Monday, August 19, 2019

Sunday, August 18, Maintenance Day.  We enjoyed a good weekend and accomplished a lot of nagging outdoor chores.  About midday, she determined and said I think about 8 pm would be a good time for you to be ready.  The day passed without issue and after outdoor work was done, I stripped for a shower.  Remaining nude, we had dinner and watched a bit of news on the TV.  Nearing 8, I went to the bedroom. prepared a place, bent over the bed, presented my ass and waited.  When she arrived, she began to assemble the implements to be used for my maintenance spanking.  I saw, the leather belt, leather slapper, two short floggers, the purse paddle and a short, heart shaped cherry wood paddle.  The business end was no bigger than a small hairbrush and the handle was just over 7 inches long.  Being cherry wood and having been spanked with it quite some time ago, I remembered it felt much like a wooden spoon...small area, concentrated force and quite painful.  The spanking got under way with a warm up from the belt.  Several soft to medium strikes reddened and warmed my presented ass cheeks nicely.  With no gradual increase in intensity, the belt began to mean business.  Hard swats covered both cheeks and I began to squirm and utter muffled yelps.  The slapper followed and stung my flesh before being thrust between my upper thighs making me spread my legs exposing more tender areas and hanging balls.  She wasted no time in slapping my balls with uppercut swings.  Holding position, yelping and shedding tears, I knew I was in for it when she grabbed the purse paddle next.  A hard strike on my left cheek was immediately followed by another on my right causing loud howls.  Many landed on alternating cheeks over the next several minutes.  Not a real fast tempo, but sound strokes from the solid cherry wood.  I was really being paddled.  Finally being put to rest, the purse paddle yielded to a short flogger.  The short leather falls stung my flesh with each strike.  Several were swung in uppercut style covering my cock and balls with leather strikes.  Minutes passed before I felt the solid swat of the small heart shaped paddle.  Ass cheeks were being covered with hard, painful strikes.  This little paddle was much more that it appears.  More tears, more yelps and slight movement on my part lasted several more minutes.  The second flogger was brought on to finish things out.  Taking the lead from its brother, it swung quickly and flogged my balls, cock and anus with fire.  A few on the red hot cheeks, but most were ass hole, cock and ball aimed and hit with amazing accuracy.  It all ended with bare hand swats on both cheeks and 10 or more on my anus to close things out.  She stood me up and said I had taken 50 swats with each of the 6 toys.  A hug, kiss and a thank you preceded my tossing the dice.    It came up a '5' meaning Saturday will be the next maintenance day.  She quickly reminded me we will be away Saturday, so you will probably be spanked on Friday........or BOTH!!!

I thank all you readers and hope more are discovering this maintenance spanking blog.  Do not hesitate to ask questions or give comments, all are welcome.  Until next time, be well.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Sunday, August 10, Maintenance Day....spanked long and hard!  Most readers will remember the maintenance spanking was due on Friday, but life interrupted our plans twice and the spanking was put off.  Sunday morning I was up and on about my outdoor chores.  On one of my trips inside, she said I am making an appointment for your spanking at there.  I agreed and continued with outdoor activities while keeping an eye on the clock.  I came in in time, went upstairs and stripped in preparation.  Nude, I placed myself over the edge of the bed in submission position with my ass presented to accept the spanking.  As the clock turned to 12, she entered the room and handed me the blindfold.  I saw nothing for the next hour.  I could hear the toys being set up and knew there were several.  The warm up began with the leather slapper, I think.  When the strokes became harder, I knew the warm up was over.  Another sign was the slapper being placed between my upper thighs and tapped from side to side.  She kept tapping until my spread was at the max....ass cheeks open wide and cock and balls hanging freely.  The slapper took the opportunity to deliver several uppercut slaps to my dangling parts.  I knew this was going to be an involved session.    The next toy, despite the exposed areas, paddled my cheeks repeatedly.  Many minutes of sound paddling with what I believe was one of our leather paddles...maybe the patent leather one.  Regardless, the paddling continued until I could tell by the heat and soreness that my ass must have been bright red and very well spanked.  Next, I believe was the flexible leather paddle but she used the fur side first.  The pleasurable feel of the fur on tender skin was too nice to last.  After covering most of my legs, back and ass with strokes of the soft fur, the paddle struck.  Cheeks, thighs and balls all got spanked with the smooth leather.   The riding bat took over and with its narrow striking surface, my anus became the prime target.  Struggling to hold position, the riding bat tormented my ass hole and hanging balls with stinging swats lasting several minutes.  A wood backed hairbrush was next but did not spank right away.  She reached between my open legs and grasped my cock and balls and held them firmly while the coarse bristles scoured them briskly.  Moving to my anus the brush never slowed down, scrubbing my butt hole to a bright pink.  A slight pause before I felt the cool fluid on my anus.  Ah, I thought, lotion....but no, the coolness was lube and a butt plug violated my ass hole.  Now, plugged, the hairbrush went about its spanking chore.  Both cheeks took many strikes while the plug filled my anus.  Soon she stood me up after removing the plug.  She pinched and twisted my nipples until a yelp escaped from my lips, then the riding bat and leather slapper spanked my nipples at length.  A hand grasped the back of my neck forcing me back into a bent over position once again presenting my ass.  The leather belt wasted no time in covering both cheeks with many sound swats.  The purse paddle, discipline stick and several other implements spanked my ass while tears moistened the blindfold.  Some toys got a second turn and the spanking went on for quite some time.  When she finally stood me to remove the blindfold, I noticed one hour and 7 minutes had passed.  Relief was on my side as the rolling dice came to rest with a 6 on top.  Next Sunday I will be again spanked for maintenance.

