Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thursday, July 20, Maintenance Day.  With the weekend upon us and the scheduled spanking party on Saturday, I believe she had planned on a short maintenance spanking.  She was already present when I reported in at 8 pm with the flexible leather paddle and the dice in her hands.  She explained she would roll the dice two times and multiply one number by the other.  I watched as her first roll turned up a 6.  As the second roll bounced and came up a 5 she smiled and said that's 30 with each implement.  Now get in position and present your ass.  I obeyed without seeing any implements laid out.  The sound of the closet door followed by the drawer had produced two more toys to go along with the leather paddle.  The flexible paddle did the warm up honors with a long string of light to medium strokes using the fur side of the leather. The first hard smack told me the warm up was over.  Twenty strokes, all hard, with the leather side of the paddle landed on alternating cheeks to redden the skin.  Next came ten hard level strokes covering both cheeks with stinging leather.  The braided leather quirt was next in line.  This has a braided rawhide handle about 12 inches long with a braided rawhide loop about 16 inches long.  She delivered about ten warm up strokes before sending 30 strokes against my quite pink ass.  The first stroke lashed across both cheeks and sent me into yelping mode.  I couldn't believe there were 29 more to follow.  The quirt is a devastating implement and each stroke found the rawhide braiding biting into my increasingly tenderized flesh.  All strokes landed on both cheeks and I had to hold my breath to keep position during this session.  Finally the quirt was retired, but no relief for my ass as the narrow hair brush delivered 30 hard strokes in nearly rapid fire tempo.  I endured the 30 strokes and was spared my worst thought of 30 scrubs of the bristles against my balls.  Instead, I heard the drawer again and knew what was to be the finish.  The big wood paddle was swung with conviction and solidly cracked against my bright red cheeks.  She chose a very slow rate with one stroke about every 6 seconds.  They were all to be level and hard with each feeling harder than the last.  It seemed like forever taking 30 strokes and believe me a sigh of relief escaped my body after number 30 struck.  She stood me up and said no dice roll as the party on Saturday would serve as my next maintenance.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tuesday, July 18, Maintenance Day.  Early in the day, I was told to prepare to receive my maintenance spanking at 8 pm.  Entering the room I saw laid out 6 implements and a blindfold.  The flexible leather paddle, riding bat, rattan cane, coil of rope, narrow hairbrush and doubled belt on cherry wood handle assured me of a solid spanking.  I donned the blindfold, took position bent over the end of the bed with toes pointed inward and ass presented to be spanked.  About 4 minutes later I wondered what was keeping her. When she came in she immediately moved my legs a bit further apart.  I felt the rope being laid on my back and thought it would be the first implement.  A moment later she had a noose around my left wrist and drawing it to the left side of the bed.  The rope passed under the mattress and tied my right wrist near that edge of the bed.  Now with wrists bound and legs spread, I was immobile and vulnerable.  The flexible leather paddle began the warm up with a long series of medium strokes on alternating cheeks.  After several minutes a few uppercut swings really stung my upper thighs, lower cheeks and sit spot.  The riding bat followed with a short but firm session covering both cheeks with a number of swats.  That began a succession of short, firm bursts of strokes from several toys.  The rattan cane was second and gave my already very warm and quite pink ass a rapid fire caning.  The narrow hairbrush delivered a good spanking during its short session complete with spreading my legs even more.  The doubled belt soundly swatted both sides of my ass with many strokes.  Not knowing what was in store, I felt the flexible paddle again only this session was much harder.  Each implement was to have a second shot with harder strokes.  The bat could be heard swishing through the air just prior to an intense smack on my cheeks which were hot red and sore by this time.  With legs spread, the bat did a number on my balls, striking my piercings and stinging the tender flesh.  The bat peppered my entire ass and crotch area.  On came the rattan cane and the strikes produced a howl and a raised welt with each stroke.  With legs wide open and narrow hairbrush in her hand, you know what happened next.  She thoroughly spanked both cheeks and then went inside.  Inner thighs, inner cheeks, ass hole and balls were systematically covered with smacks.  I fought hard not to close my legs which is a natural impulse, but kept spread and submitted to the will of the hairbrush.  Before leaving, it was reversed and the bristles scrubbed cock, balls and anus for an encore.  There was a very brief pause and I could hear the drawer open and another toy enter the game.  The big wood paddle greeted my well spanked ass with several solid hard strokes.  Still immobile and spread, I was paddled for several more minutes.  The finale was to be the doubled belt.  It filled the bill with 50 well placed hard strokes.  Releasing my wrists and blindfold she stood me up and I thanked, hugged and kissed her.  She tossed the dice and to my astonishment, a 'ONE' appeared.  On Thursday, I will submit to another maintenance spanking.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Friday, July 14, Maintenance Day, one day in advance.  The spanking was scheduled for Saturday and that was in jeopardy as a vanilla couple was in for the weekend at the lake.  When they called saying they would be late and not arriving until Saturday, she moved the spanking up to Friday night.  Another problem, we brought no toys expecting it would be after the weekend before the spanking could take place.  We scrounged about and came up with a wooden spatula, and my belt.  Her hand would be the final implement.  So we have a short spanking in mind and now a short report.  She directed me over her lap and an OTK spanking began.  The spatula was not heavy but stung fairly well, the bare hand was formidable as usual, but my belt proved to be too long and flexible to be used effectively while over her lap.  She put the belt aside and knowing I was nearly immobile, she used the spatula and bare hand to bad boy spank me until my cheeks were cherry red.  Finishing that I was directed to assume the position of bending over the edge of the bed.  Now the belt was to be the implement to use.  It contacted my ass solidly and hard time after time.  Side to side strokes on alternating cheeks and level smacks covering both at once.  She landed over a hundred as I yelped after each one.  A make shift spanking finally ended with cheeks red, sore and very warm.  We had no dice either, but she said no need as I would be receiving a good maintenance spanking when we return home on Tuesday.

