Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Tuesday, March 21, Maintenance Day.  About 9:45 pm I was directed to prepare for the maintenance spanking.  I placed the pillows and laid out several implements for her to choose from.  My placement included, a flogger, big wood paddle, leather slapper, riding crop, flexible leather paddle and wood paddle with holes.  I presented my ass in position and waited.  Soon she arrived, dimmed the lights and began.  The leather slapper led off for a warm up.  Slapping back and forth it warmed my cheeks nicely, but continued harder and faster until each slap caused quite a sting.   The flexible leather paddle batted second and picked up where the slapper left off.   Hard smacks on alternating cheeks created loud echos, moist eyes and reddened cheeks.  After several minutes of this, the big wood paddle use used.  Normally reserved for the finale, the wood paddle changed the state of the spanking.  No more slapping with leather, the wood landed a very hard solid blow squarely on both cheeks.  A yelp escaped, body squirmed, ass repositioned and presented itself.  A second blow and a third.  She waited a varying amount of time between each blow so I could not expect the next strike.  Now alternating cheeks and a solid blow to both together.  Tears flowed and the face pillow was absorbing them as the paddling went on.  She reached for an implement I had not laid out.  Her 5 foot signal whip whistled through the air several times before the first strike.  Its cracker stung my tender flesh with bee sting strikes repeatedly.  When the whip was hung back up, the coiled rope lashed sideways across both cheeks over and over again.  The heavy wood paddle entered the scene.  This is an exotic wood , Brazilian Cherry, with holes to reduce resistance and increase sting.  The paddle not only stings like hell, but has enough thickness to produce deep tissue soreness that I knew I would feel for days.  Thoroughly paddled with that, she directed a change in position.  She sat on the bed back against headboard while I lay prone with legs spread around her hips.  The riding crop was her choice for the finale, but first a good hand spanking greeted my ass.  When the crop came on, it contacted my skin and now spread open, my inner cheeks and anus got spanked.  "Raise up a bit" she said and her hand cupped and pulled back my cock and balls.  The crop now reached in and included them in the spanking as she tormented my ass hole with fingers.  This soon led to things we do not discuss here and the spanking ended.  Deep sleep followed and the dice roll had to wait until morning.  When that was accomplish, a 4 appeared, scheduling Sunday and the next Maintenance Day.

Thanks for reading and your comments or questions will be answered.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday, March 18, Maintenance Day.  A day late, but not even one stroke short.  At 9 pm, she directed to to the bedroom for my maintenance spanking.  She had set up the pillow and laid out 5 implements.  There was a quirt, steel reinforced leather paddle, discipline stick, riding whip and big wood paddle.  I was instructed to roll the dice.  It turned up a 3 and she explained I would be receiving 3 minutes with each implement after a warm up.  Sounds simple, right.... not so fast, read on.  I draped myself into position, she rubbed my ass, reached through my legs and squeezed my balls and started spanking.  The bare hand does a fine warm up.  Light strokes gently increasing in tempo and hardness.  Soon the warm up was over, but the hand did not stop.  Continually increasing intensity until the bare hand spanking could have stood on its own as a solid spanking.  However, it finally gave way to the first implement.  The quirt began stinging the flesh with each contact.  Three minutes may not sound long, but consider she was swinging so it made contact nearly every second.  You can figure about how many times the tip took a bite from my ass leaving a red mark and a sting after each strike.  The steel reinforced paddle followed and it delivered a solid smack about every 5 seconds.  Three minutes later my ass was crimson, on fire and my eyes were very moist.  Along came the riding whip.  Back to the sting, but much harder.  The swish through the air, the sting on my cheeks, the yelp through my teeth and tears in my eyes was repeated about every 3 seconds for the next 3 minute period.  I was receiving a very sound spanking and it was not over.  The dreaded discipline stick was brought in like a hard throwing relief pitcher.  It cracked the tender and red cheeks every two seconds without letup.  The yelps and tears were mounting as the discipline stick made this spanking nearly unbearable.  My old friend, the big wood paddle was the final toy in the five man relay.  The tempo slowed as the strokes were 5 to 6 seconds apart, but each landed with authority.  She developed a pattern, left cheek, right cheek then squarely on both.   Three minutes felt like an eternity as the paddling wore on and on.  Yelps were the normal now and the face pillow was quite wet with tears.  Finally ending, she stood me up, hugged me with a kiss.  Only 10 more she said as she lowered me back into position.  Five each from the two big paddles.  The leather went first and I was determined to keep my ass presented for the duration.  The leather meant business as the five strokes were very very hard.  "Very good" she said, now get ready.  The wood spanked both cheeks with five of the hardest strokes I can remember.

