Thursday, March 28, 2019

Wednesday, March 27.  Maintenance spanking due, and delivered.   We all have known for a few days that maintenance is due on this day.  When I reported at the agreed time for a maintenance session, I was taken aback.  There she was, seated on the bed, back against the headboard, looking like Cleopatra, long hair flowing over shoulders down toward bare breasts, holding a paddle and smiling.  Several other implements were at her side, the flexible leather paddle, the leather slapper, narrow hair brush, purse paddle and wood backed hair brush.

No photo of the leather slapper, I have to work on that.  As directed I climbed over her lap knowing I was about to receive a traditional OTK spanking for maintenance.  Settling in position with bare ass facing the ceiling, immobile and at her mercy.  A very brief warm up with the flexible leather paddle began the spanking.  As normal with the warm up implement, the intensity increased as full force strikes landed on vulnerable cheeks.  The leather slapper came next and stung the already bright pink flesh at her disposal.  The slapper is about 8 inches long and 2 inches wide.  One side is smooth leather while the other side has leather fingers two thirds its length.  It is designed to sting and it certainly does.  Each toy took its turn assaulting my ass while it was draped over her lap and forced to absorb a sound spanking.  The narrow hair brush targeted the sit spots and upper thighs causing tears and yelps with each strike.   The purse paddle was brought on to sting and cause deep tissue bruising and soreness.  The yelps grew to howls as tears flowed during the paddling of the solid cherry wood implement.  When that finally rested, she continued with bare hands.  Sound spanks rained down on crimson cheeks.  Finally she reached between my things and opened them a bit, but enough to  expose my anus and balls.  A spanking of those areas went on for a few minutes.  The final implement was to be the hairbrush.  I was unable to even squirm and had to take the spanking all these implements dished out.  Several minutes of hair brush spanking finished off the session.  The traditional spanking concluded with a traditional device.  OTK and the hair brush just seem to go together.  I climbed slowly off her lap with a tear streaked face and a very red, sore and well spanked ass.  I rolled the dice and saw a '3' turn up.  Adding one means on Sunday I am due for another maintenance spanking.

Sorry for the delay in reporting this episode as I thank all readers for their support.  I will answer each comment or question left by you, loyal readers.   

Friday, March 22, 2019

Friday, March 22, Maintenance Day.  Still some deep tissue soreness from the hard spanking on Tuesday, I was told to prepare myself for the due maintenance spanking.  In position,with bare ass presented, I waited for the spanking to begin.  At the ready were two implements she had chosen to use, the short flogger and flexible leather paddle.

 She entered and placed bare hands on both cheeks and patted them sensually.  Then the short flogger was picked to begin and administer the warm up.  Strikes from the short falls covered shoulders, back cheeks and thighs.  Almost sensual until the intensity ramped up along with the harshness and the leather began to bite.  All the areas were treated with the flogging but slowly the target narrowed until only ass cheeks were being struck.  Horizontal and vertical strokes rained down for several minutes until the skin was heated and reddened.  Both bare hands replaced the short floger as they again were placed on the cheeks with a massage motion.  Then hard slaps were felt as the hands spanked me in earnest for many more minutes.  She used the edge of the flexible leather paddle to part my cheeks and slid it down between my thighs.  Side to side taps tell me to spread my legs open a bit.  I obeyed but the tapping continued.  I spread more, tapping continued, I spread to the max which left my cock and balls dangling beneath wide open cheeks and exposed anus.  The leather paddle slapped inner thighs and cheeks and uppercut swings struck my balls and anus.  She used the tip of the paddle to slap hanging balls side to side like a boxer would work the speed bag, but slower.  Still spread to the max, the leather paddled both cheeks full force for several minutes.  A brief pause as I heard the drawer open.....another implement was being fetched.  One solid stroke across my ass easily identified the doubled belt as the new implement.
Swung horizontally, it lashed both cheeks with sound strokes over and over again.  Yelps emerged after each strike, but a long several minutes of a solid belting was being administered.  Alternating cheeks were struck over and over again.  Finally the belt rested but the session was not over.  Again using both bare hands, a CBT segment began.  Vulnerable cock and balls were pulled, squeezed, slapped and abused during this part of my maintenance.  The finale turned out to be a long and hard hand spanking.  Both cheeks were spanked at length, but the aim seemed to be inner cheeks and asshole.  Keeping my legs wide open, she thoroughly spanked the exposed tender areas while tears ran down my face.  She helped me to my feet and we hugged and kissed with passion.  Handing me the dice, I tossed one against the wall.  The tumbling ended with a 4 showing.  Next spanking is on Wednesday.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Tuesday, March 19, Spanked for Maintenance!!  Knowing in advance a spanking was in store for me, I reported at the agreed time only to find 6 weapons of ass destruction laid out waiting their turn to deliver havoc on my bare presented ass.  There was the flogger, doubled belt, braided leather loopy johnny, purse paddle, rubber strap and big wood paddle.

