Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tuesday, June 19, Maintenance Spanking delivered.  A long 7 day period ended today as she said to me to pick two implements for tonight.  "You're getting spanked during the ball game", was what I heard as I went to pick the two 'weapons of ass destruction'.  I chose a theme of cherry wood handles and leather striking surfaces.  The doubled belt and the flexible leather paddle were placed for her use as the game began.  The Mariners got a hit and a run in the first as the Yanks committed an error.  I stood and presented my ass to accept 25 strokes from the leather paddle.  In their half of the first inning the Yankees got a solo home run and a single followed.  Now the doubled belt had its turn and delivered 25 more strokes.  Nothing for Seattle in the second and the Yanks eek out a single.  Five more strokes for me.  Ditto for the third and another 5 spanks on my cheeks.  The fourth inning netted nothing for either team.  The Mariners went hitless in the 5th, but the Yankees exploded for a pair of two run home runs along with a single.  I stood and presented knowing the leather belt would now lash both cheeks 85 times.  Gingerly I sat back down and appreciated both teams doing nothing in the 6th inning, however the 7th inning would be much different.  Seattle scored on a solo home run in the top of the inning.  Another 20 strokes lit up my ass again.  Not to be outdone, the Yanks got 3 hits and scored a run themselves.  35 more strokes on red and sore cheeks.  The 8th inning saw nothing from the Mariners, but the Yankee rookie went yard and I had to absorb 20 more strikes from the belt.  Game over, ass red and sore and dice tossed.  A 'three' comes up.  Saturday is scheduled for my next spanking. 

Thanks to all readers and thanks for comments and questions which will be answered individually. 

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