Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday, June 29, Spanked for Maintenance.  Originally scheduled for Thursday, a life happening pushed the scheduled event off a day.  I did not have to wait long.  This morning, following breakfast clean up, I strolled into the bedroom.  She was there with implements already laid out.  The doubled belt, purse paddle and coiled rope ready to go.  All I had to do was assume position, present my ass and accept the overdue spanking.  She began with a bare hand warm up that covered both cheeks, top to bottom, inside and out.  The belt went first, slapping my ass with solid strokes.  Several minutes of a good belting left both cheeks quite red.  Without much hesitation the coiled rope began to sting my flesh.  A knee pushed between my legs successfully spreading me open exposing more area including dangling balls.  The rope continued its lashing of both cheeks and the newly exposed areas.  Inner cheeks, anus and balls were not spared its biting strikes.  She grasped my cock to slide my position back a bit.  She reached up to my nipples, already sore for wearing the clamps during morning chores, pinching and twisting them until I screamed.  Spreading my legs open to the maximum preceded another bare hand spanking.  This included a long segment exclusively dedicated to spanking my ass hole and balls.  Again, without pause, the purse paddle struck my right cheek hard.  Without a moment to process the pain, it struck my left cheek.  This paddle is solid cherrywood and delivers a very sound paddling.  This time was no exception.  The paddle rained down strokes covering all areas of both cheeks while yelps echoed after each strike.  Red turned to purple, moisture turned to tears, yelps turned to howles as the purse paddle delivered a very long and solid paddling.  Another visit from the belt was the finishing touch on this maintenance session.  I stood, hugged, kissed and thanked her for administering a long, 35 minute maintenance spanking.  I tossed the dice and shuttered as a 'one' came up.  Oh no, I said, another spanking on Sunday.  She corrected me by saying, this was last night's spanking, so you will be spanked again tomorrow.  My response was, as usual, "Yes Ma'am.

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  1. Oh, dear. Your poor bottom!! But, you'll do fine. I'm sure of it. HUGS .

  2. Nora-Jane, Thanks for reading and the encouragement. It should help.