Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sunday, May 19...Spanking party serves as maintenance spanking.   Originally scheduled for Friday, the maintenance was put off till today due to a slight injury to my hip.  We just arrived home from Atlanta on what became an awful drive.  Two construction delays and two traffic accidents, one major, caused us to get home about 10 :30.  However the party was very good.  Not good for finding available female dominants but a wonderful atmosphere with a full dungeon for the full 5 hours.  Stripping right away, my first session was with Ms Mirage on the half circle.  We met many new folks and became fast friends.  I scoped out many scenes as  she completed sessions with two lucky male submissives.  One was making his first visit to a dungeon.  Catching up with me again, she directed me to the spanking bench in the middle of the large dungeon room.  Straddling this large bench spreads my legs and puts my cheeks, anus and back of my balls on display for anyone to see.  I think she used every implement in the travel bag on me.  At least 4 floggers, purse paddle, flexible leather paddle, riding crop, rubber strap, Board of Correction wood paddle, doubled belt and a few more I can't recall.  All left their mark on me as the cheeks were bright red.  We took another quick snack break.  The appearance of many couples denied me from finding a female dominant for a session.  Time flew and near the end she found me again and we went to the cross in one of the side room dungeons.  Removing my wrap, rendering me totally nude again, she placed me on the St. Andrews cross for another sound spanking.  Again the toy bag was emptied and each implement was again used to spank my ass for maintenance.  Peeled off the cross with red and sore cheeks, we began the process of saying good bye to many folks and getting dressed.  We began the long ride home which took nearly 4 hours.  Tossing the dice, a '2' came up making Wednesday the next maintenance day.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Monday, May 13, Maintenance Day.  Once again, sorry for the delay in reporting this episode of my maintenance program.  Told to report nude and present in a slightly different position, I saw two wood backed hair brushes at the ready.  Already nude, I climbed on the bed, placed my hips over a pillow with knees at the edge of the bed next to the hair brush and the narrow hair brush.

Waiting with ass in the air, head down, I heard her enter the room.  She stood at the edge of the bed between my legs creating a somewhat modified wheelbarrow position.  Bare hands met bare cheeks as the warm up began.  Soon the warm up must have been complete because a good bare hand spanking ensued and went on for many minutes.  Next the hairbrush was in her hand and being swung toward my immobile ass.  Smacking repeatedly, the hairbrush spanked with authority causing yelps from me.  Unable to move, and supported with the pillow, my cheeks had to absorb the force of the classic hairbrush spanking she was administering.  Finally a pause as she laid the hairbrush down but grasped my ankles and separated my legs to the max.  I knew what was coming next and braced myself as best I could.  The narrow hairbrush wasted no time in finding its target, landing strikes on inner cheeks, asshole and balls.  Yelps turned to howls and tears moistened my eyes and overflowed.  The narrow hairbrush thoroughly spanked the sit spots and complete cheeks as well.  Another  pause as she walked around the foot of the bed and I heard the drawer open....what was in store for me???  Now standing at the edge of the bed my head was on she could easily reach the target of my reddened raised cheeks.  The surprise implement struck without warning and its smack echoed about the room.  The flexible leather paddle was in the game.
The echo of my yelp followed the slap of the paddle.  The second strike was a mere two seconds away...then the next and the next every other second for several minutes.  A sound paddling from the leather was in full swing.  Cheeks got redder and got stung from the strikes of the leather paddle.  Returning to the opposite side of the bed, the narrow hairbrush now began to scour my anus and back of my balls and giving a good polishing to my guiche piercing.  A few more strokes from the hairbrush on full red cheeks was followed by her climbing up on the bed and rolling me over.  Legs still open she began a full blown CBT segment. Lots of cock and ball spanking accompanied by nipple torment.  All of this led to things we do not discuss here and in effect ended the spanking.  Later, when we both came to after a brief nap, I tossed the dice and scheduled Friday as the next maintenance day.  At that time, I will again be stripped, turned ass up and spanked.

