Saturday, February 22, 2020

Saturday, February 22, Morning spanking.  We have left the resortand are back in the campground, so no spankings now until we get back home next least that is the thought for now.  She had intended on spanking me last night, but we attended a Bon Voyage party for folks at the resort leaving on cruise tomorrow and got back too late for the spanking.  However, this morning we were having morning coffee in bed discussing the packing and checking out of the resort.  In her mind, she had left time for a quick spanking.  While finishing the coffee I noticed she had brought two toys out of the bag.  The purse paddle and the rubber strap.  I knew then I would be driving from the resort to the campground on a very sore ass.  Coffee was over and she motioned me into position.  I bent over the edge of the bed and nicely presented my bare ass for her.  She said this will be a quickie with 25 strokes from each.  The purse paddle went first, but she left the cover on it.  This provided some protection and delivered a thud with each of the 25 strokes.  Another trick in her bag of tricks was her bare hand was added to the toys.   She spanked me hard with the bare hand for 25 licks.  Stinging and getting warm, my cheeks were not ready for the rubber strap.  The first good swat caused a yelp and I cringed at the thought of 24 more.  But they came one after the other and in succession, the yelps got louder and the eyes got wetter.  The rubber strap is an evil spanking tool and she was using it to its fullest capability.  After the 25 swats, I began to rise from the position only to feel he hand push me back into position.  Now the purse paddle was removed from its protective cover and ready to paddle my spanked and strapped ass.  Yelps turned to howls and full tears ran down my face as the cherry wood  paddled my cheeks.  25 strokes felt like an eternity, but she delivered every last one before allowing me up on my feet.  I absorbed a full 100 strokes, sighed and paused a few seconds before standing up.  A kiss and thank you and we were on the the packing and leaving.  I will assume the next spanking will take place at home and be next Sunday.  Only time will tell.

I do appreciate all readers, new and established.  I also enjoy your comments or questions and will answer each one right here.  Bye for now.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Thursday, Maintenance spanking delivered.  Wednesday was bypassed for unknown reasons....perhaps a bit too much sunshine on my cheeks.  Well, not so for today..... After a fine dinner at the on site restaurant, we returned to our unit.  She busied herself getting out implements and fixing pillows on the edge of the bed.  "Over you go", she said, I obeyed and not only bare, my ass was now high and vulnerable.  She tossed me the blindfold and I noticed a few toys on the bed before I put it on.  The Braided Loopy Johnny, Leather Slapper, Riding Bat, Thin Oak Paddles and Rubber Strap were included.

As tradition has it, her bare hand made the first contact nicely warming up my cheeks.  Then some hard swats ended the warm up and began my maintenance spanking.  The leather slapper continued the stinging blows for their segment.  All of the implements were to get their turn in coloring my ass bright red, but the riding bat came next.  The swish thru the air followed by the loud smack against my skin and in turn followed by a yelp.  That was repeated over many times as she landed swat after swat.  It was easy for me to distinguish the next toy as the braided loopy johnny bit into red bare flesh.  With a short hand, whipping like motion, she skillfully covered both cheeks with bee sting like strikes.  Tears began to moisten the blindfold as the johnny continued to pummel my ass.  Finally resting, the thin education oak paddles took over the assault.  Like drumsticks on a snare drum, they paddled me in rapid fire tempo.  Gritting my teeth did not prevent yelps from escaping as the paddling went on and on.  She saved the best for last as she often for her perhaps, but for me, the worst.  The rubber strap connected, tears flowed and yelps turned to howls.  Ass cheeks giggled, but no other movement was allowed as she strapped me for several minutes.  Finally ending the session, our usual hugging and my thanking her for my due maintenance came after she removed the blindfold.   No dice on vacation, and Saturday we leave so another spanking or more was still a possibility.

