ass was quite red and sore. My eyes were moist and yelps began to slip through my lips. This time the paddle struck 20 times before yielding to the belt which also landed hard across both cheeks 20 times. She changed toys again with no interruption and the paddle was striking. I held position thru tears and yelps as the paddle struck 50 times with no change in tempo. Hard and fast the paddle reddened both cheeks. A smooth change brought the belt out and once again the leather kissed my flesh with loud slaps. 50 hard swats with the belt caused pain and tears along with yelps. I had received a bonus....110 strokes with each...what a benevolent Mistress owns me. She straightened me upright and we hugged as I thanked her for giving me the maintenance spanking I need. We both seem to like the new, hard and fast, short duration method for maintenance spankings. Is this to become the norm???? All readers are thanked and appreciated. Questions and comments are being answered as before even if episodes are shorter and more often. Stay tuned as I have no idea of what is about to come down.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Take me out to the Ball Game and SPANK ME. Well, just what happened on Monday, Aug 3. She pulled out the implements to be used and I shuttered. I saw the doubled belt and with wide eyes saw the rubber paddle. Instead of using one for each team, she determined to use them for every other segment. The game began and the Phillies went quietly in the top of the first. The Yankees however led off the game with a home run. They added a single before the inning was over. I was due 25 swats. I stood, leaned against the wall as directed. The next command was " Stick your ass out further " which I obeyed in an instant. She chose to start with the belt and with no warm up, my ass took 25 lashes from the doubled 2 inch wide leather. Nothing again from the Phils in the 2nd, but the Yanks got another single. This meant the rubber paddle was to make its debut. I took the same position without direction and felt the very painful swat of the rubber meeting my cheeks for the required 5 strokes. The 3rd inning was no friend to me. Phillies scored with a solo home run netting me 20 more lashes with the belt. No freebie innings as yet, so my ass was already quite red and sore. She did not hold back with the belt and the 20 strikes were felt and produced yelps and watering eyes. The Yankees also scored in their half with a homer and 2 doubles. That's right, 60 strokes, and guess what implement was next. Sticking my ass into the line of fire knowing that rubber paddle would strike 60 times was a difficult chore, but I had to do it. Yelps, howls, and full tears accompanied the paddling she delivered. My flaming cheeks must have looked like raw hamburger when she called out 59 and 60. I returned to the sofa but found sitting quite uncomfortable. The 4th inning picked up with two singles for the Phillies. They did not score, but I had to pay for the base hits. She snapped the belt as I took position and as she belted me, my cheeks were troopers and took the 10 lashes along with yelps from me. I caught a break in the bottom of the 4th and top of the 5th with no swats earned. I got 5 more strokes from the rubber paddle in the bottom of the 5th for the single the Yankees got. The 6th brought another 5 from the belt as the Phils scratched another single. The Yankees broke the game open in their half of the 6th with a 3 run homer. Another 60 strokes were due and you know what implement had its turn. To say I took the 60 strikes from the rubber paddle without incident would be a lie. Yelps, howls, more tears and even slight butt movement greeted the strikes from the rubber paddle as she counted them out...all 60 of them. Then the game went into a rain delay. It was lengthy and she went on to bed. I kept the score when the game resumed over an hour later. Nothing more from the Yankees in the 7th hand 8th innings. The Phillies got a run in the 7th and another in the 8th and the game ended with a 6 to 3 final score. During breakfast the next morning she inquired as to the outcome of the game. I explained and she said right after breakfast I would get the rest of my spanking. I bent over the bed as she reviewed the scoring. 25 strokes were due for the 7th inning run and she delivered them with the belt. No break at all before she picked up the rubber paddle. Let's see, she said....30 more strokes. The rubber paddle was at it again, coloring and stinging my cheeks for 30 swats. Red ass again in the morning. Thank you readers for your support, especially during the transition to the new blog format and the non regimented maintenance spanking pattern which has developed. You can still receive answers to all your comments or questions right here on these pages. Looking forward to hearing from you. Until next time....whenever that will be.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Saturday, Spanked by the Ball Game. We had a great day at the RR track and returned to a good dinner. At game time were were delighted to see the game had not been blacked out in our area. The Yankees were battling the Red Sox for the second night. She chose the implements, Leather paddle and riding bat. I had been stripped shortly after returning home, so I was ready as the first pitch was thrown. Playing in New York, the Sox were up first, but only managed a single. I stood, stuck my ass out and took 5 hard swats from the riding bat. Yanks took the lead in their half with a home run and I took 20 strokes from the paddle. Boston duplicated their one single again in the 2nd and the riding bat stung my cheeks another 5 times. Yankees broke loose and put the game away in their half to the tune of 3 singles and a Grand Slam Home Run. Now the moment had arrived for me to accept 95 swats from the paddle. I put my bare ass into position and she rubbed my cheeks with the leather as if to measure the distance. Swat after swat stung my ass as she unmercifully paddled me as I yelped. Sitting back down, uncomfortably, the 3rd inning began. I knew I was in trouble as the Sox began to hit. Two singles, and a double scoring two runs. I found myself standing placing my now red and sore ass into the line of fire. The riding bat never stopped as she delivered 60 strokes on blazing red and stinging cheeks. Little did either of us realize, this was to be the end of any scoring. I took five strokes from the paddle at the end of each of the next three innings, then nothing until Boston got one hit in the 8th. Ditto for the Yanks in their half and the Sox got one more single in the 9th. All the scoring was early and the game ended with the same 5-2 score as it was in the 3rd inning. Totaling up, the riding bat struck 80 times for the Red Sox and the paddle swatted my cheeks 135 times for the Yankees. Just over 200 swats combined for tonight"s spanking. What's next????? You tell me. Everyday has been an adventure and different. Ah, the life of a spanked submissive.....Ain't it grand!!! Keep reading and sending comments or questions to become part of the blog. All are answered as soon as possible.

