Friday, December 23, 2016

Thursday, Dec 22, spanked for maintenance.  In the morning she informed me she wished to use our old football spanking game to serve as a maintenance spanking.  I agreed and thought about how many strokes I took the last time we used a football game.  We both came up with the rules quite some time ago.  An implement is chosen for each team.  A stroke is earned for each point of a score added to the teams total score.  Example:  A team scores a field goal, I get 3 strokes.  Next the same team scores a touchdown, I get 9 strokes (3 + 6).  When the make the extra point, I get 10 strokes (3 + 6 + 1).  This agrees with their total score of 10.   Meanwhile the other team may have scored and I get the strokes with the other implement.

The game began at 8:30 so she said I would get a warm up at 8.  Time rolled around and the warm up started.  She had chosen leather gloves, a doubled leather belt, leather riding crop and bare hand.  The gloved hands led off and spanked for several minutes.  The belt was next and it really reddened my cheeks.  The double report echoed in the room on every stroke.  The riding crop was a flexible shaft with a leather loop at the tip.  She swung it like a whip in the air several times before it made contact.  It stung like fire when it hit and it hit often.  Leaving welts with each sting, the crop lasted several more minutes.  She finished the warm up with a solid bare hand spanking of about 100 strokes.  OK, she said, warm up complete, it's game time!

Keeping with the leather theme, the two implements she brought out for the game was a flexible leather paddle and a steel reinforced leather paddle.  It was decided the flexible paddle would be used for the Eagles scores and the steel reinforced paddle used for the Giants points.  The game started and within 8 minutes, the Eagles scored a touchdown.  She picked up the paddle, I stood, placed hands on knees, and presented my ass.  She said since I was already warmed up, all these strokes would be hard ones.  She was not kidding... the leather paddle landed solid and very hard.  Shortly after the sixth stroke landed, the Eagles kicked the point.  Another 7 strokes were coming my way.  After the 13 strokes, my ass was on fire.  The Giants got the ball and after two or three plays, the Eagles intercepted a pass and scored another touchdown.  I stood and presented my red ass again.  The 13 strokes made it even redder.  Of course they made the point and I took another 14 strokes.   The Giants then managed to kick a field goal and the steel reinforced paddle made the 3 strokes feel like 30.  The first quarter was not even over and I had received 43 very hard strokes.

The game went on and the spankings continued.  By the final gun I got spanked 105 strokes with the Eagles paddle and 69 strokes with the Giants paddle.  After the dice scheduled my next spanking for Tuesday, I crawled into bed with a very red ass.

Thanks for reading and I will answer any questions or comments.

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