Thanks readers for your time and support.  Question, comments.....of course, please feel free to post here hor an individual answer. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Tuesday, Feb. 18.....Hello readers, sorry for the delay.  As you know we are camping in Florida and have had no opportunity to do any spanking.  That all ended today as we checked into a clothing/optional resort for a few days.  Being stripped is the normal dress here for everyone, so that occurs within minutes of checking in.  We enjoyed a nice dinner at the poolside pub before going back to our unit.  She wasted no time in showing me a new hairbrush she had purchased.  Anxious to christen in, she directed me over her lap and began to tan my ass.  Having not been spanked since our last report, I reddened very quickly.  The brush and her bare hand continued for about a 20 minute spanking.  I would not be surprised if I am spanked every day we are here.  She showed me the toy bag she brought and in it were some painful spanking implements including the rubber strap and purse paddle.  These reports will be daily if that scenario plays out.  Keep checking back as we are her thru Saturday.  No dice will be rolled so I will not know when I will be spanked again.

Thanks for your readership and please feel free to comment and ask questions about this or any episode or about our DD relationship in general.  I will leave for now, but feel it will not be long before I will be sitting here on red and sore cheeks relaying the spanking to you folks.  Bye for now.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Wednesday, Feb 5, Maintenance Day.  As most of you know, we are in Florida for a month.  Presently we are in a timeshare unit on the beach.  The walls are quite thin so wanted to keep the due spanking as low noise level as possible.  Presenting my bare ass for her domination, I waited for the spanking to begin.  She had chosen these toys for the spanking. 

Her bare hand delivered a nice warm up and then a solid spanking.  The quiet but evil braided loopy johnny came next and handled the bulk of this session.  The leather bit into my flesh as she swung it from many angles covering my cheeks with a good whipping.  I held position as the johnny landed over and over again.  Next, my ass was treated to many minutes of the sting of the riding bat.  Upper thighs, sit spots and full cheeks took the sting of the wide leather tip of the bat.  The bare hand came on again for another spank session.  A pause for her to spread my legs exposing my inner cheeks and balls.  Using this new target area, the bat spanked the tender areas.  The hanging balls were then treated to a CBT segment by her hands and the bat.  The loopy johnny returned and was guided skilfully to strike my inner thighs and asshole.  A muffled scream into a pillow escaped as a few johnny strikes landed on my balls.  A slight pause and I heard her say 'noise be damned, grit your teeth, here comes the finale'.  The purse paddle then landed loud, long and hard while tears were forced from my eyes and yelps from my lips.  Paddled hard to end this session and I stood to hug, kiss and thank her.  A toss of the dice turned up a 3.  Adding 1 scheduled Sunday as the next spanking.  Not yet knowing the surroundings we will be in then, she said we will see how that goes.

Many thanks to readers new and established.  Comments and questions are still encouraged and will we answered right here. 

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Wednesday, Jan, 29, Maintenance Day.  A very short report today for a short spanking.  Among the tasks for getting ready to leave early Friday was to deliver a spanking for maintenance.  As we busily hurried about the house last night, I felt the spanking would be lost in the rush.  However abruptly she sat on the sofa and directed me over her lap.  Once in position she began to bare hand spank my bare ass.  No implements were about, so I knew this would be a traditional OTK, bare hand spanking.  Soft, hard, one cheek, both cheeks, caressing and massaging her hands did it all and my cheeks accepted the due maintenance.  Several minutes later, she told me to get up and back to our other tasks.  We both continued the mundane tasks needed for early departure on Friday morning, with yours truly sporting a bright red ass.  We did toss the dice before bed and a '6' turned up.  This means next Wednesday, maintenance will be due and somewhere in Florida, I will be spanked.

Thanks to all and I do expect to be able to maintain the blog during our month on the road.  Questions and comments will as always be welcome and addressed.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Sunday, Jan. 26, BDSM/Spanking party used for maintenance.  Loyal readers deserve to know how and why this report is sooooo late.  Not only due to our very hectic schedule of late in prep for our month long stay in Florida, but also due to the party we were going to on Sunday.  She decided to waive the scheduled spanking on Tuesday and wait for Sunday's party.  We did arrive on time and within minutes I found myself nude in the dungeon and atop the half circle piece of equipment.  This provides ample tie down points and presents my ass nicely to be spanked.  She brought several toys but began with her bare hand for a warm up.  Also included in her bag were the leather slapper, purse paddle, rubber strap, thin oak paddles, short rattan cane and two floggers of the ones shown.

