Friday, September 22, 2017

Thursday, September 21, Maintenance Day.  I know, it was scheduled for Friday, but life has thrown us another curve ball, so we moved the spanking up one day.  She had told me about the change in the morning and knew about my plans for the day.  Unfortunately, I had a task today which required me to be dressed and when I finally came in around 5:30, before she could say 'clothes off' I was ahead of her.  I was nude, showered, and ready for dinner in no time at all.  During our meal she told me to relax a bit and I would be spanked at 9 o'clock.  I reported at the the proper time and there were 5 weapons of ass destruction laid out.  I saw the doubled belt, patent leather paddle, purse paddle, narrow hairbrush and flexible leather paddle.  Adding her bare hand, the six implements would surely give me a solid maintenance spanking.  She entered as I was placing myself over the pillow and presenting my ass to be spanked.  She began with a bare hand warm up....a very nice beginning.  Next the flexible leather paddle was being swung from side to side striking alternating cheeks.  Slowly at first and then increasing in speed and force.  Soon both cheeks began to feel the sting and warmth which comes with the reddening of the skin.  Several minutes of this produced bright red, hot cheeks.  Patent leather usually feels good, but it stung like killer bees at it rapidly paddled my ass.  My stinging hide was treated to the sound slap of the doubled belt.  Covering both cheeks with level strokes, the sting was replaced with solid smacks, yelps and moist eyes.  She belted me for several minutes... a good old fashion strapping.  Some bare hand spanking followed and I was drifting into subspace. The bare hand spanks ceased after many minutes and then slid between my cheeks and found my balls.  A slight squeeze before they parted my thighs a bit exposing the unspanked inner cheeks and thighs.  The narrow hair brush made its entry and pummeled all of my ass.  Doing what it does best, it spanked the inner cheeks, inner thighs and anus.  Flipping it over, she used the short course bristles to scour my balls and ass hole.  I was now bright red and sore everywhere.  She moved up on the bed and directed me into the modified wheelbarrow position.  Putting the doubled belt aside, she had the 4 short handle toys plus her hand to continue the spanking.  The implements took turns raining hard swats to my vulnerable, red, spread open, immobile ass.  The purse paddle went first and really paddled me good.  All the devices were used more than once and the purse paddle had the last say and I wound up howling.  A long 50 minute spanking ended with ten hard smacks.  We tossed the dice and scheduled Sunday as the next maintenance spanking day.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Sept. 15, 16, 17,  Maintenance Weekend.  We postponed our scheduled maintenance spanking on Wednesday as we were having a couple visit our home for the weekend.  They are part of the spanking group we occasionally travel to in a neighboring state.  We decided to hold my maintenance spanking until the weekend.  She said I would be spanked all weekend for maintenance and the female half of our guests would participate as well as the male half would be spanked along with me.  They arrived late Friday afternoon and we enjoyed a great dinner and good conversation together.  Shortly after dinner the ladies decided to begin the spankings during the baseball game.  We were directed to strip and join them in the TV room.  They were seated in the recliners with places for he and I to sit on the floor at their feet.  The same procedure would be followed, but with another addition.  Both ladies would spank both of us the number rolled on the dice times 5.   He was chosen to go first at the end of the first inning and he tossed a 5.  We would each receive 25 strokes from both ladies.  They picked out the purse paddle, the patent leather paddle, hair brush and the flexible leather paddle as the implements.  We took our 50 strokes each and settled in.  I rolled at the end of the second and tossed a 6.  A different implement and we each got 60 hard strokes.  A bad night for the boys.  He rolled after the odd innings and I after the even innings.  His five rolls turned up a 5 four times and a 2 once.  My rolls came up with 3 times a 6 and one time a 5.  Needles to say by the end of the game we each received 315 sound strokes from the ladies using the 4 implements.  Then we were brought to the dungeon and each spanked for about another hour.  Many toys, equipment and positions were employed as we both ended up very well spanked.  We turned in for the night and all ate a very good breakfast the next morning.

