Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thursday, June 23.  Hello readers.  Just returned from 3 days at the lake with no internet.  To catch everyone up, the maintenance spanking at the dungeon took place on Monday night as planned.  It occurred early in the evening so most folks had not yet left the main room to begin their own scenes.  So in front of nearly everyone, I was stripped and placed on a St. Andrews Cross facing the onlookers.  She began with a bare hand spanking with little to no warm up.  Loud slaps could be heard through the dungeon which left no doubt a hard spanking was going on.  No blindfold allowed me to see the reaction on the faces of the dungeon attendees.  The leather paddle was used next and it was even louder than the hand.  About ten minutes of continuous hard spanks rang out.  I was wincing with every stroke, but stood spread eagle and accepted my due maintenance spanking.  A flogger was used striking from between the shoulder blades to the backs of my knees.  Uppercut strokes stung like hell against my balls and cock as they hung helplessly for all to see.  More hand spanks, more paddle strokes rained down really setting my ass on fire.  Now the riding crop came to play.  Again from shoulders to knees it struck me.  Special attention to my ass cheeks had me yelping with each smack.  Again, uppercut strokes landed directly on the bottom of the hanging balls increasing my yelps.  Forty five minutes had elapsed since the first hand spank landed.  She helped me down from the cross as I collapsed in a chair to recoup.  She again reminded me that no dice roll would happen and the next spanking will be at a spanking party in a neighboring state on Saturday. 

Sorry for the delay in reporting, my friends and be on the lookout for the next installment.  Thanks to all for reading and your questions or comments will be addressed.

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