Thursday, January 17, 2019

Monday, Jan. 14, Maintenance Day.  It occurred one day late as we are on the road to the Southwest.  Being in hotels until we arrive in Phoenix and Las Vegas we will have to play when possible which became possible on Monday in west Texas.  She sat on the king bed, back against the headboard, pillow on her thighs and pulled me over her lap exposing and immobilizing my ass to be spanked for maintenance.  She had by her side the cherry wood purse paddle, the rubber paddle and a hairbrush.  Couple those implements with her bare hand and I was in position for a long hard traditional OTK spanking.  She began with that bare hand and seamlessly employed all those implements more than once for a 35 minute, very effective spanking.  At the finish, my red cheeks were trotted over to roll the dice.  I rolled a 4 meaning on Saturday I will be spanked again.  We will still be in the airbnb in Phoenix for that spanking and the next will be from Sin City, Las Vegas. 

My apologies for the brief and late timing of this report.  I had said being away from home will cause this type of reporting.  I will try to keep these episodes as current as possible.  Meanwhile, please keep thaos questions and comments coming and they will all be individually answered.     

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Tuesday, Jan 8, 2019....Maintenance Day.  Let me start off by apologizing for the long delay.   Friday, Saturday, Sunday and most of Monday I was sidelined with back issues.  Finally this morning, she said I was doing much better and getting around with considerable ease in comparison to the weekend.  The final comment was something like....While you are feeling well enough to be more mobile, you are well enough to be spanked tonight.  So at 8 pm, I reported and found laid out, a blindfold, the doubled belt, rubber strap, riding bat, narrow hairbrush and maple hairbrush.

I donned the blindfold and took position took position.  My long overdue maintenance spanking began with the doubled belt and a warm up.  Light strokes slapped my cheeks and warmed the flesh.  Like most spankings, the warm up strokes increased in intensity until hard strokes pelted my ass to a red color and hot skin.  The riding bat was next to assault my bare, vulnerable and presented ass.  Numerous hard strokes landed on both cheeks before it went between my thighs.  Slapping back and forth until I spread and further spread my legs exposing inner thighs, inner cheeks, anus and balls.  The bat struck all those areas repeatedly until it was clear this spanking was targeted at more than my cheeks.  I stood slightly to relieve the stretch of the skin.  Instead of pushing me back into position, she took this opportunity to aim and hit my nipples and cock.  While I stood, she picked up the rubber strap and lashed my ass.  Several strikes later, the bat went back to work on my inner tender areas.  Then the strap again and this tag team attack went on.  The implement used next was the narrow hairbrush which landed strikes on both cheeks, inner and outer and anus.  She flipped it over to use the short coarse bristles on my cock, then nipples then anus scrubbing  those tender places to a bright pink as I howled.  Now she pushed me back int position for a final sound spanking with the maple hairbrush.  This concluded a 45 minute spanking and C B & nipple torment.  We hugged, kissed and I thanked her for delivering my maintenance.  Tossing the die, we both saw a '4' turn up.  So 5 days from now, on Sunday, I am due for maintenance again.

That being said, we are leaving on Saturday for an extended trip to the Southwest for about 6 weeks.  Sunday will be the first spanking on the road.  We are both unsure how our schedule will be kept up during our trip.  I will try to keep you readers up to date as we will attempt to adhere to our maintenance schedule.  It will be interesting.

Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments.... all will be answered right here.  Thank you all!!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Friday, Dec. 28, Maintenance Day.  It was determined at 8 pm, per our DD agreement and as scheduled last Sunday by rolling the dice, I was to report totally nude, take position, present my ass and submit to being spanked for due maintenance.  She had arrived before hand and laid out 6 implements to be used.  She had assembled, the flexible leather paddle, riding bat, cleaver paddle, narrow hairbrush, rubber paddle and doubled belt.  I knew this was to be long and hard.

The leather paddle led things off with a warm up using the fur side leading into many solid swats with the leather side.  This segment lasted nearly 7 minutes and left both cheeks quite pink.  Up next was the riding bat and it was clear the warm up was well over.  The bat stung my ass repeatedly with hard strokes.  I tried slightly standing to relieve the pain by relaxing the flesh being stung.  She ended this by placing a hand between my shoulder blades.  The third item was the cleaver paddle.  This is made of Brazilian Cherry and is 1/2 inch thick with holes.  This paddle is heavy and designed to sting and bruise the deep tissue.  From the first swat I yelped and knew I would be feeling the deep tissue soreness well through the weekend.  My knees were against the side of the bed as she pulled my torso back away from the bed.  This left the skin pulled tight from the bend and my ass was protruding making it an easy target and she was not missing.  The Brazilian Cherry met flesh and won the contact easily.  A sound paddling ensued with yelps and tears in my eyes.  I breathed a sigh of relief as she put it to rest.  The narrow hairbrush took over and did its job very well.  She spanked me for several minutes with deliberate strokes landing from upper thighs and sit spot to upper cheeks.  When the brush rested, she delivered a segment with the bare hand.  She is an excellent hand spanker and covered every inch of cheek with bare hand swats.  A brief pause for another reposition.  She forced my torso forward onto the bed and pulled ankles away from the bed.  There would be no give in this position and my ass would have to accept the full force of the blows.  Now the rubber paddle was pressed into service.  It stung like hell as she paddled already red and deep tissue bruised cheeks with a fast pace.  Yelps turned to howls as the rubber paddle struck over and over again for many minutes.  Finally setting down the rubber paddle, she grasped my hips and drew me back away from the bed again protruding my ass outward for more spanking.  The belt cracked against both cheeks with a loud smack.  Swinging it side to side, she lashed both cheeks alternately as tears flowed and I yelped.  The belt took its full segment as the minutes went by.  A second visit from the rubber paddle along with the narrow hairbrush tag teamed my ass with repeated strikes for several more minutes.  A few more hard bare hand swats finished the maintenance spanking.  She stood me up, we hugged, kissed and I dried my eyes.  The spanking was a long 45 minutes of continuous spanking.  After a period of recovery, I tossed the dice.  WOW, a 6....... One week from tonight, next Friday, I will again be spanked for maintenance .