Prior to leaving for our planned activities, she decided I should be sporting a red bottom under my clothes.  She brought me into the TV room and using the same four toys, she spanked my ass to a crimson red.  Everyone chowed down on a great roast port dinner following a wonderful day outdoors.  Some good conversation and digesting preceded being stripped and brought to the dungeon around 8 o'clock.  My Mistress thought some BDSM play was in order.  I was wrist bound to the hanging cuffs and ankles bound in a spreader bar.  Standing spread eagle and helpless, she began.  Several steel rings placed around my cock, and I was blindfolded and gagged.  Several implements spanked my cheeks, uppercut swings from floggers or the riding bat landed stinging blows on my vulnerable balls and cock.  In addition, she tormented my nipples with clamps, pinching, twisting, slapping and biting.  Meanwhile on the massage table he was being thoroughly dominated and spanked to a bright red.  Finally being cut down, I was placed over her lap and soundly spanked and paddled.  A short break for refreshments was enjoyed before I was stood up against a column, flogged and caned.  We all played for over 3 hours before turning in for the night.

Breakfast time found everyone chipper and hungry.  We all ate well and walked a bit outside.  As customary when we visit their home, a Sunday morning spanking was in order.  Stripped and directed to the dungeon for another round, a change in partners was instituted.  I was placed on the massage table at the pleasure of our friend while my Mistress began with him for an OTK spanking.  She dominated and spanked me for about an hour and a half, opening my legs and concentrating on inner thighs and cheeks.  After rejoining our usual Dominants, for more spanking, I took a short break while they double teamed him.  Making sure he was quite uncomfortable for the long drive home, they reddened his ass very bright.  Seeing them drive off ended a great weekend of friendship and a very very long and effective maintenance spanking for me, or so I thought.  Later that night, I was again spanked in the TV room.  She used the doubled belt, patent leather paddle, purse paddle and bare hand to deliver the frosting on the cake of the longest maintenance spanking I ever accepted.  Rolling the dice gave me a bit of a break as my dice determined Friday for me to submit to the next maintenance spanking.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Monday, Sept. 11.  Batter up!!!  Another maintenance spanking dictated by a baseball game.  I feel she likes this system and perhaps any time there is a game on a scheduled maintenance day, she will employ this procedure.  Tonight she told me I had to chose the 3 implements and we again would use the dice and the result would be multiplied by 5.  I don't often get to pick my poison, but I tried to use logic.  I chose different toys to vary the impact.  One leather, one wood and the riding bat.  The leather I picked was the steel reinforced leather paddle.  The wood was an exotic wood paddle with holes.  The wood is Wenge and it has a rich looking, dark color and dense grain, and the holes would increase the sting.  Not that I would need more sting with the riding bat being the third implement.  The game began on time and soon the first inning came to a close.  All the strokes would be hard and no warm up.  I tossed the dice and a four came up.  Right away, 20 strokes with the exotic wood paddle.  This paddle is long enough to cover both cheeks with one swat.  I stood and presented.  She wasted no time and the first stroke met my ass with a loud slap.  Nineteen more followed and my cheeks turned red very quickly.  I returned to my chair and sat down slowly.  I knew the riding bat would be used next so more sting was on the way.  No runs scored and the inning went fast.  The dice were not friendly as I rolled a 6.  She was standing and ready to deliver 30 hard swats with the riding bat.  I took position and she began to spank.  The familiar swish through the air and the slap of the leather tip and we were on our way.  She used the bat on alternating cheeks in a steady tempo producing a hot, red bottom not conducive to sitting on.  Before I knew it the third inning was in the books and I had the dice in my hand as she had the leather paddle in hers.  I can't believe this, another 6.  She smiled and said bend over.  Even longer than the wood paddle the steel reinforced leather paddle covered both cheeks.  After 30 from this paddle, by ass was crimson and very sore.  I felt like watching the next inning while standing.  At least some runs were scored, so the inning took a bit longer.  When it finished I tossed and could not believe my eyes.  A 6 appeared again, the third straight 6.  Back to the Wenge wood and another 30 hard solid swats greeted my reddening skin and bruising the deep tissue on my ass.  Yelping after each, I was finally able to sit....very uncomfortably.  The final out of the fifth inning saw me get a break by rolling a 3.  The riding bat landed its 15 swats on alternating cheeks.  I think a few extra swats landed, but I was not sure.  The sixth and seventh innings were being kind to me and I rolled a 1 after each.  The leather paddled struck 5 swats on both cheeks and the exotic wood followed with 5 hard strokes after the next inning ended.  The eighth went fast and I tossed a 4.  The riding bat was singing through the air and slapping the alternating cheeks, 20 strokes, each stinging like hell.  I held on and watched the last inning.  Another 20 strokes was due as the dice came up with another 4.  Being the finale, she swung the leather paddle very hard and both cheeks felt the effect of the 20 strokes.  Even though the spanking was spread out over the whole game, I took 175 swats for my maintenance.  The next spanking will be on Wednesday as a ONE appeared on my final roll.