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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Saturday, July 8, Maintenance Day.  It was raining when we woke up. I had only two errands I could do today, even on a rainy day.  As I cleared and washed the breakfast dishes, she approached, grasped the chain between my nipple clamps and tugged.  The short message was clear.  Maintenance spanking, tonight, 8 pm.  I finished my chores and set about my day.  Following dinner, I cleaned up the dishes and watched the clock move slowly toward the appointed time.  At 8 pm sharp I entered the bedroom, things were set up so I placed myself in position, put on the blindfold, presented my ass and waited.  She arrived about 5 minutes later.  She patted my cheeks with her bare hands.  About two minutes of bare hand spanking and the warm up was complete.  The heavy leather flogger landed square between my shoulder blades.  The following strokes landed lower and lower until both cheeks were the target.  Side ways, vertical, uppercut, all struck home with a heavy thud as the tips of the falls stung.  Flogging with one this heavy is an art and she is the artist.  Several minutes of the flogger will redden and tenderize the skin.  My entire back, ass and thighs were flogged with no pause.  The next toy produced a totally opposite feeling.  The Bubinga wood paddle with holes landed solidly on both cheeks.  A yelp sneaked out and the next stroke followed suit.  Again and again the paddle struck and I began to squirm.  Now alternating cheeks were being struck in a rapid fire and firm volley.  Not only stinging, but I knew the deep tissue on my ass was being bruised once again.  She increased the speed and strokes hit at the rate of 4 or 5 a second.  Yelps turned to howls but she kept paddling.  Eyes moistened as I kept my ass presented in position to accept the onslaught.  Finally is died off, but only for a moment.  She had the next implement and again it was a completely different sensation.  The riding bat us being used and the stinging intensified.  Again the rapid fire technique was employed as she struck upper thighs, lower cheeks, sit spot and upper cheeks.  Everything was being peppered with fast and hard strokes.  A pause and I heard the swish through the air and the loud smack as the bat struck very hard.  Now another one and a third and fourth and so on until maybe 15 or so very hard strikes had me yelping and squirming.  Another string of rapid fire strikes lasting several minutes.  I was greeted by the narrow wood hairbrush in the next set.  My flesh felt hot and I imagined it was crimson as the brush yielded to the final implement.  For an encore of Thursday night, the doubled belt came in to finish off whatever resolve I had left.  It smacked hard and solid covering both cheeks with a level stroke.  More followed then more followed those until she changed aim and struck one cheek at a time.  Lower cheeks, sit spot and upper cheeks were belted soundly for many minutes.  If she gave me 2 hundred on Thursday, this was 3 hundred or more.  Back to level swings and solid strokes to my ass continued for quite awhile.  When she finally quit I had been soundly spanked to say the least.  It was 8:40 so a full 30 minutes of continuous spanking had occurred.  I stood and thanked her as she handed me the dice.  I tossed and was afraid to look.  I got a reprieve when a 6 came up.   I had just been well spanked on Tuesday, again on Thursday and again on Saturday, so this would be a break until next Saturday.  She winked and said we'll see if we can wait 7 days.