Thanks to all for being loyal readers.  Questions, comments, of course, please leave them and they will be addressed.                                                                                                              

Monday, December 24, 2018

Sunday, Dec 23,  Maintenance Day.  It has been one week since the last maintenance spanking, however it was not 7 days for me to heal.  On Thursday morning it was discovered I had neglected some household chores and over the bed I went for a level 3 punishment spanking.  We don't discuss discipline here, but suffice it to say the wood paddle, the belt and a cane did their best to remind me not to neglect chores. 

Sunday rolls around and she determined the Giants - Colts game would drive the due maintenance spanking.  Near game time she pulled out two implements which were no strangers to me.  The doubled belt and the purse paddle.

The Giants began the scoring on their opening drive with a touchdown and extra point.  Presenting
my ass, the purse paddle delivered 6 and then 7 strokes to bare skin.  Their defense was in control as the Colts had to punt for the second time.   Eli had the offense purring and they marched down the field for their second touchdown complete with the extra point.  In position again, the cherry wood purse paddle kissed my cheeks with 13 strokes followed immediately with 14 more.   The Giant defense looked immovable until late in the 2nd quarter when the Colts hit paydirt with a touchdown and point of their own.  The doubled belt now was in her hand as I bent to accept 6 hard strokes followed by 7 more.  Just before half time the Giants managed a field goal to take a 10 point lead and treat my cheeks to 17 hard strokes from the purse paddle.  Halftime seemed to fly by and the 3rd quarter began.  The colts pulled to with 3 as they scored on their first possession.  13 then 14 strokes from the belt followed a Colt touchdown and extra point.  The Giants scored again to retake a 10 point lead with another touchdown and extra point.  The purse paddle swung its way through 23 and 24 strokes really reddening my increasingly sore cheeks.  Momentum seemed to switch as the Colts scored a touchdown and extra point again bring the game to within 3 points again, 24 - 21.  As I presented my ass, I knew she would be swinging the belt with no mercy.   The belt lashed 20 strokes, then 21 more, leaving my cheeks on fire.  The Giants were driving late in the 4th quarter, but a hometown call stalled the drive and they had to settled for a field goal.  The purse paddle was called upon again and it delivered 27 strokes to deeply red and sore bare flesh.  With less than a minute to go, the Colts drove the final nail with a touchdown complete with extra point.  I presented my ass and the belt landed 27 strokes among yelps.  I held position as I knew 28 more would follow.  With crimson cheeks, I sat down as the Giants pushed a last second drive in hopes for a winning field goal.  Not to happen as the drive failed and the game ended 28 - 27, with me absorbing 131 purse paddle strokes and 136 doubled belt strokes making the total 267 for this maintenance spanking.          

I rolled a 4 which scheduled Friday as the next maintenance day, when once again, I will be turned ass up and SPANKED!                                                                                                                         

Thanks to all for reading, leaving comments or questions.  Also allow me this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.                                                           

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Sunday, Dec. 9, Maintenance Day.  Being a hectic time of year with much going on, we decided to push the spanking to Sunday night and use the NFL game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Philadelphia Eagles to direct the spanking.  Nearing game time, she chose the two implements to be used.  She appeared with the same two implements used last time. The flexible leather paddle and the purse paddle. 

