Saturday, July 16, 2016

July 16, reporting on the maintenance spanking from Thursday, the 14th.  Sorry for the delay, things here are very hectic during the summer months.  Late evening, I was directed over her lap for the spanking due that day.  No fanfare, no blindfold, no party games, just a nude submissive over the lap on his Dominant.  She hand only her bare hand and the steel reinforced leather paddle to administer a traditional OTK spanking.  Very few warm up spanks from the hand and the paddle found its way to my exposed and immobile ass.  Many strokes followed with none less than medium and mostly hard and very hard.  The paddle is long, about 14 inches not including the handle and about 3 to 4 inches wide.  A one inch wide steel reinforcement runs the length of the implement.  It delivers a solid spank encompassing both sting and thud.  She expertly applied it at different angles allowing it to strike upper and lower areas of one cheek at a time.  A good number of strokes landed flush across both cheeks and very hard producing a yelp on my part.  I could do nothing by lie there helpless and accept the onslaught of paddle strokes.  Occasionally, the bare hand delivered spanks covering all areas of both cheeks.  Then the paddle again and this tag team scenario continued for the duration.  Repeated spanking from both implements lasted 30 minutes resulting in a very well spanked ass.  Red and sore, she finally ceased and I was allowed to move.  A very traditional, solid spanking/paddling was over.  No dice were rolled as were are attending a party at a nearby dungeon on Monday night.  I hope to report on that on Tuesday.

Questions, comments.....all are welcome.  Thanks for reading.  

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