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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Thursday, July 6, Maintenance Day.  This was to be the first spanking actually scheduled by the roll of the dice in nearly two weeks due to travel and other circumstances.  Early in the morning she reminded me it was maintenance day and we determined I was to be spanked at 8 pm.  The day progressed and at the appointed time, I entered the bedroom and it was all set up.  I took my position with my ass nicely presented for her.  I could see 4 implements on the bed beside me.  The flexible leather paddle, the steel reinforced leather paddle, the riding bat and a thick exotic wood paddle with holes.  I had toes in and legs close together when she entered and gently stroked my ass cheeks.  The flexible leather paddle was chosen for the warm up.  The fur side of the paddle delivered light to medium strokes to warm my cheeks.  Soon she flipped to the smooth leather side and soundly smacked my right cheek.  Then the left and right again with increasingly harder strokes.  The warm up was over and the leather stung my flesh over and over again.  The leather stings quite well and its flexibility  provides an almost whip-like stroke with the tip really biting.  Several minutes later she went to the exotic wood paddle.  I believe this one is Bubinga with its dark color and swirly grain.  The holes provide added sting when it meets the flesh and the solid wood will cause deep tissue soreness. Several medium strokes on alternating cheeks yielded to a classic wood paddling.  Repeated very firm strokes with the paddle level and striking both cheeks together produced a yelp after each one landed.  Slow and steady tempo was the order as the paddle met its target with precise aim.  Many minutes with this and my ass was very sore and deep red in color.  On came the riding bat and the stinging reached a high point.  Rapid tempo and varied harshness gave me no inkling of what was next.  She skilfully covered both cheeks with slaps from the wide leather tip of the bat.  Upper thighs, sit spot and every inch of my ass was treated with the implement.  She patted both cheeks with her hand as she took the next implement into her hand.  Similar to the wood paddle, the steel reinforced leather struck with solid level swings which jolted me with every stroke.  The yelps followed the smack and it resonated throughout the room.  A sound paddling for sure and I lost count at 40.  A brief pause as she went to the closet for another toy.  I could not see what she returned with however the first stroke told me it was the doubled, 2 inch wide belt on the cherry wood handle.  She stood directly behind me and lashed sideways swings striking each cheek alternatively and hard.  Then she stood aside and delivered more level swings belting my ass soundly.  Now some on the sit spot and the yelps continued.  This went on and on as I was beginning to slip into subspace.  About 10 minutes later she stopped and said, 'that's two hundred and I think its enough for tonight'.  I slowly stood, hugged and kissed her and thanked her for taking her time to maintain my submissiveness.

I asked her to toss the dice to schedule the next episode.  It rolled and turned up another 'ONE'.  'Good' she said, 'Maybe we'll play longer on Saturday'.  Now I have something to look forward to.

Thanks for reading and I will answer all comments and questions as they come in.  Until next time, know that I am properly maintained.  