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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Wednesday, May 8, Spanked for Maintenance.  A day late again, but here is the report of my latest maintenance spanking.  I knew it was the right day and the spanking was going to happen as I had been out on an errand.  Upon entering the house she stated there were implements out and ready so remove your clothes and prepare to be spanked.  I obeyed, totally stripping, placing myself over the pillow and presenting my ass.  On the bed were the doubled belt, rubber thumper, purse paddle, riding bat and the rubber strap along with my nude body in a compromised position. 

 She entered and the warm up began with a bare hand spanking.  Soft at the start and increasingly harder as a good warm up should be.  Soon the doubled belt was being swung horizontally lashing both cheeks with meaningful strokes.  I arched my back further protruding my ass to meet the leather to accept a good belting.  The rubber thumper came on and thumped my reddened cheeks.  Covering both with rapid strokes it moved to lower cheeks and upper thighs never slowing or missing a beat.  Then the inner thigh tapping....the signal to spread my legs.  I spread and received several solid thumps to my anus.  Yelps and moist eyes were the results.  Then more thigh tapping and further leg spreading until everything I owned was exposed and vulnerable.  Thumping continued to my asshole and balls as yelping increased.  A very brief pause before my cheeks were treated to the sting of the riding bat.  Both cheeks were not alone as the bat also stung my anus, balls and cock.  Eyes yielded tears as yelping became the response to every strike.  A good strapping with the rubber strap was delivered to a red and quite sore ass.  An occasional uppercut strike to balls and anus was also included.  The strap gave way to an encore of the belt.  The two inch wide leather slapped alternating cheeks with authority for several minutes.  Howls and tears escaped as the belting went on.  Unbelievably, the strap returned as well.  She pulled my hips back a bit protruding my ass further and grasped my package to keep me from moving.  Both cheeks took another sound strapping.  I went limp when the strap rested but the belt returned for a third segment with a series of strikes that shot pain through me.  Not to be outdone, the purse paddle took the final segment with a rapid fire attack on an ass that was crimson and sore.  Several minutes of paddling from the cherry wood brought me to the verge of screaming.  She sensed I could take no more and ended the spanking with two sound swats, one on each cheek.  She helped me to stand and I hugged, kissed and thanked her for delivering a 35 minute maintenance spanking not to be forgotten soon.  I tossed the dice and scheduled the next spanking for Monday.

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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Wednesday, May 1, Maintenance Day.  Spanking was on time, reporting is late.  The appointed time came about and I reported totally nude to meet her.  She, holding tonights weapons of ass destruction, calmly said 'bend over and present your ass, it is time for your spanking'.  I obeyed and got into position over the edge of the bed with a pillow further raising my hips.  She laid out the implements which were the double belt, rubber thumper and purse paddle.

The doubled belt was chosen to open and deliver the warm up.  Moderate strokes began to warm my vulnerable cheeks.  An occasional hard stroke is inserted as the warm up continued.  Soon the scenario changed and more hard strokes landed with an occasional moderate stroke.  Before long there were hardly any moderate strokes as the hard strikes took over.  Both cheeks took many strikes and became hot and deep pink.  Next the rubber thumper was at bat.  Before the first strike, she reached between my legs and forced them to open more.  I complied but the thumper wanted more access and tapped my upper thighs, I spread further.....more tapping, more spreading until I was at max spread with cheeks open, cock and balls swinging freely.  The first meaningful strike from the thumper landed squarely and soundly on my ass hole.  Then another and another followed by a few on my exposed balls.  She moved up to my cheeks and continued the pounding.  Now back to my balls and anus.  Reaching thru to hold my cock still to accept a few swats.  The reason for the maximum spread of my legs was clear as my balls and anus were the target and took many strikes before it rested.   The bare hand took over spanking my ass hole soundly and repeatedly.  Several on each cheek as well as my eyes moistened.  The purse paddle came forth with a solid smack on each cheek.  Yelps escaped from my lips as tears formed.  Many more followed before the bare hand took over again.  A hard bare hand spanking was being administered.  Included in the bare hand portion were a few more on my anus and balls.  The finale was an encore from the purse paddle.  Rapid fire on alternating cheeks as yelps turned to howls.  My entire ass was now crimson as she finally quit.  I stood, hugged and kissed her thanking her for spanking me.  I tossed the dice and caught a break.  A six appeared giving me until next Wednesday before presenting my ass again to be spanked for maintenance.