 "That's good, my dear, she said, I'll roll the dice for you".  A bit more lucky than the last two of my rolls.  I will be spanked again on Tuesday.  Stay tuned for details and any of your questions or comments will be answered.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wednesday, March 15 was Maintenance Day and I got spanked.  At 9 pm tonight, I was directed to prepare for a spanking.  I placed the pillow and set out the implements for her to use.  Tonights line up included the big wood paddle, steel reinforced leather paddle, and discipline stick.  Draping myself over the pillow presenting my ass for her, she entered and opened the closet and chose two additional implements.  Both were floggers, one with wide heavy falls to deliver a massive thud while the other had much thinner falls to provide sting with each stroke.  The heavy flogger lead off and warmed me with several light to medium strokes covering my entire back and cheeks.  Then my ass accepted many hard side to side strokes for several minutes.  The steel reinforced leather landed 100 strokes covering both cheeks.  Different levels of harshness, many medium strokes with hard strokes interspursed.   The stingy flogger came on and stung ass cheeks with thousands of stings for several minutes.   The big wood paddle was next in line and it delivered solid strokes on both cheeks. Forty to fifty times the yelps followed the loud slap from the paddle.  A short session with the heavy flogger and stingy flogger preceded the next segment.  She paused and stood me partially upright, but bent enough to keep my ass presented nicely.  Her left hand slid around my hip and grasped my cock and balls and held tight to prevent any movement.  Meanwhile her right was rapidly spanking both cheeks very hard.  After several minutes, the bare hand stopped but the leather paddle continued.  Then the wood paddle took its turn for several more minutes.   She released my package and said for the ending, you will receive 10 very hard strokes from both paddles.  The leather one led off.  The first stroke nearly knocked me off balance, along with the yelp, I set my jaw, presented my ass outward for the next stroke.  The slow count went on for the next stroke and another one with about 3-4 seconds between each stroke.  I breathed and relaxed a bit after I finally took the ten strokes.   This lasted but a few seconds as she grabbed the big wood paddle.  With a single word of direction the final ten strokes was about to begin.  "PRESENT", she said, I replied, YES MA'AM, bent a bit more and stuck my ass out  more and waited.  My red and sore cheeks must have made an inviting target and the paddle didn't miss.  The succession of loud slap and responding yelp repeated following each of the next ten strokes.

Finally over, I reached for the dice and tossed.  Another one appeared and thus scheduled Friday as the next maintenance day.  Thanks for reading and as usual, comments and questions will be answered.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday, March 13.....Spanked for Maintenance.  Everyone knows the spanking was scheduled for Sunday, but as life gets in the way sometimes, it did not happen.  This morning, after breakfast, I was summoned back to the bedroom.  The lights were dimmed, peaceful music was softly playing in the background, the pillows were in place to accept my ass and the tools were at hand.  It looked for everything that a sensual spanking was coming my way.  A sensual spanking was not what I received. As I was placed into position and my chest contacted the bed, I was reminded my nipples were still sore from the clamps worn during my breakfast and morning chores.  That thought quickly disappeared when the spanking began.  The belt was called on for a warm up and the light strokes accomplished their task.  Very soon, the belt was being used in increasingly harder strokes.  It landed enough times to redden both cheeks quite well.  The coiled rope followed and lashed my flesh time after time.  She nudged my thighs open a bit more and the vertical strokes of the coiled hank of rope could be felt on the inner cheeks and balls.  A slight pause before the next toy was used.  It was a toy not placed on the bed at the beginning.  With the first sting, I knew it was the tip of her 5 foot whip.  Its bee sting like cracker stung all over my back and ass.  The already spanked tender skin of my cheeks was bitten into with the whip.  After doing its harm, the whip gave way to a familiar implement.  The discipline stick is usually reserved for punishment spanking for swearing or foul mouth infractions.  Even though a maintenance spanking was in process, here was the discipline stick being used with authority.  Stroke after stroke was followed by a yelp as tears crept slowly from my eyes.  Along came the big wood paddle and not to be out done, it crashed solidly against my ass.  Its string of hard strokes also produced yelps after each contact.  Now the belt, rope, discipline stick and wood paddle took turns assaulting my deep red cheeks.  Not in the same order or same number of strokes, each made several visits to insure the spanking was an effective one.  Several strings of hard strokes from each one were absorbed by my ass.  She directed me to flip over, she removed the pillows, grasped my ankles and raised them over my head.  The finale was a long hard bare hand spanking in the diaper position.