Friday, July 31, Spanked for Maintenance. Nearly a week had gone by since my last spanking. Needless to go into the details of each day as life got in the way in different manners all week. We settled in for the ball game on Friday night with the two implements to be used at the ready. The big wood paddle and doubled belt were the ones chosen. We were both surprised to then find out the game was being blacked out. She said not to worry, "you're getting spanked anyway". I took my stance with hands on the arm of the sofa, slightly bent and ass stuck out prominently for her to spank. And spank she did, beginning with the big wood paddle. A brief warm up, with the accent on brief, started and after a few medium swats, the paddle began to land with authority. As you know, the big paddle nicely covers both cheeks at once, but feels even harder when she singles out one cheek at a time with a full force swat. She used both methods as the paddling continued without break. She paddled and paddled as I held position with my ass an easy target. My eyes began to tear and muffled yelps filled the room. She continued to paddle long after a few times when I felt it would end. Ten very hard, double cheek swats landed before she finally put down the paddle. I breathed a sigh of relief which turned out to be short lived. "There," she said, "That's one hundred with the paddle...now for the belt". I had no time to think as the first strike with the belt landed. It was perfectly horizontal and lashed both cheeks soundly. White hot pain shot thru me and a loud yelp escaped my lips. Whew, I thought, only 99 more to go!!! And 99 more I got, as she swung freely....side to side, horizontal, vertical, sit spots, full cheeks, single cheeks, the belt found everything. In full tears now and yelps after each one. My ass turned from bright red to darker red and several belt marks turning purple. Holding position became my primary concern and that required concentration not to allow my butt to shift out of the target zone. Finally reaching the desired one hundred mark, she said 'OK for today" as her bare hands soothed my flaming ass. Sorry for the delay, but we spent all day Saturday away and it was not until now I had the opportunity to record this episode. Thanks for your continued reading thru the changes that were made in our situation and the new format of this site. Comments and questions are still encouraged and will be answered. Until the next time, thanking all readers.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Saturday, July 25, Spanked for Maintenance. After two days of no spanking or other dominance, we decided to use another baseball game to direct the maintenance session I was due to receive. So many months without baseball, it just seemed right to want to watch the game and thus kill two birds with one stone. The implements chosen were the riding bat and the flexible leather paddle....tonight's spanking would be centered on 'STING'. The game began with the Yanks putting men on base, but as the result of errors, so no swats were due after the first half inning. The Nationals however got a double and single and I was to receive 15 strokes. As with other ball game spankings, there was no warm up and the leather kissed my cheeks 15 times. It was not to be the night for the Yankees and they went quietly again in the second. Washington broke thru in a big way in their half of the inning, scoring 3 runs on several hits. I placed my hands on the arm of the sofa, bent slightly and stuck my ass out for her to spank. The riding bat swished thru the air and soundly smacked my right cheek. She kept up the cadence on alternating cheeks with hard smacks until the required 85 strokes were delivered. The third inning saw the Yanks score one run on one hit. Again I stood and took position. The leather paddle did not care that my ass was still stinging from the 85 riding bat strokes, and neither did she. 25 hard strokes rained down on pink and stinging cheeks. I caught a break and the Nationals went out in order in their half. The fourth inning was busy. Yankees scored another run and I got 35 more hard swats with the paddle. Not to be outdone, Washington got two runs right back and my cheeks were treated to 45 more swats from the riding bat. Zero for New York in the 5th, but the Nats got two more in their half and she swatted my ass another 65 times with the riding bat. The 6th inning saw little action and another zero for the Yanks and only a single for Washington....5 more swats from the bat. A lone single was produced by the Yankees and I got 5 strokes from the paddle. A solo home run for the Nats cost me 20 hard swats from the riding bat. The 8th inning was tough on me as well. A double from the Yankees earned 10 hard paddle strokes while another solo homer meant 20 more stinging smacks from the riding bat. In their last at bat in the 9th, a lone single cost me the final 5 hard strokes from the leather paddle. Game finally over, with the total for the winning Washington Nationals was 225 strokes while the paddle and the Yanks chipped in 80 more strokes. My ass was stung 335 times during this ball game. Thanking all readers and encouraging your questions and comments. I will answer all right here. Neither you or I know when the next episode will be, so stay tuned, another spanking may be tomorrow.