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Friday, September 8, 2017

Thursday, Sept 7, Maintenance Day.  Early in the morning she told me I would be spanked tonight during the ball game.  This would make the third time we have used the ball game to determine the implements and number of strokes.  Like last time, there would be a twist.  She would chose the toys and I would roll the dice at the end of each inning.  I would receive 5 times the number of strokes as shown on the dice.  She picked the three implements just before game time.  The purse paddle, riding bat and narrow hair brush would be delivering my maintenance spanking.  I entered the TV room totally nude as always and noticed the three toys laid out.  "Did you bring the dice"? she asked.  I responded of course and we settled in for the game.  She had picked 3 toys so each would get used 3 times during the 9 inning game.  She said the purse paddle would be leading off the evening.  For those of you unfamiliar with that toy, it is a short handle, small, ping pong paddle shaped implement designed to fit into a purse for impromptu spankings away from home. It is made of cherry and nearly 1/2 inch thick.  It stings like hell, but can leave deep tissue bruising if swung hard.   My attire is planned for a quick paddling.  I am either going commando or wearing what we call spankers.  They are like a thong, but with no center strap, so the dropping of whatever pants I wear, immediately exposes my bare ass.  The purse paddle has been used for quick correctional spankings in some interesting places.  Anyway, on with the game.  The end of the first inning saw me throw the dice and a 6 turned up.  She quickly had the paddle in hand as I stood, turned and presented my ass for the 30 strokes to begin the night.  She alternated cheeks with the first 20 and the last 10 were delivered squarely in the center and quite hard.  I returned to my chair after the paddling.  What a way to begin with 30 right away.  The second inning was no kinder to me as I rolled a 5.  I took my position as she gave me 25 hard strokes with the riding bat.  Now both sore and stinging, I returned to the chair for the third inning.  The narrow hair brush would be used next.  I caught somewhat of a break and tossed a 2.  The first 6 strokes were on alternating cheeks, then she paused and said "spread'em".  I obeyed and took the next 6 on the inner cheeks and anus.  For the rest of the game, I never rolled anything lower than a 3, so each implement took its toll on me with high numbers of strokes.  By games end, I was quite red and quite sore.  Just before bed, I rolled to schedule the next spanking and got a 3.  Adding '1' as customary, puts Monday as maintenance day.

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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Friday, Sept 1, A day late, but not a stroke short as the spanking unfolded on Friday instead of Thursday. We decided to use the ball game again to deliver my maintenance day spanking.  However, she said, your getting double the amount, without warm up.  This meant at the end of each inning I was to receive 20 hard strokes.  Another change would be the use of four implements instead of one.  She chose the toys and laid them out in pairs.  Ten strokes each from one pair and the next inning she would use the other pair for ten strokes each.  The pair for the first inning and every other odd inning was the patent leather paddle and its partner was the steel reinforced leather paddle.  I stood, leaned over to place my hands on the arms of the chair and presented my bare ass.  Both paddles delivered 10 solid hard strokes with no warm up.  Both cheeks tingled as I sat back down.  At the end of inning two, I found myself in the same stance with ass protruding ready to accept its fate.  The pair for the second and every other even inning was the flexible leather paddle and the riding bat.  Both of these could sting with the best of them and my cheeks learned this from the first swat.  Loud slaps from the flexible leather followed by the swishing of the bat and its report upon striking flesh.  The game moved right along as each team managed only one run.  Innings ticked off quickly and my ass grew more red and more sore.  Soon it was the 7th and more spanks rained down. The 8th and finally 9th ended and I was soundly spanked receiving 180 hard strokes and believe me, she slipped in extra swats more than occasionally.  On Sunday we are attending a BBQ with play time afterwards, so we will toss the dice after that.  I apologize for you readers not knowing when the next spanking will be scheduled.  I may post an addendum on Monday to advise you of the day of my next maintenance spanking.

