Sunday, November 25, 2018

Hello all readers.  I know, I have been away with spotty internet service.  The spanking due last Friday was put off due to life happenings and again on Sat.  Sunday, the 18, I was spanked and we left for the T-day holiday early Monday morning.  We are still away, but thought I would use this opportunity to catch everyone up.  Sunday's spanking began harshly but soon drifted to a sensual encounter.  A brief warm up and then the doubled belt let me have a very generous number of hard swats.  I would assume 50 or more.  Then the hairbrush spanked both cheeks to a crimson red.  Following that, she used the massaging vibrator everywhere and it felt wonderful.  We had worked hard on the addition to the clubhouse and we were leaving the next morning, so she opted for a sensual episode.  As you know, we do not discuss intimate happenings here, so I will leave it at that.  We should be back home and in normal routine by late Tuesday.  I would assume she will be ready to spank me as we both know I need it.  Look for the next report either Tuesday night or Wednesday.  Just because this report is short and very different, questions or comments are still welcome and will be addressed.  Traveling over the next 2 days, so answers may be delayed.  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday!!!!!