Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tuesday, April, 12.....Maintenance Day.  During the evening hours, she directed me to our dungeon for my maintenance spanking.  I could tell from what was laid out, the theme tonight was leather and sting.  There was the leather slapper, leather riding crop, leather flogger, flexible leather paddle and leather belt and of course the bare hand would play an important role.  Already nude, I assumed position and in no time the warm up began.  Bare hands patted my cheeks and slowly increased in tempo and hardness until full hand spanks were being delivered.  Feeling warm and pink, the slapper took over and true to its name, slapped my ass repeatedly and turned it from warm and pink to red and stinging.  The slapper is about 8 inches long and 3 inches wide, double sided.  One side solid leather and the other cut into fringes.  She can wield it in many angles and with my legs spread, no part of my ass was safe.  Nearly a seamless transition to the riding crop could only be felt by the difference in the spank.  Now the crop was covering my cheeks, sit spot and upper thighs with bee sting like swats.  Covering my tender ass with red hot stings one square inch at a time.  With cheeks really stinging she directed the narrow implement between my thighs and thoroughly spanked my anus and the back of my balls.  I was yelping now with each stroke and tears began to form.  Another change to the leather paddle.  Just the opposite of the crop, each stroke covered almost half a cheek at a time.  Already red and well stung, my ass took the leather paddling as I held position.  The flogger took its turn and the tips of the falls lashed against every part of my ass, ass hole and balls.  Full strength strokes flogged  my lower back, ass cheeks and spread open thighs.  A very effective implement for coverage and sting.  The leather belt came next and it was a recallection of being spanked by my Father.  Stroke after stroke with a doubled over belt landed across both cheeks.  Red hot lashes fell on my unprotected, and presented ass cheeks.  She stopped and caressed my cheeks with loving hands.  She asked me to stand and I obeyed.  Thinking it was over, I was surprised to have her sit on the bed and direct me over her lap.  Now a true OTK spanking was only beginning.  Bare hands spanked and spanked my ass.  Even the leather slapper made and encore performance.  Tears flowing as the OTK spanking lingered on.  After 35 minutes she called it over.  My crimson cheeks were giving off heat to warm a small room.  A nice lotion rub down was a great after care.  The dice were rolled and scheduled Friday for another bare ass maintenance spanking.

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