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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Saturday, August 26, Maintenance Day.  Still some deep tissue soreness from the last maintenance spanking, I was told I would be spanked this evening during the ball game.  Game time came around and I was told only one implement would be used and I was to receive ten hard strokes after a brief warm up at the end of each inning.  The toy chosen was the doubled belt .  This implement can be very effective as the 2 1/2 inch wide leather can sting the skin raw as the weight of the doubled leather swung with the handle can bruise the tissue deep beneath the hide.  The handle is cherry wood and 9 inches long.  It can accommodate a grip of both hands.  The leather is 28 inches long and doubled, then fastened to the cherry wood.  This gives a double 14 inch strap of heavy 2 1/2 inch wide leather.  The game played on at at the end of the first inning, I stood, bent over, grasped the arms of the chair, presented my bare ass and waited for the taste of the leather.  She delivered about 20 strokes for a warm up ranging from light to medium.  The first hard stroke landed perfectly.  The long leather easily covers both cheeks and nine more strokes followed the first producing a wide red stripe across my ass.  Sitting back down to watch the game was OK, but I knew I had been spanked.  The end of the second inning soon was upon us and again I stood, bent and presented.  Again the warm up preceded the leather kissing my bare skin ten more times.  By the end of the fifth inning my ass was flaming red and quite sore.  Warm ups were less and less but the hard strokes seemed worse every time.  I had now taken fifty hard strokes and probably close to a hundred warm up strokes.  I knew there still forty hard strokes to land.  At the end of the sixth, she jumped up first and held the belt.  I ambled into position and presented.  I doubt a warm up was necessary, but I got it anyway.  Now for the hard strokes she grasped the handle with both hands, like a player would grasp a Louisville Slugger.... and my ass was the ball!!!.  She swung with both hands and I yelped as the ten strokes bit into my cheeks reddening more with each one.  The seventh inning played a bit longer so I got a bit of a reprieve.  At its close, I again stood and presented my ass.  A short warm up and then ten more hard strokes crashed against my already deep red and tenderized cheeks.  The eighth was a repeat with a short warm up and ten two handed swats from the doubled leather belt.  Finally the end of the game, our team had won, but I still had to take the final ten hard strokes.  When the first struck, I yelped and said aloud ONE.  By the time I was able to say TEN, my butt was very well spanked.  She patted my ass and said good job.

We tossed the dice and a 4 appeared.  On Thursday, I will submit to and accept another maintenance spanking.  Thanks for reading and as always, questions or comments will be answered.
Wednesday, Aug 23, Maintenance Day.  The spanking was only a few hours late, but this report is very late and my apologies.  Tuesday night was not good for personal reasons, but Wednesday was not going to get past us.  Following our morning coffee I serve in bed, I always brush her hair.  Shortly after that, the hair brush changed hands and she directed me into the modified wheelbarrow position.  As she sat in bed I was placed prone with legs spread around her hips.  The spanking began with bare hands slapping the bare, immobile, spread wide cheeks before them.  Following a good warming and reddening, my ass was visited by the hairbrush.  Spanks rained down firmly and rapidly covering every inch of exposed flesh.  The brush reached all of the outer and inner cheeks and inner thighs.  From out of nowhere came the riding crop which stung with authority the back of my balls and anus along with the rest of my ass.  The swish through the air and the narrow leather tip spanked me for many minutes.  I had no idea where she was getting the toys, but somehow the flexible leather paddle was in her hand.  Its wide smooth leather surface covered my cheeks quickly but it continued long and hard as yelping followed each strike.  Each implement including bare hands took another turn in rounding out my maintenance spanking.  The final result was a very bright red, quite sore and well spanked ass.  Soon, given my position, her hands found their mark as some CBT began.  This led into things we do not discuss here as you know.  Quite some time later, we crawled out of bed and tossed the dice.  On Saturday, I will be treated to another round of maintenance as my Dominant Mistress will deliver the spanking I need.

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