The roll of the dice was unfriendly as well.  A 'one' appeared, so adding 1 scheduled Wednesday for another maintenance spanking.  Thank you all for reading and remember, questions or comments are welcome and will be answered.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Wednesday, March 8, Maintenance Day.  Mid evening, I was directed to prepare myself and the room for a spanking.  This meant I was to bring two pillows to the bedroom, get out the toybag and place myself into position with ass presented and wait.  All was accomplished and she entered the room.  She fumbled through the toybag and placed on the bed, the big paddle, purse paddle, hairbrush, and doubled belt.  She also grabbed a length of rope and told me to stand.  She began to bind my wrists in front of me with about a foot of rope between each wrist.  Then proceeded to wrap rope around my waist and cinch it tight.  This bound my wrists at my hip bones and when she placed me back into position, I saw her intent.   With wrists bound, all the weight was on my torso, both pillows held my ass high and completely immobile.  The spanking began with the doubled belt and no warm up was given.   The belt slapped both cheeks repeatedly from every angle for several minutes with medium and hard strokes.  Next the hairbrush came into play and she nudged my legs open wider.  I knew what this meant as the hairbrush pummeled my cheeks, inner and upper thighs and anus.  This took another several minutes and my ass was getting red and sore.  Soon the purse paddle was delivering a paddling you could write home about.  I was yelping but still quite immobile so I was destined to accept a sound paddling.  The belt returned for a few more sound smacks, then the hairbrush was used again.  But not for spanking, the short course bristles scoured my asshole and inner cheeks.  The big wood paddle and the purse paddle played tag team with several bursts of rapid fire hard paddling. One after the other, the paddling continued for many minutes.  Finally she ceased, helped me up, untied me and ended with a loving kiss.  All in all this was a short but very effective maintenance paddling.

She rolled the dice for me and a 3 appeared.  Adding one scheduled the next maintenance day for Sunday.  Thank you all for reading and all questions or comments will be answered.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Sunday, March 5, Maintenance Day.  Early on Sunday evening, as the day wound down we realized a spanking had to be delivered.  I entered the room to find her seated in bed with her back against the headboard.  She had 3 implements with her and directed me as to the position she wanted.  One of the positions we used while in Vegas.  I was to lay prone with legs spread enough to straddle her hips.  My knees were on each side of her hips, my chest against the bed between her open legs.  This left my ass on her thighs, totally immobile and spread open a bit.  Her bare hands worked together for a good warm up.  Beginning with light spanks, then gradually increased in both tempo and harshness.  Soon I was receiving an old fashion bare hand on bare ass spanking.  Harder and harder until full force spanks were landing at a rapid pace.  One hand stopped while the other continued.  It stopped only to grasp the doubled leather belt.  Both spanked together for a while before the bare hand ceased.  The belt spanked hard and fast covering both cheeks with rapid fire stinging smacks.  This went on until my ass was very warm and I imagine quite red.  The hairbrush made its appearance known with hard strokes.  A good hairbrush spanking followed and some strokes found their way to my inner cheeks, thighs and anus.  Minutes of hard strokes landed and I was wincing with every contact.  She wielded the hairbrush like the pro she is and my cheeks stung like fire.  Finally the pace slowed and eventually stopped......not the spanking, just the hairbrush portion.  The bare hands returned and the spanking went on and on.  Now one hand rested while the other was trained on my open cheeks.  About 50 hard strokes landed on my inner cheeks, thighs and ass hole.  Her other hand now held the hairbrush again.  The implement came back, but not for spanking.  She used the short course bristles to scrub the recently spanked and tender inner cheeks, anus and continued all the way down to my guiche piercing.  The scrubbing lasted until my entire ass, yes,all of it was flaming red and very sore.  Not done yet and the purse paddle came on for the finale.  The smooth surface of the wood paddle smacked against my cheeks with authority.  I was to be paddled hard for several more minutes before she called a halt to the onslaught.  One very hard stroke on each cheek was the end of the line.  I crawled off her and stood to toss the dice.  The luck of the draw scheduled Wednesday for the next maintenance spanking.

