Thursday, July 14, 2016

July 15, reporting on the July 9 spanking party .  My maintenance spanking due on Saturday, July 9 was delivered at a spanking party we attended.  Much like the June 25 party, the format was CFNM, only this time there were 7 female spankers.  All 6 submissive males were stripped and the evening began with a round robin spanking.  All 7 female spankers were delivering spankings as the males rotated over each lap or placed in the wheelbarrow position in succession.  Red asses all around as the next segment used the roll of 3 dice.  As the sub rolled, one die dictated the implement, another the position and the third, the number of strokes.  This continued until each sub had been spanked numerous times.  A break for food and lively conversation ensued.  Back in the play room and stripped again, more party games were enjoyed by all.  The ladies set up a gauntlet, and the men were sent thru, walking, bent over, crawling etc. and were spanked by the double row of ladies wielding their favorite implement.  Several trips produced flaming red butts.  By the time the party broke up all were spanked very thoroughly.  We were treated to an overnight stay at the home of the hosts of the last party.  Following a great breakfast, the ladies spanked both of us for over an hour before we drove back home.  The dice stated a Thursday spanking for me and that should occur today, so I will be back on the air tomorrow to document that spanking.

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