Friday, November 20, 2020

Maintenance Day

Thursday, Nov 19, Maintenance Day. An abnormal week culminated on Thursday evening with her saying "come with is time for your spanking". She had been a bit under the weather most of the last 6 days. On Monday I took a very hard spanking for maintenance, and now I believe she was not feeling well, but delivered the spanking anyway. Obeying, I followed her to the bedroom which had been set up as usual. Wedge pillow in place and two implements along side. I knew she was not completely 100%, but a degree better than earlier in the week. I asked again if she was not up to this, we could easily put it off a bit. She said " no, now bend over the pillow, I am going to spank you ". Again I obeyed and draped myself over the wedge and presented my ass. The implements she chose were the doubled belt and the pruse paddle. Two implements instead of 3 or 4 led me to believe she was up to doing the spanking, but it would be abreviated. She began traditionally with a bare hand warm up. After about 20 or so strokes for a warm up, the spanks began to gather force and speed. She spanked me bare handed for many many strokes. Upon completion of that segment, she picked up the doubled belt and started lashing my bare cheeks. No need to hold back, and she didn't. All lashes of the leather belt were medium at the least, most quite hard and some very hard. Without pause, she delivered a long belting as I squirmed and yelped. Many minutes later she concluded the belt segment. I was sore and I imagine quite red, which made no difference to the cherry wood purse paddle. She began with the cover on the paddle producing solid thud strikes. When the cover was removed the bare wood met bare flesh with a loud and painful smack. Alternating cheeks, she paddled long and firm. Yelping and squirming with every swat, I struggled to hold position. She assisted my effort by placing her left hand just above my ass cheeks. Her right hand continued the paddling with no pause or let up. Finially completed, she helped me upright as we hugged as I thanked her. She said I had taken 100 bare hand swats, 100 belt lashes and 100 strikes of the paddle. Shorter in duration, but with sound intensity, the spanking was very good. Now we leave Friday morning for 3 weeks in Florida and our every 3rd day schedule may have to be altered a bit. The next spanking would be Saturday, but we may be at the track in Florida and it may not be conducive for a maintenance session. As she said, we will see how things go. Again, I thank all readers for their continued support. I will individually answer every question or comment left here by readers of this blog. Check back often to see what happens during our Florida trip.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Spanked HARD for maintenance

Monday, Nov. 16, A maintenance spanking I will not soon forget. She has a bit of a head cold and I thought she was not up to a spanking, so I asked her just that. She said let's give it a try. The implents chosen were the big wood paddle, leather slapper and the small wood hairbrush. I presented my ass by climbing over the wedge pillow. Her bare hands began the warm up, but it seemed to only last 10 or less swats. She upped the force and was spanking me quite hard for several more minutes. The firsr implement was the leather slapper and even though it is short toy, she was using it like a longer one, whipping from side to side in a very hard and fast tempo. Never slowing, she whipped both cheeks while Istood up a bit to relieve the pain. A bit early in the session for me to do that, but hard strokes seemed to be the rule tonight. The big wood paddle was next and greeted my sore cheeks with a hard loud smack. Two or three more followed before she paused to adjust my position, pulling my hips back a bit and pushing my torso down against the pillow. "Keep your ass out" she commanded. The padling resumed and was very hard. Short segments with all the toys followed. 10 to 20 strokes from each, but each took several turns. The short hairbrush was next and the hard swats continued. I can't recall being spanked this hard since a discipline spanking. The slapper returned, whipping my cheeks. Then the paddle again, with full force rapid fire swats landing full on both cheeks. Hairbrush too was used hard and fast on alternating cheeks. I was holwing by the time the third and forth short segment of each toy took its turn. Hard hand spankings also were thrown in. Onec again I heard, "I told you to stick you ass do it". I complied only to receive more fast and hard swats. When she finished, I was told to put the tools away, as she left the room. Glancing at the clock and the mirror, I found a 20 minute spanking has left my ass very red and with marks. Thanking my readers, new and established, is proper and I never neglect to do it. I really appreciate your support. Questions and comments are always welcome. Thursday is the next scheduled spanking and we leave for Florida on Friday morning. I am unsure about the schedule then, but I will keep you posted.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Spanked...but good