The game scoring began innocently enough with an Eagle Field Goal.  I bent over the sofa exposing my ass and accepted 3 stinging blows from the leather with no warm up.  Not long after the Rams found the end zone and I found myself in position for the purse paddle to deliver 6 sound swats.  Of course they kicked the extra point and 7 more times the cherry wood met my cheeks.  The teams then continued scoring by exchanging field goals, so 6 more strokes from the leather and 10 from the purse paddle kept my ass from going cold.  Near the end of the half, the Eagles scored a touchdown and 12 leather paddle strokes spanked my flesh to a bright pink.  After the extra point, the flesh turned red from 13 more strokes.  Not to be out done, the Rams kicked another field goal netting me another 13 strokes from the purse paddle.  Halftime, score was tied 13 all, ass was red, snack served.  The 3rd quarter saw the Eagles open with another touchdown and 19 more leather paddle strokes for me.  Point made, ass presented, 20 strokes lit up my cheeks.  Rams fought back with another field goal making their total now 16.  Those strokes were solidly delivered with yelps following each one.  Eagles came back with another field goal of their own and 23 times the leather paddle stung my red and sore ass.  Rams fumbled and the Eagles took advantage by scoring another touchdown.  29 strokes were raining down on reddening cheeks when the Eagles kicked the extra point.  I shuttered knowing another 30 strokes were on the way.   Sitting gingerly we watched the Rams make a game of it late in the 4th quarter with a touchdown and extra point.  Presenting to accept 22 strokes from the purse paddle was difficult and midway thru tears began to form.  With the point made, tears flowed easily with 23 more strokes landing on crimson ass cheeks.  They were close to scoring again to tie the game but failed and the game ended with me having absorbed 157 leather paddle strokes and 97 from the purse paddle.  She tossed the die and I got a break when a six came up.  Next Sunday we do this all again.  Now it was time for a kiss and red hot cheeks slid in on cool sheets......what a great feeling.

Thanks to all readers and sorry for the delay in getting this episode in print.  Questions....Comments...Always welcome and will be answered.     

Friday, December 14, 2018

Wednesday, Dec. 12, Maintenance spanking administered.  Sorry for the delay in responding and sorry for the little white lie with the dates.   Anyone wishing to deliver a few swats for those infractions, I will accept it.  Wednesday was the scheduled day but a vanilla guest caused a postponement.  Thursday morning we both decided I will be spanked now as Thursday evenings tend to be hectic.  After breakfast and morning chores, I placed a wedge pillow on the bed and took position as she got out two toys to use.  The purse paddle and the flexible leather were placed beside me.

The wedge placed me in a compromised position with my ass immobile and presented nicely.  I spread my legs open enough to provide her access to inner cheeks.  She began with a warm up using the fur side of the leather paddle.  Sensual rubbing and light strokes made for a nice beginning and relaxing of my cheeks.  I knew the warm up was over when 3 hard bare hand spanks landed in rapid fire time.  One on each cheek and one dead center stinging inner cheeks and anus.  The three hard strokes were not be lonely as the bare hand spanking continued.  The implements lie unused as she spanked me for many minutes.  Both cheeks, sit spots and inner cheeks all were spanked until bright pink.  Now the purse paddle took over.  Its solid cherry wood met my ass with a sound smack.  I yelped, but could do nothing about my immobility.  My cheeks took all the purse paddle delivered with yelps following each stroke.   She stood me upright and the leather paddle was flicked against my nipples repeatedly as her free hand roughly tormented my cock and balls.   Placing me back in spanking position, the leather paddle began an onslaught of hard strokes.  Both cheeks were well paddled and bright red with the flesh well stung.  Not done yet, she used the purse paddle again to bruise the deep tissue on my ass.  Stinging flesh and deep tissue soreness completed this maintenance spanking.  I tossed the die and again a 3 appeared.  Since this was really Wednesday's session, a 3 meant Sunday I would be due for another spanking.  There is a spanking party in Atlanta on Sunday, but we have yet determined if we will be able to attend.  Not to worry, she said, either home or Atlanta, on Sunday you will be spanked.

Thanks to all readers for their continued support.  Please feel free to comment or leave a question.  Either will be addressed right here.     

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Saturday, December 8, maintenance day, two days late.  Life happenings caused a delay so this morning she said enough time has gone by, present your ass.  I always obey so I took position as she already had two implements ready to start.  The flexible leather paddle and riding crop.  The paddle began with a light warm up.  Cheeks warmed up and began to color nicely after more and more strokes landed.  Then a very solid bare hand spanking ensued along with her spreading my legs open wide.  Normally protected areas were being spanked repeatedly.  I began to squirm more and more, but the spanks continued.  Finally a pause only long enough for her to grasp the riding crop.  The long shaft swished the air as the leather loop snapped my flesh like a whip cracker.   My ass was being whipped.  Suddenly she stood me upright and used the crop to whip my nipples and my cock head received its fair share as well.  A few uppercut strokes stung my balls like fire.  A hand behind my neck forced me back into position exposing my my cheeks to the wrath of the leather paddler.  A series of very hard strokes landed on sore cheeks.  Yelping after each became the normal as the strokes piled up.  Reaching between my legs and grasping my balls made me stand up again.  This was intentional as the whip stung my cock and nipples again.  Over the edge of the bed again, the crop continued its whipping of my ass leaving short welts.  Another stint with the paddle and yet another with the crop had me howling.  Finally it stopped and she provided a wonderful after care massage all over.  Later..... it was dice tossing time.  I rolled and saw a 3 turn up.  Adding one scheduled the next spanking for Wednesday.

Thanks for waiting and reading.  Questions and comments are always welcome and will be answered