Saturday, June 12, 2021

Bound and Spanked

Saturday, June 12, two days late but Maintenance Day just the same. Astute readers will recall I rolled a 'ONE' after my spanking on Tuesday. Well we lost both Thursday and Friday nights to life occurrences. We both decided on a Saturday morning session to be certain life would not rob us again. I bent over the wedge pillow as she got implements from the drawer. I glanced over at the toys she had collected for todays maintenance session. I saw the rubber paddle, a coil of rope, the hair brush and two pussy whips.
My bare ass was presented nicely as she began warming me up with a bare hand spanking. Cheeks were warmed and then spanked as the bare hand took a good amount of time covering me from the top of my ass to upper thighs. Then quite a pause as she fussed with the rope. Instead of striking me with the coil, she began to bind me. Securing a loop around my left thigh, as high as possible, she began to wrap around my hips with each pass accross the front under my cock. After several wraps, my cock was upright and tight against my lower abdoman leaving my balls hanging free. This being done, she picked up the rubber paddle and swatted my cheeks quite hard. Those familiar with rubber implements know it does not take a very hard swat to register high on the pain level. Slow tempo on alternating cheeks, rapid fire bursts on each cheek, one at a time. Sit spots and upper thighs were not neglected. While this paddling was going on, my eyes were tearing and yelps could be heard. Resting the paddle for the moment, the hairbrush continued the spanking. My ass was very red and quite sore by now. She used the hairbrush for many more minutes. "You're doing good", she said, "nice and red". She used the rubber paddle to deliver an additional 5 very hard swats to each cheek. I howled. She spread my legs quite wide displaying my hanging balls. She picked up the pussy whips and then I knew the reason for the bondage. She whipped my balls with the pussy whips like a boxer would work a speed bag. I was unable to move as the whips had their way with my balls. After what seems like forever, she finished and told me to check the mirror. I hobbled over and saw crinson cheeks and purple balls. SHe untied me and I thanked her for a wonderful maintenance spanking. I tossed the die and the angels were with me..... a 'SIX' appeared. Next Saturday I will be due for another maintenance session. Readership has gone up again and for that I thank all of you. We have had a few different folks leaving questions and comments. This makes the blog very interesting for everyone. Do not hesitate to join the group and drop a comment or ask a question. Seven days before I write again, so plenty of time for you folks to have your chance. Go for it !!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Flogged and Paddled

Tuesday, June 8, Maintenance Day. On the rebound from birthday spankings and a weekend away, another maintenance spanking was due. We used the day.... inbetween rain showers to mow lawns both here and the RR clubhouse. Finally unloading the tractor and other lawn mowing tools, we both were quite dirty. Stripping off every article of clothing near the washer in the basement, both of us went upstairs toward the shower. She went first and I followed. When I came out of the shower she reminded me..." stay nude, you're getting spanked later'. I reported at the required time to find her ready to administer a spanking for maintenance. She had placed 3 toys next to the wedge pillow... the big wood paddle and two floggers, one with short falls and one with long falls.
The short fall flogger looks identical to the one pictured except the falls are about half the length of the flogger shown. That implement was chosen to lead off. A short warm up preceeded a much longer flogging segment. Covering me from shoulders to upper thighs with sound flogger strikes, the segment ended with uppercut strokes aimed between my legs. The leather falls of the flogger certainly did not tickle my hanging cock and balls. The big wood paddle was next and it meant business. Solid swats on both cheeks landed repeated as she paddled my ass. I yelped after each swat but held position throughout the segment. A brief pause before the long flogger began to cover my entire torso with strikes. Again my cheeks were not the only target, from upper thighs to shoulders, she covered every inch of flesh. Yes, my family jewels included as the uppercut strikes took no mercy. Another segment of very hard swats with the big wood paddle came after the flogger was set aside. Rapid fire paddling truned my cheeks quite red and sore. I thought the session was over, but both floggers came back for an encore. This time my ass was the primary target... like a big red bullseye, my cheeks caught nearly every strike from the short and long floggers. The falls of the long flogger found their way between my thighs to cover my dangling package with solid strikes. Another short but quite hard paddling wound up the spanking. Every swat was dead center on both cheeks. Lastly, she used both hands to torment my balls. Opening my legs a bit more, she cupped the hanging sack with one hand and slapped it repeatedly with the other hand. Squeezing, pulling, twisting, and slapping hightlighted a CBT segment to finally end the session. We kissed and hugged as I thanked her for my maintenance spanking. I then tossed the dice and it was not friendly. Galloping across the floor and resting with a big "1" showing. Smiling, she said "Your ass is mine on Thursday". Thanking all readers expecially those extending happy birthday wishes to me this past few days. Ready to field your questions and comments which are welcome and encouraged. See everyone after my next spanking.