Thanks to all readers and once again I apologize for the late posting of this episode.  Perhaps next Sunday I can do better.  Questions, comments...all welcome and will be answered.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Sunday, August 4, maintenance due and carried out.  After a busy but productive weekend of indoor and outdoor around the house jobs, we settled in for the evening.  Deciding to use the Yankees vs Red Sox game to direct tonight's spanking, she chose the leather slapper and a hairbrush to administer my maintenance.  Implements were to be alternated to insure both would see duty.  Disappointed, as game time was postponed for weather reasons, we patiently waited.  When the game began, the Sox were turned away in the first inning.  The Yankees, however plated a run with a solo home run and a single earning me 25 swats with the hairbrush.  Presenting my bare ass, the hairbrush painted my cheeks red and sent soreness deep into the tissue.  The Sox managed a single in their half of the second and the slapper stung my reddened cheeks with 5 slaps.  No runs scored in the second, but the Yankees had a double which provided the hairbrush the opportunity to deliver another 10 solid strokes.  The third inning will long be remembered as Boston did not score, but gave me another 10 swats with the leather slapper.  The Yanks, however, broke the game open with 3 doubles, two singles and scoring 6 runs which totaled to 160 strokes.  The hairbrush lay in waiting.  Knowing this would be brutal, I grasped the arms of the recliner, bent over and presented my ass.  She began delivering the 160 swats with the hairbrush.  Yelping, but holding position, I took them all.  As sound of a spanking I can remember, the brush struck alternating and ever reddening cheeks until the count had been reached.  My ass was on fire and I could barely sit for the next inning.  The late start and the slow pace of the game as neither team did any damage in the 4 inning, caused her to become very sleepy.  She went on to bed saying if there is more, you will get them in the morning.  The Sox scored 2 in the 5th and 2 more in the 6th while the Yanks managed a double in the 8th.  I went on to bed with a deep soreness in my ass.  After morning coffee in bed as our tradition dictates, she smiled saying well we have unfinished business...what do I owe you.  I explained there was 40 for the Sox in the 5th, 50 for the Sox in the 6th and 10 for the Yankees in the 8th.  Totaling them meant 100 more strokes are due.  This would be bittersweet....yes, it was the next day, but now I had to take them all at once. Holding the arms of the recliner and again presenting my ass, the maintenance spanking was about to continue.  After a brief warm up with her bare hand, which did little except renew the red color and soreness from the night before, she began.  The leather slapper delivered its 40 hard swats without pause leaving my flesh bright red and stinging.  Neither she or the hairbrush seemed concerned as the 50 more strokes began. Just as last night, alternating cheeks had to absorb the force as the wood met my skin with no remorse fifty times.  I thought at least the final ten would be from the slapper.  But no!!!  She said 10 more, right?  Yes, I said through clenched teeth.  She went away but came back with the steel reinforced leather paddle.  Last ten she said and then delivered the strokes with the hardest swings she could muster.  I had been soundly spanked.  Go roll the die she commanded.  I obeyed with moderate results....a four turned up, scheduling the next spanking for Friday.

Loyal and new readers alike are thanked and appreciated.  All are welcome to leave comments or ask questions.  Each or your responses will be answered individually right here.    