Friday night and we both know maintenance is due. I reported and got into position. Tonights implements were all leather. The doubled belt, riding bat, flexible leather paddle and leather slapper. The bare hand warm up portion began on time and she warmed my cheeks nicely. Then the more firm swats started and continued until a nice long segment concluded. Sufficiently warm and now quite pink, my ass met the slapper. The smooth side stung while the fringe side bit into the flesh. She used the slapper very hard and I began to yelp early in the segment. My legs were open a bit, but far enough that the fringe went into the crack of my cheeks and swatted my anus. Quite a stinging on tender places. The long segment ended and the next began with no pause. The riding bat came next and she used it much like a short cane. She whipped my bare cheeks like a jockey would whip a thorobread in the home stretch. I stood a bit to ease the pain and my yelps became howls. Soon she used a rapid fire whipping motion and I stood up completely, tearing and screaming. She continued to whip my ass for several minutes. Then while changing implements, she pushed me back down against the wedge pillow and kicked my ankles open wider. Another bare hand spanking ensued with a good number of swats landing directly on my asshole. The doubled belt made its entry known with a solid lash across both cheeks. Many more were to land in different directions on single and both cheeks. She belted me soundly for some time before bring on the leather paddle. Both sides were used so I got a good thud and sting paddling. She scurried to the far side of the bed and I heard the toy drawer open. What was this???? another implement? Yup the slotted wodden spoon wacked my red ass very hard. Over and over again it landed leaving me yelping after each swat. She paused again to change position. She sat on the bed against the headboard and directed me into the modified OTK position. During this change, I noticed another 'guest' implement had emerged from the drawer. When I got in the OTK position, she immediately began to use the rubber strap on my well spanked cheeks. Oh man, did that sting and burn. The rubber strapped my ass many many times. Then the slotted wooden spoon had another segment. If any area of my ass was unspanked, the spoon took care of it right away. She raised my hips enough for my package to dangle a bit. Both hands reached under me and a rough, but sensual CBT segment was in progress, Squeezing, pulling, slapping all took place on my balls and cock. Shoving my ass back down on her thighs, she concluded the maintance session with another long paddling with the leather paddle. I slid off her like a wet rag and noticed the clock. A 45 minute maintenance session ended with my thanking her. A great spanking!. Thanking all readers is important, as they are the backbone of any blog. I cannot thank you enough for your support. Comments and questions are not only welcome, they are encouraged. I'll answer all of them. Monday is the next scheduled maintenance spanking. Until then....

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Maintenance...on schedule

Tuesday, Nov, 13...."You're getting spanked today" was the directive I received when I started the discussion about our last session being one day late. I said it was Saturday's session, but did not take place till Sunday, so either Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on two days after either Saturday or Sunday. I did not have to undress as I climed over the wedge pillow, presented my bare ass for her to spank. She was getting her desired implements out as I took position. The big wood paddle was the first one out quickly followed by a slotted wooden spoon. The final toy made me gulp as the braided leather loopy johnny came into view. She adjusted my legs a bit more open, but not very far as she began the bare hand portion. This warm up was quite short...only perhaps 3 minutes. The slotted wooden spoon, a new comer to the toy drawer, swatted my left cheek soundly to start its portion of the spanking. Alternating cheeks, upper thighs and sit spots, the spoon tenderized my flesh numerous times. Varying tempo and force this segment went on quite awhile. I knew my skin was bright pink and quite warm before the big wood paddle loomed in her right hand. A full force swat covering both cheeks landed with a loud smack. That was followed by another and another and another and another. Many struck again and again in varying tempo and force, but continued for many minutes. She paddled and paddled and paddled as yelps were my timed input. With my ass on fire, I held my breath for a few seconds as she picked up the loopy johnny. This implement can be very stingy or thuddy as directed by the user. She used both as strikes began to fall and bite into my inflammed flesh. She swung it with the loop closed delivering a good thud across both cheeks as well as with a flicking, whip like motion, stinging one small area at a time. Horizontal, vertical, single cheek, double cheek, all resulted in the leather meeting my ass repeatedly. Yelping all the way, the final final swat was eventually delivered. She said, while helping me up, I told you I had wanted to double your last session. You just took 100 swats from each implement and your ass is crimson.....go check it out. Wow was she right, I thought looking over my shoulder in the mirror. Friday you will get another spanking she said as she left the room for me to straighten up and put the toys away. Our 'every 3rd day' schedule seems to be working so far. I do wish to thank you all before closing. Your continued support means a lot to me. Please feel free to leave comments or questions, which will all be answered. Next spanking is on Friday.