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Tuesday, July 4, a holiday maintenance spanking.  We had returned from the camping weekend on Monday, but sleep caught up with us and we crashed early.  About noon today she called me to join her upstairs...I knew what that meant, I was to be spanked.  Before she applied the blindfold, I took note of the toys laid out.  Four paddles, the big wood, flexible leather, steel reinforced leather and the patent leather seemed to smile in anticipation of my bare ass.  Along side was the coil of rope, the narrow wood hairbrush and the riding bat, so this would be a long maintenance.  Bare hand began and the warm up period was quite short.  Harder strokes followed and the flexible leather must have been in her other hand as she switched to that without a hint of a pause.  A number of strokes ended with just a brief pause for her to utter one word..."spread'um".  I spread as far as possible exposing everything I own for the narrow wood hairbrush.  Spreading wide makes it difficult to stand 'toes in' which is a stance that keeps you from clenching your butt. The narrow brush spanked everything it could reach and its coarse bristles scrubbed the rest.  Toy changes from then on were a blur and I could hardly discern which implement was being used.  I could feel the coils of rope biting into tender areas and the riding bat is distinctive, however as to which paddle was enjoying its turn, I was clueless.  After what seemed a while, she said 'stand, turn and keep spread'.  Now I was subjected to nipple torment and CBT.  Fingers pulled, pinched and twisted both nipples while the rope gently whipped cock and balls.  Then a switch and the riding bat firmly spanked both nipples while the other hand tormented my package.  Turned back around and bent into position the spanking continued.  The upcoming fireworks had nothing on me as the big wood paddle lit up my ass in fine holiday fashion.  A concatenate of hard strokes was causing deep tissue bruising while the surface flesh was being stung beyond belief.  Not to be finished too soon, she directed me up onto the bed saying 'time for a holiday fucking'.  I felt the lube being applied and the glass dildo being inserted.  I was being butt fucked while the other hand tugged on my balls and cock.  The next directive was to climb down and face her.  More nipple torture and CBT until I was quite aroused.  Things progressed into activities we do not discuss here as I guess it was her turn.  Quite awhile later, as I lie recouping, she tossed the dice.  We had not used the dice for the last week or so due to the busy schedule, but now back to the random scheduling.  No luck for me as she rolled a 'ONE'.  So ready or not, on Thursday, I will be maintenance spanked again.

Thanks to all readers keeping up with my busy schedule and lack of on time reporting.  I'll try to be more diligent in updating the blog.  And do keep the questions and comments coming in and each will be addressed.  

Monday, July 3, 2017

Friday, June 30, spanked for maintenance.  We were scheduled to leave for an extended camping weekend over the holiday weekend.  After loading up and preparing to leave, she called me into the bedroom.  Following last weeks spanking party we did not roll the dice as we knew this camping weekend was happening.  I was told to get prepared to be spanked.  I slipped out of my shirt and dropped my jeans and bent over.  My underwear is completely backless so my ass was bared.  No! she said, I want you totally nude for your spanking.  I stripped off everything else and stood before her.  She turned me around and put me into position over the end of the bed.  From there I could see the toys she had assembled.  The patent leather paddle, flexible leather paddle, hairbrush and riding bat were waiting to greet my presented ass.  The spanking was to be short, but not easy as the patent leather paddle kissed my bare cheeks several times for a warm up.  Beginning to mean business as the strokes increased in tempo and hardness.  Several minutes later the hairbrush gently tapped the inside of my thighs meaning for me to spread my legs.  I obeyed but the tapping continued so I readjusted and spread very wide exposing my inner cheeks, anus and balls.  Well, all of that and cheeks were spanked with the hairbrush.  Reversing the brush so the short coarse bristles contacted my tender well spanked flesh.  It scoured my balls, inner thighs, anus and inner cheeks.  By the time she picked up the riding bat, I was bright cherry red.  The bat showed no mercy as it swished through the air and slapped my ass along with everything else.  The yelps became howls as I accepted my due maintenance spanking.  Lastly, the flexible leather paddle coated both cheeks with stinging slaps.  When it was over, she stood me up saying that was enough for today, but I would be spanked again when we return.  We returned today, Monday, so I expect a good July 4th spanking either tonight or tomorrow.  That report will be out soon.

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