Monday, July 29, 2019

Monday, July 29, Maintenance Day.  As reported last week, Monday evening we are booked, so when the dice scheduled today for the next maintenance spanking, it was agreed either Sunday night or another morning spanking would be the answer.  Well, Monday morning rolled around and the toys came out prior to leaving bed.  I had made and served the coffee but before brushing her hair, she directed me to position myself over her lap and present my ass for a spanking.  She had the flexible leather paddle, the leather slapper and a hairbrush at the ready as I obeyed her directive.  This modified OTK position left my cheeks immobile, high and unprotected.  There was no formal warm up or even order to the proceedings as the toys warmed and reddened my ass.  No pauses or breaks as the spanks rained down is no particular format. Hard, soft, medium, fast, slow, everything mixed together.  She even opened my legs a bit to expose and strike inner cheeks and thighs.  After many minutes the onslaught began to take its toll on my bare flesh.  After about 20 minutes, she slightly pushed me off a bit.  I tried to get up thinking it was over.  Not yet, she said....wheelbarrow position.  Obeying I spread my legs and straddled her thighs, knees back against the headboard and head between her ankles.  Now I was immobile and more vulnerable than before.  Once again the toys began their assault on my ass with an extended target.  Paddle and slapper covered my cheeks with strikes while the hairbrush took aim on the freshly exposed anus and balls.  Spanking me soundly and interjecting CBT, my yelps and moans turned to howls.  The bare hand used like before added their destruction to my asshole and balls.  Turning the brush over, the short coarse bristles scrubbed the tender and now pink areas.  Flipping it back over, the brush crashed into my sore and red cheeks for several minutes.  More spanking, more scrubbing, more CBT left me limp like a wet rag before she finally called a halt.  I checked the clock to see a full 45 minutes had expired as I slowly climbed off the bed.  I still had to brush her hair before rolling the dice.  The result favored me with a '5' meaning next Sunday will be another maintenance spanking.

Many thanks to all readers and your comments and/or questions are always welcome.  Have a great week.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Monday, July 22, spanked for maintenance.  A long restful sleep after the drive on Sunday finally ended hearing the rain fall on Monday morning.  I won't go into detail on the things we don't discuss here, but before we left the bed, she mentally decided the maintenance spanking would be carried out.  I lay flat on the bed face down while she found two implements in the toy drawer.  Sunday was her birthday and I always accept her birthday spanking.  I figured that was coming.  The doubled belt landed first squarely on both cheeks.  One, I counted to myself and kept silently counting until I reached the number of strokes equal to her years on the planet. (I'll never tell).  However the belting continued without hesitation.  I lost count as I was surprised at the proceedings.  I estimated about 100 strokes before it halted for a bit while she changed implements.  Now I was really confused as the discipline stick was in her hand and poised to strike my ass.  The discipline stick is a toy I made myself expressly for the punishment for swearing.  It is basically wood about 16 inches long not including the handle and about an inch and half wide.  It is close to half and inch thick, so there is no give when it strikes.  It delivers a very painful swat which is why she used it for swearing and believe me it worked.  It has not been used in quite some time as my language has vastly improved due to the effectivness of this implement.  Why was it out now for this situation?  I had no time to ponder the answer as it struck both red cheeks with a solid smack.  Again I counted to myself thinking this must be the birthday strokes.  Yelping and tearing, I again reached the birthday number, but the spanking went on.  Again, I estimated about 100 strokes.  Pausing she massaged my ass nicely and even kissed one cheek.  I thought what a nice finish.  A fleeting thought as the belt landed again and again.  Much fewer strokes and I would guess about fifty.  Once again the discipline stick struck.  Yelps turned to howls as I lie immobile as my ass took the fifty strokes.  She said she felt that was enough given the only one day of rest since the party.  She rolled me over and again we drifted off to things not talked about here.  When dice time came around, the spanking Gods smiled upon me as a '6' appeared.  Next Monday is spanking day.  She reminded me of our Monday night weekly appointment saying it may be another morning spanking or Sunday night.  I agreed.

