Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tuesday, Dec. 12. Maintenance Day.  Holiday busy and life in general put this spanking off until today.  Nude and blindfolded, I waited in position for the spanking to begin.  There were no toys laid out when I put the blindfold in place.  I heard her enter, I heard the toys being taken out, I heard her walk behind me, then I felt the first blow.  A soft warm up strike with the flexible leather paddle.  The leather side slapped each cheek alternatively for several strokes.  Then the furry side landed square across both cheeks.  Still light warm up strokes were repeated over the next several minutes.  All at once a very hard stroke struck both cheeks with a stinging loud slapping sound.  The spanking had begun.  Another hard slap, then another and another on both cheeks.  Several more before alternating strokes stung one cheek at a time.  Very hard strokes landed over and over again.  Next I felt a different stroke landing.  Intertwined with the flexible leather was the braided leather paddle.  It slowly took over the spanking as the flexible leather was retired.  Uppercut strokes soundly landed on my lower cheeks producing yelps after each strike.  Next came a wood paddle and my ass took a solid paddling.  She backed me up a bit and continued with the heavy wood paddle for several more minutes.  A slight break ended with her hands spreading my legs.  A hand spanking ensued with several strokes landing on my balls.  The hand spanking went on as her left hand slid up my chest to torment my nipples.  I stood slightly to relieve the assault on my balls only to have her begin cock spanking.  Bending over to protect my cock resulted her resuming ball spanking.  This exchange occurred a few times before a new toy was brought out.  The narrow hairbrush struck inner cheeks and thighs.  A few on my anus actually caused my legs open a bit further.  The brush took advantage of this and dragged its coarse bristles over my hanging balls.  Nipple torment and CBT took their toll before the wood paddle came on for an encore to soundly paddle my ass.  She paused, sat on the bed and directed me to lie across her lap.  The finish was a long hard hand spanking as I lie immobile in acceptance.   At the conclusion she removed my blindfold and tossed the dice.  A 'ONE' appeared making Thursday the next day I will submit to a maintenance spanking.

I am in appreciation of all readers and their continued support.  I apologize for the times spankings are late or when I am late in reporting.  Questions and comments will always be answered as soon as possible.         


  1. That was quite a spanking! I'll be rubbing my bottom for you tonight.

  2. Nora, I'm glad you enjoyed the account of that maintenance spanking. Thank you for rubbing your bottom on my behalf.