Sorry, no photo of the braided johnny.  I will have to find one.  The blindfold was also present so I put it on and assumed position, nude, over the pillow, with cheeks presented.  Not long after, she entered and began with the flogger.  Covering my shoulders, back, ass and thighs with strikes, the flogger turned my skin warm and pink as a good warm up should accomplish.  She chose the doubled belt for the next segment.  It was very clear the warm up was over as the belt began to strike single cheeks and both at once directed by her desires.  Several minutes completed a sound belting absorbed by my bare ass.   The braider loopy johnny was next and now we were getting serious.  Both cheeks tasted the sting of the braided leather over and over again.  Holding position became difficult as the leather braids bit into red and tenderized flesh.  Tears formed and got absorbed into the blindfold.   As the braided leather rested, the purse paddle took its place.  Very hard strikes shot pain through both cheeks as yelps became howls and tears flowed.  The strokes from the purse paddle did their damage and moved on.  Time for the rubber strap to deliver a good fashion bare ass strapping.  Vertical strokes and horizontal strokes landed and turned red skin to purple stripes.  Howls became the norm as did tears.   After some time, the strapping subsided as I breathed a sigh of relief.   Too soon.... as the big wood paddle smacked both cheeks together for several minutes.  At a rate of one per second or two seconds, I stood to reduce the taught skin of my ass.  Enduring the onslaught of paddle strokes, tears and howls echoed throughout the room as she paddled me soundly.   Finally the soothing lotion was spread on crimson cheeks as the maintenance spanking ended.  I hugged and kissed her repeatedly and held her for a few minutes.  I recouped by leaning on the bed while she tossed the dice.  Oh no!!!  a '2' turned up.  Friday, I am due to present my bare ass and submit to the next maintenance spanking.

Thanks to all readers and to those asking questions or leaving comments.   Each will be answered individually. 

Friday, March 15, 2019

Thursday, March 14, Maintenance Day.  A short span of only 2 days since my last spanking.  Well, that's what happens when you roll a 'ONE'.  We had been out for the evening separately and she arrived home first.  When I came in, it was a bit late and no time was going to be lost.  Barely had the door closed when she said 'Get out of those clothes and get into position, it is time for your spanking.  I obeyed instantly, stripping and placing myself over a pillow on the edge of the bed.  She came in very soon and got out two implements, the doubled belt and the big wood paddle.

I knew it was late and we planned to leave for the weekend in the morning, so this was going play out quickly.  I prepared for a no nonsense, no theme, no drama episode.  This was to be a bend over and take a short good hard bare ass belting and paddling.  The belt began with several medium strokes to alternating cheeks serving as a warm up.  There was no doubting when the warm up was over as a hard stroke landed across both cheeks causing a yelp.   A brief time to process the pain before another landed.  This continued for about 6 or 7 minutes.  The belt lashed hard coloring my bare ass bright red.  Yelps turned to howls as the belting seemed relentless.  It did end finally and I took a breath before the wood paddle slammed hard against red and sore cheeks.  The paddle is big enough to strike both cheeks together or can be directed to one at a time.  She skillfully accomplished both as she delivered about five sound strokes on alternating cheeks followed by a very hard strike on the center of my ass.  Yelps and howls continued as she repeated this procedure for several long minutes.   A solid spanking with two iconic implements ended with a lotion rub and two good hard bare hand swats, one to each cheek, and her saying 'I love you, let's go to bed'.  I echoed her words and thanked and kissed her.  A quick toss of the dice turned up a 3 so on Tuesday, I will submit to another maintenance spanking.