Friday, June 4, 2021

Birthday Spankings

Thursday, June 3, Maintenance Day and my Birthday all in one. Another year older, but no The day began as every other, me making coffee and serving it in bed. We small talked a bit before she said "Happy Birthday...How do you feel"? I replied I felt just fine and she said "Great, because you're going to feel this birthday all day". Before leaving bed, she pulled me over her lap and with my bare ass facing the ceiling, she delivered a long and hard bare hand spanking. So my first spanking ended about 8:15. She told me to get up and dressed, we are going out for breakfast. I complied and put my still sore ass in the car for a short trip to a restaurant.
We returned about 10:30 and I removed my clothing as my normal at home attire is nude. Noticing I had not yet done my morning chores, I clamped my nipples as set to work. Not as much to do as there were no breakfast dishes, but some things still needed attention. I was nearly done and at the kitchen sink when she entered the kitchen with the big wood paddle. The simple directive "stick your ass out" was all I needed to know. My paddling was about to begin. Hands still wet and in the sink, I protruded my ass. No warm up, a very hard swat landed full on both cheeks. "Too bad you are as old as you are," she said, "One per year is quite a few". True to her word, she delivered the required number of swats... all hard. I must have moved a bit as she reach around me and pulled my hips back for the last 15 very hard strikes. "Oh yeah, one to grow on".
We had an errand to run about 1:30 or so and she summond me to our bedroom. "Before we go, you're getting another spanking....bend over", she said as she snapped the doubled belt. I obeyed, no wedge pillow, just placed my palms on the bed and my ass in direct line of the belt. Again, no warm up, just hard lashes across both cheeks from top to upper thighs. Also lashing fron side to side, my entire cheeks were subject to a good belting. The required number of strokes completed, she said "Now get dressed..commando, and sit in the car on your sore red bottom". We were not gone over two hours and I expected to be spanked at least two more times before the end of the day. However, she had plans I was unaware of. She took me to dinner later and then to a surprise b'day party with a bunch of vanilla friends. A great time was had with cake and refreshments. By the time we got home, the day was over and we both were quite tired. A great birthday for me. Thanks readers for your time and we will be back to regular maintenance spankings probably on Monday as we will be away again for the weekend. Comments and questions are still welcome.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Memorial Day Spanking

Monday May 31, A Memorial Day Spanking. I was spanked on Saturday morning and she seemed quite gleeful when I rolled a 'ONE' to schedule the next spanking for the Monday Holiday. We had been away for the weekend at the RR track and were a bit late getting back. She opted for a quick take-out dinner that we picked up on the way home. We ate first, then unloaded the car and soon it was after 9 pm. I received her next directive and immediately obeyed. "Get out of those clothes..and I mean every thread. Then bend over, you've still got a spanking coming". I totally stripped and presented my ass in record time. She busied herself with choosing tonights spanking implements. The flexible leather paddle, riding bat and purse paddle all would be used for the maintenance session.
The leather paddles fur side was used for the warm up and soon had my ass ready for a full paddling. The first swat with the leather side stung my bare cheeks. She paddled long and hard as I began to yelp. Sit spots and upper thighs were covered with rapid strikes. Very hard swats on alternating cheeks lasted many minutes. Finally the paddle was set down, but the riding bat took its place stinging my ass with every stroke. She whipped the implement using both the leather tip and shaft to spank me. Yelps became louder and eyes moistened. My reddening ass cheeks caught every swat from the bat as it completed its segment with a hard rapid fire burst of about 20 strokes. The final implement was the purse paddle. This little hard wood paddle packs quite a wallop. Beginning with its cover still on the paddle delivered hard thuds to my ass. Quite a few landed but soon enough it was cherry wood meeting bare flesh and I howled. Another followed on my other cheek and it continued as she alternated cheeks with solid swats from this paddle. Howling and tearing, I began to squirm a bit to escape the pain. Her free hand slid around my hips and cupped my hanging family jewels, but did not squeeze. I recalled her holding me in place in a former session by grasping and twisting my balls until I ceased any movement. Eager not to have that occur again, I held position and let my ass take the full force of the wood. She paddled relentlessly and I howled and teared but did not move a bit knowing her hand cupping my balls could at any time be used to hold me in place. The paddling continued for many minutes as tears rand down my face. Resting the implement, her bare hand took over for a long spanking. Slowly she released my balls and her left hand joined in for a two handed, two cheek spanking. Finally brought to a close, I thanked her for administering my due maintenance. No dice roll was needed as Thursday is my birthday and she already informed me I would be very thoroughly spanked on that day. I caught a glimpse of my ass in the mirror and the reflection revealed deep red cheeks with whitish centers. Thanks again to all readers and I encourage you to leave comments or questions. The last episode yielded a great question for a loyal reader. I answer them all right here. See you all next time.