Thanks for reading folks, I do appreciate your following my exploits.  Questions and comments will be answered individually.        

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tuesday, Feb, 28, Maintenance Day.  It was scheduled for Sunday, but returning from a weekend away, we both just crashed early.   Monday got by with unpacking and meetings.  This evening at 7 o'clock, she said, 'come with me, you're getting spanked'.  I entered the bedroom to find a double pillow on the edge of the bed.  I knew this would raise my hips higher and stretch the skin even tighter.  Along side set 6 implements, riding whip, rubber tassel whip, hairbrush, doubled leather belt, coiled rope, and big wood paddle.  The bare hand is another and all this insured my ass was in for a solid maintenance spanking.

I draped myself into position and the bare hand started it's quick warm up.  A good hand spanking is a traditional beginning.  Moving to the next toy, she slightly spread my legs exposing more cheek area for the rubber tassel whip.  It swished through the air and struck home.  Whipping at a fast pace it covered completely both cheeks including the inner parts.  It's turn left warm glowing skin a bit more red and tender.  Third in line was the riding whip.  The tip sung through the air and bit into my ass with a sharp sound.  She is very skillful with this device whipped every inch until the bright red color spread from lower cheeks to sit spot to upper cheeks while I winced with every smack.  Next was my old friend the wood backed hairbrush.  It delivers a very deliberate hard spanking and she used it to its fullest.  The red and tender flesh was now being spanked hard and the pain was increasing with each blow.  Yelps echoed in the room each time the wood met the skin.  With no hesitation, she grasped the coiled rope.  This is a different feeling device.  Somewhat like a flogger and whip combined.  Like a flogging, she landed blows from upper back to sweet spot.  Already, quite a while had passed as she smoothly moved to the next implement, the doubled belt.  This toy had no intention of being easy on the already flaming red, hot and sore flesh of my ass cheeks.  From the first loud smack and resulting yelp, she belted both with increasing intensity.  Tearing, wincing and yelping I endured several minutes of the belt having its way.  Moaning, I witnessed her reaching for the final implement.  The big wood paddle struck like a lightening bolt and I saw the face of God through my tears.  This was repeated over and over again striking squarely on both cheeks.  I lost count, but knew it was close to 30.  Setting the paddle down, I felt it was over, but dare not move until she said it was over.  She moved to the bathroom sink to wet her hands.  A bare hand spanking would be the encore but with a twist.  Her wet hands spanked several times.  Then she further widened the spread of my legs and her wet hand spanked my anus soundly.  About 90% of the spanks landed squarely on my wide open inner ass cheeks.  Finally she called a halt and I stood for a great hug and kiss from my Dominant.

A roll of the dice scheduled Sunday as the next Maintenance Day.  I do appreciate you readers and thank you for your following.  As usual questions and comments will be answered.   Note to the reader who left numerous comments in a few days.  I will get to answer all of them as soon as I can.  Thank you for the questions, they are appreciated.