Thanks to all readers and do not hesitate to leave a comment or question.  All will be answered.

PS:  We did leave Friday for a weekend trip.  While unpacking, I noticed she had brought with us, the purse paddle.   I wonder what that means.........

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Tuesday, March 12, spanked for maintenance.   Our weekend vanilla guests left and I was told to prepare for a good spanking in the evening.  After a productive work day, I showered after dinner and she told me it was maintenance time and was directed to the bedroom.   I took position, presented my freshly shaven cheeks and waited.  Several minutes later, she entered and began laying out the implements to be used for my spanking.  First out was the blindfold followed by the short flogger, riding bat, narrow hairbrush, rubber thumper, and flexible leather paddle. 

After donning the blindfold she began the warm up with the short flogger.  It actually feels nice with light strokes covering my back and cheeks.  Within minutes, the strokes intensified and began to sting.  Harder yet, the horizontal strikes turned my cheeks pink.  On came the thumper and the easy strokes were history.  Swung firmly, the thumper covered my ass with thudding blows.  Not a square inch was spared as this tool was used for several minutes.  Suddenly I felt a different sensation as she mixed in stinging strokes of the riding bat.  Thud thud thud sting thud thud sting sting sting thud thud continued on and on as slowly the sting replaced the thud altogether.  Now in solo mode, the riding bat began its rapid assault on my ass with a hard whipping motion.  Well redden cheeks were now being stung with scores of hard strikes while tears began to wet the blindfold.  She spanked my ass soundly for several minutes while tears and yelps escaped from me.  Finally resting the riding did not mean a rest for me.  The flexible leather paddle picked up where the bat left off.  The smooth leather side smacked both cheeks very hard.  The target for this spanking seemed to be the round of my cheeks.  No upper or inner thighs, no inner cheeks, just spanks on the full ass.  Yelping after each strike and more tears were the norm as the leather paddle continued on for many minutes.  Along came the narrow hairbrush and my full cheeks were again the target.  Narrow and short did not prevent the hairbrush from delivering the kind of spankings a hairbrush is known for.  A solid hairbrush attack finally led me to stand slightly to relieve the tight skin of my cheeks.  Standing slightly exposed my chest and she immediately took advantage.  The short coarse bristles of the narrow hairbrush scoured my nipples.  Soon she dropped the brush and used both hands to pinch, twist and torment both nipples to the yelping point.  The hands slid down my sides onto my red cheeks, across the upper thighs and between them.  I had spoken too soon about the cheeks being the only target.  She pushed open the thighs with her hands more and more until I was spread to the max with my full package exposed and dangling.  She began a hand spanking with uppercut swings striking my balls, inner cheeks and anus.  She reached under me and grasped my cock hard and locked my hip against hers.  Using my cock like a handle she held me immobile while bard hand spanking my entire exposed areas.  This procedure continued for quite a while and she pushed me back down until my chest rested on the pillow on the edge of the bed.  My asshole and balls were being spanked soundly when she paused.  I dare not move as I heard the drawer open....she was getting another implement.  I knew in an instant as the first stroke shot white hot pain through my right cheek.  It was the rubber paddle.
Another strike on my left cheek sent a yelp echoing thru the room.  About 50 strokes and 50 yelps and many tears later, she wound down the rubber paddle segment of the spanking.  I was red and sore beyond belief as she stood me upright to remove the blindfold.  This allowed ters to streak down my face.  A great spanking she said as I kissed and thanked her.  The dice roll was against me as this time a '1' turned up.  "Good" she said, we will maintenance spank you again on Thursday.

It was late so I did not get a chance to publish this episode until now.  Thanks for waiting and thank each and every one of you for your continued reading.  Comments and questions will be answered if you leave one.  Have a great day.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Thursday, March 7, Spanked for Maintenance.  Even though we arrived home late on Thursday, the spanking took place.  Sorry for the delay in reporting this episode.  After being directed to get into position, I found 4 implements laid out and a blindfold.  The short leather flogger, flexible leather paddle, riding bat and rubber paddle all took their place in waiting. 

