Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Tuesday, Dec. 27....Spanked for maintenance.  We had agreed on an appointment time of 9 pm.  When the time drew near, I went to the room and prepared a place.  Totally nude, I draped myself over the big pillow which presented my ass for the spanking and waited.  Not long after 9, she entered with a few toys.  Instead of a bare hand warm up, she used the thin oak paddle.  This is about 1 inch wide and thin in construction, but leaves a sting one would not believe from its appearance.  Mild warm up strokes began and she skillfully covered every inch of my cheeks with light stings.  The tempo remained constant but the force increased as time went on and I soon knew the warm up was over.  It ended with two very hard strokes, one for each cheek.  It felt like a welder had connected the slight stings with a bolt of lightening.  Next came the doubled over belt and it too began with moderate impact.  Like its predecessor, the strokes became harder and faster.  Swinging the belt from side to side, it's two inch width soon painted my ass red and increased the pain level.  Now... something different, a soothing touch.  She gently massaged both cheeks and legs and back with warm loving hands.  Spreading my legs a bit more open, the hands found inner thighs, inner cheeks, anus, balls and cock.  It was very nice and lasted for some time.  Next the soft hands began a loving spanking of my ass.  Rapid fire, but only medium strokes spanked and spanked.  I can't tell you where this led, but a very sensual maintenance spanking was over.

Dice were rolled and Monday is the next time I will submit to a maintenance spanking.  Thanks for reading and I will address each and every comment or question.

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