Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Tuesday Dec, 20, Maintenance Day.  We finally returned home from the trip to New York on Sunday and began to get things back to normal.  Early morning, she said, "I want to spank you today for maintenance".  I said how about 9 pm?  She agreed and it was set.

At 9 sharp, I reported to the bedroom and placed myself in position.  She entered a few minutes later and immediately placed her legs between mine and opened them.  She began with a sensual massage and very light hand spanks.  Soon the spanks became more firm and meaningful.  Another quick massage and then very hard hand spanks warmed my ass.  Next I felt the sting of the 2 inch wide belt doubled over.  Early strokes were light, but soon the leather belt bit into my flesh.  For about 10 minutes the belt landed in many different ways from medium to very hard.  This segment finished with yet another message.  She then spread my legs even further.  Splayed wide open now, she began to hand spank again.  Hard slaps rained down of my cheeks, anus, back of my balls and underside of my cock until everything was pink and stinging.  Next the big wood paddle landed solid and centered on both cheeks.  About every 5 seconds a very hard stroke landed until I had taken about 50 or so.  A brief pause and I felt something new.  The sting of her single tail signal whip.  The fall and popper danced all over my back and ass.  She skillfully lashed me with only the tip and each contact was like a bee sting.  Lastly the purse paddle delivered a volley of rapid fire strokes.  Each cheek took several sessions from the purse paddle.  She ended with another sensual massage covering everything.

The dice were tossed and a ONE came up.  I will be spanked again on Thursday.  Questions, comments???  all are welcome and will be answered.  Thanks for reading.

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