Monday, November 9, 2020

Spanked...short, but hard

Sunday, November 8, A day late but maintenance was delivered. We were away for the weekend and Saturday night was just not conducive for a maintenance session to occur. Sunday evening, after we arrived home we were both quite tired out. I asked if she were up to a spanking and she said "We are both tired, but we missed yesterday, so I'm going to spank you right now". She got out 3 weapons of ass destruction while I got over the wedge pillow and presented my ass. She picked out 3 different textures to give variety to the event. One wood, (the exotic red paddle), one leather, (the doubled belt), and one rubber, (the strap). I neglected to notice the fourth which is what met my bare cheeks first. Her bare hand....a nice warm up preceeded a good bare hand spanking. She chose the belt as the first implement to be used. A steady barrage of lashes were delivered with nothing less than medium. All angles were used, both and single cheeks were struck. I imagine a good even red color dressed my upper thighs, sit spots and full cheeks when she laid the belt to rest. The exotic red suddenly made its presence known to me by way of a hard solid horizontal strike across both cheeks. I yelped and jumped a bit. She placed her left hand on my back just above my ass and continued to paddle me soundly. Yelping and tearing, she delivered strokes that turned the red to deeper red and the pain up a notch. Then the unimaginable.....the rubber strap!!! All the strokes were horizontal as it began on my upper thighs, moving slightly up, the sit spots received share, another level up she struck my full cheeks. She strapped my ass while I howled and tears filled my eyes. When she finally placed it down, my crimson cheeks had wide lines from the rubber. She said "OK, that was 50 with each implement, not including my bare hand. I would like to administer another segment, or two with each toy, but we are both worn out". We both agreed to get some rest. If we use that spanking for Saturday, the next will be on Tuesday, but if we agree the spanking was for Sunday, then Wednesday, I shall submit to another maintenance session. Thanks to all readers, new and established, your support is appreciated. I encourage questions and/or comments and each will be answered right here. Again, not exactly sure about the next episode, so check back often.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Spanked for Maintenance

Our new, every 3rd day maintenance schedule is in effect and today, Wednesday, I am scheduled to be spanked. 8 pm seems to be our most available time and at that hour I reported. The implements were out and next to the wedge pillow waiting for me to be in position. She had chosen the purse paddle, the flexible leather paddle and the riding bat. I got into position over the pillow and presented my ass to her to be spanked. Normally, a bare hand warm up begins our sessions and than held true. Her first implement was the riding bat and I could tell the warm up was over. ' SMACK ' the leather tip of the bat struck my left cheek, seconds later the right cheek was introduced to the solid sting of the implement. Using an alternating pattern, she colored both cheeks with stinging swats. Lowering just a bit, the sit spots were now the target. She never misses a target and the red color of my cheeks enlarged to the sit spots and then upper thighs. With all areas a matching red hue, she altered her strike psttern and used the shaft of the bat like a cane. Deeper red lines soon appeared across both cheeks. Several minutes later and with no pause, she picked up the flexible leather paddle. Everyone knows this is a two sided toy and thus acts like two different implements. The fur side delivers a solid thud swat and she used that for many minutes. Quickly switching to the smooth leather side, as the paddling motion continued, my ass was being stung with the leather. Several minutes of this gave way to a long and hard bare hand spanking. Never slowing the tempo, her bare hand covered upper thighs, sit spots and finally both full cheeks, all were soundly spanked. Again with no pause, the purse paddle was ready to continue the assault. She paddled both cheeks alternately with the cherry wood implement and delivered some to the center of my ass covering part of both cheeks. Many minutes of paddling yielded to a slight pause. Her warm bare hands slid between my thighs and squeezed my balls, tugging my cock and several light enjoyable interlude. "Part two", she said and immediately started another segment with the riding bat. It seemed harder than the first segment, but I can't be sure. What I was sure of is I was getting another full spanking with each implement. The leather paddle went next and using both sides made that segment longer. No rest before the purse paddle showed up for its second go around. She paddled long and hard again with the small but dense cherry wood paddle. The finale was to be another long bare hand spanking. I know it was longer than the first time and I would probably still be there, but she finished saying her hand had had enough. To say the least, I was thoroughly spanked. Thurs and Fri off and I am due again on Saturday. We may be away for the weekend and we'll have to address that at the time. A heart felt thank you goes out to all readers. Comments?? Questions?? they are encouraged and will be answered. Check for the next episode during or after the weekend. Bye for now.