Monday, May 31, 2021

FIVE Hundred plus

Saturday, May29, A morning maintenance spanking. With the impending bad weather on Friday and plans for a weekend trip to the RR track, it appeared the due maintenance may have to be postponed. Not to be true I found out as I walked into our room after doing my morning chores. She had laid out the wedge pillow and 3 implements, seeing me she said, "Good, I'm glad you're here....bend over and present your ass, I'm going to give you a good spanking right now". Sort of taken by surprised, but eager to obey I bent over the pillow and stuck my ass out to receive my due maintenance.
She began by spanking my cheeks with her bare hand for what I thought was a warm up. Perhaps it was for a few swats, but soon, I was getting a good hard hand spanking. Many swats on bare skin left me not only warm, but quite pink. She chose the leather strap next and it took over where the bare hand left off. Covering all of my cheeks, sit spots and upper thighs. Not a square inch of ass was left unstrapped. The leather is about 1 1/2 inch wide and it takes many lashes to cover everything. I would say she strapped me long enough to cover everything twice. Moisture formed in my eyes as I took whatever the strap dished out. The pink had now turned to red and the warm was now hot as she paused only long enough to change implements. She swished the toy back and forth in the air and I knew it was the riding bat. The first swat stung like a hornet, and I yelped as it struck dead center on my right cheek. Five more very fast landed on the same cheek. Not to be out done or even one degree lighter, the left cheek got its hard strikes. Yelping after each, I felt like squirming a bit, but remembered her holding me in position by the balls during my last session. I decided not to squirm and to hold position on my own, so I gritted my teeth and actually stuck my ass out farther to accept my spanking. "Nice", she said, and really started whipping my cheeks with the bat. I yelped thru my cleched jaw as tears were forced out thru squinted eyes. She whipped my ass, sit spots and upper thighs repeatedly for many munites. My flaming cheeks took the onslaught as I squeezed the pillow sides. Resting the riding bat, she walked over to the toy drawer saying she was getting one of her favorites. She returned with the hair brush.
My red and sore ass was now going to get a long and hard hair brush spanking. I spread my legs a bit to steady myself and presented my ass. She patted it gently with her bare hand just before the hair brush connected with bare flesh. White hot pain shot thru me and as the brush spanked cheeks, sit spots and upper thighs. Yelps and tears began again, but I held my ass still as she unloaded with the brush over and over and over again. I could not imagine my cheeks any more sore as I heard her snap the doubled belt. I realized I still had the segment with the belt. The initial lash with the 2 inch wide leather covered both cheeks perfectly. Several more in the same area really got my attention and more tears flowing. She moved her position directly behind me and began lashing me with forehand and backhand strokes as my cheeks caught each swat. Yelps turned to howls and the belting continued. Returning to hard strikes across both cheeks and thighs, she lashed me for what seemed like forever. She finally stopped and said, "there you go... one hundred with each and believe me your ass is crimson". Really, I replied, felt like more. "Well", she said, there were some extra swats...with each toy!!!!" I thank her and tossed the die. Oh no!!! a ONE came up. Great", she said, "We are leaving for the track now and when we return on Monday night, you're getting another spanking". "And remember, Thursday is your birthday.... you're really getting spanked!!!. We dressed and I had to ride over an hour on a very sore bottom. Sorry readers for the delay in reporting this episode. Sometimes there is no internet access at the track. However, don't you delay is asking questions or leaving comments. All weill be answered in a timely manner. Hope to see you all very sson

