Saturday, July 30, 2016

Saturday, July 30, Spanked for maintenance in front of another sub.  My dominant had arranged for another submissive to come over and do outdoor work for her.  He worked all day and after a fine dinner, she dominated him for over an hour.  When it was over, she called me into the room while he was still on the floor.  She motioned me to the big chair where I knelt in the seat and leaned over the back, presenting my ass for a maintenance spanking.   Gloved hands began and after a brief warm up, spanked long and hard.  Next the flexible leather paddle took over.  He was now up off the floor and watching intently as my bare ass received a sound spanking.  The leather stung my flesh on every stroke and produced enough warmth to heat the room.  The flexible leather was replaced by the steel reinforced leather paddle and it meant business.  Each stroke covered both cheeks and sent a loud smack echoing throughout the room.  The force pushed me against the back of the chair, but after each yelp, I reset myself and presented my ass to her for another stroke.  Now bright red and quite sore, my ass was ready for the big wood paddle.  Over and over again, the pain shot through me and tears flowed.  About fifty strokes landed, each with a solid smack.  She finally kissed me and said, take a break, there is more to follow.  We all had a drink and chatted for awhile.  She eventually stood and said, present your ass, I want to finish you now.  I took my position in the chair and stuck my cheeks out as far as possible.  I knew I was now very vulnerable.  A leather belt started the parade this time and she is a master with it.  Different angles covered my entire ass and soon it was as red and even more sore than before. I looked over my shoulder only to see he was still watching.  She caught me and yelled "turn around" then followed with a bombardment of the hardest belt strokes I can remember.  Then the steel reinforced paddle made its encore.  I yelped with every solid and hard stroke.  Fittingly, the big wood paddle was used to finish.  If I had 50 in the first set, I must have took 75 this time.  It seemed each was harder than the previous one.  Hot, red and bruised, my cheeks were on fire and I have to write this standing up!!!!  As I am typing, I can hear the other sub being spanked upstairs before bed.  The dice were rolled and on Wednesday, I will be turned ass up and spanked for maintenance.

Thank you for reading and as usual, your questions or comments will be answered.

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