Saturday, May 7, 2016

Friday, May 6, Maintenance Day.  As promised, I was ready to be spanked on Friday, but not the way it took place.  Due to many days of packing for our 6 month stay in the northeast, our dungeon was loaded with boxes, etc for the trip, so a spanking there was impossible.  Late in the evening, she called me into our bedroom and I then knew what was in store.  She had placed 4 implements out for use.  She was sitting and directed me over her lap.  Head and feet down, but ass up, I was ready for a traditional OTK spanking.  A bare hand spanked my ass steadily for several minutes and my cheeks began to feel warm.  The short leather slapper came next and the warmup was over.  From my position over her lap, I had little option for movement and the slapper covered every inch of both cheeks.  Several very hard strokes from the slapper and my warm cheeks changed into burning heat.  Several more minutes of this and my ass was sore and tears had moistened my face.  A seamless change in tempo, but the hairbrush was unmistakable as it delivered bruising strokes.  Again, not leaving any area of either cheek untouched, a sound OTK hairbrush spanking continued.  She pushed one of my legs off her lap which opened my ass to her.  She scoured my anus and balls with the short, course bristles of the brush for several minutes.  Grasping my thigh and pulling both legs back together, I was squarely back over over her lap.  The bare hand returned and spanked, spanked, and spanked more.  Then the slapper really stung my ass with another round of heavy strokes.  Of course the brush returned as well and I was yelping with each contact.  A slight pause as she grasped the big wood paddle and wielded it like a pro.  The paddle was keeping tempo for the next several minutes as my ass was taking a beating.  Covering all of my burning, bright red cheeks with a solid paddling.  Finally, I took a very hard stroke and I heard the familiar 'ONE' called.  You know what followed.  Nine more very hard solid strokes.  She allowed me off her lap and I caught a glimpse in the mirror.  My cheeks were solid red from top to bottom and side to side.  My balls and asshole still tingled from the scouring of the brush.  It was over.  No dice again as she said, Monday may be our last night in the south, so you will be spanked then.  I mustered a 'yes ma'am' response and then put the toys away.

Thanks for reading this and every installment of my maintenance spankings.  Comments??  Questions??  All will be answered.

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