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Leather and Wood

Tuesday, May 25, Maintenance, Part 2, Strapped and Paddled. I spent the day working at the RR depot/clubhouse, a little tender, but not too bad from my spanking last night. Readers keeping up will recall we all found out it was only part 1 and, true to her word, she diligently carried out the second part of maintenance session. Just after 8 pm, she unceremonously said "come with me, you're getting spanked". We set up the pillow and got out the toys to be used for tonight's session. Mentioned in the title, she chose the leather strap and the big wood paddle.
I bent over the wedge and stuck my ass out to receive the second part of due maintenance. She started off with the leather strap using it for a short warm up. Even light strokes from a leather strap deliver a noticeable swat. Warm up complete, the strikes became harder and faster until full force lashes stung and colored my cheeks in no time. No let up yet and she continued to lash my ass soundly. Horizontal and verticle strokes and some flicking of the tip strikes had me squirming and a yelp followed esch swat. After a full ten minutes of strapping, she rested that toy and gave a good bare hand spanking. Moist eyes and red cheeks were in line for the next segment with the big wood paddle. Large enough to easily cover my full ass. A solid swat on both cheeks began the assault with the wood paddle. Ten or more hard swats pushed tears from my eyes and forced some movement on my part. She was not going to allow this. A slight pause while her left hand found its way around my hips and grasped my balls. Twisting and squeezing my balls to hold my ass in place while she began a fast and hard paddling. Single cheek, upper thighs, both cheeks all got a sound paddling as I yelped and shed tears. She paddled continuously as I was held immobile by my balls. This 20 plus minute spanking ended with a barrage of ten very hard full center swats. She concluded by saying my cheeks were crimson. I thanked her with a big hug and kisses. I tossed the dice and watched as the cube tumbled across the floor stopping with a '3' on top. This schedules Saturday as the next maintenance day. I mentioned that we may be at the RR track for the weekend, but she replied we'll make it work. Does this mean I will be spanked at the track or held to Sunday. Readers, we will find out together. Meanwhile please do not hesitate to leave your questions or comments. Each will be answered. See you next time.

Monday, May 24, 2021

Spanked for Maintenance....Part One

Monday, May 24, Maintenance Day. We returned from a long weekend at the RR track on Sunday evening. This morning saw us awake early and begin our day. As you may recall, on Friday after my maintenance spanking, I tossed a 3, which scheduled Monday as the next maintenance day. After my morning chores and doing breakfast duty, I stopped by our room and noticed she had placed the wedge pillow out for use. She said I was to be spanked tonight as the dice directed. The day unfolded with no major issues and following dinner cleanup, I was called to our room. It looked much as it did following breakfast, wedge pillow in spanking position with one addition. Tonight's weapons of ass destruction were laid out to be used. The doubled belt, the rubber thumper, the narrow hairbrush and rubber strap.
Mincing no words, she simply said, "Bend over the pillow, you're getting spanked". Obeying in an instant, I presented my ass and she began to spank me. Bare hand for the warm up and then a good bare hand segment. Not overly long before the rubber thumper came on to pummel my warm pink cheeks. A sound thumping segment ended within a few minutes. Another bare hand segment was fit in between the rubber thumper and the narrow hair brush. Bare hand relaxed and hair brush was engaged. The narrow hair brush gives a good sting even though the contact area is small. I was squirming a bit as she began another bare hand spanking. That too lasted a few minutes with another change at the end of the segment. Next was the belt and she lashed the leather across both cheeks with a loud slap. A yelp slipped out before another lash landed. Many more solid swats with the doubled belt connected with my ass as she belted me soundly, short, but solid. Another bare hand segment was squeezed in before the last implement came in for its turn. The rubber strap brought its devestating pain on my red cheeks. A good strapping caused many yelps and squirming. Guess what came next....yes, another bare hand spanking. Then the thumper for round two. Bare hand again before the narrow hairbrush took its second segment. She stopped the maintenance session and stood me upright. I thanked her and went to toss the dice. She stopped me saying not to roll the dice. You will be spanked again tomorrow for part two. I guess I looked a bit confused so she clarified with a few words.... "you're getting spanked tomorrow, then roll the dice". Well readers, now you know as much as I do. I dediced to give two reports for this two part spanking. uestion and comments will be accepted for both parts. Ask away.... see you all again tomorrow.