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Monday, April 29, 2019

Monday, April 29, Maintenance Day.  A vanilla weekend away and the resulting exhaustion form it postponed the Saturday spanking until this morning.  Shortly after breakfast, she stated we have waited long enough.  You are being spanked right now.  I reported and took position over the edge of the bed.  I could see 3 implements lying before me and I knew a solid spanking was about to begin.  A varied assortment of toys and the results they would soon produce were the doubled belt, the riding bat and the big wood paddle.

She began with a warm up using the doubled belt and many moderate strokes.  Lasting several minutes the belt colored both cheeks and upper thighs a deep pink.  The spanking really started with the use of the riding bat.  No more moderate strikes, the bat stung my ass with sound strokes.  She swatted both cheeks and upper thighs with hard strikes.  Next, and without delay, the big wood paddle sent pain shooting through me as it covered both cheeks very well.  A solid paddling ensued for the next few minutes.  Wincing from each stroke, I collapsed from the force of each blow and must have lost position.  Before using the belt, she took my hips, straightened then and drew them back a bit.  This presented my ass for the next segment.  Protruded outward, exposed and vulnerable, my cheeks waited for the belt to issue its strikes.  The belt was swung and its leather bit into my tenderized flesh as the sound smack echoed in the room.  Several strokes landed squarely across both cheeks.  When this segment ended, each implement had its moment of hard strokes.  Little did I know, each would get another turn at soundly spanking me.  After they each took a second turn, they each took another and then another.  Each had four more turns and it felt like each was trying to out spank its predecessor.   Spanked for real, my ass finally received a nice bare hand massage.  Well over 50 hard strokes from each implement made for an effective maintenance spanking.  I tossed the die and the cube was unfriendly as it tumbled to a '1'.  Wednesday, I am due for another spanking.

Thanking all readers is common ground for me, but I do appreciate each and every one of you.  Comments, questions, sure....always welcome and will be answered.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Monday, April, 22, Spanked for Maintenance.  Readers are unaware of the happenings of the past two weeks in the life of my Dominant Mistress and myself.  To cut things to the quick, a medical procedure and its recovery was more serious than originally planned.  Last night she gamely declared she would deliver a spanking to the best of her ability.  It was to be mostly a token spanking.  Near ten o'clock pm, she summoned me to the bedroom for the administration of the long overdue spanking.  She sat on the bed with back to the headboard with two implements at hand.  The purse paddle and the doubled belt were set to unleash their fury.

I yield to her ability to make 2 implements into 4.  She added her own bare hand and used the purse paddle with and without its protective cover.  The cover turns the sting of the cherry wood to a solid thud.  Upon direction I climbed over her lap and into position.  She began with the doubled belt slapping my bare cheeks.  A warm up period of moderate strikes lasted until the pink color covered my entire ass.  Soon the strokes meant business as the spanking increased its intensity.  Next the thud of the covered purse paddle made its presence known.  A several minute period of thudy strokes landed on both cheeks.  When the cover was removed, the sting felt much worse.  Pink cheeks turned red as tears began to form.  Unable to move, my ass was doomed to accept whatever she could dish out.  The bare hand also entered the party.  A very sound hand spanking went on for several minutes.  With no pattern, the improvised 4 implements each took another turn as the spanking continued.  The finale turned out to be a 4 minute period of rapid fire strokes from the purse paddle.  With no breaks and a strike nearly every other second, the paddle pummeled my ass as yelps turned to howls and tears ran down my face.  She continued the assault as long as she possibly could.  Both cheeks were crimson and tears flowed as she finally call a halt.  The entire affair lasted over 20 minutes.  She was visually spent as I slid off her lap.  After making sure she was OK, I tossed the dice.  A '4' appeared meaning Saturday is the next scheduled spanking.  However, we will be away for the weekend with vanilla folks, so a Saturday spanking is doubtful.  We are both aware of this and most likely it will occur on Sunday.