I put the blindfold on, bent over, presented my ass and waited to be spanked for maintenance.  She entered and stroked her bare hands over my cheeks, and around my thighs and between my legs, spreading them open a bit, fondling my balls and finished by rubbing inner cheeks and asshole.  Then the short flogger started the warm up.  Flogging both cheeks lightly for a few strokes before increasing the intensity.  After few minutes of horizontal flogging with hard strokes, she began to swing it vertically in an uppercut manner.  Using her knee to open my legs even more, the flogger found new targets.  Swings covered my balls, cock and anus with several strokes.  Tender areas were being struck with the leather falls of the flogger.  Next the flexible leather paddle made its entrance with a hard smack across both cheeks.  Yelping after each stroke, I stood slightly to reduce the taught skin of my ass.  She pushed me back into position, opening legs even further.  The leather smacked tight flesh over and over again.  Yelping did not deter the mission of the paddle which seemed to be a sound spanking.  Short and very hard seemed to be the order for this session.  The riding bat was up next and did not miss a beat.  Red and hot cheeks were subject to a rapid hard whipping from the bat.  I held position with ass presented and accepted the assault.  Three implements down and tears moistened the blindfold.  A very brief pause as she prepared for the finale.  The first strike from the rubber paddle shot pain through my left cheek like an electric jolt.  No time to process the pain as the next stroke landed within 2 seconds on the right cheek.  Then the next on the left cheek and the next on the right again and on and on striking alternating cheeks on 2 second intervals as howles escaped from my lips.  She finally quit ending a short hard session.  Only about 20 minutes ( 5 minutes with each implement ) but very hard strokes.  She said to go check my ass in the mirror and I saw crimson cheeks.  The dice were tossed and a 4 appeared.  On Tuesday, another bare ass spanking will take place in my ongoing maintenance program.

Thanks to readers and please feel free to ask question or leave comments.  Each will receive and answer.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Sunday, March 3, Spanked for Maintenance.  Just as scheduled, the maintenance session was carried out unceremoniously at about  9pm.  With a simple but direct "OK, you're getting spanked" statement, I knew she was ready and I went to prepare.  Placing a pillow and covering over the edge of the bed with low lights on, I bent over and protruded my ass for her target.  A few moments later she entered and began laying out the weapons of ass destruction.  The leather flogger, rubber strap, riding bat, flexible leather paddle, narrow hairbrush and rubber thumper all were at the ready for my due maintenance spanking. 

Sorry, no photo of the flogger, but I did not have to wait long to feel its warm up strokes across my presented bare cheeks.  Back and forth strikes evenly began to color my skin to a warm pink.  She moved to my lower cheeks and upper thighs as well as my entire back and shoulders.  The warm up portion long over a complete flogging warmed and colored me from shoulders to upper thighs.  The flexible leather paddle was next in line and right from the start, she swung it with authority.  The fur side delivering solid thud strokes while the leather side stung with a vengeance.  She seemed to be targeting the cheeks as they received a solid paddling and became quite red and well stung.  As that implement rested, the riding bat took up the assault.  This toy was used for an extended period of about 7 minutes.  Starting hard and increasing to very hard in rapid fire timing, I began to yelp and even slightly stood to reduce the tightness of my flesh.  Tears streaked down my face as she  continued ever harder and faster, whipping my ass like a jockey would whip a horse on the way to the finish line.  This segment came to an end not soon enough for me.  Bare hands pushed me back into position and spread my legs open a bit further exposing more of the spanking area.  The narrow hairbrush was to make use of the new areas.  Upper thighs, sit spots and inner cheeks were now being spanked with the skillful strokes of the narrow wood handle of the brush.  All of my exposed areas were getting a solid spanking.  The rubber thumper came on and again covered both cheeks with strikes very rapidly.  Slight movement and squirming of my ass was accompanied with vocal yelps but I managed to hold position presenting my cheeks to be spanked at her desires.  The finale again was the rubber strap and it caused even more tears and yelping with each sound strike.  Lashing across both cheeks to the tune of howling the implement delivered a solid strapping to conclude the maintenance session.  Still in position, I could feel bare hands with soothing lotion caressing my well spanked cheeks.  This developed into a sensual rub down on my entire body which resulted in activities we don't discuss here.  Dice were tossed later in the evening which resulted in another '3' showing itself.  Yes, on Thursday I will be turned ass up and head down for another sound maintenance spanking.  Thanks to all readers and of course any and all question or comments will be answered individually.  Thanks again.