Thanks again to all readers, new and loyal alike.  Your comments and questions are welcome and will be individually addressed.  Be back in about a week.
Saturday, July 20, Maintenance Day at the Spanking Party.  A bit late in reporting, but here goes.  We arrived on Friday and the host couple and us had some spanking fun that night.  Saturday was a slow day as temps reached the high 90's.  That did not deter us from another round of pre-party spankings.  Both ladies took turns at both he and I as we took spankings for about 90 minutes.  We learned a few folks had cancelled so the attendance shrank to 7.  When all had arrived, we snacked and conversed until the clothes came off and the fun began.  There were only 3 males and 4 Dominant ladies.  A round robin started the evening as the men rotated over the 4 laps in a circle.  We went around twice, so each gal go to spank each male twice before we all moved to the basement dungeon.  The three of us were each bound in position as the gals then did the rotating.  I started standing with wrists bound in cuffs above my head.  Another sub on the table with wedge pillow elevating his bare target.  The third placed and bound on the spanking bench.  While the gals rotated, spanking each of us, the 4th lady rotated in the opposite direction, giving each male a time being double teamed.  They spread my legs to access my dangling parts while another spanked and paddled my ass.  After each lady had made the circuit twice, it was time to move the subs.  I moved to the table as the other two moved from table to bench and bench to standing.  I had just got into position over the wedge with ass high, when I felt my ankles being spread and bound.  A crop stung both cheeks from the left side while the other lady flogged my balls and anus.  Again each Dominant made two trips to each sub getting assistance during the double teaming time.  For the next sub move, I wound up on the bench, bound and blindfolded.  A solid spanking with different implements was joined by aggressive tipple torment while I lie immobile accepting whatever the ladies had in mind.  After each had two sessions with all the men, we broke for a wonderful meal.  Shrimp, pulled pork and several sides comprised of the fine food, we all devoured.  Back to the dungeon for a final two hour session.  We adopted the same format as before.  When it was my turn to stand, I was blindfolded again with legs spread.  A wooden spoon cradled my cock and balls while lifting them to be spanked with a riding bat.  This accompanied  a sound paddling of my ass.  Moving to the table, one gal spanked by balls while the other stood at the head of the table and lashed my cheeks with a strap.  The time on the bench was not better.  After being bound and blindfolded again, clamps were placed on nipples, and balls.  During the paddling, the clamps were removed with strokes from a flogger.  The other guys fared no better as I could hear giggles from the gals and yelps from the boys.  All in all, a great party and we crashed soon after the guests left.  Sunday morning, she had me toss the dice and it came up a '1'.  That was yesterdays roll she stated, so Monday at home you will be spanked again.  We left about noon and the four hour drive was anything but comfortable on my well spanked ass.

Sorry for the delay in reporting this episode and I still hope you leave comments and ask questions.  All readers are very much appreciated.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sunday, July 14, Maintenance Day.   Sunday spanking was due and there was never any doubt it would occur.  First thing this morning, as I was serving her morning coffee in bed, she reached over and patted my bare ass and slyly whispered 'tonight'.  Later while standing at the sink, still nude cleaning breakfast dishes, she rubbed my cheeks saying, 'this will be fun later'.  Just before getting dressed for the day, a playful bare butt slap landed and I heard, 'these will be red later'.  Other remarks were dropped throughout the day reminding me of the impending maintenance spanking I was to receive.  After work and a shower, I remained nude for dinner and the evening.  Around 9 pm, she smiled and said 'time for a spanking'.  Leaning over the edge of the bed I saw 4 implements and knew it was leather night.  Only the wood hair brush stood out among the leather slapper, doubled belt and steel reinforced leather paddle.  I had no idea what she had planned was to be short and hard.  The slapper led off with a warm up.  Quite short as very soon a hard slap cracked across my cheeks.  In no time it was repeated and again in quick tempo another swat.  Very hard slaps were stinging my ass as I held position.  Without missing a beat the doubled belt was swung with authority and met my cheeks with a loud smack producing a yelp.  Again in the same rhythm, the hard belting continued.  Long enough to cover both cheeks at once, I was absorbing a solid belt spanking.  The hair brush was next in line and she used the bristle side to scrub the entire area of already red, tender skin.  Flipping it over, the real hair brush segment took off.  Quick hard strokes on alternating cheeks had me yelping, squirming and tearing.  A brief pause while she pulled my hips back a bit further protruding my ass for a better target.  Her bare hand enjoyed the presented cheeks and spanked hard in the same fast tempo.  Finally, the last implement found its way into her hand.  The leather paddle has a rib of steel to keep it rigid.  Just as long as the belt, it covers my ass in one swat.  The yelps turned to howls and the tears flowed as she paddled hard and fast.  But it was not the final segment after all.  The slapper came back for an encore.  Then the belt again as well as the hairbrush.  Another adjustment before the bare hand spanked again....harder than the first time.  Don't forget the paddle will strike again, I thought.  How could I forget as the leather slammed into my deep red and sore cheeks over and over.  When she did let me up she said you did well.  After warm up, you took two segments of each implement for twenty five hard strokes with no break for 20 minutes.  My short and hard maintenance spanking was over.  I padded to the mirror and stuck my ass out to view the damage.  I returned and she handed me the dice.  I asked if I was to be spanked again before next weekends spanking party.  We'll see she said as I tossed the cube.  A 5 appeared meaning next Saturday.  That is the party date I said.  Not to worry, she said, you're being spanked Friday and Sunday as well.

 Thanks to all and leave you comments and questions right here for individual answers.  See you next time.