Sorry for the long delay in posting this episode.  For those concerned about her well being, she was much better today and is on the mend.  Thank you for your thoughts for her.  Questions and comments will still be answered if you leave them.  


Monday, April 8, 2019

Sunday, April 7, Maintenance Day at the spanking party.   As you recall, after the last spanking, no dice were tossed as we had decided to use the spanking party in Atlanta to serve as my maintenance spanking.  Upon our arrival, we met some old friends and made new acquences.  In the locker area, I stripped as directed and donned ankle and wrist cuffs and a matching collar all locked on with padlocks.  A red animal print waist wrap was all I would wear for the balance of the party.  We got right into the action as my first session was with Ms Mirage, my full time Dominant.  Removing my wrap, she placed me on the half wheel and began a hard hand spanking.  Soon she spread my legs open exposing more of me to who ever cared to watch.  Some folks did while others went about their own spanking sessions as spanking sounds filled the huge dungeon.  Following some CBT, the purse paddle was used to soundly paddle my ass.  The belt, flogger, slapper and other toys were used to color my cheeks a bright red.  The first session over, I placed the wrap around me and we headed for the break room.  Light conversation with others ensued as I brought refreshments to Ms Mirage.  After a short break, we went back to the dungeon and she found a newbie desiring a scene with her.  She went off for that and I found myself in a tight circle with 3 other women for a nipple torment session.  A gal in front of me had both hands on my nipples as I had my right hand on the nipple of the gal on my right and ditto for my left side.  The gals on my sides had one hand on each of the gal in front of me nipples and the other hand on each others nipples.  Eight nipples being tormented by four people made a short but interestingly different session.  Shortly after that concluded, Ms Mirage found me again and stripped the wrap off.  Placing me on a spanking bench in an open area of the dungeon and spreading my legs wide, there was no hiding any part of me from anyone in the room.  Using the doubled belt exclusively, she lashed my bare cheeks for many minutes with no mercy.  Finally ending this session, she told me my ass was crimson.  We parted again and after cruising for a short time, I found myself on a kneeling spanking bench.  Again nude with legs spread, package dangling and bare ass facing the center of the dungeon, I was being spanked and paddled with frequent handling of my exposed balls.  Many minutes of this spanking, paddling and CBT continued until a flogger was brought out.  The leather falls came crashing down on my shoulders back and ass.  Side to side swings covered both cheeks alternately while uppercut swings between my legs made sure my cock and balls were not neglected.  I could witness several other scenes going on from this vantage point and everyone seemed to be enjoying this party.  I would guess over 70 people were in attendance with all sorts of sessions in progress.  There was even a body painter and a gal with a violet wand giving willing subjects a taste of their wares.  A very enjoyable experience, varied scenes and some great refreshments all helped to produce a great spanking party.  Leaving the kneeling bench and covering my very well spanked cheeks with my wrap, Ms Mirage and I headed for the lounge.  Very comfortable chairs, sofas and huge bean bag pillows provided a quiet place for reflection and light conversation.  With about an hour to go, I wandered back through the dungeon and made contact with another female Dominant and we decided on doing a session.  She was into crops and whips, and before long I was nude again on a spanking bench in one of the side rooms.  She also used a flogger I had brought but mostly she used her whip and several ricing crops.  My bare and presented ass made a fine target for her as she delivered a solid spanking.  With my head down, I could only see the feet of several onlookers entering the room to witness the proceedings.  Finishing up with a flogger and a very hard hand spanking, the scene finally ended.  I cleaned the equipment and toys while witnessed chatted with her and I about the session.  I covered my nudity with my wrap and exited the room back to the main dungeon.  It was time for us to go and Ms Mirage and I headed for the locker area.  We had been there slightly over 5 hours and I had taken four sound spankings to account for the maintenance which was due for me. Chatting more with some friends before we left, we drove home.  We then rolled the dice and I was blessed with the appearance of a '6'.  Now If I can avoid a punishment spanking until then, my ass will get a nice respite until being spanked again next Sunday for maintenance.

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