Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday, April 25, Maintenance Day.  I realize the spanking should have took place yesterday, but we got home so late, it was put off until today.  I was told to report to the dungeon after my shower and I found 5 implements laid out.  The riding crop, leather belt, flexible leather paddle, long hairbrush, and big wood paddle.  I put on the blindfold, placed myself in position and waited.  She entered the room and began massaging my cheeks, thighs, legs and lower back.  All at once a very hard hand spank landed on my left cheek.  After more massaging, a very hard spank landed on my right cheek.  The went on until about ten hard spanks were registered, and then the normal warm up began.  A different approach, I thought, but I was ready for anything.  Another seamless transition from bare hand to riding crop occurred and the crop when right to work.  It covered my ass with stinging swats and found its way to my balls.  Several uppercut swings landed on my balls and meant business.  Next I felt the belt land horizontally and set both cheeks ablaze.  One was not enough and several more made me remember what a belt was like.  The belt continued to light up my ass and I was yelping after each stroke.  Along came the flexible leather paddle.  My cheeks were already red and sore.  It stung both cheeks and I knew I was being well spanked.  It continued and somehow, the crop was in her left hand while the leather paddle was in her right.  The paddle kept up the stinging strokes while the crop, swung upwards, landed on my balls and cock head.  How she was doing this was confusing to me.  However both implements continued for awhile.  Enough of the sting as the long hairbrush solidly spanked both cheeks.  After several of the solid strokes, the bristles then scrubbed my anus, balls and cock.  Now everything was bright red.  Time for the big wood paddle and the tried and true method of 10 very hard strokes met my ass.  She counted, I yelped and the paddle delivered.  Another set, then another.  She commanded me to stand and of course I obeyed.  She toyed with my balls and cock and used the hairbrush to torment my nipples.  Slapping and scrubbing with the bristles soon had my nipples as sore as my ass.  This treatment continued until it led to a sexual encounter.  We do not discuss things like that here, so for all practical purposes, the spanking was over.  The dice were rolled and on Wednesday it will happen again.

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