Sunday, June 5, 2016

Today is Sunday, June 5 and I am reporting on the spankings receives over the past two days.  As you may recall, Friday was my birthday and she had no intention of letting it pass by, even though regular maintenance day was Saturday.  That was special as well since we were attending a function at a local dungeon and my maintenance was to be delivered there.  But I get ahead of myself.  Friday started as every other day, upon waking I prepare and serve coffee to her in bed and brush her hair before we rise to begin the day.  Since Thursday after work hours I have been nude and that was not about to change.  After preparing, serving and cleaning up breakfast, I learned that not only was I being kept nude, but the day featured several added features of being a 24/7 submissive.  Several times a spank or two landed as I progressed through the day.  Periods of cock and ball bondage were also randomly occurring.  When the birthday spankings began in earnest, I was bound, blindfolded and placed into position.  Several implements were used and often during the events, sexual activity broke out.  As you know, we do not discuss that here, but suffice it to say, I was drained and she was well serviced.  The formal birthday spanking, 69 strokes came at the hands of an exotic wood mini paddle shaped like a heart.  The solid wood produced a small but firey hot spot, much like a wood spoon would leave with each stroke.  The full continuous 69 strokes left a hot, bruised and crimson red ass cheeks and me in tears.  Throughout the day, I was reminded it was my birthday and I served and serviced her endlessly.

Saturday we left for the dungeon and stopped off for dinner.  The program for the evening was a class on caning, so of course we brought ours.  Arriving and greeting old and friends and making new acquaintances led up to the seminar.  We learned a few new tricks, but knew most of the basic stuff.  Afterwards we went upstairs to play.  I enjoyed two sessions from her and she delivered sessions to two others during the evening.  My first session was in a prone position on a massage table.  Blindfolded with my head in a face cradle and wrists bound to the bench, my ass was an easy and immobile target for her.  Again, many implements were used including two different canes.  Red cheeks were aglow as the session progressed for nearly an hour.  I was kept nude, but placed aside after it ended while she worked over another victim.  When that finished, I brought refreshments and we took a break.  The second session found me standing, fully nude in view of all, wrists and forearms bound to a post, with legs spread.  This spanking featured several minutes of CBT and nipple torture.  Hard spanking, paddling, caning and flogging for the duration of the scene had me in tears and very red and sore.  The soreness included my cock, balls and nipples from the additional torment they were subjected to.  Finally over, she untied me but directed me to remain standing on display while she discussed a scene with another submissive.  When her last session began, she gave me a nod to clean up and get things ready to leave.  I packed the toys she was not using and got dressed.  A wonderful evening of semi-public maintenance wound down and we drove back home.  She nearly immediately rolled a dice to schedule my next spanking.  A four appeared, so adding one, the next spanking will be on Thursday night.

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