After a lengthy spanking with all but the cane, my cheeks were crimson and she felt needed a rest.  She directed me to reverse my position on the half circle.  Now with back arched over the circle my entire front side was on display and vulnerable.  The short cane, (shortest one in the photo) came into play.  Using it on nipples, cock and balls, I was in tears all over again.  Upper cut swings to my balls and short swats to my cock and nipples had me writhing in pleasurable pain.  A break was next and following that, my next segment was on the spanking bench.  Spreading my legs to accommodate the bench, opened my inner cheeks and anus  to be spanked.  The cane again landed on these tender areas while the paddle and strap colored my ass bright red again.  Squirming was impossible being fastened, wrists and ankles, to the bench.  After another thorough spanking with all the toys, she released me for refreshments and some social  time in the break area.  Enjoying good conversation with fellow subs and Tops, is a great way to refresh and recoup.   Nearing the end of our expected stay, she felt another session was in order.  This time she chose a cross to bind my nude body to for a final spanking.  Again, a warm up, this time the leather slapper, began my ordeal.  The floggers swung with upper cut motion stung my exposed balls.  The two floggers covered me from the tops of my shoulders to the back of my knees.  The paddles now made their appearance on my tenderized ass cheeks.  Paddled soundly, I stood with moist eyes and waited for the next toy.  It was the short rattan cane.  Solid strokes across both cheeks left purple lines on the red flesh.  The finale was the strap which put me over the top.  Loud howls and flowing tears accompanied the strapping before she finally ended and released my binds.  Arriving home we tossed the dice to schedule the next spanking.  I tossed a '2' as she smiled saying "Wednesday, I will see your ass is well spanked for maintenance".  On Friday we are leaving for Florida and not sure of all our plans.  We will most likely visit the Orlando dungeon at least once while away.  
Thanks again to all readers and I will try to be more prompt with these reports.  Questions and comments will be answered as soon as possible and I encourage you all to partake in this facet of the blog.  

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Monday, January, 20, Maintenance Spanking due and delivered.  As directed by the last dice roll, a spanking was due.  Sorry this report is late, lots to do in prep to leave for Florida for a month.  Smiling and simply saying "It's time", she led me to the bedroom and placed me into position.  Face buried in a pillow, ass high and presented, I waited while she got toys out for the spanking.  For tonight's spanking she chose the exotic red paddle, rubber thumper and riding bat.

Beginning with a bare hand warm up, the spanking started.  Soon sharp bare hand strokes turned the warmed cheeks red within several minutes.  Without pause, the exotic red paddle was being swung.  Long enough to cover both cheeks, she delivered a solid swat the really got my attention.  I recoiled and processed the pain that shot through my ass, then presented for the next stroke.  It did not take but a few seconds before the next stroke duplicated the first one.  This paddle is solid and with its length creates a whip like action that delivers an effective swat second to none.  Again and again it struck producing yelps with each contact to bare and presented cheeks.  After many double cheek strikes, she adjusted her swing to smack a single cheek.  About 10 or more swats rained down on my right side and before the sound of the yelp dissipated in the room, my left cheek took its rapid fire assault.  On fire, my ass could do nothing but accept her repeated paddling with the exotic red.  Single and double cheek swats continued for a few more minutes.  The rubber thumper was almost a relief from the stinging blows of the wood paddle.  It covered my complete ass with its patented thumping action for several minutes.  The finale was to be from the riding bat.  Swishing through the air, the short shaft aimed the wide leather tip at my crimson ass.  She swatted and swatted both cheeks with stinging strikes from the bat.  The rapid fire tempo must have landed near a hundred strikes before she slowed and finally stopped.  A sound maintenance session was over and she stood me upright as I kissed, hugged and thanked her.  A toss of the die was unfriendly as a '2' appeared.  This scheduled Thursday as the next maintenance day.

Thanks again to all readers, new and established ones.  Your comments are encouraged and any questions will be answered.