Monday, November 2, 2020

Regular Maintenance

She determined after the last spanking I was ready to at least try a regular maintenance session. We decided to begin on Sunday the first of the new month. Also agreed to was the return to full chores and that means full discipline as well. This will start on Sunday even if the regular maintenance trial falters. So at 8 pm, I reported, nude and climbed into position with my ass protruded to accept a maintenance spanking. She was getting out toys while I was getting into position. She got the big wood paddle, the coil of rope, the short handle hairbrush, and her padded mittens. For the warm up, the mittens were a good choice. A long session with them warmed me sufficiently. There was to be no defining segments with each implement, but rather they were mixed with short and multile segments of each. The rope coil was next and she used it like a flogger. Whipping motions both horizontal and verticle. Ass cheeks, sit spots and upper thighs were struck repeatedly with the coil. The wood paddle came along and delivered a solid paddling segment. Short handled or not, the hair brush also spanked me thouroughly. The bare hands also took several opportunities between the others to spank my ass. No distinct segment or number of swats, just a mixed bag of all the toys for a few sessions of spanking. Then the bare hands, slid down my legs and pushed them apart a bit. A swat to my anus before they again pushed my legs open even more. She swatted my balls and cock before spreading my legs open to the max. Then she forced my torso all the way down on the wedge pillow leaving my ass high and wide open. The thought crossed my mind...what a good position for an anal plug or a good ass fucking with a dildo. Neither occurred. The rope coil was swung now in a verticle motion, striking my balls, anus, inner thighs and inner cheeks. Stinging its way thru an extended segment. A bare hand spanking now struck those areas, but concentrated on my asshole and inner cheeks. Her left hand found its way to my back and pressed down to help hold me in position. The short handled brush was being used to spank my wide open ass, inner and upper thighs along with the sit sopts. Then she turned the brush over and used its short and very coarse bristles. She scoured the tender recently spanked areas until I howled. My balls, asshole, inner and upper thighs and inner cheeks were scrubbed with the brush at length. Flipping it back over, she spanked my full cheeks with the hairbrush until I yelped with each swat. She released her hand from my back but I knew I dare not move as she grasped the big wood paddle for the finale. She paddled my ass long and hard as the session drew to a close. She stretched it to 35 minutes and I assumend she is still somewhat in build-up mode. Anyway she stood me up, we kissed and hugged. I thanked her for a good maintenance spanking. Readers, I hope this is a true return to regular maintenance. Instead of the dice, she and I agreed to try a more rigid schedule. I will be spanked every third day. Starting this Sunday means Monday and Tuesday are off days and I an scheduled to be spanked on Wednesday. Then Thur and Fri are off and Saturday is maintenance day again. Thank you all for getting thru this period of adjustment following my injury. As always your questions and comments ave very welcome and will be answered individually right here. Next spanking is you all then.